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The ships were named after a hills in the Larvik district.



Call Sign : WPTL - LCWT

Built 1918  Harland & Wolff Ltd., Glasgow

Yard Nr : 527

5,214 brt; 3,168 nrt

401ft x 52ft 4ins

Type AO Tanker.

1918  Delivered as WAR AFRICAN ;

          The Shipping Controller, Managed Weir & Co.

1919 Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co, London.
1921 Renamed ABSIA, same owner.
1927 N.V.Petroleum Mij 'La Corona', The Hague.
1927 Renamed SALSAAS, Skibs A/S Nanset, Larvik, Norway;  Iver Bugge
1937  Sold to Bruun & Von der Lippe, Tønsberg, Norway.

1937 Renamed OAKFIELD, Finchley SS Co. London.
1940 taken over by MOWT (Hunting & Son, manager).
1946 Oak Shipping Co, London; Managed Union Maritime & Shipping Co. Ltd., London.
1951 Finchley SS Co, London.
1955 Sold for scrap to A. Sonnenburg, Düsseldorf, West Germany;

         9th April Arrived Emden, scrapped by Nordseewerke, 18th April.


Salsaas   as SS Absia



Built 1929 A/B Gotaverken, Gøteborg, Sweden

Call Sign : LDLN 

For Iver Bugges Rederi ; A/S Nanset (Iver Bugge), Larvik, Norway

441.20 x 59.20 x 35.10 

7,886 grt; 4,719 nrt; 11,850 dwt

2 stk. 6 cyl. Gøtaverken diesel; 634 bhp.

1943  STORAAS was in convoy from Simonstown to Abadan in ballast.

          28th May 1943 she was torpedoed by U-177;

          position 34.52S : 19.35 E, off Saldanha Bay.

Full story, crew list on


Storaas 1929



451ft 2ins x 59ft 3ins x 26ft 

8,190 grt; 4,894 nrt

Call Sign : LJSD - LDSK

Built 1931   Caledon Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd., Dundee.

Yard Nr 335

She was launched at Dundee on 18th November 1930, and towed to

Gøteborg for fitting. The work was done by AB. Gøtaverken, Gøteborg.

The ship was delivered 30th March 1931.

Engines : Akers Mekaniske Verksted

Originally sailing for Nortraship, under the Swedish Managers AB Alse, Malmø.

A/S Nanset (Iver Bugge) of  Larvik took over the contract, and bought the ship.

1946  For ten years, the ship worked for Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co.Ltd., London.

(Skibs A/S Nanset, Larvik  ( Iver Bugges Rederi, Larvik, Norway )) 

1956 Sold N.V. Scheepvaart Mij "Mineral", Rotterdam (Wm.H.Müller & Co. NV)

         for £130,000

1956 LOUIS LANTZ ; Converted to freighter by Howaldtswerke A.G., Hamburg.

          8,293 grt; 4,205 nrt; 12,140 dwt. Registered Rotterdam, Netherlands

1960  1st April : Docked at Amsterdam for repairs, but she needed too much work.

         Her age had taken its toll, and she was laid up at Amsterdam for six months.

1960  22nd October : Arrived at Bruges for scrapping.





ON 5414402

Call Sign : LJFB

Built 1936  A/B Götaverken, Gothenburg

Yard Nr : 495

488.20 x 64.50 x 37.50 

9,826 brt; 5,941 nrt

Iver Bugges Rederi Larvik,Norway

1936  Delivered to Skibs A/S Nanset, Larvik, Norway ( Iver Bugge ).

1956  Sold to N.V. Scheepvaart Mij. "Mineral", Rotterdam.

          Managed Wm.H. Müller & Co. N.V., Rotterdam.

1956  Converted by Howaldtswerke of Hamburg to a bulk carrier, 6,658 brt.

          Renamed JOSEPH FRERING.

1963  Sold to Eastern Transport Inc., Monrovia, Liberia.

          Renamed WORLD CARRIER.

1971  Sold in November for scrapping in Japan.





Built 1945  A/B Gøtaverken, Gøteborg

For Skibs-A/S Nanset (Iver Bugge), Larvik

465ft 2ins x 59ft 5ins x 27ft 10ins

8,379 grt; 4,978 nrt; 12,660 dwt

Call Sign LLHB

Oil engines 4SA 8 Cy. 740 x1500 mm B&W by A/B Gotaverken, Gøteborg.

4,200 bhp; 13 knots

She was launched in 1940; not ready for the sea.
Laid up in Gothenburg until released in April 1945.
Her completion work took until 1948.

SALSAAS remained with Skibs A/S Nanset until

1962  Arrived at Bruges, Belgium, on 4 July for demolition.


Salsaas launched 1940


SVANAAS    became ANCO SWAN (1)

      [ Sister to SANDEFJORD 1950 and BUCCANEER 1950 ]

5,675 grt

Built 1949  A/B Gotaverken

For Iver Bugge

6 cyl 2s diesel by A/B Gotaverken

415.0 x 55.1 x 31.7

Registered Larvik, Norway

Call Sign : LNZM.

1964  ANCO SWAN : Iver Bugge ( Anco )

1969  L.S.C.O. DANANG ; Luzon Stevedoring Corp, Lusteveco, Philippines.

1971  Still in Lloyds Register

1984  Lloyds Register no longer includes this name.





ON 5424031

Call Sign : LAJT

Built 1952  Caledon Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd., Dundee

9,283 brt; 5,201 nrt; 13,810 dwt

1952 Delivered to Skibs A/S Nanset, Larvik, Norway (Iver Bugge, Larvik).

1963 Sold to Global Offshore Structures Ltd., Willemstad-N.A.,

         Managed Heerema Engineering Service.      HEEREMA CRANE SHIPS

1963  Rebuilt and converted to the first craneship,

          by N.V. Dok en Scheepsbouw Mij. Verolme, Rozenburg.

          Remeasured  9,622 brt; 3,644 brt; 5,350 dwt.

          Renamed GLOBAL ADVENTURER.

1964  R.E.M. Island built using GLOBAL ADVENTURER;

          First “pirate” TV station.

1967 GLOBAL ADVENTURER ; sold to Brown & Root Panama S.A., Panama,       

         ( Brown & Root Nederland N.V., Rotterdam ).

1975 Sold for scrapping Kaohsiung, Taiwan.




Motor Tanker 

Call sign JXIK

January 1961 Built A/S Akers Mek.Verksted, Oslo; Yard Nr 520

For Skibs A/S Nanset (Iver Bugge), Larvik

556.9 x 72 x 39.8 ft; 20,505 dwt; 12,959 grt, 7,394 nrt

Engine: Akers Verft -B&W; 7-cyl; 750x2000mm; 11,500 bhp; 14.5 knots

1964 Renamed ANCO SWIFT

March 1976 Renamed IVER SWIFT

1978 Renamed LAKE KATYA; Cia. Ptolemais Navegacion S.A., Greece

1980 Renamed KATYA; Pamais Mar. Piraeus

1983 Renamed NEW FORTUNE V; Cia. Fortuna Navegacion S.A., Panama

1984 Renamed TAHITIEN; Cie. Maritime Wallisienne, Wallis & Futuna Islands (France)

         [Cie Mar. Geelong, Nuomea]

1985 Papeete,Tahiti as a Storage Tanker

1988 Arrived Kaohsiung, Taiwan, for scrapping



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