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Athel Line – Anco

Anco (Ex Athel) Ships



10,800 grt; 17,200 dwt; 6 cyl B&W 9,000 bhp

525.6 x 65.6 x 39 ft

Built 1968  Uddevalavarvet A/B, Uddevala, Sweden.

Yard Nr. 222

For Athel Line Ltd.

1969 Renamed ANCO DUCHESS; Athel Line Ltd, Liverpool.

1979 sold to Locafranco Service S.A., France Renamed TARN.

1984 sold to Ravennavi S.p.A., Italy Renamed TAURUS ERRE.

1988 sold to Fyvie Shipping Co, Panama Renamed EVA COB. [Transmarine Mgm Köpenhamn]

1991 Renamed EVA same owners. [Transmarine Mgm Köpenhamn]

1994 sold to Aquatic Maritime Ltd., St. Vincent; Renamed EVE

1996 Arrived at Alang, India, 5th September for demolition and scrapped.


Picture Courtesy of Joe McMillan



10,800 grt; 17,600 dwt; 6 cyl B&W 9,000 bhp

525.6 x 65.6 x 39 ft

Built 1968  Uddevallavarvet A/B, Uddevalla, Sweden.

Yard Nr 221

for Athel Line Ltd.

1970 Renamed ANCO DUKE; Athel Line Ltd. UK

1979 ANCO DUKE;  Wirontono Shipping Pte. Ltd., Singapore

1980  Renamed LAKE ANETTE;  R/A Mimer & A/S Norfart,  Norway

1980  LAKE ANETTE;  P/R Lake Anette, Norway [A Blystad, Oslo]

1983  Renamed  SATU MAR;  Thomar Nav. Pte.Ltd., Singapore

1986  Renamed TOVE COB;  Bulk Products Shipping Trading Pte. Ltd., Singapore [Intercar A/S, Drammen]

1993 Arrived at Chittagong, Bangladesh, 8th February for demolition



Photograph by Joe McMillan



10,800 grt ; 17,610 dwt; 6 cyl B&W 9,000 bhp

525.6 x 65.6 x 39 ft

Built 1968  Uddevallavarvet A/B, Uddevalla, Sweden.

Yard Nr 220

for Athel Line Ltd.

1970  Renamed ANCO KNIGHT;  Athel Line Ltd.

1972  Renamed JAG JYOTI; Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd., Bombay,India

1974  Renamed  ANCO JYOTI; Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd., Bombay,India 

1977  Renamed  JAG JYOTI; Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd., Bombay, India

1985  Renamed FAL XV;  Fal Bunkering Co. Ltd., Sharjah

1987  Renamed  ALEXANDER  Aleko Mar. Co. Ltd., Kfoury Est. Beirut, Lebanon

1988  Renamed  KRISTINA COB  Devan Co. Ltd., Panama

1990  Renamed  SVANGEN   Devan Co. Ltd., Panama [Transmarine Mgm Köpenhamn]

1991  10th November,  Foundered in position 36.18N  02.45W  On voyage Caen to Piraeus.






GSN 20007804

ON  301343

Built and Engined 1960  Barclay Curie & Company, Glasgow
Launched 13th January 1960

For Athel Line Ltd, Liverpool
13,040 grt;
7,423 nrt; 19,770 dwt
Yard Nr 743
560ft x 72ft x 31ft

Doxford Oil engine 2SA 6cyl 8500bhp, 14.5 knots
1966 Renamed ANCO QUEEN; Athel Line Ltd.

“The British tanker Anco Queen was attacked by Viet Cong today near Saigon and authorities reported the vessel took at least two rockets on her superstructure" - The Age, Melbourne, 20th May 1968

1971 Renamed OCEAN TRADER

1972 Renamed ALLISON STAR; Consul Overseas Investment Corporation, Monrovia, Liberia.

1981 Renamed SANIKA; Westpint Shipping, Panama
Scrapped  23rd October 1981


Anco Queen as Allison Star

Paul Strathdee Collection



Raymond Forward