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Parcel Tanker Service

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Ships built for Anco Group ( Norway )



Built 1967  Marinens Hovedvaerft, Horten

Yard Nr 160

22,450 dwt;  14,383 grt;  Parcel Tanker

6 cyl Sulzer 13,800 bhp; 556.4 ft  x 80 ft  x 31.2 ft  

For A/S A.O. Andersen & Co., Norway

1973 SAGA STREAM ; Ole Schroder & Co., Norway [Schröder & Farstad, Ålesund]

1975 SAGA STREAM ; Serra Shipping Ltd., Liberia  [Schröder & Co, Oslo]

1975 SAGA STREAM ; Westfal-Larsen & Co A/S, Norway

1977  IVER STREAM ; S/A Nanset, Norway [Iver Bugge, Larvik]

1979  DOLORES ; Soc Nacional de Oleoductors, Valparaiso, Chile

1991  DOLORES ; Tank Shipping A/S, Norway [K/S Dolores, Arendal]

1993  Arrived at Chittagong, Bangladesh, 4th August

          for demolition by Z.N. Enterprise 


Anco Stream  as Iver Stream

Photograph by Joe McMillan




Five ships built for Anco Group (Norway)

By Eriksbergs Mekaniska Verkstad, Gotebörg

ANCO SWAN (2) 1969



ANCO SPUR (2) 1970




In 1970, they completed and delivered six ships and ten in 1971.

Of the ships built up until 1979, 15 went to Sweden. 20 to Norway , 13 to England, 3 to USA,

4 each to France , Portugal and Greece and 1 each to Italy, Switzerland, Finland and Denmark.



Yard Nr 642.

Built 1969 Gothenburg

19th January 1970 Delivered

The first of five solvent tankers for transportation of chemical produce built by EMV at Gothenburg.

23,928 dwt; 15,092 grt; Chemical Tanker

7-cyl B&W  11,500 bhp; 169,6 x 24,77 x 9,56 m

For Iver Bugge, Norway

January 1970 ANCO SWAN ; S/A Nanset, Larvik, Norway

March 1976  IVER SWAN ; S/A Nanset, Larvik, Norway

1987 IVER SWAN ; Atlantic International Nav.Inc.,Norway

    (Norse Iver Ship Management) Skibs A/S Nanset, Larvik; Jamesmere Ltd, Monrovia

19th November 1993 Arrived Alang, India for demolition.


Anco Swan

Johnny Riert Collection



Yard Nr 645

Built 1970 Gothenburg

556ft 6ins length

7-cyl B&W; 11,500 hp

14,999 grt; 8938nrt; 23,498dwt; chemical and oil carrier

For I/S Saga Sea, Norway [Schröder & Farstad, Ålesund]

Delivered 11th June 1971.

The fourth of five solvent tankers for transportation of chemical produce built by EMV at Gothenburg.

1973 STOLT SEA ; Monterey Shipping Corp., Liberia [Parcel Tankers Inc.]

1990 ALTAIR ; Projectas e Inversiones SA, Argentina

1991 ALTAIR ; Astronave Cia Argentina SA, Liberia

1992 RELCHEM ARJUN ; Reliance Industries Ltd., India

Still in existence 2005


Anco Sea

Picture by Joe McMillan


Built 1970 Gothenburg

The fifth of five solvent tankers for transportation of chemical produce built by EMV at Gothenburg.

23,250 dwt; 15,141 grt 

537 ft x 81 ft x 38 ft 

7-cyl B&W  11,500 bhp

For ANCO. [Salénrederierna, Stockholm]

1973 Stolt-Nielsen; Renamed STOLT SPAN [Salénrederierna, Stockholm]

1973 Monterey Shipping Co (Stolt-Nielsen), Liberia.

1977 Stolt Span Inc, Liberia.

Scrapped 1995 India.


Anco Span


Anco Span at EMV Yards, Gothenburg


ANCO SPUR (2) 1970  Sister to ANCO SPAN and ANCO VILLE

Byggd 1969 av Eriksbergs Mekaniska Verkstad, Göteborg. Yard Nr 643

23,800 dwt; 14,900 grt; 9,030 nrt

Eriksberg diesel 7-cyl B&W; 11,500 bhp; 16 knots; 556.4 ft  x 81.2 ft  x 31.3 ft

April 1970 (Sweden) Salénrederierna, Stockholm

July 1973 STOLT SPUR (Sweden) Salénrederierna, Stockholm

1978 STOLT SPUR (Liberia) Parcel Tankers Inc.

12th July 1992 A fire broke out at Boiler Room level on the STOLT SPUR whilst at the Republic Dock in Sembawang Shipyard. A common hazard in work aboard is the proximity of flammable material whilst performing "hot work", or cutting/welding with naked flame. Six people died, and sixty were injured, one of whom lost his hearing. Firemen at once commenced with seven jets. Breathing apparatus was brought to the ship. The fire was fought from 1115 until 1140. The damage was in the order of £2.5 million, covering three levels of the ship; The upper level exit Nr 1 door was badly burnt, the middle level metal structures buckled severely at the first poop deck and the lower level insulation material at the new boiler was completely burnt. It was 1440 before the ship was considered safe.

2000 Scrapped at Alang, India



23,450 dwt

7-cyl B&W; 11,500 bhp; 556.4 ft  x 81.2 ft  x 31.3 ft

November 1970 (Norway) A.F. Klaveness

April 1973 STOLT SURF  A.F. Klaveness, Oslo

STOLT SURF  (Liberia) Parcel Tankers Inc.

March 2000 Scrapped at Alang, India


Anco Ville



Raymond Forward

Thanks to Johnny Riert