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The Penzance / Isles of Scilly Mail Packets


Early Announcements


Isles of Scilly Steamship Co.,  Ltd.

This Company provides a fast and convenient Steamship Service between the

Isles of Scilly and Penzance throughout the year, the Sailings being arranged

to meet the requirements of the trade of the Islands and the travelling public

at the different seasons of the year. The length of the passage between the

two ports varies with weather conditions and the state of the tide,

but the average time is 3¼ hours.


Steamer Sailings after June 25th 1929

From Penzance on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays at ... 9.30 a.m.

From Penzance on Wednesdays and  Saturdays at  ...      10.0   a.m.

From Scilly on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays at ...        4.15 p.m.

From   Scilly on Thursdays  at            ...       ...        ... ..     . 9.0   a.m.

From Scilly on Saturdays at     ...       ...       ...       ... ...        4.0   p.m.

Excursion and Day Trips      10/- Return.

Single Fare 10/-;    Return Fare 17/6  (available for 1 month).

Week-end Tickets and Mid-week Tickets, returning next day, 12/6.


The Company's Steam or Motor Launches run from St. Mary's to

St. Agnes and St. Martin's with mails and passengers throughout

the year at times to suit the arrival and departure of the Steamer

to and from Penzance, and are open to convey passengers to or

from any of the Islands when not otherwise engaged. In the

summer season more frequent trips are arranged, as well as trips

to Tresco and back at a return fare of 2s. 6d. These sailings are

advertised in the Islands from time to time as necessary.


During the summer months a Launch and large, safe boats also

await the arrival of the Steamer on Excursion days to convey

passengers to Tresco, and will bring them back in time to catch

the return boat to Penzance. Tickets for this may be obtained

on board the Steamer.


A Launch may also be hired by parties wishing to visit Bryher,

Samson, Annet, or the Eastern Islands, at a charge of from

2s. 6d. for each passenger, according to the number in the party.


Arrangements for the hire of the Launch can be made with the

Master, or with the Company's Agent at St. Mary's.


Further particulars may be obtained from the Company's Agents

at 15, Quay Street, Penzance, or St. Mary's, Scilly.



Managing Director.




12th March 1930

On Wednesday, March 12th, the R.M.S. "Scillonian" made

two trips from Penzance and one from Scilly.

The " Lady of the Isles," however, which arrived on Saturday,

the 15th, and assisted in the transit of flowers until April 14th,

still holds the record for the greatest number of trips in less

than 24 hours, viz., three from Scilly and two from Penzance

on November 15th, 1899. This was an occasion of Medical

Emergency and the late Capt. S. D. Tiddy was in command.





1934 Penzance Guide

“Penzance may be reached by sea from all parts of Britain,

and a service of steamers plies between London, Liverpool

and other ports, calling at Penzance and Falmouth.

Full particulars of these services may be obtained from

The Coast Lines, Ltd., the Royal Liver Buildings, Liverpool,

or No. 1 Seething Lane, London, EC3. Between Penzance

and the Scilly Isles, there is a special service throughout

the year per R.M.S. Scillonian.


For those who wish to enjoy a really quiet holiday,

cut off from the jarring amenities of city and town life,

such as trams, buses, telephones, factories and harsh

voices, Scilly is indeed the ideal centre, for when one

leaves the dock at Penzance, the modern world is a

place apart, and every knot which the Scilly mail Boat

the SS SCILLONIAN travels is a knot nearer utter

peace and Nature’s calm.”


Raymond Forward