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ON 161081

Built 1929 R. Duncan & Co, Port Glasgow

8966 grt

475ft x 63ft 4ins

Twin screw; Speed 10 Ĺ knots
1941 17th JanuaryMined 51 21N 03 20 W - Off Barry, S.Wales;Salvaged.

194516th AprilIn convoy FS1784 en route from Port Everglades to Hull ( Saltend with molasses ); East of the Longstone, Farnes she was torpedoed by U-1274position 55.38N, 01.30W. She sunk at 55.36N01.40W. One crewmember was lost. The British merchantman KING NEPTUNE picked up the master, 41 crew members and four gunners.


The man who died 16th April 1945

McKENZIE, Fourth Engineer Officer, WILLIAM ALEXANDER, Age 23.




Athelduke (1)


By kind permission of

Bibliothek fur Zeitgeschichte, Stuttgart
Collection Raul Maya (Montevideo)



ON 182472

Built: 1949†† Sir J. Laing & Sons, Sunderland.

Owner:†† Athel Line Limited

9,089 grt

474ft 6ins x 63ft 7ins

Single screw

1952Diversion of HMS Alacrity: assistance given to Athelduke

on account of mutinous conduct by members of crew. (ADM 1/23734)

1958 Tankers Ltd
1967 Arrived at Hirao, Japan 6th June for demolition.

1967 scrapped Japan.

Athelduke (2)

Puerto Padre, Cuba - 16th May 1956

Photograph by John Tomlinson

Athelduke in Wellington Harbour



10,800 grt

Built 1968Uddevallavarvet A/B, Uddevalla, Sweden.

Yard Nr 221

for Athel Line Ltd.

Sister ship to ATHELDUCHESS(3) and ATHELKNIGHT (3)

1970 ANCO DUKE  Athel Line Ltd.

1979 ANCO DUKE  Wirontono Shipping Pte. Ltd. - Singapore

1980  LAKE ANETTE   R/A Mimer & A/S Norfart - Norway

1980  LAKE ANETTE  P/R Lake Anette  -Norway

1983 SATU MAR   Thomar Nav. Pte.Ltd.-Singapore

1986 TOVE COB  Bulk Products Shipping Trading Pte. Ltd. - Singapore

1993 Arrived at Chittagong, Bangladesh, 8 Feb. for demolition


Athelduke (3) as ANCO DUKE


Photograph by Joe McMillan



Raymond Forward