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Athel Line Ships



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GSN  20007785 

ON 162317 

Built 1930 W. Hamilton & Co., Port Glasgow

8941  grt

Owner : Athel Line

Registered : Liverpool

8,941 tons

475ft x 63ft 3ins x 35ft

709 nhp; Oil engines.

Twin screw; 11 knots


5th November 1940 ATHELEMPRESS escaped from the ADMIRAL SCHEER, due to the sacrifice of JERVIS BAY.

Read the details: Convoy HX84


1942  29th April  At 0152, the ATHELEMPRESS, dispersed from Convoy OS-25 (Southampton to Trinidad, in ballast) was torpedoed and sunk by gunfire by U-162 180 miles east of Barbados, position 13.21N  56.15W. Two crew members and one gunner were lost. The master and 18 crew members landed at Gros Inlet Bay, St Lucia. The chief officer and 27 crew members were picked up by the Norwegian tanker ATLANTIC and landed at Trinidad.


The men who died 29th April 1942



Son of Henry and Barbara Dominey.


MIDDLETON, Second Radio Officer, SYDNEY HENRY CHARLES, Age 19.

Son of Sydney James and Agusta Gertrude Ellen Middleton,

of North Petherton, Somerset.


SULLIVAN, Able Seaman, JAMES RUSSELL, C/JX 191019.

H.M.S. President III. Royal Navy.

Lost in S.S. Athelempress. 29th April 1942. Age 21.

Son of Daniel Russell Sullivan and Anne Sullivan;

husband of Emily Florence Sullivan, of Walthamstow, Essex.





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Bibliothek fur Zeitgeschichte, Stuttgart
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