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GSN  20007793

ON 161145

Built  1929 Camell Laird Shipbuilders Birkenhead

Order 962

Vessel Number V0959

For United Molasses Corporation Uk

8999 grt 

1940  Torpedoed  2.7.40; 47 24N 16 49W; U-29

1940  2nd July  At 2352, the ATHELLAIRD, a straggler from Convoy OB-176, was hit by one torpedo from U-29 about 350 miles NW of Cape Finisterre. At 0210 on 3 July, three coup de grâce shots were fired of which two missed and the third sank the tanker. The master and 41 crewmembers were picked up by sloop HMS SANDWICH and landed at Greenock. Laurie Youens, Petty Officer, aged 16, spent 10 days adrift in the ship’s lifeboat. Picked up by an Irish coaster and landed at Tralee, County Kerry. He stayed for a few days as a guest of the Brandon Hotel in Tralee before he was returned to England.


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Bibliothek fur Zeitgeschichte, Stuttgart
Collection Raul Maya (Montevideo)




GSN  20007794 

ON 182481

Built  1948 Camell Laird Shipbuilders, Birkenhead

Order 1191

Vessel Nr V1188

For  Athel Line Ltd Uk

11,150  grt

522ft 7ins x 67ft 3ins

Twin screw.

1971 scrapped at Faslane.




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