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Athel Line Ships



2 ships of this name



GSN 20007799

ON 147356

Built 1926 Furness SB. Co, Haverton Hill-on-Tees.

8782 grt

471ft 3ins x 62ft 5ins

Twin screw, 10 knots
"an old ship engaged in the trans-Atlantic trade, which was fitted out to refuel convoy escorts, while underway, and also replenish their depth charges".

1940 2304 hrs 11th June, U-46 reported torpedo hit on Athelprince; damaged position 43.42N 13.20W.  

1941 06.27hrs 29th March U-48 attacked convoy HX-115 off Cape Finisterre - Schultze claimed a tanker sunk. The Athelprince was not, in fact, hit.

In June 1942, the Athelprince picked up 23 survivors from the HARDWICKE GRANGE, which had been sunk by U-129 12th June north of Puerto Rico, and landed them at Nuevitas, Cuba.

1954 scrapped at Faslane.



Bibliothek fur Zeitgeschichte, Stuttgart
Collection Raul Maya (Montevideo)




GSN 20007800

ON 301321

Callsign GHXT

Built 1959 by Caledon SB & Eng. Co, Dundee.

For Athel Line Ltd

10,295 grt

496ft x 69ft 5ins

Twin screw

1966 transferred to Sugar Line Ltd, renamed SUGAR IMPORTER.

1976 sold to Inter Bulkers Inc, Panama renamed LUCKY IMPORTER.

Later recorded as 11,687 grt

1980 Renamed NIKOLAOS K owned by Nicolaos Shipping Co, Greece

1983 Renamed BANAHAW owned by breakers Dong Kuk Steel Mill Co.Ltd.

1983 Broken up




Photograph by Joe McMillan


Raymond Forward