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Athel Line Ships



2 ships of this name



GSN 20007801

ON 161137

Built 1929 Wm. Hamilton & Co, Port Glasgow.

Yard Nr 410

For Athel Line, London

8,882 grt

475ft x 63.3ft x 35ft

Engine by J G Kincaid & Co Ltd Greenock

Oil engine; 4S CSA 12cyl 709nhp

Twin screw, 10 knots.
1943 - At 0741hrs 23rd February; SS ATHELPRINCESS, a straggler from Convoy UC-1, on voyage Port Everglades via Halifax to Liverpool with molasses, was hit by two torpedoes from U-522 and sank west of Madeira. One crew member was lost. The master, 42 crewmembers and seven gunners were picked up by sloop HMS WESTON, transferred to destroyer USS HILARY P JONES & landed at San Juan, Puerto Rico.


The man who died 23rd February 1943


NICHOLLS, Second Engineer Officer, WILLIAM CHARLES, Age 32.

Son of Edward John King Nicholls and Eliza Dunstan Nicholls.



Bibliothek fur Zeitgeschichte, Stuttgart
Collection Raul Maya (Montevideo)




Photograph Courtesy Anthony Jones



ON 301334

Bulk carrier

Built 1960 by Caledon SB & Eng. Co, Dundee.

For Athel Line Limited

10,295 grt

496ft x 69ft 5ins

Twin screw

1966 Transferred to Sugar Line Ltd and renamed SUGAR EXPORTER.

1977 Sold Astro Pacifico Armadora, Greece renamed ZEUS.

1985 scrapped China.

Athelprincess (2)


Photograph kindly provided by

Thomas Weis

Bibliothek fur Zeitgeschichte, Stuttgart
Collection Raul Maya (Montevideo)



These two, showing her bunkering in Lyttelton

after discharging phosphates. August 1962.



Above two photographs by David Edge


Raymond Forward