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A Memorial Stone

constructed by

Wyannie Malone Historical Museum of Hope Town, Abaco, The Bahamas

This stone monument is on the dune overlooking the reef and Atlantic Ocean

where many souls have been lost over the years.

The first bronze plaque on the monument memorializes

the 3 men that were lost on the reef from one of the

Athelqueen lifeboats around midnight on 17 March 1942.


Harold Jones, 21yrs, Able Seaman, of Ferry House, Brynsiencyn,

Anglesey; Son of William and Mary E. Jones, of Conwy, Caernarvonshire.


William Proctor, 30yrs, Senior Third Engineer Officer, Wigan of  53, Mosside

Road, Cadishead, Manchester; Husband of Nellie Proctor of Cadishead, Lancashire.


David W Firth, 52yrs, Greaser of Beverley, North Dalton, Driffield, Yorks;

Son of Edward and Sarah Firth.


A survivor from the M/V ATHELQUEEN, Alan Heald who was

the 3rd Radio officer and only 19 at the time, wrote an article for the

Museum in Hope Town, Abaco relating the events of the sinking, the lifeboat

voyage, the loss of the 3 men on the Elbow Reef and the ensuing contact with

the folks from the village. He later talks about his repatriation to the UK

via Nassau, Bahamas.


It is hoped that this will be added to these pages shortly.


I am currently attempting to find any living relatives of the three men.



The damaged Tazzoli, underway.



Raymond Forward


Photographs kindly provided by Tony Bennett

of the Museumof Hope Town