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Athel Line Ships



2 ships of this name



Official number 139177

Built 1916 Barclay, Curie & Co. Ltd., Glasgow

Yard number 536

For Lane & McAndrew.


( Fleet sister ship, BOXLEAF became ATHELTARN )

Call Sign : TCJB

450ft 6ins x 58ft 2ins x 32ft 7ins

7350 grt; 4428 nrt

830 nhp

Triple expansion engines

1916 Dec : Sold to Dutch company; renamed CALIFORNIA

1917 19th April : On voyage from Port Arthur (Texas) to Sheerness with a cargo of fuel oil, she was damaged by the submarine U-40, ten miles east of the Owers Light vessel in position 00.00N 38.45W. She was later towed to Portsmouth.

1924 Sold to United Molasses; named ATHELRILL

1926 Sold and Named KOYO MARU

1931 Named OGURA MARU NR. 3; Ogura Sekiyu K.K

1944 23th February Torpedoed and sunk by Submarine USS COD, off Halmahera in position 04.23N 129.05E. 100 miles North of Morotai ( The Moluccas ).


Athelrill (1) ex Limeleaf



342 grt

119ft 5ins x 23ft 9ins

Built 1919 N.V. van der Kuy & van der Rees, Rotterdam

as the cargo ship JOLLY BASIL, Dutch Registration.

For Walford Lines Ltd, London.

1925 Sold to Ramsey SS Co., Ltd, Ramsey, I.O.M; renamed BEN JEE.

1933 Sold to United Molasses Co, Georgetown, Demarara.

converted to coastal tanker and renamed ATHELRILL.

1941 Company restyled Athel Line.

23 Feb 1942 SS Lennox was en route from Paramaribo, Surinam to Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, but she was torpedoed by U-129, position 09.15N 58.30W, off Guyana.

Two men were killed. SS Athelrill rescued the eighteen survivors.

1948 Sold to Pure Cane Molasses Co (British West Indies), Ltd, Georgetown.

1951 Sold to Charleston Saw Mills Ltd, Georgetown.

1959 Scrapped at Georgetown.


Athelrill as BEN JEE


Photograph from the Gwyn Pritchard Collection

Courtesy of Anthony Jones



Raymond Forward