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ON 145972 

Call Sign  KMRC

2376 grt; 1442 net

261ft x 43ft 8ins x draught 21ft 2ins

Triple expansion, 1500 ihp, made by McDougall Duluth; speed 9.5 knots

1920 Completed by McDougall-Duluth Shipbuilding Co, Duluth, Minnesota (ship no 36)

For US Food Products, USA, as THEODORE F REYNOLDS (US flag)

1922 When at Hull (laid up), sold for $7500 to British Molasses Co Ltd, renamed ATHELSTANE.

About 1926 Sold to Skibs-A/S Oljetransport (manager S Dahl & Co A/S, Oslo), renamed GARD.

Feb 1928 Sold Japan, renamed GARD MARU

1929 Sold Dairen Kisen Kaisya, Dairen (manager Minamimansyu Tetudo KK, Dairen), renamed HOJO MARU

1938 Renamed HOZYO MARU

About 1946 Sold to Toho Kaiun KK, Tokyo

1949 Sold Sumitomo Sekitan Kogyo KK, renamed HOJO MARU

Still in service in 1953

Believed broken up in Japan in 1954-55


     Unfortunately this ship is GARD at Malta but NOT the ex  ATHELSTANE (1)

If anyone has and  would like to share a picture of the  ATHELSTANE (1)

Please contact me.




ON 161078

Built 1928 Goole Shipbuilding

Yard Nr 284


Sister ship to ATHELBRAE (ON 82930)

1928 The Times 3rd December : Oil Tanker Launched.

The Goole Shipbuilding and Repairing Company (1927), Ltd., last week launched an oil tanker which has been built to the order of The United Molasses Company Ltd., of London. The vessel is 185 ft in length (BP), and will have two large cargo oil pumps to deal with the cargo, which is carried in 12 tanks. Immediately after the launch, the steamer left for the works at Sunderland of Messrs McColl and Pollock, who are supplying the machinery. Before leaving the ways, the vessel was named Athelstane by Mrs G.S. Hopley, wife of Captain G.S. Hopley - one of the directors of the United Molasses Company Ltd, who was also present. The vessel and her machinery have been built to Lloyd's highest class under the superintendence of Messres T.T. Kennaugh and Co. of Liverpool.

1935 Sold to Hunting & Co., Newcastle. Renamed CREOFIELD
1940  1st February : Torpedoed by U-59 off Great Yarmouth.


Athelstane(2) as CREOFIELD


Photograph Courtesy of George Robinson



Built as WAR GHURKA 

WW1-Standard Z type Tanker: engines and all superstructure amidships.

5,571 grt  3,397 nt

400ft x 52ft 4ins.

1918 December  Completed by Irvines S.B. & D.D. Co., West Hartlepool

For Shipping Controller, managed by Hunting & Son

1919 Purchased by Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co, London (Shell )

1921 CAPRELLA, same owner

1924 Sold to British Molasses Co, London

1925 renamed ATHELFOAM

1926 United Molasses Co;  Athel Line formed.

1931 Owners  G.O.Aarvold, Oslo renamed HIRD, on charter to Athel Line.

1935 Renamed ATHELSTANE, United Molasses Co

1939 Athel Line Ltd, London

1941 Tankers Ltd, London

1942  9th April   Bombed and sunk by Japanese aircraft at 07.30N  81.56E, near Ceylon, whilst serving as Royal Fleet Auxiliary on passage from Trincomalee for Colombo. All of her crew survived the ferocious Japanese air attack.


Athelstane(3) as ATHELFOAM



GSN  20025647

ON 165814

8,129 grt

468ft 5ins x 59ft 5ins

Single screw, 12 knots.

Built 1941 by Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson, Newcastle


For MOWT, managed by Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co, London. ( Shell )

1945 purchased by Tankers Ltd (Athel Line - United Molasses Co), Liverpool

     Renamed ATHELSTANE.

1952 sold to Skibs A/S Vaholm (Holmen & Vaboen), Kristiansand, Norway;

     Renamed OAKLEY.

1957 owned by Holmens Rederi A/S & Vaboens Rederi A/S.

1960 sold to Harald A. Moller A/S, Oslo.

1961 scrapped Hamburg by Eckhardt & Co


Athelstane (4)


Photograph kindly provided by

Thomas Weis

Bibliothek fur Zeitgeschichte, Stuttgart
Collection Raul Maya (Montevideo)



ON 187109
Built 1955 by Hawthorn Leslie Ltd, Newcastle

For Athel Line.


Registered : Liverpool

7,517 grt

459ft x 61ft 4ins x 25ft 6.5ins

Engines : Oil 2SA 4Cyl   670 x 2320mm

Twin screw

1969 scrapped at Faslane.




Athelstane at Houston

Photograph by David Edge



Raymond Forward