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Shipping Notices


The Cornishman Newspaper

18th July 1878


Penzance and the Scilly Islands

The Royal Mail steamers LADY OF THE ISLES or QUEEN OF THE BAY will, on or after 24th July 1878, and until further notice ( wind and other circumstances permitting ) leave as under : -

viz From Penzance to Scilly on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 11.15 am and from Scilly to Penzance on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9.30 am.

Fares to or from Scilly and Penzance : -

Saloon 7s; fore cabin 5s;

Return tickets ( not transferrable ) for one month : -

Saloon 10s 6d; fore cabin 7s 6d.


Regular coomunication between Bristol and Penzance

At the request of numerous shippers, Messrs Bazeley & Son have arranged to run regularly their A1 schooner ALPHA 165 tons burthen, R B Kelynack, Master, between Bristol and Penzance, taking goods, from both Penzance to Bristol and Bristol to Penzance, at very moderate rates.

The ALPHA may be expected to sail as follows:-

Penzance for Bristol; Thursday July 25th :

Bristol for Penzance; Friday August 2nd.

For further particulars, apply to Geo. Bazeley and Son.

Dated, Albert Stores, Penzance July 18th 1878


Steam Communication between London and Penzance;

Penzance and Swansea; and London, Padstow and Wadebridge, via Swansea.

The iron SS PROGRES, 350 tons burthen, 50 horse power, William Beckerleg commander, may be expected to sail as follows:-

London for Penzance, Tuesday July 23rd;

Penzance for Swansea, Saturday July 27th.

Further information may be obtained of Messrs W Gage Jacobs, South Devon Wharf, London E; J W Pockett, Entrance South Dock, Swansea; Robert england, Padstow; or of Geo Bazeley & Son, Penzance. July 18th 1878.


Excursion to the eastern shores of Mount's Bay and Porthleven.

On Friday 19th July at 4.45 pm, the LADY OF THE ISLES will make an excursion to the eastern shores of Mount's Bay, landing passengers at Porthleven about 6 o'clock pm, and leaving Porthleven about 8pm for Penzance. Passengers will have the opportunity of visiting the interesting Loe Pool and neighbourhood. Fare 2/-

G S Denbigh, Secretary

W C Steamship Co Limited, Penzance 10th July 1878


There were three trains per day, leaving Penzance for London.

Dep 6.25 am; arrive 6 pm : Dep 10 am; arrive 10.20 pm ( The Mail train ) :

Dep 3.50 pm; arrive 4.35 am.

On Sundays there were two trains

Dep 6.50 am; arrive 10.45 pm : Dep 3.50 pm; arrive 4.35 am ( The Mail train )


From London to Penzance, there were four trains - Dep 8.10 pm; Arr 8.10 am :

Dep 5.30 am; arr 6.30 pm : Dep 9 am; Arr 7.15 pm : 1145 am; arr 10.04 pm.

On Sundays, one train Dep 8.10 pm; Arr 8.10 pm







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