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SS Coath


Originally named SKERRYVORE.

ON 86730

Iron screw steamer.

Built October 1882 by Workman Clark, Belfast

994 grt

225ft 6ins x 31ft x 15ft 6ins.

Compound steam engine; operating at 100 lbs/sq in pressure

†††††††††† supplied by J.Rowan & Sons, Ltd., Belfast.

Owners : Clyde Shipping Co (George G.Kidston, managers)

†††††††††† 21, Carleton Place, Glasgow.

Port of Reg : Glasgow.


SS Coath, sailing out of Mountís Bay, with St Michaelís Mount on the horizon.

Picture from a photograph provided by the daughter of Edward Johns.


1901RenamedSS COATH.Bazeley & Co., Port of Registry : Penzance.

190914th July : Collided with and sank RN Submarine A9 off Plymouth.

The A9 sank to bottom, but luckily the crew managed to resurface, with no casualties.

191612th December. Presumed sunk by a mine in the English Channel.

Further information revealed that on 12th Dec 1916, she was torpedoed and sunk in the English Channel, off Beachy Head, 3 miles SW of Eastbourne, by the German submarine UB 38, whilst on a voyage from Le Havre.

Reported to have been carrying guns and ammunition.

16 crew lost including the Master


Those who died13th December 1916.

Information kindly provided by

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Tower Hill Memorial - London


BERRYMAN, Master, Luke Spargo. Age 59.

Father of Miss Mary J. Berryman, of Calabar House, 3, Lescudjack Rd., Penzance.


COLTON, Able Seaman, Thomas James. Age 49.

Son of the late John and Mary Colton;

Husband of Lucy Edith Colton (nee Adlam), of 1, Quay St., Penzance.

Born at Penzance.


ENNIS, Able Seaman, Thomas Frederick. Age 22.

Son of Thomas and Fanny Ennis, of 3, Portland Terrace, South Keighton, Newhaven, Sussex.

Born at Rye.


FOSKETT, Fireman, Walter Edgar. Age 37.

Son of Mr and Mrs. Walter Henry Foskett;

Husband of Gertrude Alice Foskett (nee Gale), of 81, Montgomery St., Hove, Sussex. Born at Swaffham, Norfolk.


FREETHY, Second Engineer, Thomas. Age 33.

Husband of Edith Caroline Freethy (nee Roscholar), of 23, Taroveor Terrace, Penzance.

Born at Penzance.


HUGHES, Mate, Griffith Evan. Age 45.

Son of the late John and Mary Hughes;

Husband of Maggie Hughes (nee Edwards), of 25, Clapham Rd., Anfield, Liverpool.

Born at Amlwch.


JOHNS, Able Seaman, Edward. Age 42.

Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Johns;

Husband of Mary Johns (nee Capel), of 25, Camberwell St., Penzance.

Born at Penzance.


PARISH, Ship's Cook, Richard John Farley. Age 52.

Son of Sarah Parish, of 9, Mount St., Plymouth, Devon, and the late Nathaniel Parish.


PARSONS, Steward, Bernard Osborne. Age 34.

Son of Leonard and Elizabeth Parsons;

Husband of Elizabeth Ellen Parsons, of 1, St. Philip St., Penzance.

Born at Sea "Schooner Emma Louise."


ROWE, Donkeyman, Bertie. Age 28.

Son of Robert Steven and Elizabeth Jane Rowe, of 13, St. Henry St., Penzance.


SMITHERS, Fireman, Henry James. Age 35.

Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Smithers;

Husband of Mary Jane Smithers (nee Scott), of 1, Zante Cottages, Wick, Littlehampton, Sussex.

Born at Shoreham, Kent.


SMYTH, Able Seaman, Sydney Doulton Percival. Age 30.

Son of the late Bertram and Mary Ann Smyth;

Husband of Edith Maud Smyth (nee Wilks), of 4, Denton Terrace, Newhaven, Sussex.

Born in London.


STRIKE, Boatswain (Bosun), Thomas Coalls. Age 58.

Son of the late James and C. Strike;

Husband of Mary Jane Strike (nee Marrack), of 49, Daniel Place, Penzance.

Born at Porthleven, Cornwall.


WILKINS, First Engineer, Richard Henry. Age 59.

Son of the late John and Elizabeth Wilkins;

Husband of Mary Jane Wilkins, of 12, Richmond St., Penzance.

Born at Chyandour. Gulval.


WILLIAMS, Fireman, John Thomas Wallis. Age 37.

Son of George and the late Annie Williams;

Husband of Katie Williams (nee Crocker), of 23, Taroveor Terrace, Penzance.

Born at Penzance.


WROATH, Able Seaman, William. Age 33.

Son of Annie and the late William Wroath;

Husband of Mary Wroath (nee Polglans) of Vanguard House, Mousehole.

Born at Mousehole.



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