ON 135985   

Steam Trawler        

Built Cook,Welton & Gemmell; 19th December 1913.

202 grt; 90 nrt; 67 hp; 10 knots.

115.3 ft x 21.5 ft x 11.4 ft.

Requisitioned in September 1914

Converted into an Auxiliary Patrol Vessel

1914-19 Admiralty Service; Armament 1-6 pdr

Admiralty Nr 617

1918 Returned to her owners, Thomas Robinson.

Posted missing, on 7th Nov 1919.

Believed Sank after hitting a mine between the 8th and 14th November 1919.

Reported Lost with all hands 14th November 1919, having struck a mine.


The Times 15th January 1920

At Lloyd's yesterday the British trawler THEBAN of 202 tons of Grimsby, was officially described as being "very much overdue". The Theban sailed from Grimsby for a fishing voyage in the North sea on November 8th.

The owner of the Theban states that the Grimsby trawler PHOEBE, on November 14, was in company with an unknown trawler, fishing at a position about 65 miles from the Humber, when she heard a loud explosion and saw a cloud of flame envelop the other trawler. On proceeding to the vicinity, the only trace of the other vessel was a few pieces of splintered fish-room pound boards. This it is thought points to the loss of the Theban, as she was the only vessel missing about that time, and the owner is of the opnion that she would be fishing in that locality.


Sister ship to Athenian, Athelstan and Libyan.


The Crew of the THEBAN

and their Memorial

GY.937 Theban

Missing since the 7th November 1919.

Henry James Kew. Skipper

Walter Bunce. Mate

Alfred Brough. Chief Engineer

James Mumby. 2nd Engineer

Charles W. Johnson. 3rd Hand

Herbert Mayfield. Trimmer

Frederick Hotson. Cook

Charles Forward. Deckhand

John Albert Watson. Deckhand

Alfred Charles Harris. Deckhand


Mercantile Marine

Crew of the Steam Trawler THEBAN

Died 14th November 1919


BUNCE, WALTER; Second Hand; Age: 35

Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Bunce;

husband of Frances Bunce (nee Barton), of 88, Fuller St., New Cleethorpes.

Born at Tottenham, London.


BROUGH, ALFRED; First Engineer; Age: 45

Husband of Mrs. Brough, of 18, Durban Rd., Grimsby.

Born at Lambeth, London.


FORWARD, CHARLES; Fourth Hand; Age: 45

Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Forward;

Husband of Emily Wilkinson (formerly Forward, nee Rowan),

of Back 37, Kent St., Grimsby.

Born at Manchester. 



Son of Mrs. Harris, of 71, Hildyard St., Grimsby.

Born at Grimsby.



Husband of Mrs. Hotson, of 55, King Edward St., Grimsby.

Born at Cleethorpes.



Son of Mrs. Johnson, of 18, Spencer St., Grimsby.

Born at Grimsby.


MAYFIELD, HERBERT; Trimmer; Age: 47

Son of Mary Mayfield and the late George Mayfield;

Husband of Nellie Mayfield (nee Corbett), of 70, Hamilton St., Grimsby.

Born at Long Eaton, Derbyshire.


MUMBY, JAMES; Second Engineer; Age: 47

Born at Grimsby.


SWANSON, A S; Deck Hand; Royal Naval Reserve; Age: 30

Service No: 19161/DA(PO)

Husband of A. Swanson, of 25, Kinnaird St., Wick.



WATSON, JOHN ALBERT; Fourth Hand; Age: 25

Husband of Mrs. Watson, of 37, Donnington St., Grimsby.

Born at Grimsby.


Fishermans and Seamans Chapel

In the centre is a graphic image of

a grieving mother comforting her child.

And the inscription above reads

Leave thy fatherless children,

I will preserve them alive.

Let thy widows Trust in Me.


SS THEIBAN (should read THEBAN)

H G Kew (ie Henry James Kew).

His brother was Capt Thomas W. Kew of the CAMEO;

shipwrecked, Rattray Head 24th December 1915.

W Bunce; A Brough; J Mumby; W Johnson;

H Mayfield; T Hotson; C Forward; J A Watson

A C Harris


Thanks to Fiona McIlduff

for taking these photographs



Raymond Forward