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Royal Navy Trawlers with Grimsby Port Registration


Vessels built as RN Trawlers

Port Reg    Name                            Owners                                  Royal Navy Trawler Name

            WELBECK                         Harry Franklin of Grimsby               WILLIAM RAM

GY 8        HARGOOD                         Crampin of Grimsby                      PORTSDOWN

GY 9        EVELYN ROSE                     Boston DSF of Fleetwood                 WILLIAM JACKSON

GY 10       FLANDERS                        Rhondda SFC Grimsby                     CHARLES ANTRAM

GY 60       LIGNY                           Rhondda SFC Grimsby                     HENRY CHEVALLIER

GY 69       OGANO                           Diamond SF Co Grimsby                   HUGH BLACK

GY 83       MONTANO                         Orontes SFC; Southampton SF Co Grimsby  JAMES BERRY

GY 100      OSAKO                           Diamond SF Co Grimsby                   JOHN BRENNAN

GY 170      CEYLONITE                       Taylor SFC; St Andrews SFC of Grimsby   THOMAS BUCKLEY

GY 213      ROYAL MARINE                    Loyal SFC Grimsby                       BUTSER

GY 248      KINGSCOURT                      Queen SF Co of Grimsby                  WILLIAM BIGGS

GY 270      RIVER TUMMEL / BELTON           Consolidated Fisheries of Grimsby       THOMAS FOLEY

GY 273      RIVER GARRY                     Consolidated Fisheries of Grimsby       JOHN COPE

GY 277      RIVER DON                       Consolidated Fisheries of Grimsby       PATRICK BORROW

GY 280      KIRBY                           Consolidated Fisheries of Grimsby       PAT CAHERTY

GY 283      WITHAM                          Consolidated Fisheries of Grimsby       STEPHEN KENNEY

GY 293      RIVER LEVEN                     Consolidated Fisheries of Grimsby       JOHN EDSWORTH

GY 321      THURINGIA                       Great Grimsby & East Coast FCL          GUARDSMAN

GY 342      MALCOLITE                       W Beeley; Princess SFC Grimsby          RICHARD BAGLEY

GY 344      LOYAL                           Loyal SFC Grimsby                       HOME GUARD

GY 381      SISAPON                         Standard SF Co of Grimsby               ROYAL MARINE

GY 488      FAIRWAY                         Rinovia SF Co of Grimsby                RICHARD JEWELL

GY 544      BRABANT                         Rhondda SFC Grimsby                     EMMANUEL CAMELAIRE

GY 558      SALTAIRE                        Robinson & Son of Grimsby               THOMAS BILLINGCOLE

GY 608      THE TOWER                       Tower SFC of Grimsby                    THOMAS DENISON

GY 829      REHEARO                         Sleight of Grimsby                      JOHN BURLINGHAM

GY 852      REMILLO                         Sleight of Grimsby                      ROBERT BETSON

GY 887      JOSEPH BURGIN                   Grimsby SS Co                           JOSEPH BURGIN

GY 1048     CARBINEER                       Consolidated Fisheries of Grimsby       FUSILIER

GY 1078     JOHN GREY                       Canute STC of Grimsby                   JOHN GREY

GY 1097     DRUMMER                         Consolidated Fisheries of Grimsby       DRAGOON

GY 1267     RIGHTO                          Sleight of Grimsby                      MATTHEW BERRYMAN

GY 1268     REBOUNDO                        G F Sleight of Grimsby                  WILLIAM BURTE

GY 1290     CHANDOS                         Trawlers(White Sea & Grimsby)           THOMAS GOODCHILD

GY 1315     ARLETTE                         Consolidated Fisheries of Grimsby       GEORGE FRENCH

GY 1328     CHRISTABELLE                    Consolidated Fisheries of Grimsby       JOHN BARRY

GY 1329     SABINA                          Consolidated Fisheries of Grimsby       CHARLES DOYLE

GY 1332     YOLANDA                         Consolidated Fisheries of Grimsby       PATRICK DEVINE

GY 1332     WILLIAM HANBURY                 Taylor SFC of Grimsby                   WILLIAM HANBURY

GY 1334     AIGRETTE                        Consolidated Fisheries of Grimsby       JOSEPH COATES

GY 1337     NINETTE                         Consolidated Fisheries of Grimsby       THOMAS DEAR

GY 1341     SAVARIA                         H C Baker AO of Grimsby                 CORNELIUS BUCKLEY

GY 1342     YESSO                           Diamond SF Co Grimsby                   HENRY FLIGHT


Vessels purchased into RN

GY 124      ex MILDENHALL                   Croft Baker of Grimsby                  SAPPHIRE

GY 125      ex MELBOURNE                    Croft Baker of Grimsby                  TOPAZE

GY 133      ex WARWICKSHIRE                 Warwickshire FC of Grimsby(H Markham)   TURQUOISE

GY 151      ex BERKSHIRE                    Berkshire FC of Grimsby(H Markham)            TOURMALINE

GY 254      RECEPTO; ex ST ROMANUS          Sleight of Grimsby                      OAK


Captured German vessels

GY 1161     KEELBY ex BURGERMEISTER SMIDT   Keelby SFC of Grimsby                   CENSIN

GY 1204     FLORIC ex BLUMENTHAL            H G R Gibbons of Grimsby                CRAIGSIN



Raymond Forward

8th October 2007