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Andrew Vivian ( d 1848 ) of Vellansaundry, established his bank 1815; closed 1818.


Miners' Bank, Willyams, Willyams & Co. ( of Truro ). Branch established at Market Place in 1834, James William Grylls, manager 1855; Benjamin Matthews manager 1864; Thomas Shaw Lowry, manager 1875.


London and South Western Bank. ( of London ). Branch opened with S. W. Woods, manager 1864; G. J. Pickin, manager 1866; closed 1867.


Devon and Cornwall Banking Co. Ltd. ( of Plymouth ). Branch opened  with John Whitworth, manager 1885.


Savings Bank. William Cape Brice Yewens, actuary 1872. Open for nine years.



West Cornwall Bank. Pryce & Co. established 1811. Partners Samuel Vincent Pryce ( d 1817 ), George Aunger Pryce, and Thomas Teague ( d 1889 ); dissolved by mutual consent and the bank closed 24 July 1820.


Cornish Bank. Tweedy, Williams & Co. ( of Truro ). Branch established 1834; Robert Tweedy, manager; Robert Milford Tweedy, manager 1859-63; John Michael Williams dissolved his connection with the Cornish Bank at Truro 29th Dec 1862 and received the Cornish Bank Redruth branch and a sum of money as his share. He took Henry Grylls of Redruth into partnership, and changed the name to the West Cornwall, as J. M. Williams & Co. proprietors in 1863.


West Cornwall Bank. J. M. Williams & Co. established 1st Jan 1863; Henry Grylls, manager 1863; William Michell Grylls partner 1865; branch opened Falmonth, June 1866; John Michael Williams became sole proprietor of the West Cornwall Bank, Redruth, and gave up his connection with the Falmouth branch Nov. 1877 – he died 16th Feb 1880; Elizabeth Maria Williams of Caerhayes [ pronounced either K’rays or kar-haze ] Castle, widow of J. M. Williams, and John Cady of Swansea, executors of J. M. Williams, became his representatives in the Bank 1880-84; William Treweek, manager 1888; when Mrs. J. M. Williams died 24th May 1884, The West Cornwall Bank of Redruth was transferred to Williams, Williams and Grylls of The West Cornwall Bank, Falmouth, June 1884.


East Penwith Savings' Banks, established Jan 1818, Mr. Price, actuary 1839; William Michell Grylls, secretary and actuary.


London and South Western Bank. ( of London ). Branch established.  Courtenay Clarke, manager 1663, Samuel W. Woods, manager 1864; closed in 1867.


Cornish Bank. Tweedy & Co. Branch re-opened 2nd Jan 1866, Charles Tweedy, manager 1866; Closed 4th Jan 1879.


Cornish Bank, Limited. ( of Truro ). Branch opened with Charles Tweedy, manager 17th Mar 1879.


Devon and Cornwall Banking Co. ( of Plymouth ). Branch opened at Penryn Street. William Lanning Rowe, manager, January 1879; William Gill, manager 1886; New premises Feb. 1888.


Redruth District Bank. Bain, Field, Hitchins & Co. established 10 Jan 1879, the partners being David Wise Bain, Glenfeaden, Redruth; Thomas Willis Field, Chymorvah, Marazion; Martin Tredinnick Hitchins, Trevaunance, St. Agnes; and Thomas Hitchins, Trevarrick, St. Austell; Head office, Redruth, with branches at Helston 1879; and Grampound road 1879 to 1883.


Grampound Road

Cornish Bank, Tweedy, Williams & Co. ( of  Truro ).  Branch established 1872, closed 4th Jan 1879.


Bain, Field, Hitchens & Co. ( of Redruth ). Branch opened 1879 and closed 1883.



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