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OXNAM, BATTEN & CO. Established in Chapel St. 1795

Founders : John Batten, William Carne and Richard Oxnam, merchants.

John Batten d 1810; Henry Boase (Alverton ) became a partner Sept. 1810; Richard Oxnam retired 1810 and d1844. Renamed BATTEN, CARNE AND BOASE 1810-1823; Henry Boase retired 1823; John Batten junior entered firm 1823; Joseph Carne (son of W. Carne) became a partner 1823. Renamed BATTEN, CARNE AND CARNE 1833; John Batten junior d 1834; William Carne d 1836; John Batten the third, also merchant of Penzance became partner 1834. Philip Marrack (Newlyn) employed by bank since 1810 left his position as manager, became a partner 1844; John Batten the third, retired 31 Oct. 1849 and d 1875; Joseph Carne, F.R.S. d 1858 and his daughter Elizabeth Catherine Thomas Carne became partner 12th Oct 1858; Thomas Hacker Bodilly, merchant, Penzance joined the firm 1859; John Josias Arthur Boase became a partner in 1859 and retired 30 June 1859; A new banking house was built in the Penzance Market, and opened 1864; Nicholas Berryman Downing ( a clerk since 1848 ) became manager 1861; Thomas Bodilly d 1873, his eldest son Thomas Hacker Bodilly received his father's share in the business 1873; Charles Campbell Ross, grandson of Joseph Carne; Nicholas Downing became partners 1872; Miss Carne d 1873 when her interest passed to Charles Ross; Nicholas Downing retired from the firm 1874.

Branches Opened at St Just 1864; at Plymouth 1882; at St. Ives 1876.


MOUNT'S BAY COMMERCIAL BANK established at Chyandour in 1807 by Thomas Bolitho (The Coombe) and William Bolitho (Gulval), merchants. Renamed BOLITHO, SONS & CO. 1810; In 1834 the bank was moved from Chyandour to Market Jew Street; Renamed MOUNT'S BAY BANK; merchants Richard Foster Bolitho (only son of William Bolitho), Edward Bolitho and Thomas Simon Bolitho (sons of Thomas Bolitho) became partners 1838; William Bolitho the first d 1836; Thomas Bolitho d 1858; A new banking house for BOLITHO, SONS & CO built and opened 1863 at 9 Market Jew Street; William Bolitho the second (son of Thomas Bolitho) and John Sargent Bedford (son-in-law of William Bolitho the first) entered the firm 1849; J. S. Bedford managing partner d 1856; John Sampson Courtney became acting manager 1856, d 1881; William Bolitho the third and Richard Foster Bolitho the second (sons of R. F. Bolitho the first), Thomas Bedford Bolitho (son of Edward Bolitho), and Thomas Robins Bolitho (son of T. S. Bolitho) became members of the firm 1880; Richard F. Bolitho d 1882; Thomas S. Bolitho d 1887; Issued the notes of the East Cornwall Bank, in which they were partners until 1 April 1887.

Branches opened at St. Ives 1835; St. Just and Hayle 1863; Helston 1876; St Mary’s, Isles of Scilly 1890 (?).


DENNIS, SONS & CO. established 1810, by John Dennis (architect, builder, wool stapler and serge manufacturer of Alverton), John Dennis, junior of Alverton, and William Dennis of Penzance; 1819 renamed PENZANCE UNION BANK, drawing on Dennis Brothers & Co. merchants and tin agents 34 Lombard St. London; Trevenen James, manager; John Dennis d ; John Dennis, junior d 1822; William Dennis d 17th June 1823. The business had been sold April 1823 becoming HENRY BOASE, SONS & CO. established in Chapel St. 1st May 1823 by Henry Boase of Alverton, with his sons Henry Samuel Boase, John Josias Arthur Boase, and Trevenen James; In 1824 George Grenfell of Penalveme and his son Paseoe Grenfell joined the bank, becoming BOASE, GRENFELL, BOASE & CO.; Henry Boase d 1827; Trevenen James retired 30th  Dec 1831; The firm was dissolved by mutual consent 19th Aug. 1836 and was sold to the WESTERN DISTRICT BANKING CO ( Penzance office of the Devonport bank). This branch established at Chapel Street, Penzance, 1st Oct. 1836, John Josias Arthur Boase, manager; In Sept. 1844 the business was sold to Ricketts, Enthoven & Co. of 8 Morgate Street London and it became the PENZANCE UNION BANK, in Chapel Street, September 1844. John Josias Arthur Boase, manager 1844-47; The accounts were transferred to Bolitho, Sons & Co. 11th Oct. 1847 and the bank closed.


PENZANCE SAVINGS' BANK, established 22nd Jan 1818, John Thomas, actuary 1839; Delboeuf Baker Bedford, secretary 1855, resigned June 1878; Pascoe Grenfell, actuary 38 June 1878; passed to his son George Pascoe Grenfell Jan 1882, who later was joined by William Harvey Julyan.

[ The earliest savings Bank in Cornwall was established

at Falmouth 23rd Dec 1817 ]


Branch Banks

LONDON AND SOUTH WESTERN BANK of London. George Plater, manager 1864, William Brewer, manager 1864; Closed in 1869.


DEVON AND CORNWALL BANKING CO of Plymouth. Chapel St. Penzance, Albert Richmond Knowles, manager 19 Dec. 1881; George Fox Tregelles, manager 1883.


CORNISH BANK, LTD. of Truro. Queen's Square, Penzance, William George Dix, manager 7th March 1883; Alfred W. Parks, manager 1885.





Bolitho, Sons & Co. Branch at Penpol Terrace, Hayle Foundry 1863; T. H. Grenfell, manager; Henry Roach, manager 1882.





Hugh Edwards & Co. bankers from before 1784 to 1809.


James Halse ( taking over Hugh Edwards Bank ) from 1808 to 1814. He died 1838.


Bolitho, Sons & Co. Branch at Tregenna place, St. Ives 1835, manager Richard Payne. Charles Granville Grenfell became manager 1878; James Bead, became manager from 1882.


Batten, Carne and Carne. Branch at Tregenna place, St Ives, John Carne Barwis, manager 1876, who later moved to Plymouth passed to Philip Marrack 1882.





Bolitho, Sons & Co. Branch at St. Just 1863, with J. G. Shakerley as manager 1863-72, Richard Boyns, manager 1872; John Warren, manager from 1881.


Batten, Carne and Carne. Branch at St. Just 1864, John Carne Barwis, manager 1868 and moved to St Ives in 1876; Philip Marrack, manager 1882 [ presumably managing St Just and St Ives banks ].




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