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Humphrey Fry of St Ives



Registered St Ives Nr 33; 5th July 1837

Built that year in Bideford. Completed 23rd June 1837.

Owners : James Wearne, shipowner  44/64

John Richards, master mariner  16/64

Thomas Daniell 4/64

Masters ….

John Richards

David Morton at Bridlington 26th Dec 1839

John Richards 18th May 1840

John Daniell 6th Nov 1844

Thomas Matthews 17th Oct 1845

Humphrey Fry 3rd Dec 1847

Ship Lost off Kinsale 17th Dec 1847

Registry Closed 8th April 1848




I first came across, in the Registers, a marriage of

Humphrey Fry to Margaret Lander at St Ives 1st June 1806.

I later found a record of Humphrey Fry having perished, in a storm off the Irish Coast.

It was noted that he was the master of the schooner Kate.

This was on page 285 of Prisoners of War in France 1804-1814. Published 1914.

This book is subtitled, Being the adventures of John Tregerthen Short and Thomas Williams

It has an Introduction by Sir Edward Hain.

It seems that Humphrey Fry was detained at France’s pleasure 21st December 1812.


In view of my Fry past, I made a note of other records.

They may or may not be linked.

Prudence Fry married ………………. 6th Sept 1661 at St Ives

Richard Fry (alias Morrish) married Margaret Hicks 9th February 1696 at St Ives.

Margaret Fry married Andrew Tonken 2nd May 1701 at Madron

Christopher Fry baptised son of Richard Fry 27th February 1704 at St Ives.

Jane Fry (alias Morrish) married Thomas Coggar 25th April 1705 St Ives

Jane Fry married Thomas Biggs 23rd June 1743 at St Ives

Robert Fry married Mary Wakefield 8th January 1749 Isles of Scilly

Jane Fry married Peter Williams 9th May 1775 at St Ives

Margaret Fry married William Stevens 1803 at St Ives

Thomas Fry (militia man) married Ann Lobb 27th February 1798 at Helston

In 1807, Thomas Fry a mariner of St Ives, joined the Freemasons at Redruth

I suspect this to be Humphrey (b) Fry’s brother.


Looking at the 1851 census for St Ives.
Humphrey Fry aged 75 (approx) a retired seaman who was born in Littleham in Devon.
It would be easy to dismiss this as a coincidence. A look back to the 1841 census
finds him again, on the Wharf, as he is later in the 1851. However, there is a young
bonnet maker by the name of Margaret Fry, aged about 20 years. At the same house.


Humphrey Fry was baptised 2nd June 1775 at Littleham By Bideford, Devon
The son of  Humphrey Fry who married Joan Palmer in Parkham, Devon 2nd April 1773.

She died 22nd January 1835. Humphrey Fry died Dec 1855; Reg Penzance 5c 193


In the 1871 Census for Littleham there are quite a number of the Morrish family.

Because of the many geographical origins of the Fry families, it is not wise to make

assumptions, or fall into wishful thinking … however, there are times when logic

and name patterns can “fill in the gaps”. Until proof is found, one way or another.


1851 Census ….

Fore Street, St Ives. Folio 530.

Eliza Fry (born Bristol) aged 28 with daughter Mary aged 18 months.


1861 Census ...
Wharf, Humphrey F Fry, 41, Mariner, born St Ives
Eliza Fry, Wife, 38yrs, born Bristol (Elizabeth nee Warren)
Mary Fry, Dau, 11yrs, born St Ives
Eliza W Fry, Dau, 6yrs, born St Ives

Caroline Fry, 4yrs, born St Ives
Louisa Fry, Dau, 2yrs, born St Ives

More details on the Warren family


Marriage 26th Oct 1845, St Erth by License.

Humphrey Francis Fry s/o Humphrey Fry, Mariner of St Ives

and Eliza Warren d/o Samuel Warren Shipbuilder.


1871 Census

Eliza Fry, Head  W   47  Schoolmistress born Bristol

Elizabeth W Fry, Daughter  U 16  Tailoress  born St.Ives

Caroline Fry, Daughter 14yrs  Scholar  born St.Ives

Louisa Fry, Daughter 12yrs   Scholar  born St.Ives

Humphry F Fry, Son  9yrs  Scholar  born St.Ives


Humphrey Francis Fry Snr has died between 1862 and 1871.

Young Mary Fry dies December 1871 aged 22; Reg  Penzance  5c 211

Eliza Fry dies March 1873,  aged 48;  Reg Penzance  5c 236

Eliza Warren Fry survives until 3rd April 1942, dies aged 88yrs.


Caroline Fry Marries September 1877; Reg Penzance  5c 357




In St Ives, there are THREE Humphrey Frys.

Each described as son of a Humphrey Fry

[a] Born Devon 1774, alive in 1851 age given as 75 - died 1855 Pz.

He appears on the 1841 and 1851 census records.

[b] Born unknown, married Margaret Lander 1806, died on the KATE 1847.

He does not appear on the 1841 census and had died before the 1851 census.

[c] Born St Ives, master of the ECLIPSE - born 1819 - died between 1861/1871.



Humphrey (b) Fry married Margaret Lander 1st June 1806.

There is a largish gap between the children of Humphrey (b) Fry.

which is now explained by his detention in France.

Group 1 1807-1811 = Mary, Thomas and Elizabeth.

Mary Fry, daughter of Humphrey & Elizabeth Fry 16th March 1807 at St Ives ***

Thomas Fry son of Humphrey & Margaret Fry on 28th May 1809 at St Ives.

Elizabeth Fry daughter of Humphrey & Margaret Fry 20th October 1811 at St Ives.

Group 2 1818-1820 = Humphrey Francis and Margaret Jane.

Humphrey Francis Fry c1819

Margaret Jane Fry c1821

*** I suspect this is is the daughter of Humphrey by a previous marriage.


Young Margaret Jane Fry is staying with Humphrey (a) Fry in 1841.

This shows the direct family link with Humphrey (a).

Her mother Margaret may well have sailed with Humphrey (b). This was just after her son Thomas died.

Being mariners, Humphrey (b) and (c) may well not have been in a census, anywhere.

But, where are Margaret Fry’s and Humphrey (b) Fry’s other children?


Mary married 7th November 1837 by Banns

Matthew Woolcock of full age widower Miner of St. Ives (Father: John Woolcock, Tailor)

Mary Fry of full age spinster of St. Ives (Father: Humphrey Fry, Mariner)

Witnesses: Margaret Jane Fry, Thomas Williams

Margaret Jane Fry was her sister.

I assume this is the Thomas Williams named as the author of the book above


Thomas Fry died March 1840; Reg Penzance  9 125  


Elizabeth (born 1811) - married 1838 Garland Williams

In 1841, Garland Williams was not at home on Census night;

Elizabeth (25) was there with her son Richard 2yrs.

1851 Census

Garland Williams,40,Seaman,St Ives; in 1871 he was a Master mariner.

Elizabeth Williams,Wife,39,St Ives

Richard P Williams,Son,12,Scholar,St Ives; became a Sailmaker

Thomas Fry Williams,Son,9,St Ives; became a mariner

Baptised 23rd September 1842; Thomas Fry Williams, son of Garland & Elizabeth Williams (née Fry),

Sailor of St. Ives.

[Born 6th March 1842, St. Ives]


Margaret Jane Fry married 4th January 1846 by Licence

Francis Richards, 25, bachelor Mariner of St. Ives (Father: Francis Richards, Fisherman)

Margaret Jane Fry, 27, spinster of St. Ives (Father: Humphrey Fry, Mariner)

Witnesses: Humphrey Fry, Thomas Williams

This is the Margaret Fry (Bonnet maker) in the 1841 census; born 1819.

By 1881 she is a widow. A milliner.

Baptised 4th October 1849; John Richards, son of Francis & Jane Richards (née Fry), Sailor of St. Ives

[Born 30th January 1849, St. Ives]




In North Devon, near Bideford

Humphry (d) Fry Married Joan Palmer, 2nd April 1773 at Parkham

Their children … 

Grace 1773 12th Aug East Putford

Humphry (a) Fry 2nd June 1775 Littleham By Bideford, Devon

John born 1777 9th May Northam

Ann 28 Dec 1781 Littleham By Bideford

Elizabeth 29th June 1783 Northam

Daniel 26th July 1785 Northam

John 15th May 1788 Northam

Richard 28th August 1791 Northam


Also in North Devon, near Bideford

Thomas Fry married Grace Norman 17th February 1774 at Parkham

Elizabeth Fry  13th November 1774 East Putford, Devon

Thomas Fry  25th May 1777 East Putford, Devon

Mary Fry 26th September 1779  Littleham By Bideford

Samuel Fry  10th February 1780 East Putford, Devon

Ann Fry 28th December 1781 Littleham By Bideford

Humphrey (b) Fry 5th November 1783 Buckland Brewer

John Fry  20th October 1786 East Putford, Devon

Nancy Fry 19th April 1789 East Putford, Devon

Mary Fry 14th July 1792 East Putford, Devon


Because of the 1841 Census connection in St Ives, I believe that

Humphrey (d) Fry and Thomas Fry (married to Grace Norman) are brothers.


Humphry (e) Fry married Grace Brown 21st November 1734 Buckland Brewer.

I am guessing (because a Humphrey Fry is not to be found) that their first son

was Humphrey (d) Fry, in some other Parish, or County.

Thomas Fry 28th August 1740 at Buckland Brewer, Devon; s/o Humphrey (f) Fry & Grace


Humphrey (f) Fry 9th January 1694 at Buckland Brewer, Devon; s/o Humphrey (g) Fry & Mary



Some vigilance is required when reading old documents and transcriptions, to ensure that there is no confusion;

common errors have been to read “Fry” as Hny, Toy, Try or Pry, and other reverse cases have been found.

This is not a complaint against all those worthy people who have put so much enthusiasm and effort into transcription,

just an observation that care should be taken when searching through data files and on web pages for FRY.



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