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Athel Line

Sugar Line Ships


October 1938 : Tate & Lyle formed Silvertown Services Ltd.

Shipping commenced in 1950.

Managed by Messrs. R. S. Dalgliesh & Company Limited of Newcastle.

January 1953, Managed by Kentships Limited

In 1951 Sugar Line Limited was formed as part of the Tate & Lyle, United Molasses Company and West Indies Sugar Company Ltd.

CRYSTAL prefix vessels, managed by Athel Line Ltd

1952 CRYSTAL CUBE purchased by Sugar Line.

1956 Silvertown Services Shipping Limited was formed. SUGAR prefix vessels.

1961 Fleets combined as Sugar Line Ltd. Clyde Wharf, Silvertown, E16.

Silvertown Services Shipping Ltd, managers of the Sugar Line Ltd were wholly
acquired by Sugar Line Ltd and the two fleets operated as one from

1st Oct 1962 as Sugar Line Ltd. [ Marine News, Sep 1962 ]

1966 United Molasses Co Ltd  joined the Tate & Lyle Group.




SUGAR 1950s

SUGAR 1960s

SUGAR 1970s



More Photographs


More Photographs


Sources : Lloyds Register of Shippng, Lloyds List and "Empire Ships"

Ships List and Marine News


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