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Built 1879 M. Pearse & Co., Stockton


275ft x 35ft 6ins; 9.5 knots.

For United Steam Shipping Co. of London ( J. Temperley & Co.)

1893 Renamed EGYPTIAN PRINCE; James Knott

1898 Transferred to Prince Line Ltd

1900 Renamed LUIGINO; E. Bozzo, Genoa.

1908 Renamed SAN FERNANDO; F. Suarez, Heulva ( iron ore carrier ).

1911 14th April; Foundered in Bay of Biscay on voyage to Garston.



Built 1849 Halls, Sunderland

562 grt

124ft x 29ft 6ins x 19ft 6ins

For John Temperley; Registered London

Lloyds Register 1850-1860 Barque.

Lloyds Register 1861-1869 Square Rigged Ship.

Ran to Australia and India.

No record of her Fate. Not in Lloyds Register after 1870.



Built 1879 Charles Mitchell & Co., Newcastle


For Hamilton, Fraser & Co., Liverpool

1,986 grt

286ft x 35ft 1ins; 9.5 knots.

1890 Renamed BRIGELLA; United Steam Shipping Co. ( J. Temperley & Co.)

1893 Renamed TURKISH PRINCE; James Knott

1897 16th September; Wrecked on the Yucatan Peninsular on voyage from Genoa to Vera Cruz.



Built 1859 Duthie, Aberdeen

649 grt Ship.

171ft x 30ft x 18.5ft

For John Temperley; Registered London.

Repairs 1861 & 1864; sheathed in felt & yellow metal 1867

No record of Fate.



Built 1879 Smith

For J. Temperley & Co.

2,002 grt

280ft x 35ft 2ins x 24ft 6ins

200 bhp; compound inverted engines.

1880 31st December; Wrecked on Horns Reef, Denmark, on voyage from

Savannah to Reval carrying a cargo of cotton. All on board were lost.


The Times 6th January 1881


Lloyd's agent at Lemvig telegraphed yesterday morning that the FARNLEY steamer, from Savannah for Revel, with a large and valuable cargo of cotton on board, was supposed to have been totally lost in the neighbourhood. Bales of cotton had drifted ashore, and two boats marked "Farnley Newcastle" had been found on the shore of Bjerregaard. In one of them were two dead bodies, presumed to have been those of officers of a large vessel, probably a steamer. They had lifebelts on them. This information has since been confirmed by a telegram from the German Consul at Bada, on the west coast of Jutland, to the Danish Consul at Newcastle on Tyne, stating that four boats painted "Farnley Newcastle" and the dead bodies of some sailors had floated ashore. On one body was found a book with the name "William Downey" and contained the following entry:-" Farnley left Savannah on the 18th December, with 5,900 bales of cotton, destined for Revel". It is said that about 150 bales of cotton marked "Knoop" have come ashore. The cargo on board the FARNLEY is reported to be valued at nearly 100,000. The FARNLEY was an iron built screw steamer of 2,002 tons gross, highest class, and owned by Messrs J Temperley and Co of Newcastle.



Built 1861 Oswald, Sunderland

For Temperley & Co.; Registered London.

ON 29768

Iron Ship; 2 cement bulkheads

898 grt

185ft x 32ft 8ins x 20ft 6ins

1867 Repaired

1874 Still in Lloyds Register



Built 1856 Halls, Sunderland

For Temperley & Co.; Registered London.

976 grt Ship

174ft x 34ft x 22ft

1864 Repaired

1865 Sheathed in felt & yellow metal; fastened with copper bolts.



Built 1880 Palmers' Co., Newcastle

Official Number: 83888

Signal : TNVC

For J. Temperley & Co.; Registered Newcastle

2,010 grt; 1,296 nrt

285ft x 35ft 4ins x 23ft 4ins

Iron single screw steamship. 3 cement bulkheads

240 bhp; compound engines, by shipbuilders.

2 inverted cylinders 35ins & 68ins dia; 42 ins stroke; 90 psi; 240 bhp.

1889 Wrecked near Nieuwe Diep on December 19th, 1889, while on a voyage from Savannah to Bremen carrying a cargo of cotton.



ON 95251

Signal Letters KTMD

British Steel Screw steamer; 5 bulkheads

Built 1888 by Palmers S.B. & Iron Co. Ltd. Newcastle

Registered Newcastle

312 ft x 40.1 ft x 24.7 ft; 227 hp

2,545 gross tons cargo steamer.

Built for J. Temperley & Co, Newcastle.

Missing since passing Cape Henry, 27 Jan 1900

on voyage from Baltimore to Londonderry with maize.

Thanks to Joe McMillan for additional information



Listed 1886

ON 63527

British iron barque; Registered London

1,282 tons; 223.3 ft x 37.3 ft x 22 ft

Built September 1869 Sunderland

Owners Temperley, Carter and Darke.



British Ship

830 tons; 187 ft x 32 ft x 21 ft; 3 bulkheads

Built 1858 Glasgow; Registered London

Owners Temperley, Carter and Darke



British Oak Ship; Registered London; Sold on from Temperleys

Built 1854 London; Metalled November 1862

1,106 tons; 20 ft draft; 189 ft x 34 ft x 21 ft

Later owners : Shaw & Co; Fletcher Brothers; H Edward



British Iron Ship

Built November 1864 Sunderland

1,005 tons; 197 ft x 34 ft x 20 ft; 2 bulkheads

Registered London

Owners : Temperley, Carter and Darke



Working 1888

Voyages to Canada

Owners : Temperley, Carter and Darke, Billiter Street, London



Working 1857; 847 tons

Owner : Temperley & Co

Emigration vessel



Working 1851

Owner : John Temperley, London

Cargo vessel, perhaps also Emigration vessel



Working 1860; 791 tons; Master Captain A Smith

Owner 1960 : John Temperley, London

Emigration vessel

A possibility is found in

"The Maritime History of Bath Maine and the

Kennebec River Region" by William Baker

ESCORT ship 1854 Georgetown, Maine

1,454 tons; 209 ft x 38.5 ft x 19.3 ft ( draft )

Builder,/owner : Joseph Berry

Master : Peter Miller

Bath, Maine port

Thanks to Curt Michener.





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