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Coaling & Depot Ships

Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd

The Temperley Transporter Company and Appleby’s Ltd

Proposed Coal Depot for Marseilles     Coal Depot No 1 – Portsmouth – 1903

Coal Depot No 2 – Portsmouth – 1905     Coaling Barges

Colliers, Coaling and Temperley Transporters

Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson – The Times 1909

Were the Admiralty Coal ships “the King’s Ships”?  SS KHARKI 1905

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According to the correspondence, coaling was rather more of a science than first meets the eye;

let alone the design features of the Temperley Transporter itself,

which had revolutionised, and ensured a faster safer method of, coaling ships.


Illustrations from The Temperley Transporter Company’s Letterhead.





Source : Swan Hunter Collection

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