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Hearts of Oak



Visitors to Mountís Bay


The Atlantic Fleet set off on

a Tour of the Ports of Britain.

Orders for Cruise of the Atlantic Fleet

Dates given for September 1919

Group 1


Portland 1st

Torbay 6th

Ilfracombe 10th QUEEN ELIZABETH alone

Swansea 10th LION alone

Llandudno 13th

Ardrossan 17th

Oban 22nd

Scapa 30th


Group 2


MALAYA was on call, so may not have joined the Group.

Portland 1st

Swanage and Bournemouth 6th

Penzance 13th-19th

Aberystwith Holyhead20th

Tail of Bank, Clyde 25th

Scapa 30th


Group 3


Joined by ROYAL OAK from 12th

Portland 1st

Folkestone 7th

Deal 10th RESOLUTION only

Margate 10th REVENGE and RAMILLIES

Yarmouth 14th

Scarborough 22nd

Invergordon 30th

Vice Admiral Sir S R Fremantle is on the REVENGE.


Group A

FEARLESS and three K class submarines

Portland 1st

Weston-super-Mare 7th

Belfast 12th

Dunoon and Campbeltown 17th

Oban 24th

Scapa 30th


Group B

ITHURIEL and three K class submarines

Portland 1st

Douglas and Ramsay 7th

Geenock 13th

Ardrossan Tobermorey Rothesay Lamlash 20th

Scapa 30th


Commodore(D) in CASTOR with WOLSEY, WINCHESTER, WHITLEY and SPLENDID will visit ports independently ( Falmouth ).

CARYSFORT will proceed to Harwich and PHAETON to Rosyth, to wait for FLENSBURG.


This Autumn cruise, as well as being a public relations event,

was also spent in war exercises.

WARSPITE obviously enjoyed her stay in Mountís Bay, as later events testify.



Queen Elizabeth Class

Displacement 30,600 tons; 640 ft x 90 ft x 30 ft;

Geared turbines; 80,000 hp; 4 shafts; 25 knots

Cost £2,500,000

Completed March 1915 Devonport Dockyard, Plymouth, Britain

Fourteen battle honours

1946 Sold out of the Royal Navy

23rd April1947Went aground in Mounts Bay, Cornwall, en route to the breakers.††††††††††† More here Ö.HMS WARSPITE



Queen Elizabeth Class

Launched 4 Nov 1914 Fairfield (Govan, Glasgow)

Displacement 27,500 tons; 33,000 full load

640 ft x 90 ft x 33 ft; 80,000 hp; 25 knots

Cost £2,550,000

Completed Jan 1916

Sold for breaking up 19 Mar 1948



Picture taken by a second cousin, with her new Carbine camera.

Unfortunately, the two pictures of Barham are missing,

but all the pages are dated September 1919.

Her brother was a crew member on HMS BARHAM.




HMS Barham



Later Queen Elizabeth Class

Displacement 31,100 tons; 640 ft x 104 ft x 33 ft; 75,000 hp; 25 knots

Cost £2,470,000

Completed October 1915

Carried aircraft

25th November 1941 Torpedoed and Sunk by U-331,

off Sollum ( Egypt ), with the loss of 900 lives.


Casualty List


For more information on the loss of the BARHAM

HMS Barham


Queen Elizabeth Class

Decks were remarkably clear, and internal arrangements were very spacious. They were considered to be the finest group of capital ships ever produced by any nation and were the ideal fast battleship.

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