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Wood Green Almshouses

Monumental Inscriptions





 [L] “Rebuilt on this site which was the gift of William Stiles, Esq of Wenlock Road. AD 1866. Thomas Simpson Evans MA Vicar, William Taylor, Curch Wardens : William AH Hows, Charles Pitt, Joseph Jackson, John Owen, William Hughes, John Bagley, Robert Snowden, Charity Trustees : George W Ansell, James Harman, Peter L Burchell MB, Jeremiah Long, Thomas W Hodges, Jeremiah Death. E Walker Clerk” 


[M] “United Charities of St Leonard Shoreditch. This tablet commemorates the re-opening of the Almshouses on the 18th July 1962. Following the improvements carried out by the Trustees. Alderman The Rev Meredith Davies MBE TD MSc Vicar, Churchwardens: Mr A W Tubbs, Mr R J Brockington, Chairman Coun H T Bryant, Coun F J Deacon, Mr G C Evans, Vice Chairman Coun R S Hogg, Coun R G Linale MBE, Coun A G Mayhew, Coun Mrs A M A McQuaide, Coun H T L Robertson, Mr T J Sillitoe OBE JP, Coun A S Simmonds, Coun H T Stocks, Coun R T J Swales, Clerk Ald W Hebden JP.”


[N] "These Almshouses, being Fuller's Hospital for twelve poor women of the Parish of St. Leonard, Shoreditch,  London, were built and endowed by Judge Fuller AD 1598.  They were originally erected in Old Street, Shoreditch and subsequently further endowed by John Eomans, Hanna Savage, James Vinson of Shoreditch and Thomas Cooke and, on rebuilding, by Charles Pitt and Jeremiah Long.  1866."


[H] ( Upper stone ) “These Alms Houses were Built and Endowed by JUDGE FULLER 1591 – Rebuilt by Voluntary Contribution. Church wardens BENJAMIN BROOKMAN, MOSES ALSEPT”


[I] (  Lower Stone ) “These 12 Houses were built by the Gift of John Fuller Esq for the poor Widows of this Parish Aged 50 and Endowed Them with 50s p Annum forever. This Stone was put up 1756. Church Wardens Thomas Bwye, Thomas Mills.”




"St Leonards' Shoreditch

"These Almshouses for sixteen aged women were erected on the site of eight which had fallen into decay. AD 1825. One quarter of the expense of building the Eastern portion was defrayed by the Worshipful Company of Drapers, the remainder by voluntary contribution of the inhabitants of the parish" The additional name on the list of wardens was Henry Plimley. The panel [E] was not accessible.


[ K ] The bronze plaque, on the left hand face of the building, reads …

"These houses were erected upon land purchased by the Charity Trustees for the use of four married couples who formerly occupied a building in the Old Burial Ground, Hackney Road, Shoreditch and known as the Hackney Road Almshouses.

"Adjoining are houses for the accommodation of sixteen Almswomen who were removed from a building which formerly stood upon a site in Old Street, Shoreditch ( opposite the Town Hall ) which site was sold to the Metropolitan Police Authorities in 1902 and known as Porters and Walters Almshouses.

"The above mentioned with adjacent buildings occupied by twelve women and known as Judge Fullers Almshouses now constitute the whole of the Almshouse Charities in the possession of the Shoreditch Charity Trustees."

"Alfred W.S. Cross FRIBA        C. Gray Hill, Builder"


And over the entrance, in the spandrel, is a dated panel, ......

"S:C:T 1904", ( being "Shoreditch Charity Trustees - 1904" )


[J] The bronze plaque to the right of the entrance is set out with the names of the Charity Trustees of Saint Leonard Shoreditch.  Thomas Martindill, Chairman. William H Brand, George Edwards, William J Evah, Henry Morris, Alfred E Penney, Henry T Sewell, William Warden, John Dorcock, William Field, Frederick Franklin, Dr F H OliverRev W B Salmon Vicar, Edward J Wakeling, Herman Winkler, Samuel D Porter Clerk.



The obelisk was part of the wall and railings in Old Street, Shoreditch, and moved when Walters and Porters were re-sited, and then further engraved. One of the faces contains two bronze plaques.


[F] The original panel is badly worn and wording is fragmented; it appears to read “1877 St Leonard Shoreditch. This wall and iron railing was erected and the footpath widened by the trustees of the four rate board of this parish with the consent of the worshipful companies of drapers and weavers and to the benefit of the public. Church Wardens G Pearce, William Simpson”


[G] On the back of the obelisk is a later inscription, also badly worn, which appears to read “This Stone stood at the St Leonards Walters & Porters Almshouses, Old Street, Shoreditch and was removed to this spot at the demolition of those buildings 1902-3. Charities Trustees of St Leonard Shoreditch : T Martindill Chairman, Rev E T Ford MA Vicar, Church Wardens ?? Field, ?? Franklyn, W H Brand, ?? Penney, J Donovan, D Hewitt Oliver, G Edwards, ?? Sawell, W Keith, ?? Waneling, M Morris, W Warden, H Walker. 1909  G Slater Clerk”


[Bc] The upper of the two bronze plaques reads "St.Leod Shoreditch AD 1825”. “Church Wardens. "Thomas Lane Esq., Rd. Waistell Esq” “Overseers : Mr.H Richardson, Francis Godfrey, George Pearce, James Corss, Thomas  Botwright, Marshall Purland?”


[Bd] The lower plate reads "The above plate was originally affixed to the foundation stone of Walters' and Porters' Almshouses Old Street Shoreditch and recovered on the demolition of the old buildings and presented by the Police Surveyor to the Charity Trustees of St.Leonard Shoreditch 1905".


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