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Penzance, Cornwall

Architecture and Heritage


The Waters of Penzance

and other linked Penzance Historical Gems


Madron Well



The Reservoir & Water Supply

Alverton Well & Town Water Shoots

The Fountain & St Anthony Gardens

St Anthony Gardens : Features and Pool

Hannah Bennett’s Memorial Drinking Fountain

Morrab Gardens

Penlee Park – The Lion of Penlee

Robert Matthews Branwell (Snr)

Branwell’s Mill, Gulval

on the Ponsandane Brook

Market Cross

Batten’s Wharf & The Promenade

Jubilee Bathing Pool

Market House

New Water Feature





O happy city by the sea !

Where is there home more fair than thee?

The purple hills of age untold,

Their  wooded ramparts round enfold,

Before thy gates, the waters blue,

Expand to meet the skyline’s hue.

At set of sun or dawn of day,

The traveller from far away

Sees, by main or distant hill,

Gaze from where he will,

A sight to match the rarest gem,

Of oriental diadem.

[ Written by my mother, in her schoolbook ]


Raymond Forward