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Welcome to Christina (Trowbridge) Yates' Family Tree! 

This site contains my and my husband's ancestors, back to the 10th and 6th generations so far.  Be sure to check out the forum, and the Trowbridge family photos. You can also download my Gedcom file here (currently 94KB total). Once you get there, go to the surname you want, then select the family member you want to view. That page will contain a link to download that portion of the gedcom. That way you can choose how much info you get. Please contact me if you'd like the entire file.

I am just starting out in researching, so this site will be updated often! Please send me a message with feedback, or post your comments/queries to other family members in the forum! Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Click for Christina's family tree
Click for Robert's family tree

Ahnentafel is a German word meaning 'ancestor table'. Used by genealogists, it's a way of numbering the ancestors of a given person. The starting person is given the number 1. Their father is number 2 and mother number 3. To find the father of any person, double that number. To find the mother, double the number and add one. (In other words, given any number N, N's father is 2N and N's mother is 2N + 1. Other than the starting person, males always have even numbers and women odd numbers.

Christina Mae Trowbridge (b. 2 Oct 1975) and Robert Ryan Yates (b. 23 Jan 1975) were married 7 Aug 1999 in Laramie, WY.
We have one child, Bryn Michael, born 12 Mar 2001

Click here to visit our wedding album
Click here to visit Bryn's Homepage

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