Fred Fearnot: Dime Novels by Hal Standish (H. K. Shackelford)

Fred Fearnot "Dime Novels" (updated 12/9/2003)

by Hal Standish (real name: Harvey King Shackleford)

H. K. Shackleford wrote over 300 dime novels in the "Fred Fearnot" series under the pen-name Hal Standish between 1899 and his death in 1906. After his death, the series continued under the authorship of several others, although they still used the "Hal Standish" name. However, the quality of those later works does not compare to the originals. Eventually, they simply started publishing reprints of the earlier works. Below are links to the covers of those issues that I have been able to obtain. In addition, I have begun to transcribe the contents of an entire issue, number 370, below. Click on any of the covers for a full-size version.

NEW: I'm trying an experiment in putting an entire issue online as a PDF file:

You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and/or print that file.  Please let me know ([email protected]) if you think this is worthwhile.  I could make additional issues available, but it takes some work to scan them and create the PDF files.

Also check out the dime novels in the "Pluck and Luck" series.

This page was getting a bit too long, so I split it up into four others:

Most of the issues simply had a listing of the earlier issues on the back cover, but issues #166 and #168 had interesting color ads on the back for some of their short books:

You can also read two entire Fred Fearnot dime novels on the Stanford web site:

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