TURCAULT Abel (c.1631-1687)

We do not know the parentage of this ancestor from Mouilleron-en-Pareds, Maillezais bishopric of the Poitou. He married at Château Richer, Monday, November 27, 1662, Marie Giraud, a native of La Tremblade in Aunis. From their union eight children were born.

He obtained a concession at Ange-Gardien on August 12, 1662 and this is where he first settled. From February 18, 1666, he was a miller on the Isle of Orleans when he worked for Jacques Baudon, sieur of the Grange, for 80 livres. On Jan. 31, 1667, he sold his land in the Seigneurie of Lotainville to Michel Guyon for 850 livres. A few months later, on June 21, 1667, he received from the Monseigneur of Laval a concession of one hectare (2.5 acres) on the Isle of Orleans. He bought another 1.4 hectares (3.4 acres) of land from Jean Levasseur in the same location, on March 2, 1668, for which he paid 400 livres. During this time, he is the miller of Sainte Famille where in 1671, he worked for Pierre Mandin, he had the sum of 104 livres on January 30. Between 1671 and 1675, he had Jean Langlois, (the ship carpenter) build, for the sum of 150 pounds, a boat eighteen feet long, according to a contract on March 13, 1671. He traded land with Royer, November 15, 1673, and he acquired land from Louis-Marie Boucher April 5, 1674 and traded with Louis Martineau the following November 9. He had borrowed money to Sieur Charles Bazire, who claims to the Quebec Prévôté the sum of 2,252 livres, 14 sols and 7 deniers, March 3, 1673.

On November 19, 1675, he establishes his accounts with Monseigneur of Laval for which he ran the Sainte Famille mill. He had 738 livres 17 sols and 10 deniers. The Isle of Orleans was purchased by Sieur Berthelot, he quit his job as miller to take up farming. He was so much indebted since July 10, 1677 before the notary Becquet, he owed Charles Bazire the sum of 2,459 livres and 7 sols. Having rented land from Pierre Niel, March 7, 1677, he bought initally in February 1680 for the sum of 750 livres. He died Sept. 16, 1687 at Sainte Famille on the Isle of Orleans and was buried the next day. His widow maked an inventory of assets on February 5, 1688 by the notary Paul Vachon. Once the assets and liabilities were counted, there was still a surplus of 948 livres to be shared by his widow and eight children.

ANQ Gourdeau 12-08-1662 (lost); Auber 18-02-1666; Duquet 13-03-1671; 05-04-1674; 07-03-1677; 01-02-1680; Vachon 31-01-1667; 21-06-1667; 02-03-1668; 30-01-1671; 15-11-1673; 09-11-1674; Becquet 19-11-1675; 10-07-1677; PQ 03-03-1673, Reg. 6 fol. 21r. Langlois Michel MM (unpublished work).

TURCAULT Jean ( -1652)

Son of Francois Turcault and Josephe Puinandeau, of Fontenay-le-Comte, Poitou, he obtained a civil marriage at Trois Rivieres, Tuesday, April 25, 1651, with Francoise Capel, daughter of Julien Capel and Laurence Lecomte, of Cesny, bishopric of Bayeux in Normandy. From their union was born a child.

This ancestor was in the country in 1647. He is witness to an obligation before the notary Bermen on August 11. He married in Trois Rivieres in 1651 and settled in this area. He was taken by the Iroquois on August 19, 1652. Signature No. 1151.

ANQ GN Bermen 11-08-1647; Ssp 25-0401651. JJ 19-08-1652.

TURCAULT Jean (c.1643-1729)

Son of Antoine Turcault and Jeanne Mandin, Chavagnes-en-Paillers, bishopric of Lucon in Poitou, he contracted marriage before the notary Genaple Saturday, January 3, 1688, to Marie Rose, she was born in Sainte Famille on the Isle of Orleans, Friday, December 17, 1666, daughter of Noel Rose and Marie Montminy. He married in Quebec on Monday, January 12, 1688. From their union nine children were born. His wife died in Charlesbourg, Friday, June 19, 1711. He contracted marriage Monday, November 7, 1712, with Geneviève Hayot, born around 1658, the daughter of Jean Hayot and Louise Pelletier and widow of Gabriel Berard. He married her in their second wedding in Neuville, Wednesday, December 14, 1712. The marriage contract was filed with the Registry of notary Rivet Friday, February 10, 1713. No child was born of their union.

This gardener was in the country in 1687. He joined Andre David, Gabriel Bourget and Joseph Trouve, September 5, for a trade trip to Ottawa. After paying for the merchandise, they split the pelts into two parts. He married in 1688. On February 21, 1691, Pierre Coirrier and Claude-Philiberte Pahin sold him land, 1.4 hectares (3.4 acres) front by 1.7 hectares (4.25 acres) deep in the Hôtel-Dieu of Québec, the Seigneurie of Saint Bonnaventure, for the sum of 700 livres. On April 28, 1691, Louis Dumas, committed to his service for two years, at 75 livres per year. On May 9, 1691, for the sum of 54 livres, Urbain Bouvier of Montreal transported him and Andre David, for trade goods, furs and other effects in Ottawa. In his absence, the merchant Jean Dedieu handled his affairs. On the following October 29th, Francois Dumas sold him half a site on the rue des Jesuits in Quebec City for the sum of 150 pounds. On the same day he contracted an obligation for 210 pounds with Jean Dedieu, a merchant in Montreal. On January 17, 1692, he gave Gabriel Bourget receipt of all sums he had in their trading association. On June 20, 1694, Louis Rouer sold him a site of 0.7 hectares (1.7 acres) with a large main building up from the Saint Louis gate, at the cost of 1,200 livres.

On September 16, 1696, he gave his brother-in-law Pierre Rose of the sum of 200 livres. On the same day, when he left for the Ottawa gave his address as Upper Quebec City, rue des Ursulines. On 25 September, he sold François-Marie Renaud Daveines Demeloise, his land on rue Saint-Louis, for the sum of 600 livres.

He was hospitalized at Hotel Dieu in Quebec on March 27, 1698. On May 27, 1701, he was hired as a trader for the king to go to Detroit with a group. He received 300 livres from France or 400 livres for the year. On November 2, 1703, as a guardian of Francois Rose, he gave a receipt to Antoine Pacault, executor of the late Pierre Rose. On April 6, 1713, he sold to his son Jean the land in front by 7 hectares (17 acres) deep of his home on Cote Saint Bernard, who shared it with his children. He received 150 livres. He died in Saint Laurent, Montreal on June 5, 1729 and was buried two days later.

ANQ GN Adhémar 05-09-1687; 07-02-1692 (17-01-1692); 27-05-1701; Genaple 05-01-1688; Rageot G. 21-02-1691; 28-04-1691; 09-05-1691; 29-10-1691; Chambalon 20-06-1694; 02-11-1703; Rageot Chs. 16-09-1696 (2); 25-09-1697; Rivet 10-02-1713 (07-11-1712); Rivet 10-02-1713 (07-11-1712); 06-04-1713.

Dictionnaire biographique des ancêtres québécois (1608-1700)
by: Michel Langlois
Volume 4, pages 424-425
Library and Archives Canada
Amicus #20371155
Genealogy Ref. - CS88 QC4 L35 1998 fol.