Abel Turcault arrived in New France around 1661 from Moulleron en Pareds, in Poitou, today a part of Vendee.

He settled at Ange-Gardien in the Seignerie of Beaupre and worked as a miller for the Bishop of Laval.

Abel got a first concession on the Isle of Orleans in 1662 and sold it in 1667 and obtained another in Sainte Famille, Isle of Orleans, June 22, 1667.

During his lifetime, Abel bought and sold land several times. I provided several summaries of these contracts concluded before notaries at the time.

He married Marie Girau November 27, 1662 at Château Richer. She comes from La Tremblade in Aunis. Abel and Marie had a family of eight children, six girls and two boys.

Abel had a brush with the law? I found an incident recounted by Pierre-Georges Roy. In the 17th century, people had domestic contracts notarized. Though not always well treated, some fleeing. This was the case in 1673 for Renault Chollet-Laliberté, servant of Sieur of Saint-Ours, who had fled and sought refuge with Abel Turcault. Chollet went back, Abel was sentenced to pay a heavy fine. This is how strict the law was during the colonization of New France.

Abel died September 16, 1687 at Sainte Famille, Isle of Orleans. At the age of approximately 55 years and Marie died on February 23, 1713 at the age of 73. They are both buried in the cemetery of Sainte Famille on Isle of Orleans.

A monument was erected in 1979 on the land of Abel Turcault to commemorate the 320th anniversary of his arrival in New France.

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