Turcotte Family Celebration

Turcotte Family Celebration


Sainte-Famille, Île d’Orléans

Locations of originals:

Table of Contents

Word of the President
Message du Président
Word from the Pastor of Ste-Famille
Word from the Mayor of Ste-Famille

The Origin of the Name
          Origin of Our Name
The Country of Our Ancestor
          Le Poitou
          La Vendee
          Mouilleron-en-Pareds (Vendée)
History of New France and the Arrival of Our Ancestor
          Our National History
The Life of Our Ancestor, Abel
          Date of Arrival in New France
          The Immigration Process
          Abel Turcault Settles in New France
          Abel Turcault Through Official Documents
          Abel Turcot - Miller
Notes on Abel’s Children
          Miscellaneous Notes
The Beginning of a Long Story
A Complete History
          My Great Grandfather
          My Grandfather
          My Father
Jean Turcot
          Jean Turcot, Ancestor
                    The Marriage of Jean Turcot, in 1651
                    His Arrival in Canada
                    Was There an "Engagement", With Pierre Lande?
                    His Untimely Death
                    Françoise Capelle, Her Origins and Her Beginnings in Canada
                    Françoise Capelle Remarried
                    Third Marriage of Françoise
                    Jacques Turcot, son of Jean I
                    Marriage of Jacques Turcot
                    The Start of the Colony
                    The Letter
                    The Avocate
                    The Judge
                    The Father of the Family
                    The Death of Jacques Turcot
Our Politicians
          Joseph-Edouard Turcotte
                    Arm Wrestling
                    Arm Wrestler
                    Our Brothers, the Animals
          Arthur Turcotte
          Joseph-Sylvio-Narcisse Turcotte
          Jean-Joseph Turcotte
          Joseph-Célestin Avila Turcotte
Our Religious Cousins
          Sister St-Guy
          Miss Alice Turcotte
          Father Joseph Turcotte
                    Shipments by Sled
                    The Ecumenical Movement
                    Visit to the Base Camp
                    The Provisions are Rare
                    And Now, to the Holy Land
                    Family Reunion
          Madame Beatrice Turcotte
People of All Trades
          The Militia
          Dr. Magloire Turcot
          Louis-Philippe Turcotte
          Joseph-Marie Turcotte
          Benjamin Turcotte (1887-1952)
          Generations of Farmers
                    On the ÎLE d’Orléans
                    At Ste-Marie, Beauce
Courageous Sailors
          Shipwrecks and Their Tragic Impact
          On Behalf of Humanity
Some Examples of Turcotte Family Heritage
          The Mauvide Genest Manor and a Turcotte Ancestor
Young Talent
Proof of Our Gratitude
Folklore on the Air
Turcotte Families "Genealogies"
          1st Section, Abel Turcault
          2nd Section, Jean Turcot
          3rd Section, Jean Turcotte
          4th Section, François Turcaud


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May 1979,
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