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On April 25, 1882 Artemise Lagace, the Daughter of Joseph Lagace and Hermine Lajoie married Francios Xavier Turcotte the son of Francois Turcotte and Margurite Robitaille in Old Town Maine.

Copy of Actual Church Marriage Entry

Robitaille Family Association

Artemise is 6th Great Grandaughter of Michel Migné dit Lagace.

Artemise is also the 5th Great Grandaughter of André Migné Lagace.

This site is dedicated to my Great Grandmother Artemise Lagace.

The mission statement for this webpage is to aid other family genealogist in their research as well as our own. Current family surnames being researched are: Turcotte/Turcott, Dube, Berube, Pelletier, Soucy, Brillant, Lagace/Lagasse, Cyr, Robitaille, Dupont and many others. Many surnames have not been added to the Gedcom database as it is still under construction. If your inquiry refers to a surname that is not listed on the current Gedcom Database, please send us a note and we will reply.

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This site is also dedicated to my Aunt, Lila Turcotte, Grandaughter of Artemise Lagace.

I give special thanks to the Holy Family church of Old Town Maine, formerly Saint Josephs Church, for their kind efforts in assisting with my research. Thank You!!

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The owner and webmaster of this page is the 8th Great Grandson of André Migné dit Lagace, and the 9th Great Grandson of Michel Migné dit Lagace. This page belongs to Bob Turcott.