My Michaud Genealogy


Antoine MICHEAU & Marie TRAIN Married: FRANCE

Pierre MICHEAU & Marie ANCELIN Married: in Chateau-Richer, CT-AUBERT, QC, Quebec

Marriage Contract: 2 OCT 1667 in Chateau Richer, Montmorency, QC

Jean Baptiste MICHAUD & Marie VAILLANCOUR Married: 3 JUN 1697 in St. Pierre, I.O., QC, Canada

Jacques MICHAUD & Marie Joseph OUELLET Married: 25 JUN 1738 in St. Louis, Kamouraska, QC

Joseph Amable MICHAUD & Marie Anne PHOCAS Married: 7 FEB 1780 in Kamouraska, QC, Canada

Jean MICHAUD & Apolline LEVASSEUR Married: 9 JAN 1804 in St. Louis, Kamouraska, QC

Charles LAJOIE & Marie Anne MICHAUD Married: 29 JAN 1828 in St. Louis, Kamouraska, QC

Hermine LAJOIE & Joseph LAGACE Married: 14 JUN 1857 in St. Bruno, Van Buren, Maine

Arthemise LAGACE & Francios Xavier TURCOTTE Married: 25 APR 1882 in Old Town


Leon TURCOTTE & Olive-Mary PARIS Married: 27 SEP 1921 , Quincy Ma.


Lawrence-James TURCOTT & Living Zimmer Married:1961



My Michaud Notes and more Michaud Research in progress:


Zephrin Michaud 1864-1946 , Godfather of Louis-Napoleon Turcotte (Brother of Leon Turcotte)

The above baptismal took place at Saint Joseph’s, Old Town, Contact Bob Turcott for further information.


Author: Bob Turcott