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This page is for showing my Noble and Royal Ancestry, it is also intended to assist other researchers with their Noble and Royal genealogy Research. Copying or reproducing without consent of the webmaster or any links on this page is strictly forbidden.In the event that you find a connection to any Royal Ancestry or nobel, please feel free to contact the webmaster for permission or the author of any Royal links to this webpage.

Caution: This page is under construction at this time, any information from this page should be verified by your own Genealogical Quality Standards.

Webpage of the Gueret~Dumont Genealogical Society

My connection to the Meherenc family starts with ancestor Marie Anne Dumont-GUERRET, my 5th Great Gradmother. Marie was a wife of a Pelletier, for further clarity on my Pelletier & Dumont liniage, refer to my Pelletier Page below.

My Pelletier Ancestry

My Meherenc Group & Ancestry

Ancestor "Seigneur" Jean de Meherence du Montmirel

The Ancestors of Jean Meherence at Google Forum

Robert II le Pieux at L'Histoire en Ligne

Dumont-Dumond Hompage

Please note, be very carefull with posting Royal Liniages, In general, if you believe you descend from a Royal, Give strong consideration to the source or sources provided, in other words, give your Royal Genealogy the Royal Treatment!!! You may want to have Your Royal Liniage looked over and examined by a professional Genealogist. Below is a link to a website called QRD30 by Denis Beauregard of Francogene, it is an excellent resource to educate Genealogists about French Canadian Descendants from Royalty.


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June 4, 2003, Acknowledgement from my guestbook:

Hey Bob. It's me again. Wonderful website and VALUABLE information that you have kindly and frequently kept me abreast on. I really do appreciate it. In addition, being a descendant from the same lineage is an honor and I am glad you contacted me.

Warmest Regards, Larry Dumont Researcher - Gueret~Dumont Genealogical Society

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