The Texas Turnbo's
The Texas Turnbo's

                          The Texas Turnbo's

                     By Charles A. Turnbo

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   Genealogy today can be as simple as turning on the computer or web tv and hooking onto the Internet. From there we can find leads to our roots. Some accurate and some not. However, before the Internet came along, searching was hard, meticulous and yes - expensive work.
  I remember going to my husband's grandfather's house one day and he proudly showed us a book called "The Texas Turnbo's". I poured through the book, carefully reading bit's and pieces of history and looking through the pictures. It was wonderful!
  The author has agreed to place his book online for all Turnbo researchers to use free of charge. The book is in it's original form. Images and text can be printed for personal genealogical research and use, but may not be used for commercial purposes or for profit.

Meet the Author

Charles A Turnbo

  Charlie Turnbo retired after 27 years with the Federal Prison System as a warden and regional director at a dozen different locations in the U.S.  He is also Vice President of Correctional Systems, Incorporated, a private corrections company.
   Charlie has degrees from the University of North Texas (Psychology) and Louisiana State University (Masters of Social Work).  
  For several years, Charlie and his wife Beverly worked in Christian counseling helping couples build strong and healthy marriages. They have recently relocated from Colorado back to central Texas, their beautiful resting place between visits to loved ones.
  You can view information about another Charles Turnbo book entitled "Home Was Never Like This," a remarkable journal of World War II, by clicking here.

  I would like to thank Charles Turnbo for blessing so many people with his hard work. He is an inspiration to all. He may have retired from genealogy, but it is clear he continues to bless others with the love of Christ.

The Texas Turnbo's