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Group Cost

For those of you interested primarily in�genealogy instead of genetics, this is a condensed version of what DNA offers. Family Tree DNA company currently offers five tests on the "Y" chromosome. Only men have a �Y� chromosome and there must be no maternal interruption in the lineage. Since women are not able to participate directly in the Surname DNA project, a male Turner must be located within the family to use the test kit. A brother, father or Turner cousin will do just fine.�

The more markers which match increases the probability that the most recent common ancestor (MRCA) occurs in a more recent period of time. A 12-marker match indicates the most recent common ancestor�(MRCA) could be as far as 14.5 generations removed or 500 years. A time period of 250 years/7 generations is�within the range of concern of most genealogists. Therefore more markers are needed, particularly on a common surname such as Turner, to reach a reasonably definitive conclusion.

The same testing kit is used for�the 12 marker Y-DNA test, the 25, 37 and 67 marker Y-DNA test as well all other tests offered by FTDNA for more extensive genealogical information. The group cost for the tests of interest to the surname project are:

  • Y-DNA12 marker test $99 (plus $4 S&H)
  • Y-DNA25 marker test $124 (plus $4 S&H)
  • Y-DNA37 marker test $149 (plus $4 S&H)
  • A 67 marker test $248 (plus $4 S&H)
  • Y-Refine12to25 test $49
  • Y-Refine12to37 test $99
  • Y-Refine12to67 test $189
  • Y-Refine25to37 test $49
  • Y-Refine25to67 test $148
  • Y-Refine37to67 test $99

The majority of surname administrators (volunteer members of the various surname groups who have taken the responsibility of coordinating and recruiting members within the surname) have come to the conclusion that for surname research�particularly if it is a common surname such as Turner� purchasing the�37-marker test is in the long run less expensive and�less time consuming to reach a definitive conclusion. If the 12-marker test is chosen initially and a match occurs to another Turner, an upgrade to 25 or 37 markers (the Y-Refine tests) using the previously submitted sample will be encouraged. The administrator can not list a 12 marker test as a match to another line without a firm paper trail or already positively known relationship.

If the test is for 12 markers, both men must upgrade to 25 or 37 markers to determine if they are�or are not related within a genealogically significant time period. Too many mismatches on additional markers reduces the likelihood of a relationship. �

This is illustrated well within the James Turner, sr. b c1735 and the Absalom Turner & Henry�Turner lines next to�it on the Results chart. These lines�all matched at 12 markers but when additional markers were compared after upgrade, six differences between the lines were found in the next 13 markers. The Absalom Turner and Henry Turner lines were found to be an exact match to each other but are clearly not related to the line of James Turner Sr. �

Other tests are available for various genetic and genealogical purposes with corresponding savings for participants within a group and are more fully explained at the home site of FTDNA Company found at the bottom of this page. The mtDNA tests (which test for the maternal lines) are not a part of the Turner DNA Surname Project as such.

For a more in depth explanation, please go to the FTDNA home page and search the Online Newsletter for topics concerning these subjects.


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