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Individual ancestries are being been made available for research and cannot be guaranteed for accuracy by the Turner DNA project. They are the submissions of the individual DNA participants. All data should be independently confirmed. Some do not have contact persons available. Others in their same color group may be able to help you. This is a large and very early family in America following various migration routes likely going back to a number of individuals.

Group 1 � Salmon

#5795 cct HG Turner   hgdorturner@hughes.net
John Wm Turner b 1828 GA d 6/25/1866 Rusk Co. TX
Abner H. Turner b 12/18/1859 Rusk Co. TX d 6/12/1888 Smith Co. TX
Horace Marvin Turner b 11/17/1887 Smith Co. TX d 12/4/1991 Nacogdoches Co. TX
James Wm Turner b 2/15/1908 d Rusk Co. TX d 8/16/1976 Rusk Co. TX

#5818 cct Lowell Berenguer   ltbskater@aol.com
Thomas B. Turner b c1780 MD d 6/14/1850 Cobb Co. GA m Unicy Collins in Laurens Dist SC
Green Berry Turner b 5/21/1804 Laurens Dist. SC d 11/12/1864 Paulding Co. GA
Green Berry Turner, Jr. b 3/17/1839 Gwinnett Co. GA d 10/25/1905 Paulding Co. GA
Wm Monroe Turner b 3/27/1873 Paulding Co. GA d 4/28/1951 Colquitt Co. GA

#6150 cct Phil Turner   tutor7798@yahoo.com
Web Site:  Turner Parker Pedigree
Wm Turner b c1645 Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Elisha Turner, Sr. b 1672 Ireland
Elisha Turner, Jr. b 1697 MD
Leban (Levin) Turner b c1720 MD d c1783 MD m Esther Turner
Smith Turner b 1750 VA d 1831 Switzerland Co. IN
Wm Turner b c1782 VA d c1860
John W. Turner b 11/20/1813 OH d 8/2/1886 Gallatin Co. KY
George W. Turner b 10/22/1838 Switzerland Co. IN d 9/25/1917 IN
George Marion Turner b 3/12/1863 Boone Co. IN d 7/2/1923 Greensburg, IN
Forrest Thomas Turner b 8/29/1898 KY d 1952 Key West, FL

#7096 cct Steve Turner   turboturn@aol.com
Wm Turner b1645 Aberdeenshire, Scotland d MD m Mary McLemore
Elisha Turner, Sr. b 1672 Scotland
Elisha Turner, Jr. b 1697 MD
Daniel Turner b 1731 MD
Sampson Turner b 1755 MD d bet 1800-1806 Hancock Co. GA
Wilson Turner b 1800 Hancock Co. GA d aft 1880 Hancock Co. GA
James Wilson Turner b 7/31/1822 Baldwin Co. GA d 1905 Washington Co. GA
Richard Thomas Turner b 1854 Hancock Co. GA d 1929 Washington Co. GA
Joseph Gilmore Turner b 10/7/1889 Hancock Co. GA d 1968 Hancock Co. GA
Melvin Stephen Turner, Sr. b 7/14/1914 Washington Co. GA d 4/25/1981 Macon Bibb Co. GA

#7503 cct unavailable
Wm Turner b c1645 Aberdeenshire, Scotland m Mary McLemore
Elisha Turner, Sr. b 1672 m Elizabeth Hicks
Elisha Turner, Jr. b 1697 Worcester Co. MD m Mary Carrol
Zadoc Turner b 2/23/1728/1729 Worcester Co. MD d 10/12/1819 Hancock Co. GA
Henry Turner b c1750-1779 Worcester Co. MD d bef 1/12/1829 Putnam Co. GA
Archibald J. Turner b 9/10/1780 Worcester Co. MD d GA m Jenny Ransom
Reuben Parker Turner b 4/15/1815 Greene Co. GA d 10/9/1875 Montgomery Co. MS
Alexander C. Turner b 2/11/1843 Wilcox Co. AL d 8/23/1883 Montgomery Co. MS

#8538 cct Jerome Wylie   berrypa616@charter.net
Elijah Turner b 10/30/1772 NC d 8/12/1859 Spartanburg Co. SC
Mathias Turner b 10/4/1799 Spartanburg Dist. SC d 5/6/1864
Drury Turner b 1820 Spartanburg Dist. SC d 1915-1920
Hasiel Turner b 1839/40 Spartanburg Dist. SC d 1928
Lesir Bomer Turner b 1872 York (now Cherokee) Co. SC d 2/4/1949

#9766 cct Harold Turner hrldturner@aol.com
Wm Turner b c1784 SC d 1850-1860 Greenville Co. SC m Elizabeth
Elias Turner b c1828 Greenville Co. SC m Emily Caroline Barton
Thomas Fair Turner b 4/22/1854 Merrittsville, SC d 1/4/1940 Cedar Mtn, NC
Wm Elise/Elias Turner b 1876 Greenville Co. SC d 5/9/1926 Dacusville, Pickens Co. SC

#9889 cct Everett H. Turner   eturner@elp.rr.com
Henry Turner b 1757 VA/NC d aft 1810 TN m Jemima
John B. Turner b 1786 NC d abt 1837 Perry Co. TN m Isabell Bishop
Henry B. Turner b 1808 Maury Co. TN d 1856 Fannin, Denton Co. TX
Elias D. Turner b 1830 Perry Co. TN d 1880 Franklin Co. AR
George Eli Turner b 1856 Franklin Co. AR d 1935 Polk Co. AR

#9926 cct Jerome Wylie   berrypa616@charter.net
Mathias Turner b c1767 PA d 12/1851 Cleveland Co. NC
Nelson Turner b 1808 NC d 2/15/1877 Cleveland Co. NC
Wm H. Turner b 12/13/1838 NC d 1/1/1922 NC
Festus Turner b 7/5/1881 NC d 8/13/1964 Knoxville, TN

#10725 ctt Lloyd Turner   LLPTURNER@MSN.COM
John Turner b c1738 d bef 7/5/1813 Spartanburg Co. SC m Rebecca
Mathias Turner b c1767 d 1818 Spartanburg Co. SC
Wm Bishop Turner b 1790 SC d 11/4/1855 Spartanburg Co. SC m Jane Martin
Walter Melville Turner b 11/10/1824 SC d 7/29/1900 TX m Almarinda Bradshaw
Jesse Christian Turner b 12/15/1867 TX d 11/14/1944 Palo Pinto Co. TX
Muncie Byron Turner b 10/23/1902 Ellis Co. TX d 12/18/1977 Oklahoma Co. OK

#11036 cct Richard E. Turner   richarde@mstar2.net
Mathias Turner b 12/1773 NC d c1870 Randolph Co. MO m Margaret Nesbitt
Elijah Thomas Turner b 11/6/1818 Lincoln Co. TN d LaPlata, Lincoln Co. MO
Paul Yates Turner b 1858 Sue City, Macon Co. MO d Bucklin, Ford Co. KS
Robert Bozel Turner b 11/9/1883 LaPlata, Macon Co. MO d 11/10/1956 Santa Clara Co. CA

#12549 ctt Barbara Turner   bjturner165@yahoo.com"
Samuel Turner b 1810-1812 SC > Jasper Co. TX d c1860 TX m Emily Midkiff
Wm Cecil Turner b 1859 TX d 1939
Wm Ernest Turner b 1889 d 1960 TX

#17245 cct Paul Turner peturner@earthlink.net
Web Site:  McStay-Turner Family
Edward Turner b ? d 1729 Northampton Co. VA
Samuel Turner b c1670 d 3/5/1760 Worcester Co. MD
Samuel Turner b bef 1714 Somerset Co. MD d 3/30/1770 Kent Co. DE
Samuel Bevans Turner d 8/31/1773 Kent Co. DE
George Turner b 1755 Kent Co. DE d 1/12/1808
Jesse Turner bef 1755 MD d 1838 Tippecanoe, IN
Jesse Turner b 1828 Pickaway Co. OH d 1/3/1888 Lincoln Co. KS
Isaiah Marine Turner b 12/6/1872 Four Corners, Jefferson Co. IA d 2/26/1960 Trego Co. KS

#20860 cct Steve Turner   STurner@ci.wilsonville.or.us
Elias Turner b c1765-1770 MD d bef 10/20/1834 White Co. IL m Mary Keeton
Elias G. Turner b 1/23/1813 Henderson Co. KY, d 9/16/1894 Chariton Co. MO m Mary Ann Herring
Charles Jacob Turner, Sr. b 7/11/1839 Chariton Co. MO d 5/4/1899 Chariton Co. MO m Margaret Givens
Charles Jacob Turner, Jr. b 6/11/1865�Chariton Co. MO d 1/26/1955 Auburn, Placer Co. CA m Mildred Rodgers

#26178 cct Jim Turner   [email protected]
John D. Turner b c1794 SC d 1858-1860 prob. Spartanburg Co. SC m Charlotte "Lotty"
Robert T. Turner b Aug 1829 Spartanburg Co. SC m Mary E.
Kay Turner b Jan 1867 Polk Co. NC d bet 1900-1910 prob. Wyandotte Co. KS m Mollie Jane Carr
Herbert L. Turner b Aug 1898 Wyandotte Co. KS m Hazel Ruby
James Earl Turner b 1925 m Blanch Higgins

#26190 cct Jerry Turner   ejtarp@hotmail.com
Elisha Wm Turner b 1823 GA d 1874 Mount Pleasant, Titus Co. TX m Sarah Jane Dodson
Elisha Wm Turner Jr. b 5/3/1864 Autauga Co. AL d 3/9/1907 Holdenville, IT m Teary Taylor
John Knox Turner b 1891 Cookville, TX d Nov 1947 Holdenville, Hughes Co. OK m Fannie Parker
Wm Cecil Turner b 2/22/1915 Cookville, Titus Co. TX d 10/25/2002 Shawnee, Pottawatomie Co.

#27888 cct Barbara Turner  bjturner165@aol.com
Samuel Turner b 1812 SC d c1860 TX m Emily Midkiff
Sam Houston Turner b 1846 TX d 1906 TX
John Wesley Turner b 1881 TX d 1962 TX

#33454 cct Janice Turner janicebt@knology.net
William Turner d bef 11/1815 Wilkes Co. GA
Luke Turner, Sr. b 1796 GA d 3/6/1857 Wilkes Co. GA
Luke Turner, Jr. b 1832 d 12/1869 Wilkes Co. GA m Eugenia A. Wright
Harvey Luke Turner b 1/4/1869 Wilkes Co. GA d 11/13/McDuffie Co. GA m Annie Sue Green
Stacy M. Turner b 8/10/1904 d 7/13/1997 McDuffie Co. GA

#37297 cct Carol Beheler
Wm Turner b c1784 SC d 1850-60 Greenville Co. SC m Elizabeth
Elias Turner b c1828 Greenville Co. SC d 12/18/1862 (CW) Summerville, SC m Emily Caroline Barton
James Ervin Turner b 7/23/1852 Greenville Co. SC or NC d 3/7/1937 SC m Frances Jane Hughes
Thomas Poinsett Turner b 6/23/1881 d 4/21/1926 Greenville Co. SC m (2) Pearl Palmer
Homer Ervin Turner b 5/27/1924 d 11/25/1994

#66027 cct Ron Wendt ron@ronwendtdesign.com
?Samuel Turner b c 1780 d ? m Sarah ?Lee
Martin Lee Turner b 1801 GA d 1869 possibly Anderson Co. TX m Harriet Haddox
Samuel O. Turner b c1836 Wilcox Co. AL d c 1864 Clarke Co. MS m Susan Hall
William Henry Turner b 6/23/1862 in prob. Jasper Co. MS d 4/28/1898 Anderson Co. TX m Cora Lou Ella Stewart
Charles Granvil Turner b 3/24/1888 Alderbranch, Anderson Co. TX d 1/3/1980 San Benito, TX m Sammie Lee Hill

#86650 cct Bruce Turner brucet33@hotmail.com
Stephen E. Turner b 1810 GA d Aug 1869 Winn Parish, LA m M.A.Jowers
Guilford B. Turner b c 7/1841 Clarke Co. MS d 11/06/1922 Caddo Parish, LA m Susan Katherine Craft
Elias Fred Turner b c 12/1873 LA d 2/25/1937 Jackson Parish, LA m Frances Milstead
John L. (nmn) Turner b 6/4/1915 Grant Parish, LA d 12/21/1993 Jackson Parish, LA

#115137 cct Rick Davis gomez9399@charter.net or Linda Farmer lrFarmer@charter.net
Henry Leroy Turner b c1808 NC or SC d 1865 DeKalb Co. TN m Mrs. Margaret Kelly Blackwell
Arthur Aristedes Turner b 9/26/1855 Warren Co. TN prob. d 4/14/1929 Warren Co. TN m Mary Emaline Killian
James Arthur Turner b 2/8/1889 Warren Co. TN d 9/12/1919 Warren Co. TN m Melvina Reeder
Edwin Parker Turner Sr. b 9/18/1918 Warren Co. TN d 5/23/1983 Nashville, Davidson Co. TN

#116846  cct  Bob Turner  pokerbob@sbcglobal.net
Matthias Turner b c1800 SC d c 1872 prob. Tuscaloosa Co. AL m Nancy Billingsly
James Madison Turner b 1842 prob. Tuscaloosa Co. AL d ? m Rebecca E. Keziah
Joseph Robert Turner b 6/28/1870 Jasper Co. AL d 9/20/1926 Webb City, Jasper Co. MO m Mary Annette Quillin
Raymond Loyd Turner b 8/14/1915 TN d 12/25/1984 Orange Co. CA

#118514  cct  Kathleen Bell  kbell@centurytel.net
John Turner b 1796 SC d bef 4/9/1861 Cass Co. GA m Hettiah E. Rives
Zachariah Green Turner b 1813 SC d 1856 Cass Co. GA m Sally Dodgen
James Polk Turner b 9/15/1845 Allatoona, Cass Co. GA d 1925 Russellville, Pope Co. AR m Sarah Cox
James Green Turner b c 1873 Pope Co. AR d 1955 AR m Rose M. Simms
J. Floyd Turner b 3/27/1917 Pope Co. AR d 9/27/2005 Dover, Pope Co. AR

#127379  cct  Ron Turner  rturner@mosquitonet.com
John Turner b c 1738 d bef 7/5/1813 Spartanburg Co. SC m Rebecca
Samuel Turner b ? d bef 1813 probably Spartanburg Co. SC
Mathias Turner b c1787 SC d c1858 Cass Co. GA m Tabitha [probably Price]
William Turner b c1825 Spartanburg Co. SC d aft 1880 Jackson Co. AR m Louisa C. Crow
Thomas Elisha Turner b 4/17/1867 Cass Co. GA d 2/12/1936 Faulkner Co. AR m Sarah Palmer Burton
Thomas Lee Turner b 9/8/1894 Faulkner Co. AR d 7/1965 Pittsburg, KS m Effie Alice Bohannan
Alvin Obie Turner b 8/22/1916 Hindsville, Madison Co. AR d 6/25/1992 Fayetteville, Washington Co. AR

#173675  cct Walker Reynolds  walker.reynolds@gmail.com
Elijah Turner b 10/30/1772 NC d 8/12/1859 Spartanburg Co. SC m Edith Sarratt
John Turner b 1797 d 1864
Draton V. Turner b 1830 d 1860
Austin Turner b 1858 d 1925
Laurel Vaughn Turner b 1891 d 1870
Laurel Vaugh Turner Jr. b 1922 d 1977


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