Turner Family of Mecklenburg County, NC

The Turner Family members listed on this site have been living in and around the Mecklenburg / Union counties of NC since the early 1800's. The earliest known member of this family line to be confirmed has having lived in this area of North Carolina was Stephen Richard Turner, Sr. He was most logically of Scots / Irish origin, as was the majority of those peoples who came to settle the area of what is now present day Charlotte, NC. Unfortunately, not much is known of where he came from or who he is descended from.

The mid 1800's saw several members of the Turner family line migrate to states outside of the surrounding area, representing difficulty in tracking and maintaining accurate records of where they lived and came to remain. It is known that several of the same family members migrated together and have been tracked to such places as Franklin Parish, LA and counties in Texas such as McLennan, Falls, Jefferson, etc. As a result, many Turner families in that part of the country, specifically Texas, are now known to exist with direct ties to North Carolina.

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