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Hearn Family Genealogy

In Search of our Ancestors
The Hearn Family

I cannot remember how this research began. I do know that even prior to my father�s death on January 16, 2000, I became curious about my ancestry. I recall finding out that my father�s parents were buried not far from where I grew up and I never knew. I guess this is where it began. When questioned, my father Ivan Howard Hearn, knew very little about his background. His parents, Eva Hayes Hearn and Richard Harris(son) Hearn both died when he was in his early to middle teens years. He had to leave schooling early and make his own way with the help his mother�s sister and her husband.

Finding my grandparents gravesite started a search to find out where the Hearn family began.

Growing up, I was always under the impression that my father�s side of the family were Irish, in fact, the term "Black Irish" was overheard many times when referring to our ancestry on my father�s side. I didn�t really know what this term meant and I didn�t get the feeling that it was anything "to be proud of". If my father had only known what we have learned about his ancestry, I am sure that he would have difficulty believing that it was true.

After finding my grandparents graves, my sister Laurie and I decided we would like to find our ancestors and, if possible, where it all began�

Rather than begin with today, let us begin with the furthest back in time that my sister Laurie and I have been able to trace our ancestry so far. Before beginning, it must be pointed out that 300 years ago, many settlers could not read nor write. Therefore, the person or persons writing down their names were at liberty to spell it �how it sounded�. You will see the surname Hearn(s) spelled various ways throughout the following. Whether the name is spelled Hern, Herns, Hernes, Harns, Harnes, Hearn, Hearns or quite often Yarns, it is all the same family line.

I do hope that you find what we have learned as interesting as we have!

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