GANGES FEB. 14, 1865

CAPTAIN Thomas Funnell 1211 TONS From Queenstown on Nov. 4,1864 Arrived Auckland Feb. 14,1865 On January 7, 1865 during a heavy gale, a fatal accident by drowning happened to two of the crew who fell from the mainyard into the sea. The names of the unfortunate men were Antonia DUESKIN, a native of Valparaiso. and John MURPHY, an Irishman. Every effort was made to save the poor fellows but with out success. She sailed with 474 but lost 54 children and two adults from bronchitis and whooping-cough. There were 16 births.


LEATHEM, John 1 year McKINNEY, Margaret Jane 1.9 yrs. ALEXANDER, Joseph 1.3 yrs. POLAND, John 1.10 yrs. McQUAY, John 1.9 yrs. MILLER, Margaret Jane 1 year GRAHAM, Margaret Jane 1.2 yrs. GRAHAM, Robert 2.9 yrs. HETHERINGTON, (infant) 19 days McKEEVER, (infant) 1 mos. ELLIOTT, Eliza 4 mos. CLARKE, Benjamin 4 mos. McQUAY, Bella 2.6 yrs. McNIECE, Catherine 5 mos. PRATT, Catherine 11 mos. MOORE, James 4 yrs. HANNS, Phoebe 1.4 yrs. ELLIOTT, Fanny 2.8 yrs. MILLER, Robert F. 4.6 yrs. SMITH, David 21 days HICKS, John 11 mos. McGEOUGH, Robert H. Jno 1.4 yrs. FARRELLY, Annie 2.8 yrs. PRESTON, Grace 18 days McCRACKEN, Martha 2 yrs. MORROW, Elizabeth Ann 1.10 yrs. MOORE, Martha 11 mos. PRATT, Ann 3 yrs. MILLS, Christopher 4.9 yrs. FARRELLY, Mary 8 yrs. McDOWELL, Lizzie 3.10 yrs. McCORMICK, Matilda J. 1.4 yrs. HADAKIS, Mary 3.1 yrs. BROWNLEE, Dinah 2 yrs. MOORE, Ann 8 yrs. WRIGHT, Ellen 1 year infant of JOHNSTON, Mary A. 6 days COWAN, Sarah 1.9 yrs. HAMILTON, William 2.6 yrs. CATHCART, James 1 year JOHNSTON, Thomas 3 yrs. BROWN, John 2.2 yrs. KELLY, Martha 2.2 yrs. FERGY, James 3.4 yrs. McCLUTCHY, Jane 1.10 yrs. PRESTON, Martha Jane 4 yrs. SLATOR, Ebr. 2.9 yrs. LEECH, Ellen 9 mos. EYRE, Mary 1.11 yrs. BRUCE, Mary 2 yrs. HYLAND, Anne 2 yrs. REYNOLDS, Ellen 43 yrs. POLAND, Mary 3.6 yrs. PRESTON, Elizabeth Jane 1.10 yrs. NOTE: 1.11 is 1 year 11 months 2.2 is 2 years 2 months (etc.)
CUMMING, John, Margaret, Agnes & DALTON, David, Hannah & Jane. Patrick. DONOHUE, Hugh,Mary, Patrick & Mary. WATSON, John, Sarah, Catherine & CLARKE, William, Mahlate, Benjamin, Mary. & Wm. James. POLAND, John, Theresa, Mary, John. WHITESIDE, George, Susannah,Samuel. ANDERSON, Wm. Sally, W. John, Mary. WRIGHT, Mary & Ellen. McCLATELY, Samuel, Mary, Jane,Thos. FERGUSON, H. & Jane. McCORMICK, James, Mary, James, Jane. McCONNELL, Henry. MORROW, Wm., Margaret & Elizabeth. HANNAH, Robert, James, Thomas, PRATT, Theophilus,Catherine, Elisha Andrew, Phoebe,Joseph,Margaret. William, Mary Ann, Catherine. REYNOLDS, W.H., Ellen,Phoebe, Mary. JOHNSON, James, Mary Ann, Thomas. SLATER, James, Rebecca & Joseph. FARRALLY, Lawrence, Mary, John, HICKS, John James, Maria & Ann. CONEY, Robert & Matgaret. ALEXANDER, James, Mary & James. HOLMES, Thomas & Elizabeth. ELLIOTT, Thomas, Eliza, Fanny & BROWN, George, Mary & William. Elizabeth. PRESTON, James & Rachael. LEATHEM, Charles,Rebecca & John. HAMILTON, Hugh, Rebecca, Hugh, MELLAR, Robert,Diana, Wm. Robert Martha & William. & James McCORMACH, William & Esther. DYNES, Joan & Jane. BROWN--EE, ?anny, Elizabeth, GRAHAME, James, Isabella,Robert & Elizabeth & Diana. Eleanor. NICKSON, George. CONNELLY, Hugh KAYS, Hugh BENTLEY, James OVENS, James CORRIGAN, John HYLAND, William CRAIG, Charles MORRISON, Samuel McGAMPNEY, James GREY, David McCLEERY, David PENT, William CURRIE, James HAMILTON, Guy McGUIRE, Lawrence McCABE, James REYNOLDS, W.H. KERR, Richard LYNCH, Bernard HAMILL, William HAZELOW, George LEATHEN, Samuel GAHEY, John ANDERSON, Agnes ETHERINGTON, ELiza HARVEY, Margaret COLLINS, Margaret McCORMICK, Margaret CARMICHAEL, Susan McGAHEY, N. McNEILL, Isabella COLVILLE, Mary HANNAH, Nancy, Jane & Mary REYNARDS, Margaret, Fanny & Ellen FARRELLY, Bridget SLATER, Mary KELLY, Ann MULLENS, Margaret PATERSON, Mary COSGROVE, Mary LOVE, Mary GREY, Grace & Helen GARDINER, Jane, Ellen, Sarah REYNOLDS, Margaret & Elizabeth. HOBBS, Mary Ann BROWN, Elizabeth McCLUSHER, Elizabeth YOUNG, William. J., Mary & Mary. DILWORTH, James, Sarah, Christopher. McSHANE, James & Ann CARROLL, John & Mary RUSSELL, William & Mary FLANAGAN, Daniel, Samuel, Agnes. McCREAD, Joseph & Jane. MILLER, Samuel,Eliza & Margaret. SMITH, John & Mary DARAGE, James & Angeline KELLY, Hugh,Catherine,Martha, Robert. McKENNY, John, Sarah,Joseph, Margaret HART, John, Mary, John & Mary. MILLS, Alexander, Jane, Mary,Margaret COWAN, John, Mary, Sarah, & Sarah CAMPBELL, Wm.,Francis, James A., John GREIRSON, Robert H. IRVINE, Robert WALMESLEY, Thomas TEARMAN, Robert GRAHAME, John McALVON, Patrick DARLING, Robert FITZPATRICK, Michael BARRON, William LYTTLE, John O'BRIEN, Patrick RYLE, James CLERKLER, James McCLASHER, Francis
HEWITT, Samuel McKEE, William KENLER, Caroline CAMPBELL, Mary & Mary J. CLOVER, Alice ADAMS, Catherine McCLEERY, Mary & Ann FLANAGAN, Jane IRVINE, Marcelle ARMSTRONG, Mary McGOVER, Margaret ARMSTRONG, Elizabeth MULHERRO, Mary PYE, Elizabeth IRVINE, Ann & Elizabeth MOORE, Thomas,Margaret, William, McVEAGH, Richard,Mary & Lucy Annie & Martha CHESHIRE, JOhn H., Mary, Ellen, McGOUGH, W.M., Elizabeth, Margaret John, Eliza & J. & Robert GRIFFIN, Patrick NIXON, Sarah Jane IRVINE, Mary Jane DUFF, Catherine RUST, Mary LITTLE, Robert & Mary PRESTON, Wm.,Martha,Martha Jane LATTIMER, James & Jane. NIBLICK, James MILLS, Thomas GERHTY, Patrick & Bridget McALROY, James RILEY, Michael & Ann WIGHTMAN, Fredr'k, Ellen, Annabelle EVERINGTON, S. & Rebecca McNALLY, Robert & Ann Jane LEECH, Alexander, Ellen, Catherine WELCH, William, Mary & John & Ellen McDERVELL, Wm., Rose, Margaret, Lucy COLLINS, Joseph & Charlotte & Andrew. HAURMILL, Ben., Margaret & Joseph FLANAGAN, James & Rose HARLAND, Thomas,Ann,Emily, Mary,Ann McNEISS, James,Mary,Eliza, Mary & WRIGHT, Thomas & Bridget Catherine. SLATER, Jane & Ebenezor McCRACKEN, Robert,Martha,Margaret McGEARY, George,Elizabeth,Eliza & Robert. & John. FAWCETT, John & Sarah EYRE, William, Mary, John & Mary GRIFFIN, John,Ann,Catherine,Mary BRUCE, Hugh, Catherine & Mary CATHCART, John, Margaret & James MINNS, John,Mary,Sarah & Margaret FORGY, James,Margaret,John & Wm. GRANT, John, Mary & John HALIDAY, George,Eliza,Ann & Andrew BOYLE, Edward, Eliza & Ann HICKS, Jane & Catherine NIXON, Ann I. HAMPTON, Robert,Isabelle,Robert PRESTON, William, Rebecca, William & Ellen & Elizabeth IRVINE, William & Mary I. WILSON, John WHITEMAN, Henry BALLON, William MISSBELLY, James WALSH, Eliza CLARKE, Joseph COLLINS, John CARMICHAEL, Thomas McGAHAY, William McCONNALL, John FOULER, John ROBINSON, William PRATT, William HANNAH, John & Samuel REYMOLDS, John & William MAGILL, Robert FARRELLY, Patrick PENNIEFIELD, George McBREEN, James & Thomas McCRACKEN, D. McQUAY, Robert BEATTY, Thomas CRANSTON, Arthur McBREEN, Eliza WRIGHT, Essie VEITCH, Catherine FITZPATRICK, Ann,Ellen & Catherine DANE, Ann DUFF, Agnes READ, Margaret PHILPOT, Hene & Jane FLYNN, Agnes RYLE, Catherine McBERNIE, Ann CLERKEN, mary SANDS, Susannah KEEGAN, Ann MOODIE, Elizabeth,Marie, Jane,Mary HARGREAVES, James IRVINE, Harrison & Andrew ARMSTRONG, Robert HARGMILL, Hugh, Susan & Joseph KEOGAN, Wm., Rose,Francis & Mary COLLINS, Thomas, Mary,Sarah,Mary & TURBIT, james,Katherine,John & Mary Elizabeth IRVINE, William & Agnes McMEECHAM, John,Harriett,Eliza,Samuel HEWETT, Jacob HODSKISS, Geo.,Phoebe,Mary, Margaret HARGREAVE, James COSTELLO, Alexander McGAHARTY, James McENNY, Ann


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