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Lauren, Matthew, Jenna & Amy
We are pleased to announce the birth of:

Lauren Jeanette, Jenna Catherine, Amy Linnea

Born at Meriter Hospital, Madison, Wisconsin on

April 3, 2001

At the time of:

11:31a.m., 11:33 a.m., 11:34 a.m.


5#10oz., 4#11oz., 5#6oz.


19 in., 17 1/2 in., 18 in.


Big brother, Matthew, welcomes his new baby sisters,
Amy, Jenna and Lauren



Welcome to my attempt at a web site!

Welcome everyone.  Here is our web page.  It is pretty basic but we hope to add to it when we get time.  Look around and let us know what you think.  I will try to update the news section whenever there is a change to my site so monitor this page for changes.

-Todd & Cathy Weis 



04/05/2002    - Yes, I know this site is getting lame.  Believe it or not, triplets can keep you VERY busy!!!  Here is what is up...

Did minimual cleanup on pages.

Yahoo ticked me off so now I have registered my own domain name. (weibeg.com) More to come on this....

Girls celebrated their 1st birthday and are walking!

Mindit is no longer a free service for monitoring web pages, so I changed the link to ChangeDetection.com.  Not as nice, but free!

Hopefully soon I will have some updated photo's and possibly video!

10/23/2001    - Girls had 6 month checkup. (Was hoping to get some new pictures up by scanner is acting up {good excuse?}).

Lauren - 17 lbs; 9 oz (70% percentile)

Jenna  - 16 lbs; 14.5 oz (50% percentile)

Amy     - 15lbs; 0 oz; (20% percentile)

08/16/2001    - Girls had 4 month checkup.

Lauren - 14 lbs; 9 oz (75% percentile)

Jenna   - 13 lbs; 6 oz (50% percentile)

Amy     - 12 lbs; 14 oz (30% percentile)

07/13/2001    - Latest weights for the girls.

Lauren  - 13 lbs; 1 oz

Jenna    -  12 lbs; 6 oz

Amy       - 11 lbs; 7 oz

06/12/2001    - Girls had another check up today, and 4 shots apiece!  OUCH!

Lauren - 11 lbs; 22 3/4 inches; 75% percentile

Jenna  - 10 lbs; 22 inches; 50% percentile

Amy     - 9 lbs 14 oz; 21 3/4 inches; 40% percentile

06/05/2001    - We have a date for the girls baptism.  Sunday, July 8, 2001.  Baptism will be done immediately following the 10:15 am mass at Holy Mother of Consolation Church.

05/24/2001    - Added Favorites page. Added Yahoo messenger link.

05/18/2001    - Re-worked 1st attempt at web site.

05/14/2001    - The girls got weighed today.  Lauren 8 lbs 13 oz; Jenna 8 lbs 1.5 oz; Amy 7lbs 15 oz.

05/??/2001    - Made a really ugly home page.


This page was last updated on April 05, 2002.