Selected Entries
Wm. R. Gladwyn
Brownville, Jefferson Co., N. Y.


January, 1920

5 Big fire at Sackets Harbor yesterday. 10 Below zero this morning -- fixed chimney 14 Sleighing good - Wm. Wallace died. (first wife’s brother) 17 Prohibition of liquor traffic in effect. William Wallace funeral at Chaumont

The coldest January in some years -- below Zero
7 days all day -- Sleighing good all month but
snow not over deep here -- a severe month.


February, 1920

3 Mrs. Finnean died this morning. 6 Severe storms on the Atlantic coast. 8 Bert-Minnie & William here for birthday dinner. (Wm.’s birthday on the 4th. 10 My 74th birthday - God is keeping me. 13 Much sickness about. 14 Sec. Lansing resigned as Sect. of State 15 Worst storm of the winter 16 All trains on RR blocked with snow 25 Mr. Frank Ingalls died

February has been a fairer month than January --
but cold most of the time -- some severe storms but no
thaws this winter yet -- water in wells and streams
very low -- sleighing good - much sickness prevails.


March, 1920


4 1st thawing day since Dec 13 13 Bert lost a cow 17 Prayer meeting here 20 Treaty with Germany rejected by US Senate again 22 Northern lights 23 Robins here 25 Mrs. Ida Walrath (Anna’s sister) died 27 River high - terrible winds in the west -- many lives lost 28 Anna at her sisters funeral 29 Anna came from Evans Mills 30 Ida Getman married to Carl Timmerman and came here

The temperatures for March have been
normal -- not much snow and but little rain.


April, 1920

3 Ice broke up in Lake Ontario 4 Easter -- I went to church 7 Mrs. Wm. Eigerbrodt died 12 Truman Gilark died 16 Mr. Benjaman Satemore buried 25 Rev. C. M. Smith’s first sermon here

No monthly summary written.


May, 1920

2 Total eclipse of the moon this evening. 4 Garden plowed 12 Minnie here from Philadelphia convention. Revolution in Mexico. 13 Planted Dudley potatoes 20 Mrs. Smith & daughter (Annas sister) here from Missouri. 22 Annas sister and daughter gone to Watertown 23 Went to church. Grand army service 30 Decoration day service at Dexter. Anna & Bessie at sister Nancy’s reception at Evans Mills

May has been a very dry month -- no rain here
in 30 days. vegetation very backward --
The first part of the month the temperature
was below normal -- later it was about normal.
All commodities are very high -- potatoes are 5.00 per bushel.


June, 1920

4 Extremely dry 6 We all went to church. The first rain in 35 days but not much of it. 7 Anna’s sister Martha here 12 Great presidential convention at Chicago ended. Harding & Coolidge the nominees. 13 To Fred Knapps at a reception for Anna’s sister Mrs. Smith and hedaughter Florence Kemp. 14 William, Bessie, Florence & I went up to Campbell’s Point 15 Mrs. Smith and Florence started for their home in Missouri 17 Etta & Adaline Knapp here 18 A fine rain -- a great blessing 20 Claude Baker buried 24 Martha (Anna’s sister) went home 28 At Lester Spencer’s funeral on Pillar Point

June has been dry -- but fiew showers & those
of light character -- vegetation is very backward
because of the drouth. The temperatures have
been about normal.


July, 1920

3 Great rain last night 5 Cox and Roosevelt nominated at Democratic convention 12 Very growing time 16 Jene Wilson died 18 Gene Wilson’s funeral 24 Joseph Walrath’s little girl died 28 Anna went Huckle berrying

The coolest July in 17 years -- mercury has not
reached 90 deg. during the month -- Have had fine
showers -- crops coming on-- but late.

August, 1920

3 Laura Paul married 9 Sidney Walrath died -- Anna went to Evans Mills 14 Anna and I went to Watertown for coal 17 Our coal came 18 Getting quite dry again. Woman’s suffrage throughout the US

20 Mabel & Hilda here 22 Paul family here 24 Bessie at Star Lake

Temperatures rather below normal for August.
Quite dry -- yet we are having good crops in
most things. Hay was light -- a good fruit year.

September, 1920

5 Bessie at Monroe Getmans 6 Labor day 8 Michael Thomas here 14 Primary day 16 Bomb explosion on Wall St, New York. 36 persons killed 18 Michial Thomas gone to Mansville (sic) 19 First frost last night 26 Anna went to see her moth 28 Fred Congdon’s barn burned (airport road)

September has been very fine -- the warmest
month of the year. A part of the month has been very dry.
Crops are harvested in fine shape -- corn rather short --
other crops good. The apple and potatoe crop excelent (sic).

October, 1920

5 Anna and I at Minnie’s picking apples 12 Evangelistic meetings at ME Church 17 Evangelistic meetings still progressing. 31 Last day of Evangelistic meetings here.

The finest October in many years -- the
temperatures were not high nor very low --
but slight frosts.

November, 1920


2 Election day 3 Harding & Coolidge elected yesterday 4 Grass green yet -- gathered vegetables 12 Ground frozen 15 4 in. snow 17 an ice storm 18 John Southard found dead in bed 25 Thanksgiving Day - Minnie & family here. Marjorie Stopforth here. 30 Fixed chimney

November has been a peculiar month --
But fiew fair days -- most of the month dark
heavy weather with considerable rain --
no great amount of snow but some ice storms.

December, 1920

19 Minnie operated on at hospital 24 Michiel Thomas went home. Minnie much improved 25 A little now, but no sleighing here. 28 Minnie improving. We did not go to church -- Mrs. Langreen’s funeral 28 Sleighing good.

No monthly recap.

No yearly recap.

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