Selected Entries
Wm. R. Gladwyn
Brownville, Jefferson Co., N. Y.


January, 1921

5 Big fire at Sackets Harbor yesterday. 2 Minnie came here from hospital 4 Minnie went to her home. 7 Dr. Ervin Witt died. 11 Lost baloonist in Canada reach civilization 23 Stopforth family here (Hilda’s birthday)

The mildest January in many years -- but little snow -- The ground bare most of the time -- no heavy snow storms -- much fair weather.


February, 1921

10 My 75th birthday (The Lord is still Keeping me). 21 Great snow in New York City -- none here.

February has been extremely mild -- no sleighing this month. Thermometer has not been at the Zero point -- and the ground has been without snow most of the time. The high pressure in business is gradually leeting down -- Many large manufacturers are curtailing their business


March, 1921

4 Pres Harding & Vice Pres Coolidge inaugerated. 9 Annahad upper teeth out. Robins here. 9 M E Parsonage free of debt. 10 Wm. got his car from repair shop. Michael came from Adams. 16 Mrs. Doolitte died. 21 Equinoctual storm 24 Cardinal Gibbons died last night. 25 Michael Thomas went to his home. 29 John Burroughs the naturalist died.

March has been extremely mild with no snow but much rain -- the lowest
average temperature was 25 deg. above. No notable events in the
worlds history except the change of administration in the United States.


April, 1921

10 Anna and Bessie at Martha’s birthday. I went to church 17 Anna & Bessie at Allens & Stopforth birthday. Conference Sunday 22 Farmers work backward. 23 Grass growing nicely. 25 New time commences. 26 Fixed cistern 27 Garden plowed. 28 Planting garden.

No monthly summary written.


May, 1921

3 Flora Mead here - Mrs. Kane’s funeral 6 Womans Foreign Missionary society here. 11 Annaat Miss (?) Convention at Watertown. 16 Fire at Depauville. Raymond Giles body buried - Killed in the world war. 19 Chief Justice White died. 27 Bought shoes. 29 Ernest Woodcock here. 30 Anna & Bessie at LaFargeville. Decoration Day.

No. monthly summary.


June, 1921

5 Anna & Bessie went to see her mother. 6 We all went to church. The first rain in 35 days but not much of it. 8 Great floods in Colorado. 16 Flora Meade here. 18 To Anna‘s Aunt Hannah and Stopforth here. 19 Lena-Adeline-Minnie, Bert & William here. 22 Michael Thomas here -- Marjory Stopforth‘s here. 24 Anna having teeth fixed. 27 Mrs. Hemmings of Carthage here.

No monthly summary.


July, 1921

11 About 3 weeks of hot weather all through this north country. 12 I went toMinnie’s -- Bert hurt. 24 Anna went to church. Minnie & Bert here. Lewis Walrath and family here. 29 Painted porch.

No monthly summary

August, 1921

4 Coal came. 13.90 per ton. 11 Anna at Philadelphia, N. Y. 12 Anna, Lottie and I are at Minnie’s 15 Digging potatoes. 17 Bessie at Cape Vincent. 29 Repaired chimney.

No monthly summary

September, 1921

2 Very dry. 4 We all went to church. Wm. Rohde (sic), Emma Smith and families here. 6 At Bert’s fixing silo. 7 County Fair time. 9 Hot and dry. 10 Great flood at San Antonio, Texas. Many lives lost. 14 Anna & I at Minnie’s filling silo 15 A small dash of rain at noon. 16 Mr. Geo. Morse died last night. 19 Anna & I at Bert‘s getting corn. 21 Great chemical explosion in Germany. 22 Anna at Adams Center. 29 Laura and Bertha Paul here. 30 Much damage done by wind..

No monthly summary.

October, 1921

1 Mrs. Jed Knapp died. 3 Anna & Iat Dexter -- Mrs. Knapp’s funeral. 7 Laura and Mr. Taylor here. Mr. John Lee died. 9 Anna and Bessie went to church. 1st frost last night. 10 Mr. John Lee’s funeral. 17 Mrs. Carrie Conklin died. 18 Mr. Carl Allen of the world war was buried here. We went to Dexter cemetery. 25 Cementing Hen house floor.

The finest October in many years -- the
temperatures were not high nor very low --
but slight frosts.

November, 1921


3 Heavy frost last night. 6 Anna and I went to church. Revival service. 8 Election day -- Mrs. Tombs here. 11 Armistice day - Dark sloppy time. 12 Disarmament conference set at Washington. 23 Michiel Thomas came from Lowville. 24 Thanksgiving -- We all went to Minnie’s -- An icy rain. 25 Very icey -- “City of New York” lost on Lake Ontario -- all on board lost.

No monthly summary.

December, 1921

5 Minnie British and Irish peace terms 15 Jak (?) Kilborn, Jr. died. 20 Hair cut - Fine day. 25 Minnie and family here -- Fine Christmas day. Zero this morning - little snow..

No monthly recap.

No yearly recap.

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