Wm. R. Gladwyn
Brownville, Jefferson Co., N. Y.

Mr. Gladwyn soon celebrated his 76th birthday. This diary was written in the same ledger-type book as his 1917-1921 diaries. However, this diary was written in narrative format, instead of the structured columns for date, day, temperatures, weather, and memo. Also, there was not an entry for every day of the month.

January, 1922

1 A fair cold day -- we did not go to church. Minnie and family and the Knapp family here. 5 Rain and thaw -- snow all gone. 8 We did not go to church to day -- it is quite icy. Weather mild with but little snow. 12 Had a thaw, now it is colder -- some sleighing -- a treaty between England and Ireland has been arranged and excepted (sic) by the two parties. 15 I went to church -- communion Sunday. 17 Sleighing good here. 18 Lottie went to Lowville. 19 Rain and thaw. 21 Minnie fell on ice and broke her hip last night. Pope Benedict XV died to day. 23 Bessie had a birthday party. 12 deg. below Zero this morning. 27 Cold weather (15 below Zero) with but little snow. 29 None of us went to church to day (walk icy). Did not here (sic) from Minnie. Weather cold but fair. 31 Lottie went to Minnie’s.


February, 1922

2 Rain -- Jan. 29 -- Collaps (sic) of Knickerbacker theater at Washington 100 persons killed - many injured. Sleighing fine. 5 I went to church -- a beautiful day. 6 The Peace and adjustment of national afairs (sic) of nations closed at Washington -- Pope Pius XI elected at Rome. 10 Anna and I went to Minnie’s yesterday -- she is doing fine -- Today is my 76th birthday -- the Lord has kept me all these years in a wonderful way -- I would praise His name. It is a mild fine day -- sleighing good but not much snow. 17 Clear & still -- 34 deg. below Zero this morning -- in many places in this vacinity (sic) it was much lower -- there is just snow enough for sleighing. 19 A fine thawing day -- the new snow is melting fast. I went to church -- a good sermon on “doing unto others.” Heavy thunder and lightning with hail this evening. 26 Fair sabbath day -- but little snow -- much ice -- We did not go to church (I was sick). Minnie “bolstered” up for the first time yesterday since she was hurt.


March, 1922

1 We were over to Minnie’s -- she is getting along fine -- No snow but much ice in the roads. 7 Very rainey day -- no snow -- water running everywhere -- Bessie and I have the grippe 10 Very fine - 46 above Zero - Saw a robin this morning -- no snow. 12 (Sunday) -- Very fair -- We did not go to church. 15 Very fine weather -- 45 above Zero -- Flora Mede (sic) here today -- great tornadoes in the south west -- many lives lost. 19 (Sunday) -- Fair and mild -- We -- none of us went to church -- still have the epademic (sic) 23 A fine day -- little snow -- good maple sugar weather. 28 Very mild and rainey -- River not high yet. 31 (Friday) 5 in. of snow -- the most snow any one time this month -- the thermometer has not been at the zero point this month -- Great coal strike on for April 1st.


April, 1922

2 (Sunday) Very fine -- some snow on the ground -- none of us went to church. I feel the effects of the effects of the “flu“ yet -- William was here for dinner. 5 Mr. Frank Seeber of Dexter buried to day -- good maple sugar weather -- ice gone out of Lake Ontario. 8 Very fine weather -- grass starting nicely. Mr. Albert Charlebois died. 9 (Sunday) Rainey day with thunder -- we did not go to church -- Stopforths with with Anna -- Bessie & Martha -- Dale(?) went to Perch River. Anna went to Fred Stopforth’s -- Mabel is sick -- Grass is coming nicely. Black River is high. 16 (Easter Sunday) Very fine sabbath day, thermometer 60 deg. None of us went to church (not feeling well). The only Easter service I missed in many year -- The Lord is caring for me. 20 High SW winds -- rain and snow, disagreeable day. 25 (Sunday) Fair but cold and raw -- not much farm work done yet -- The 1st Sunday after conference. Anna and I went to church -- a fine service.


May, 1922

7 (Sunday) A raw day -- some rain -- Farm work way backward -- Anna and I went to church. 11 Fair but rather cold -- Farmers doing their spring work -- Had garden plowed to day. 19 The European conference at Genoa disbanded -- 21 (Sunday) Lowery -- Anna went to church. I did not. 26 Fair -- nice growing time -- Bert and I went to Dexter cemetery -- Lottie went to her home in Lowville. 26 (Decoration Day) Very fair -- temperature 82 degrees.


June, 1922

3 Rainey -- Lottie came from Lowville. 4 (Sunday) Fine -- none of us went to church. 7 Fair -- Lottie went to Ithaca. 9 Fair and warm. 11 (Sunday) Anna and I went to church (Childrens day) many children baptized -- Great storm in central New York -- rain and high winds -- many lives lot. 16 WFMS meeting at Minnies. Anna and I were there. 18 (Sunday) Anna and I went to church -- Lowrey -- a growing time. 22 24 hours of rain -- ground flooded with water. 28 Great rain last night with thunder & lightning -- the county flooded water -- much damage done to crops -- Brownville, the streets are flooded and street car trafic (sic) much impeded.

Summary of June: A very wet June, 8 inches of rain this month -- Mr. T. B. Rose buried.


July, 1922

2 Fair sabbath day -- Anna and I went to church -- (communion service). The Knapp family here. 10 Hot drying winds from S -- none of us went to church yesterday -- William Paul family here. 11 Heavy thunder storm not much rain. 12 8 children killed in Watertown by the explosion of an army shell. 14 Sister Lottie, came from Ithaca -- went home the 17th. 16 (Sunday)Minnie and family here -- the first time Minnie has been out since she was injured in January. Farmers haying nicely -- hay good. 20 20Great coal and Railroad strike on. 29 Getting quite dry here -- Fine time for farmers haying. 30 (Sunday) No service at our church -- repairing the church inside -- Hot and dry -- Mr. and Mrs. Orril (sic) Walts here.

No monthly summary

August, 1922

4 Alexander Graham Bell the great scientist and inventor of the telephone died -- still day here. 3 Fine showers here. 6 (Sunday) No service in our church -- Adaline and Ina Knapp here -- Minnie, Bert and William here. Heavy thunder shower this afternoon. 12 Anna, Lottie and I are at Minnie’s 13 (Sunday) We all went to the Presberterian (sic) church -- our church undergoing repairs -- weather fine for harvesting. 20 (Sunday) The weather has been warm -- sultry & dry -- many forest fires in some states - Mr. Charles Baker died. No church service at the M E church -- repairs not finished yet. 22 cooler but dry -- Mr. Charles Baker buried. 25 High winds yesterday but not much damage was done. 27 (Sunday) The weather is cool but pleasant -- severe storm in central part of the state this last week.

No monthly summary

September, 1922

3 (Sunday) Service in our own church to day -- the repairs are about finished -- Anna and I went to church. Weather warm and very dry -- the coal strike about ended -- Minnie here Friday for Womans foreign missionary meeting. 10 (Sunday) Hot and very dry -- 90 degrees in the shade -- Anna and I went to church -- Rev. Markham -- district superintendent preached. 12 Fine rain last night -- cooler today -- Mrs. Pres. Harding very sick. 14 Mrs. Pres. Harding much improved -- Mr. Archie Rider a (candidate for state senator) committed suicide by jumping from Bank building, Watertown. 21 Fine weather -- first frost the 19th -- 47 dead miners found in the Argonaut gold mine, California -- they were killed by fire and gases in the mine. The Railroad strike is about ended. 25 (Mon.) We did not go to church yesterday. Monroe Getman and family here -- Weather fine but cool -- Senator Elon R. Brown died yesterday. 28 Very fine weather -- Heavy frost night before last. Lottie came from Ithaca day before yesterday -- Anna and I went to church -- It was communion Sunday.

No monthly summary.

October, 1922

7 Very dry -- Many forest fires in Canada -- such damage done with loss of many lives. 8 (Sunday) A fine rain -- Anna went to church. I did not go. 13 Fair but cool -- AnnaFair but cool -- Anna gone to Evans Mills to see her Mother. 15 (Sunday) I went to church -- mild but lowrey. Anna and Bessie went to church. 1st frost last night. 18 Very high winds -- little snow. 22 (Sunday) Very fair and mild -- Anna and I went to church. Knapp family here. 18 Mr. Carl Allen of the world war was buried here. We went to Dexter cemetery. 31 Mrs. Elsie Bigwood died last night. The house that the Ball family lived in burned this morning. Williamcommenced attending Business school in Watertown.

November, 1922


2 Mrs. Elsie Bigwood’s funeral -- mild and rainey. 4 (Sunday) Mild and cloudy, fair -- We did not go to church. and his new wife came here last night. They are gone over to Minnies to day. 8 Alfred Smith elected governor of N Y state -- great majority. 12 (Sunday) Mild and fair -- Anna and I went to church. 19 (Sunday) We did not go to church -- Carl Timmerman family -- Joseph Walrath family -- Fred Stopforth family and the Fred Knapp family were here -- The weather if mild but cloudy. 26 (Sunday) Fair but cool -- no snow yet -- Anna and I went to church -- Bert Conklin went to the hospital this morning with an infection in his right hand caused by getting a sliver between his first finger and his thumb -- We do not know how he is going to get along yet.

December, 1922

1 Weather mild but cloudy -- not much rain -- water low in river -- I have been over to Minnie’s for a fiew days. Bert is still still at the hospital yet but his condition is much improved. 8 Dark -- mild -- rain and snow. Bert is still at the hospital -- we think he is better -- I was over to Minnie’s for two days. 13 First snow here to speak of -- it is about 3” deep. Very windy but not cold -- William got his car home. Also a farm pump. Bert at hospital yet. 23 A little snow here -- enough for light sleighing. The weather is mild. Bert Conklin is out of the hospital. His hand is doing well -- On the 20th my Sunday school class came here for dinner (15 in all). We had a fine visit - - Lottie came from Lowville. 24 (Sunday) Bert - Minnie & William here for Christmas dinner -- Berts hand gaining. Justice Claud B. Alverson died at his home in Dexter. 25 Very fine Christmas day -- but little snow -- Temperature 42 degrees. Knapp family here -- Lottie went back to Lowville

No monthly recap.

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