Wm. R. Gladwyn
Brownville, Jefferson Co., N. Y.

January, 1923

7 Cold -- 14 below Zero this morning -- small snow but no sleighing. We not go to church. Heavy fall of snow yesterday -- more coming to day -- no wind -- sleighing good. 14 (Sunday) It has been very cold for a few days -- Thermometer 16 degrees below Zero -- there is much snow. We did not go to church -- The French troops have occupied the Ruhr valley in Germany. 12 Had a thaw, now it is colder -- some sleighing -- a treaty between England and Ireland has been arranged and excepted (sic) by the two parties. 17 Clear -- cold -- 21 degrees below Zero this morning -- wind NW, below Zero all day. 20 Thawing -- wind high from the S -- Anna at Evans Mills to see her Mother who is sick. 22 Had a good thaw -- snow settled much -- Icy. I did not go to church yesterday -- Anna came from Evans Mills -- Her Mother is going down slowly. 24 Wind S -- snowing -- Anna at Evans Mills again to help her mother. 21 Minnie fell on ice and broke her hip last night. 24 Fair -- cold -- 20 below Zero this morning -- Anna’s birthday.


February, 1923

1 Mild -- sleighing good -- Great coal shortage here -- Anna gone to Evans Mills again to see her mother -- we here (sic) she is a little better. 7 Marchy weather -- some snow and ice but not good sleighing -- Big fire in Watertown yestarday (sic) morning -- what was the old ME church on State St. burned. 10 Mild and fair -- It is my 77th birthday -- The Lord has kept me in a wonderful way all along through these years -- Most of my relatives have gone to the “great beyond” and I live to be prepared when it is my time to go, to be ready. 14 Great blizzard from the W -- very high winds and much snow rail roads blocked -- Great coal shortage here. 18 (Sunday) Fair and cold -- sleighing good. We did not go to church -- have not been for several Sundays. I have the grippe. 23 Fair -- still -- cold -- sleighing good -- coal shortage not quite so acute. 25 (Sunday) A fine winters day -- We could not go to church -- my cold still continues.


March, 1923

1 Fair -- thawing -- sleighing good in the village. There is a coal shortage still -- $14.30 per ton. 3 Very fair -- snow going fast -- Hair cut. 7 Heavy snow -- Ina Knapp here yesterday. 8 A very fine day -- 12 below Zero this morning. 12 (Monday) Snow -- thawing hard -- Lena Knapp here yesterday. Mrs. Mary Getman (Anna’s mother) died this morning. Her age was 87 years. 15 Anna gone to her mothers funeral at Orleans. They went with sleighs -- the day was very fine. 18 Fair -- Stopforth family here -- Robins here to day. 26 5 in. snow last night -- Zero this morning. None of us went to church yesterday -- Palm Sunday. 29 High wind with snow yesterday -- to day fair -- 4 below Zero this morning.


April, 1923

1 Easter Sunday -- A cold raw day -- with some snow but little indication of spring -- None of us went to church. Very high winds prevail most of the time. 8 Sunday -- Dark -- stormey (sic) day -- winds high -- no snow here -- river very high. We did not go to church. 4 of Anna’s sisters here - day before yesterday. 16 No snow, but cold and raw - Ice not gone out of Lake Ontario yet -- It is conference of our church at Oswego this week -- Digging for the water works in the street in front of us. 23 Fair but cool -- yesterday was conference Sunday -- the Knapp family was here -- Grass is not much green yet -- Farmers have not commenced their spring work yet. 24 Fair but cool -- Ice gone out of Lake Ontario. Rev. C. M. Smith back from conference for another year. The Lord is caring for me. 29 (Sunday) Fair but cold -- Anna and Bessie went to church.


May, 1923

2 Mrs. Jerald Thomas buried to day. Fair but cool. 10 Cold -- rain and ground white with snow. Had garden plowed yesterday -- Great kidnaping (sic) of Americans in China a fiew days ago. Farmers not doing much spring work yet. 13 (Sunday) (Mothers day) -- Fair but cold and raw. Minnie, Bert & William over to church and here for dinner. We did not go to church. 17 Fair -- cool -- Storm yesterday with thunder. 20 Considerable rain and cold raw weather -- frost every clear night. We did not go to church to day. Minnie and family -- Stopforth family, and the James Taylor family here -- 26 Very fine -- temperature 75 degrees -- Making garden. W. F. Missionary meeting here yesterday -- Minnie here. (Decoration day) Very fair but cool -- We went to Berts folks to cemetary (sic) day before yesterday. Planted some potatoes to day.


June, 1923

3 (Sunday) Fair -- quiet day -- some forest fires -- had a small shower this morning -- We did not go to church to day. 8 Rainey day -- wind cool and raw from the S. W. Gov. Smith signed the repeal to the Mullin-Gaige law a few days ago. 9 Fair and cool -- We went to Watertown -- got pair of shoes. Jos. Walrath and family here. 15 Fair but cool -- Mr. Warren Starkweather buried to day -- Americans captive in China have been released from the bandits -- 17 (Sunday) Bessie -- William -- Doris Hosner and Bert Gilmore went Lowville -- Anna went to church. 28 Some day of hot weather -- many prostrated by the heat in the cities -- Mt. Etna in violent eruption -- much destruction of property -- Pres. Harding taking a trip in the west. 29 Clear and cool -- had a nice little rain yesterday. Anna’s sister, Martha, with daughter, Edna and her children here to day.


July, 1923

1 (Sunday) Very fine day -- growing time -- Lottie came from Lowville Thursday -- Minnie and family here -- also the Knapp family was here -- We did not go to church. 8 (Sunday) Lottie and Bessie went to church. Minnie and her family here -- Bessie went to Chaumont the “4th” -- Bert’s and Lottie went to Henderson. Farmers are haying -- hay crop good. 20 Hot and dry -- vegitation (sic) at a stand still -- drying up. Lottie went Lowville the 16th -- Pres. and Mrs. Harding in Alasca (sic). 22 (Sunday) Cool to day and very dry -- have had some hot weather -- Anna went to church. 30 Hot and very dry -- vegetation schorching (sic) -- Minne and familly went to Michiel Thomas -- Saturday -- Anna and Bessie went to church yesterday -- Mrs. George Morse buried yesterday.

No monthly summary

August, 1923

2 Very hot and dry -- Michiel Thomas here last night. Went home to day. 3 President Harding died last night in San Francisco where he was sick as he was returning from Alasca (sic). (A great blow to the American nation.) A great and good man. 5 (Sunday) Hot and dry -- vegetation burning up. Our minister having his vacation. 8 Great cerimonie (sic) in Washington for Pres. Harding. Alonzo Seeber of California (formerly of Dexter) here. 10 Hot & dry -- Pres. Warren G. Harding’s funeral at Marion, Ohio this afternoon -- Lottie went to Ithaca yesterday morning. 18 We have had no rain to do any good to crops since July 1st -- the ground is parched -- the temperature is in the 80’s each day -- Hay crop was good -- but grain is light -- pasture lands are dried up. 19 (Sunday) Cool with high winds -- A fine little rain last night -- wet down about 2 inches -- Anna went to church. 20 Mrs. Ida Walts pf Dexter buried to day. 25 Cold raw -- high winds -- had a nice rain the 22nd. Bert and family and ourselves went out to Wm. Paul’s, the 21st. 26 (Sunday) We all went to church -- the 2nd attendance at church :for me this year -- a very fine day.

September, 1923

4 Anna and I went to Minnie’s -- they thrashed. Great earthquake in Japan -- more than 300,000 lives lost. It is still very dry here -- water is very low everywhere. 8 Fine rain last night -- the first to “wet down” since the beginning of July. 10 Cool -- We went to church yesterday -- A total eclipse of the sun this afternoon -- but cloudy here. 11 Cool - high winds -- Anna went to Theresa. 14 First frost last night. 16 (Sunday) I went to church -- Anna to Evans Mills. 21 Heavy rain last night -- and this morning (Equinoxial) 28 Very mild and fine with some showers to day. Mr. Essington buried yesterday.

No monthly summary.

October, 1923

4 Lowrey but not cold -- Lottie came here from Ithaca the 1st -- We were all over to Minnie’s yesterday. 14 (Sunday) A rainey day -- we did not go to church. River very low -- many wells dry -- the rains have not wet the soil enough to plow much yet. Lottie went to Lowville 8th. 21 (Sunday) Fair but cold and raw -- We did not go to church today -- Joe Walrath and family here. 24 Very heavy rain last night and to day -- the largest since July 15. 28 (Sunday) Rain -- We did not go to church. I was at Bert’s yesterday -- He is building a milk house.

November, 1923


6 (Election day) Mild but cloudy -- Great strife in the city government for Mayor, and in county for Sherif (sic). 11 (Sunday) Mild but lowery -- we could not go to church. 18 (Sunday) Mild but very cloudy -- (much foggy weather). We did not go to church. Lottie came here from Lowville yesterday -- she went to church with Bert’s folks. They were here to dinner. 24 Dark - lowrey but mild -- Rev. H. J. Cary here. 29 (Thanksgiving day) Very fine and mild -- Lottie gone over to Minnies with Mr. and Mrs. Smith (our pastor) to keep the day with them.

December, 1923

4 Mild and partley (sic) fair -- We are geeting much rain now but it is very mild -- no front -- River quite high -- Anna and I went to Watertown -- had all of my teeth out. 9 Very fair and mild -- none of us went to church. Lottie gone to Lowville -- Pansies and dandelions in blossom. 18 Fair but cold -- ground frozen -- no snow yet. William here yesterday and fixed our chimney. Lottie here -- Anna went to church Sunday. 20 Very mild (temperature 48 degrees), raining, no frost in the ground. Judge Edger Emerson died last week -- Walter H. Campthe banker died to day. 23 (Sunday) Lowrey heavy day -- 2 in. snow in the evening -- none of us went to church. 25 Mild with light snow -- Minnie and her family here for Christmas -- Pilotcame with them. (a dog) 31 (The last day of 1923)The weather is still mild. The river and lake is not frozen over -- there is just enough snow to the lighten the ground -- my Sunday school class was here the 27th and spent the evening -- The year is done -- It has been a wonderful year. The spring was cold and backward -- the summer hot and very dry -- the fall mild with nice rains -- All in all, it has been a bounteous season. The Lord has blessed us &39;wonderfully.

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