Wm. R. Gladwyn
Brownville, Jefferson Co., N. Y.

January, 1924

A nice month -- not much snow and not very cold weather -- wheeling most of the
time. It has helped to shorten the winter much.


February, 1924

The winter this month has been quite severe -- a heavy snow storm the 20th -- much Zero weather. Ex-president Woodrow Wilson died the 3rd of this month.
William Conklin was married to Doris Hasner on the 19th.


March, 1924

25 (A summary) Very fine weather -- the month has been fine all the way through -- no snow and no high winds. Temperatures are mild -- Robins are here again. Lena Knapp, was here a fiew days ago.

April, 1924

9 Rainey -- river high -- Conference at Gouverneur. Mrs. Blaidele -- Mrs. Dr. Gates and Mr. Hanchette died this week. 17 Conference is over -- our minister -- Rev. C. M. Smith -- is returned to us for another year -- We put in Electric lights yesterday. 25 Mr. Henry Sharer (sic) of Dexter died -- Lottie has gone to Ithaca -- Weather is cold and raw -- no farm work done yet.


May, 1925

11 (Mothers Sunday) I have not been to church yet. The weather is still cold and raw with much rain. Farm work very backward -- Bert Conklin has not sowed any grain yet -- Minnie and Bert were here. Also Fred and Ettie Knapp. 30 (Decoration Day) The weather is still cold and raw. A very wet May -- Farm work not progressing at all. Lottie is gone to her home at Lowville. We have our garden partly in.


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