1937 DIARY


Minnie Gladwyn Conklin

Monday, Jan. 4, 1937 Dr. Hoyt was here to see Bert yesterday and today. Thinks it won't be necessary to come again. Bert may sit up a little tomorrow. Wm. does the farm work. Carl assumed his duties as District Attorney Jan. 1. He was here Thursday evening, Dec. 31. Rosamond was still in the hospital taking treatment for sciatica. Enos Lawton died recently in Calif.

Sunday, Jan. 10 Bert is still in bed. Fever and pain have continued and one chill but today he seems much improved. Has had callers including Rev. Harrison. Mrs. Timmerman brought some nice apples and cookies. Wm. & Doris have been fine to help us.

Tuesday, Jan. 12 Dr. Hoyt brought Dr. Gardner yesterday. Decision not favorable. Henry Wagoner brought a pink begonia. Mrs. Timmerman, an apple pie. Many inquiries.

Friday, Jan. 15, 1937 Am sitting by Bert's bed. He had fever and pain last night but is fairly comfortable today. Mr. Harrison, Mr. Smith and Mr. Dano were here yesterday, also Dr. Hoyt. The Happy Thought Class sent a primrose.

Sunday, Jan. 17 Not a very good day for Bert. Carl and Rosamond brought ice cream and many other things. Mrs. C. M. Smith sent red roses by H. Fulton and W. Bigwood. Earl Hall family here and others who couldn't see him.

Mon. 18 Bad night -- pain and enema. Sent for Dr. Hoyt this morning. L. Rice, trained nurse, coming to stay tonight.

Wed., Jan. 20 Bert had a chill yesterday while Mr. Rice was giving him a bath. Fever rose and a bad day. Mr. Relyea and Rev. H. Harrison talked with him. Alone with him last night. Gave a pontspon tablet at 7 P.M. A quiet night and a restful day for both of us. Sent cards to Rev. Miller's, Libbie Ball, Henrietta Gladwin and Jennie Thomas.

Thursday, Jan. 21, 1937 Dr. Hoyt came this morning and changed the bedding, putting a table leaf under the mattress for support. He gave the enema and Bert has had a nice restful day. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Crosby, Henry and Ella Giles and Eva Hall here. Rec'd nice letters from Mabel F. and Hazel Ball.

Friday, Jan. 22 Bert had a hard night, after mid-night -- fever this morning that quieted for several hours. Wilfred and Bessie here last evening.

Sat. Jan. 23 Bert had fever and pain last night in the hours around midnight. Doris and William stayed here, but I attended him. Quite comfortable today. Some fever about 1 & 2 P.M. but reduced it. Carl & Rosamond here last evening and a lady friend Marion W drove Rosamond down today. She brought ice cream. Everyone is good to us, especially Wm and family, Carl & Rosamond & the church people. Weather mild -- little snow.

Sunday, 4 P.M. Jan. 24, 1937 Bert had a fairly good night but in distress this morning. Gave a pontspon tablet and he is still sleeping but aroused at times enough to take fever table, milk and orange juice. Mr. and Mrs. Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Lamphear, Mr. Lamon, and Wilfred Chapman came but were entertained at William's. Raining. Am pretty well. Alone all day to keep it quiet here. Nellie L. brought grapefruit -- Mr. and Mrs. Walter Patrick brought oranges in the evening, but did not see him. Harry Sweitzer has been working for us for two weeks.

Monday, Jan. 25 Mild, windy, dark. Dr. Hoyt here. Bad night but a quiet day, sleeping without a sedative-prescription.

Tuesday, Jan. 26 2:30 P.M. Fever again last night, reaction today. Resting from sedative. Dr. Fox made a friendly call. All pleased to see him. Nice letters from Henrietta Gladwin and Mrs. B. G. Miller. Harry went for auto license and to pay the taxes for us, $13.00 and $96.86.

Thursday, Jan. 28, 1937 Alone with Bert tonight and he is sleeping. Gave a tablet for the bowels last evening which caused a restless night and no results. Dr. Hoyt came this afternoon and gave an enema, changed his nightshirt and the bed and fixed him up fairly comfortable. No callers allowed now. No chills and not much fever -- no vomiting. (In reference to a newspaper clippings, which follows, the diarist writes,
This was 50 years ago, Jan. 27, 1887):

John Conklin has purchased the home

of Sarah Swaze in Main street, Brownville,

for $1,500.

Friday, Jan. 29 The time has come when we have to use a hypodermic. Dr. Hoyt here this morning. William looked for a nurse and found Mrs. Byrd of Adams Center and brought her here to stay a while. Many inquiries -- no one comes in here.

Sat. Jan. 30 Mrs. Byrd is good help. Bert suffering at times in spite of the hypodermics. Heart-rending situation.

Sunday, Jan. 31 Rainy. Restless night -- quiet today. Dr. Hoyt here. He gave me medicine for a cold & lame back. Fred Parker, Wilfred and Bessie here but not in our part -- so didn't see them. Poor Bert. He calls for me often though in a semi-coma.

Newspaper clipping pasted in alongside the February 7th entry, indicates that Herbert D. Conklin died on February 1, 1937. It follows:

CONKLIN--At Hounsfield, Feb. 1, 1937

Herbert D. Conklin, lifelong resident of

Hounsfield, aged 67 years.

Funeral Wednesday at 2 p.m. from the

Conklin farm home, Rev. Herbert Harrison

pastor of the Brownville Methodist Episco-

pal church, officiating, assisted by Rev. C. M.

Smith of Brownville, retired Methodist Epis-

copal clergyman.

Interment in Dexter cemetery.

Kindly omit flowers.

Sunday, Feb. 7 A sad week has passed away and it is Sunday evening and I am alone. Last Sunday evening, Bert kissed me for the last time. Monday morning at 7:30 he passed on before. William and I were with him and I held his hand. The services were simple and beautiful. Rev.'s H. Harrison, C. M. Smith & C. J. Sargent taking part. Nina Woodworth sang. There's a land that is fairer than day. Friends and neighbors were helpful and kind. Hazel Ball came for supper Thursday. Mrs. Bird stayed until Friday. Then, Harry Sweitzer came to board with me. Mr. Harrison our pastor read this poem at the service, also one that I had written 2 yrs. ago, Beyond the Sunset Glory. The poem read by Rev. Harrison followed:


"O Master, I would play the violin!

Pray try me! I am really not unskilled!"

The master with a patient gesture stilled

The ardent voice. "The music must begin--

Seest thou for violins I have no need.

Back to the wood-winds; take thine own bassoon

And play thy part." The strings were all in tune,

The brasses ready. Still the voice did plead

"O Master, I play only three short bars!"

"Thous playest the bassoon well--no more entreat--

Thy three short bars are needed to complete

The music that shall lift men to stars!"

O Soul, play well the few notes given thee--

The Master needs them for Life's Symphony."

This morning the thought came to me, this is Bert's first Sunday in the great beyond. Listened to part of a radio sermon by Dr. Sackman on "The crises in life." So appropriate for me. The radio battery had been in use during the fall and failed during the sermon. Mr. & Mrs. H. Fulton and Nellie Ford called today -- also Mrs. Allie Corp and Ira Zimmerman. Have received many comforting letters and cards. William and Doris, Carl and Rosamond, have all been wonderful to me and God has made it as easy for me as possible. Yet my loss remains. Bert's suffering grieves me. But there would have been more to suffer if he had lived a while and I hope my faith sustains me, for I am assured that some day we shall meet again.

Monday, Feb. 8, 1937, evening A sleet rain all day. No snow. Wm. and Doris went to Watertown to see about insurance. They took my watch that dear Bert gave me on our fifth anniversary for repairs. Also Bert's watch which he rec'd on his 21st birthday and I am having it fixed up for William. Carl was here with Aetna papers for me to sign Friday eve and the Equitable agent here Sat. All of these things but emphasize the love that Bert had for me and that nothing can replace.

Wednesday, Feb. 10th, P.M. William and I took the children to school and went to the cemetery this morning. Was glad to go. The flowers were slightly frozen and looked fresh. No snow but it has snowed a little today. This was my father's birthday. Rev. H. Harrison and J. W. Bigwood came this afternoon. Mr. Harrison always offers fine prayer. Wilfred Chapman and Bessie Walts have been here this evening and Mr. Lamon came in a few minutes. Leonard has been over here weaving blocks.

Sunday eve. Feb. 14, 1937 Rain followed by snow flurries. Sun came out late in the afternoon. William and family here at times through the day. Also, Gilbert Lamon. Elaine here this evening listening to the radio and doing school work. Heard Dr. Sackman at 10 A.M. on The relay race of life. He spoke in Watertown at the Lenten service Friday. Somehow a depressing day, though I try to think of Bert as happy with the many dear ones gone before.

Wed. Feb. 17 Two weeks have passed away since dear Bert was laid to rest. William and Doris went to Watertown. They drew the money from my bank book to pay expenses, money I had saved for a time of such need, $368.00. They sent a bank draft to R. E. Clark, also deposited a check which the Equitable agent, Mr. Dick, brought this morning. Leonard, Elaine and I heard E. Stanley Jones & others at a testimonial program before he leaves for India.

Thursday, Feb. 18, 1937 Ordered two cemetery markers today for Bert and myself from Kelsey Arnswood (unclear), price $120.00 to match father's and mother's. Feel tonight that this must be my part to attend to these things for us.

Friday, Feb. 19 9 P.M. Elaine has been reading to me tonight from Four Cousins by Virkler Zwoilgmeyer. Rosamond and Sally were here this afternoon. Still receiving sympathetic letters and cards -- today a letter from Jessie Fulsom, Rochester. Wrote a birthday letter to Mrs. B. G. Miller. These things help but nothing can make up for the loss of my dear Bert.

Sunday, Feb. 21 Harry was away at noon and I ate at William's. Am not answering many letters yet but wrote to Bessie. Weather mild, 51 yesterday. Gilbert Lamon spent the evening with Elaine and I last evening. I was wondering if everything was all right at the cemetery with a storm coming and Wm. and Doris went there in the evening on their way to Walter Farmer's. The children stayed all night with me.

Feb. 22 The ground and trees were covered with a mantle of snow this morning. Three weeks ago this morning Bert left us. Eight weeks ago this morning, he helped me with the washing. Did it this morning myself for the first time since Doris has been doing it for me. No school -- Washington's birthday. The boys enjoy playing in the snow.

Tuesday, Feb. 23 This is a time of deep sorrow for Mrs. Hill. (newspaper obit notice follows). I wrote a word of sympathy to her. Wm. was at Luther Hill today and saw a barn, horses and 32 head of stock burn on the A. Poole farm. Our men saw crows about a wek ago. Harry and Elaine went to Lamon's this eve. Timmermans are at Wm's.

HILL--In Brownville, Feb. 21, 1937, Norman

B. Hill of Brownville, aged 62 years.

Funeral services Tuesday at 1:45 p.m. from the

home and at 2 p.m. at the Methodist Episcopal

church at Brownville, Rev. Herbert Harrison,

pastor, assisted by Rev. C. M. Smith, Brownville,

retired minister of the Methodist Episcopal church,


Burial in Omar cemetery.

Thurs., Feb. 25 Elaine stayed last night with Erma Lota Wiley and attended a little party at her home. Our milk went to the Hygienic this morning. (In reference to a newspaper clipping, the diarist wrote, "Maspath, L. I. is Mr. Harrison's home church. He also visited his parents while there.")

Rev. Herbert Harrison, pastor of the Brownville

Methodist Episcopal church, left Wed. morning

for Maspeth, L. I. where he will attend the home-

coming anniversary service of the Maspeth Meth-

dist Episcopal church.

Sunday, Feb. 28 Four weeks ago today dear Bert was with us but had a hard day. Thought he recognized me I am sure and kissed me in the evening. Harry is sick with grip. Went to see Dr. Fox yesterday. Mr. Webert walked over to see him today. Have written a few letters and cards to pass the time. Heard Dr. Sackman speak on Meditation. He said, "Raise your eyes to the longsweep." Mr. Lamon here in the evening.

Monday, March 1 What will this month bring. Harry is here sick with pneumonia. Have a bed in the parlor. Iona House is here taking care of him. Dr. Hoyt was here today -- is coming tomorrow.

Tuesday eve., M'ch 2 Dr. Hoyt here. Harry coming as well as expected. Miss House thinks the crisis is coming tonight.

Thursday, March 4 The crisis came last evening and Harry is perspiring and fever going down. His mother came from New York today. Mrs. Bellinger brought her over. Several other relations came.

1937 Friday eve., M'ch 5 Harry's mother is here helping care for him and Iona House, nurse, went home tonight. Dr. Hoyt was here. Bessie here this evening.

Sunday eve., M'ch 7 Dr. Hoyt thinks Harry is coming fine. His brother, George, Mr. Webert and Mr. and Mrs. Timmerman here to see him. I have a cold.

Thursday eve., March 11 Harry sat up a while today. Dr. Hoyt made his final call.

Wed. eve., March 17 Harry's mother went Saturday and he went yesterday. The worst storm of the winter is here. W. Bigwood & J. Lingenfelter here Sunday for the church budget. Other recent callers were Mr. & Mrs. Bert Lamphear, Mary Soper, Pearl Robinson. Elaine and I are reading books from the Dexter school library. From "Eight Cousins" I read today: It is necessary to do right; it is not necessary to be happy. Have sent 41 postcards for a cheese factory meeting Friday. Stayed alone last night for the first.

Friday eve., March 19 School bus milk truck and mail, which were held up yesterday by the storm are in operation today. Missionary meeting today at Mrs. Bentley's.

Sunday, March 21 Had a turkey dinner at Wm's today. Heard Dr. Sackman on the radio. He said: Two proofs of life right away, when the spirit leaves the body are, Christ's words to the thief on the cross; This day thou shalt be with me in Paradise. And his words, "I am the God of Abraham, etc. God is not the God of the dead." These and II Cor. 5.1-10 are comforting. Have been writing letters to Mrs. Witt, Ralph C., Laura P., cards to Gladys Campbell, Mrs. Scott, Letters to Bessie W & Myrtle Adams and Nina Woodworth, a letter of thanks for singing at the services for dear Bert.

Easter Sunday, March 28 At William's for dinner. Elaine & Rolla here for supper. Wm. and I went to the cemetery. Snow and ice. Lonely, but the spirit of Easter is in my heart. Charlie Moyer passed away recently, aged 78. Obit notice follows:

MOYER--In Dexter, March 22, 1937,

Charles Samuel Moyer, lifelong resident

of Dexter, aged 78 years. Burial in

Clayton cemetery.

April 1, 1937 Went to W- with Doris and Elaine. Got a plain black hat. One or two of the children eating with me--vacation.

Sunday, Apr. 4 Have quite a cold. Wilfred called. Letter from Anna. Leonard called my attention to the robins a few days ago. Helped Elaine with arithmetic in the evening.

Monday, Apr. 5, evening. Rain, wind. Wm. bought an Ayrshire bull and a side delivery rake at an auction at the Silver farm near Carthage. We bought a milking machine Sat.

Sat. April 10 Bert's birthday. Still have a cold and somehow have been about sick. Rather cold -- some snow flurries. Elaine ate breakfast with me as usual and Elaine and Rolla were with me for dinner and supper but am alone tonight. Sent a poem to The Times in honor of dear Bert, entitled, "A Friend" and such he was to me -- tried and true.

Friday, April 16 Attended W.F.M.S. meeting at Nettie Brown's. Nice meeting.

Sunday, April 18, 1937 Attended church for the first time since Bert and I went together Dec. 13. Leonard and Elaine went with me and were with me for dinner. Was at Wms. for a baked ham supper. Elaine is with me this evening, reading and listening to the radio. Grandma Gladwyn isn't well. Called on her a few minutes after church. A sad day, yet much for which to be grateful.

Tuesday, April 20 Doris took Mrs. Mott & Mrs. Timmerman to Watertown after cakes, etc. for their anniversary party at the school house Thurs. eve. They selected a piano for the school district. I went with them and spent the P.M. at Grandma Gladwyn's.

Sunday, April 25 Fine day. Daylight saving begins today. Missed Dr. Sackman on account of it. Elaine with me most of the day. Rosamond, Mrs. Coseo and children here a few minutes. Glad to see them.

Wed. April 28 Bessie, Wilfred and Mr. Lamon here a while last evening. Rainy today. One day during a heavy rain, I was shedding tears. Turned on the radio and heard McHugh sing, "I trace the rainbow through the rain and feel that morn shall tearless be."

Thursday, April 29, 1937 From Blue Poetry Book, loaned by G. Lamon:

To a Waterfowl

He who from zone to zone

Guides through the boundless sky thy certain flight,

In the long way that I must tread alone,

Will lead my steps aright.

W. C. Bryant

Sunday, 7 P.M., May 2 Our pastor, Rev. Herbert Harrison is at the N.N.Y. conference at Malone. Fine weather. Rev. and Mrs. C. J. Sargent called this afternoon. In reference to a newspaper obituary notice (which follows), the diarist comments: William Knox also passed away last week. Mrs. Ash was formerly Luta McAfee, a friend of ours in Dexter many years ago.

ASH--At Dexter, April 29, 1937, Rev. Albert

M. Ash, Dexter, aged 95.

Funeral services Monday at 11 a.m. (E.S.T.)

in Dexter Methodist Episcopal church, Rev. P.A.

Roy, pastor, officiating.

Committal service at Boonville cemetery at 3 p.m.

(E.S.T.), Rev. A. T. Cort, pastor of the Boonvlle

Presbyterian church, officiating.

Sons of Union Veterans service at the grave.

Please omit flowers.

Boonville and Utica papers please copy.

9 P.M., (May 2) Mrs. Congdon and Pearl came and we had a nice visit. H. A. Long passed away at the hospital today. Children staying with me tonight for the third night in succession. Mrs. Geo. Lyon passed away recently.

Monday, May 4 Figured the first sale of the season today. Price 15c, net $1.30. Tired tonight. Rolla stays all night with me. The rest went to get the school house ready for school meeting tomorrow evening.

Wed., May 5, 1937 William was re-elected trustee of the school district last evening. Mrs. F. Lamon came and stayed with me. Went to Watertown with Doris this afternoon. Got some cemetery vases. Everything is so lonesone without Bert. Doris got Elaine a new tan suit.

Friday eve., May 7 Had a poem in The Times today entitled The Right Mother, in honor of my mother dear. William gave me a pair of black silk hose and a handkerchief with Mother on the corner.

Sunday, May 9 W. & D. & Leonard took Mr. & Mrs. Timmerman to Canada today to visit his father and her mother. Clare T. here for dinner with Elaine, Rolla & I. Cool - showers. Wrote to H. G. Heard a fine radio sermon from Washington on "Prayer," a pre-coronation program given by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Monday eve., May 10 This was my dear mother's birthday. Cold. Hope to go to the cemetery soon. Faith and prayer assure me that my dear ones are together somewhere. Mrs. Alice Bell Hayes passed away Sunday. Also Frank C. Black. Both were former residents of Dexter.

Wed. May 12, 1937 Listened to the Coronation ceremonies for King George VI and Queen Elizabeth concluding with the sacrament of the Lord's supper with crowns removed. The Archbishop of Canterbury officiated. Elaine listened with me until bus time.

May 13 Grandma Gladwyn here in the evening. Told me about Mrs. Hayes' death and funeral (see obit notice below). Mr. Smith also called to see us and Mr. Walker. Mr. Dano here separately on cheese factory business.

Sunday eve., May 16 Cool. Doris took Elaine and I to church & S.S. Rev. Harrison's subject was Daniel or Poised lives in a bewildered world. Wm had an oil burner installed in his cook stove yesterday. Hard to go to church without dear Bert.

Friday, May 2 Had an oil burner installed in my kitchen stove. Went to Grandma Gladwyn's to dinner and to the missionary meeting there 2:30 P.M.

Sunday, 23rd At home.

Monday, 24th Monday eve. Martin & Edith here.

Tuesday, 25th eve, Mrs. Lamon came and stayed with me while the rest went to a meeting to decide where the children of our district shall attend school. It was decided in favor of Dexter.

Wed., 26th Grandma G. brought flowers for decoration.

Thurs., 27th Mrs. Lamon brought a geranium for Bert.

Friday, 28th Mr. & Mrs. Timmerman papered and cleaned my sitting room.

Saturday, 29th Wm & family and I went to the cemetery with our flowers. Set out a basket of pansies. Mrs. Timmerman sent white lilacs. Rosamond set out a geranium for Bert. Our markers are set. A hard experience but glad to go. Made an extra nice bouquet in remembrance of our anniversary. Mrs. Wm. Roacher buried today.

Sunday, May 30 Elaine and I went to church and S.S. in Ralph Christopher's car. Memorial service -- also heard the service at Arlington by radio. 40 yrs. ago today, Bert spent the day with me at Dexter. "Nothing else can be holy beside the motive." Bishop Herbert Welch.

Monday Gilbert Lamon with us for dinner.

Wednesday eve 9 P.M. Forty years ago tonight dear Bert and I were married. Alone tonight.

Thursday, June 3, 1937 Rain. Set out aster plants from Parkers Mon. to have flowers for the cemetery. Wm took his family & Timmermans to see Hagenbeck-Wallace circus animals loaded on the train last eve. The Duke of Windsor and Mrs. Warwick were married today.

Sunday eve., 9:30, June 6 Went to church -- Communion service. Carl, Rosamond and children came this afternoon. Later Mr. & Mrs. H. Fulton came. Glad to see all of them.

Mon., June 7 Mr. Lamon is planting an acre of potatoes here. Rev. & Mrs. C. M. Smith came in the evening.

Wed. eve. Rev. Harrison here to call. Doris and I gathered iris, snowball, and bleeding hearts, stopped at Martha Parker's for petunia plants and went to the cemetery. Martha gave us syringa, etc. Very glad that I could go.

Sunday, June 13 Children's day. Elaine & I attended church & S.S. Kibby's band played. Mrs. Harold Sargent came to call. Elaine played a piano solo, "Haven of Rest," at the S.S. concert in the evening. The Skinner family brought her home. The children all stayed all night with me.

Tues., June 15, 1937 Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Bennett called. Went with them to the Muscalonge cemetery meeting as Bert had done for many years. Was elected trustee and treasurer in his place -- accepted the offices for his sake. Looked up the dates on Daniel Conklin's stone. He was born in 1804. Lived in the Mohawk Valley. Came here and bought this farm in 1836 -- age 32 yrs. Died, May 14, 1869. Bert was 1 mos. old.

Friday evening, June 18 Wm took me over to the missionary meeting at Mrs. Graham's today. Glad to go. Doris had two teeth drawn this morning. Feeling badly. Elaine took her first regents exam, geography -- passed 97 -- the highest. Leonard had fine marks. Rolla failed, not from incapacity -- lack of interest.

Tuesday, June 22 Rev. & Mrs. C. J. Sargent here. Nice visit. Gilbert Lamon came this A.M. to stay awhile and help on the farm. Stays with me. Have bought a tank for the cows to drink at the lower well. Cora Brundidge, Ellen Robinson and 29 others graduate at B.G.P.H.S. this week. Wm. took Elaine and I to church, S.S. Sermon, "The Ministry fo Comfort." Bert was with us a year ago today. Mrs. W. E. Walker is very sick.

Tuesday, June 29, 1937 The children and I attended the annual Muscalonge school reunion. About 120 there. I went for dear Bert's sake. Gave as a recitation my poem, The Land of Used To Be. Elaine played "Confidence" by Mendelsohn and "Moonlight Reverie." Played them well. Gilbert Lamon went with us, directed the games.

Sunday, July 4 Mr. Harrison is at Trenton E. L. Institute, also Misses M. Ball, B. Scott & E. Gilmore. Wm., Elaine and I went to the cemetery. Took a few white roses & madonna lily buds. A year ago, Bert, Elaine and I went to church. Cannot tell what another year will bring. Joe Thompson passed away yesterday. Mrs. Whittier's funeral was at the church, Sunday, 3 P.M. Rev. Smith. Hilda's mother (referring to a newspaper clipping) taken to Ogdensburg for treatment July 3. Nate Dafo was drowned in Black River July 8. The body has been recovered and services will be held from the home, Tuesday, P.M., July 13th, Rev. C. M. Smith offiiciating. Newspaper clippings followed:

WHITTIER--In this city, July 7, 1937. Mrs. Katherine

VanCoughnet Whittier, 818 Superior street, widow of

George M. Whittier of Brownville, aged 77 years.

WELLS-STOPFORTH--In this city, July 2, 1937, by

Rev. Frederick A. Miller, secretary of Northern New

York Methodist Episcopal conference, Wesley Wells,

227 West Main street and Miss Hilda Stopforth, 613

Frontenac street.

Miss Reta Marion Weaver, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Claude

Weaver, Watertown, R.D. 1, became the bride of Clyfton

Harrison Corp, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Corp, Limerick,

on June 23 at the Methodist Protestant parsonage at

Stone Mills. The ceremony was performed by Rev. William

A. Fuller.

NOTE: There was no newspaper clipping for the Dafo drowning.

Sunday, July 11, 1937 Wm took Elaine and I to church. S.S. missionary program. Elaine gave a recitation, The Master's Command. Sermon by Rev. Harrison, Life's Watermark. Gilbert Lamon goes home Sundays. Nancy Fay (referring to a birth announcement/newspaper clipping for Nancy Fay Sargent) is a granddaughter of Will Thompson, also of Rev. C. J. Sargent. The clipping followed:

SARGENT-- At the House of the Good Samaritan,

July 14, 1937, to Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Sargent,

514 Curtis street, a daughter, Nancy Fay, wieghing

(sic) eight pounds and 13 ounces.

Sunday, July 18, 1937 Elaine and I went to church & S.S. Heard Rev. L. P. Tucker, Anti-Saloon League. Grandma Gladwyn went to the Dexter cemetery last Sunday with madonna lilies. Was glad, for I could not go. Miss Earhart (referring to a newspaper clipping) has not been found, though the plane carrier, Lexington, and 62 planes and many others have searched for her.

On July 2, Miss Earhart and Frederick J. Noonan, disappeared

on a 2,570-mile flight from Lae, New Guinea to Howland, the

most precarious hop on a world-girdling journey which Miss

Earhart said was "just for fun."

Sat., July 24 Dell and Myrtle Adams and Joe and Eva Meyer came from Mich. yesterday to visit us. We called at Eva Hall's and went to the cemetery last evening. This A.M. we called at Rosamond's and Ella Giles'. They left this P.M. on their home journey via Ottawa to Sault St. Marie, etc. Had a wonderful visit with them. Wish they could have come when dear Bert was here.

Sunday, July 25, 1937 A lovely baby girl was born to William and Doris at 4 P.M. today. Name Shirley Doris. Weight 8-1/4 lbs. Dr. Hoyt and Catherine Carpenter attended Doris. Pretty sick two hours.

Wed. eve, July 28th Doris and baby are coming fine.

Sunday, Aug. 1, 6 P.M. We are just having a thunder shower. Heavy rain fall. Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Patrick are here to see the baby. Doris is sitting up. Gilbert has gone home to play on the ball team as usual. Elaine ate at home today and helped with the work. I have had a day of rest. No service at church for the first 3 Sundays in Aug. Six months ago today, dear Bert left us lonely but things have gone as well as I could expect -- am thankful to God and family and friends.

Wed. eve, Aug. 4 Gilbert plays with the Dexter team tonight against the colored Giants from Florida and he has taken Elaine, Leonard & Rolly to see the game. Of course, the darkies won. Neighbors are coming to see the new baby. She is a lovely girl. Attended Niles funeral at the house and at the church. Catherine (Doris' nurse) took me over. Was glad that I could go because his sister married a "Conklin" and because they were married here 36 yrs. ago, Feb. 14. I played their wedding march. (Newspaper clippings followed):

CHAPMAN--In Brownville, Aug. 4, 1937,

Niles S. Chapman of Brownville, aged 58


Funeral services Saturday at 1:45 p.m. from

the home and 2 in the Brownville Methodist

Episcopal church. Rev. Herbert Harrison,

pastor of the church, officiating.

Burial at Brownville.

TABER--At the House of the Good Samaritan

Aug. 4, 1937, to Mr. & Mrs. Clayton C. Taber,

Brownville, a daughter, Mary Louise, weight

six pounds.

Thurs., Aug. 12, 1937 Mrs. Florence Colbert and son of Kingston spent the afternoon here. Leonard has a bicycle bought with his own earnings.

Sunday, Aug. 15 Doris, Elaine and I went to the cemetery this A.M. and took a few flowers. Glad to go but it is hard to come away. Doris saw Mrs. Hynes and she says that Rosamond is in the hospital.

Wed., Aug. 18 Yesterday was Leonard's 9th birthday. A fine boy. He had dinner with me the last day he was 8. Also a party and birthday cake at the schoolhouse for him and Harry Timmerman. Leonard & Shirley stayed all night with me -- also Letha Lamon. Rev. Harrison was here yesterday to see me about writing a play for Christmas and to see baby Shirley. Have a 6 ton sale of cheese to figure this week, 60 checks. Part of the milk comes from the recently burned Ontario plant. Newspaper clipping followed:

STARKWEATHER-PARKER--At Brownville, Aug. 19, 1937, at the home of the bride's

parents by Rev. Herbert Harrison, pastor of

the Brownville Methodist Episcopal church,

Albert W. Starkweather and Miss Elizabeth

Ida Parker, both of Brownville.

Sunday, Aug. 22, 1937 Cool. At home. Gilbert's time was up and he went home yesterday morning to attend the field day in honor of the 100th anniversary of Dexter village. Elaine and Leonard went over. W. & D. went in the evening and Rolla stayed all night with me. Catherine Carpenter also went today. Mr. & Mrs. Christopher and family were here a while today. Looking fine -- glad to see them.

Wed. 25 -- 1937 Mabel and Nellie were welcome callers last evening. Doing cheese work. Net 1.32. All rec'd cards from Gilbert -- in Ohio. Tomorrow is Carl Hynes 40th birthday. They were here Monday, Aug. 16th -- also Mrs. Hynes. Rosamond better but not well.

Sunday, Aug. 29 Gilbert returned last eve and came here this morning so Elaine did not go to church but Wm took me over. Rev. O. E. Spavin, Bethany, and Mr. Harrison exchanged pulpits. We heard a good sermon from John 10, 17. Wm. and I went to the cemetery yesterday. Cleaned up the lot, sowed lawn grass seed. Very glad to go.

Sept. 2 Doris and I went to Watertown yesterday and selected the flowers for the Patrons of the Cheese Factory and went to the funeral today. Newspaper clipping follows:

WALKER--At Brownville, Aug. 31, 1937,

Mrs. Rose Aubertine Walker, wife of Walter

E. Walker, Brownville, aged 60 years.

Funeral services from the home at 9 E.D.T.,

Thursday, and at 9:30 in the Church of the

Immaculate Conception, Brownville, with

Rev. James J. McGowan, pastor, officiating.

Burial in Brownville cemetery.

Sunday, Sept. 5 Doris took the three children and myself over to church and S.S. Rev. H. Morton (unclear), Lorraine, preached on Giving evidence of our Christianity, John 20, 25. Mr. & Mrs. Norman Drummond called this afternoon. Shirley is a fine baby. Six weeks old today. The four children stayed all night with me Friday night.

Sunday, Sept. 12 Claire Timmerman came here Tuesday to work by the month. School began Tues. Our children didn't go until Wed. One child has polio in Dexter. Claire took Elaine and I to church today. Sermon by Rev. H. Harrison. Subject: Gossip. Faustine Hart and Donald Sweeney were married in our church last Friday evening. A large, pretty wedding. A obituary notice for Mr. Brundige followed:

BRUNDIGE--At the House of the Good Samaritan,

Sept. 9, 1937, Francis Joseph Brundige, 732 Gotham

street, aged 45 years.

Funeral services at 2:30 Sunday afternoon from the

Howland Funeral chapel with Rev. Fred Robert

Tiffany, pastor of the First Baptist church, offi- ciating.

Burial in Lakeside cemetery, Sackets Harbor.

Sat. night, Sept. 18 Gladys Campbell was here and spent the afternoon Tuesday. She came and took me to the W.F.M. meeting at Martha Parker's yesterday. Led the devotions. Sub: Faith. Election of officers. Mabel, Nellie, Martha & I re-elected. It was the 150th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution of the U.S. The new silo is finished. Cost, (blank) Weather cool. William is moving my furnace to his side of the house.

Sunday, Sept. 19, 1937 Elaine and I went to church though it was windy and rainy. Elaine took 1st prize on a temperance poster that she has made with the help of Claire and others. Ralph Christopher came after us. Mrs. Graham also took 1st prize on a fine poster for those over 15 yrs. Prizes given by Mrs. Esther Lingenfelter -- county contest -- later.

Sunday, Sept. 26 Doris took Elaine and I to the cemetery and to church. Rev. W. J. Hart spoke on the Williamsville Home -- I taught our S.S. class, or tried to. Newspaper clipping from "50 Years Ago Today" column:

Sept. 20, 1887

Dr. May E. Carlton of Brownville will sail from

San Francisco on Oct. 1, bound for Nankin,

China, where she goes to take up medical

missionary work. Miss Carlton graduated from

Syracuse medical college in 1886.

Tues., Sept. 28 Filled the new silo today. Doris had the men for meals & I helped. May Flanders McAdam here. Hadn't seen her for many years.

Sun., Oct. 10 Went to church last Sunday also also today. Hilda T. went with us today. Have had a busy week, cheese work, letter writing, laid new linoleum, etc. Communion Sun. today. Restful service.

Thurs., Oct. 14 Had buckwheat threshers for two days. 114 bags. Snow storm today. Squaw winter. Did not attend funeral. (in reference to Starkweather funeral - obit notice followed) Mabel F. here. W.F.M.S., which was to have been here Fri., postponed.

STARKWEATHER--In the town of Hounsfield,

Oct. 13, 1937. Mrs. Mary E. Rowe Starkweather,

widow of Warren H. Starkweather, aged 87 years.

Funeral services Friday at 2 p.m. at the home on the

old state road between Brownville and Dexter, Rev. Herbert Harrison, pastor of the Methodist Epi-

scopal church of Brownville, officiating.

Burial in Brownville cemetery.

Sunday, Oct. 17, 1937 Elaine and I went to church & S.S. Rev. Harrison preached. Text, I have overcome the world. Men's rally tonight. Sing The ninety & 9. Philathea aniversary in S.S. -- 47 yars. Anna & Bessie here. Elaine's temperance poster was judged good at Carthage meet and goes to state meeting, also Mrs. Graham's.

Wed., Oct. 20 Elaine's 13th birthday. Dear Bert was with us a year ago today. She has been my comfort during these lonely months. Was at Wm's to the birthday supper. Gilbert Lamon was also there. Douglas Empie was one of our S.S. boys. He was struck by a train at the Franklin St. crossing at Brownville. (obit notice follows for Douglas Empie)

EMPIE--At Brownvile, Oct. 20, 1937, Douglas

Empie, son of Mr. and Mrs. Giles Empie, Maple

avenue, Brownville, aged eleven years.

Funeral privately from the home of the grand-

parents, Mr. and Mrs. Milton B. Empie, Brown-

ville, Friday afternoon at 2, Rev. Herbert H.

Harrison, jr., pastor of the Methodist Episcopal

church, officiating.

Interment in the family plot at Brownville cemetery.

Friends may call at the Milton Empie home Friday


Friday, Oct. 22 W.F.M.S. here this P.M. Rainy. Meeting late on account of the funeral. Served ice cream, etc. in honor of our President, Mabel Fulton's birthday. Also the birthdays of Mr. Harrison, Doris and Elaine. Served cream to 18.

Sunday, Oct. 24 Elaine, Rolla and I went to church and S.S. Enjoyed it very much. Rain and snow today. Wm is moving the furnace from my side of the house to his.

Oct. 28, 1937 Attended an all day district meeting of the W.F.M.S. at our church yesterday. Dinner at the church. Heard Clara French on furlough from China. Elaine and Irma Lota Wiley went to the young peoples banquet at 6:30. About 100 young people present. Rainy tonight.

Sunday night, Oct. 31 Cool. Pleasant after 2 wks. of more or less rain. Elaine and I went to church. World Temperance Sunday in S.S. Subject of Mr. Harrison's sermon, "Personal Triumph." Text - Phil. 4, 12. (two newspaper clippings followed)

CLEVELAND--At Brownville, Oct. 30, 1937,

Mrs. Sarah Shoemaker Cleveland, wife of Orville

M. Cleveland of Brownville, aged 77 years.

Funeral services will be held at the William R. Box

company funeral home, 161 Stone street, Monday

at 2:30 p.m. Rev. Herbert Harrison, pastor of the

Brownville Methodist Episcopal church, assisted

by Rev. C. M. Smith, Brownville, retired minister

of the Methodist Episcopal church, officiating.

Burial in Brookside cemetery.

Winnipeg, Nov. 1--The Rev. Charles William Gordon,

better known to millions of readers as Ralph Connor,

author of "The Sky Pilot" and other pre-war best

sellers, died here today at the age of 77.

Diarist's comments: Ralph Connor's last book was "He dwelt among us."

Sunday, Nov. 7 Ralph Christopher and Olive (blank) at Wm's. He took Elaine and I to church & S.S. and came after us. Armistice Sunday. Carl and Rosamond here in P.M. Wanted to go to the cemetery.

Wed., Nov. 10 William bought a used Nash car, Mon. Took me to the cemetery in it today. Mrs. Timmerman's birthday at Mott's. Doris made the birthday cake. Rev. Dr. Harold P. Sloan speaks at a Retreat at Asbury church today and tomorrow. (obituary notice followed for Claude A. Phelps)

PHELPS--At the House of the Good Samaritan,

Nov. 9, 1937, Claude A. Phelps, Black River,

R.D., aged 53 years.

Funeral services Thursday at 2 p.m. at the home,

Rev. Howard Warner, pastor of the Baptist church

of Black River, officiating.

Burial in Brownville cemetery.

Another obit notice for a CARTER followed:

CARTER--In the town of Hounsfield, Nov. 14,

1937, Mrs. Leta Rose Carter, wife of Francis

Albert Carter, aged 43 years.

Funeral from home on the old Military road at

2 p.m. Wednesday, Rev. Paul A. Roy, pastor of

the Dexter Methodist Episcopal church, offi-


Burial in Sackets Harbor cemetery.

Diarist comments: This was Rose Lee's daughter. Doris went to the funeral.

Sunday, Nov. 21 The Cozy Corner Class was at Wm's last evening. We set the tables over here. Served 24. Wm. has a cold. Earl Preamon does the chores. Figuring milk for 86 dairies on acc't of strike.

Sunday, Nov. 28 William's family here for Thanksgiving dinner. Erma Lota Wiley here from Friday P.M. to Monday A.M. visiting Elaine. Nellie & Mabel brought flowers and a handkerchief for my birthday. Our children gave me handkerchiefs and a flashlight. Bert Lamphear came and took us to church and to their house for a birthday dinner. Rainy tonight.

Monday Rec'd handkerchiefs from Henrietta Gladwin. Nice cards from friends. This is Hiram Fulton's father (referring to one of two newspaper clippings)

GLASS-DAVIS--In Brownville, Nov. 25,

1937, by Rev. Herbert Harrison, pastor

of the Brownville Methodist Episcopal

church, Harold E. Glass, Carthage and

Miss Edna M. Davis, Brownville.

FULTON--In Middletown, Nov. 29, 1937,

Fred J. Fulton of Middletown, formerly of

the town of Champion, Great Bend and

Natural Bridge, aged 86 years.

Funeral services tonight at 7:30 at Middle-


Committal services at Great Bend at 4 p.m.,

Thursday. Rev. Herbert Harrison, pastor

of the Methodist Episcopal church of Brown-

ville officiating.

December 2 -- 5 P.M. Gilbert Lamon has quinsy. Cheese factory closed Dec. 1. Milk strike continues. Our milk goes to Hygienic. Allen Flanders working here. Elaine is at King's Harold's (unclear) party at the church. Have written the song for the play, The Spirit of Christmas, to be given at the church Dec. 19. Friday Wm took my furance and gave me his stove. Started it today.

Sunday, Dec. 5 Wm took Elaine and I to church and S.S. A nice service. Mild and cloudy. Hiram Fulton's father passed away last Monday.

Wed. Dec. 8, 1937 Eva and Helen came to tell me about Addi's death and invited me to dinner and go to the funeral with them. A very stormy day and did not go. The storm continues. (Addie Hartman's obit notice followed)

HARTMAN--Near Depauville, Dec. 5, 1937,

Mrs. Addie May Hartman, wife of Jay D.

Hartman, aged 64 years.

Funeral services Tuesday at 2 p.m. at her home

near Depauville, Rev. Albert Walker, pastor of

the Depauville Methodist Episcopal church, of-


Burial at Depauville.

Sat. eve, Dec. 19th Having stomach trouble. Figured a large sale of cheese this week, 80 checks. Went to missionary meeting at Mrs. C. M. Smith's yesterday. Trying to plan a nice Christmas for our children. Allen is helpful.

Note by typist: Mrs. Conklin was unable to complete the 1937 diary in that she became ill with heart trouble. She resumes the entries on January 12, 1938.

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