1940 Diary of Minnie Conklin

January 1 Monday, 20º above zero, 9 A.M. Pleasant. Snow plows stuck on Gilmore hill. Children could not slide with their new bobs. Elaine and I had oysters & chicken.

January 2 Tuesday, 1940. Roads open. Elaine, 15; Leonard, 11; and Rolla 9, went to school. Wm. and Doris went to Pamelia to a party last eve. Shirley, 2, is fine.

January 3 Wednesday. William and Doris selected a new black coat for me yesterday. Elaine has new aque-marine coat, white parka, and mittens.

January 4 Zero morning. Have new batteries for the radio. Heard Pres. Roosevelt’s message to Congress yesterday. Hopes we may not be obliged to be at war.

January 5 Friday, 10º - 7:30 A.M. Radio brings news of Finnish successes in her defense against Russia. Wm. and Allan sawed wood for Eddie Evans.

January 6 Sat. 14º above at noon. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schweitzer spent last evening at Wm.’s and Doris’. W. & D. went to Watertown. Heard Mrs. Roosevelt, Dorothy Thompson, Inf. Paralysis Program.

January 7 Sunday, 22º below 7 A.M. Zero noon. Too cold to go to church. Enjoyed many things on the radio - Dr. Sackman, Moody Bible School, and supreme court justice, Frank Murphy.

January 8 Monday. Zero morning. Pleasant. Jennie Cummings passed away Sat. morning at Mercy Hospital. Funeral at Chaumont today. Wat died Nov. 1, 1936.

January 9 Tuesday, 14º below, 7 A.M. Sunny. Mrs. Effie I. Carlton, 81, died yesterday in Boston. She wrote the lullaby, Rock-a-bye Baby at the age of 15, also music.

January 10 Wed. Warmer, pleasant. Wm. and Allan got wood from the woods with the team. Much snow. Children went to school as usual - listened to radio over here.

January 11 Thurs., 20º above - morning. Doris is making a pretty crocheted spread for her table. Finland is making a brave fight against Russian invasion.

January 12 Friday, 30º above zero - morning. Snow sifting. Children at home. Figured a sale of cheese, Net $1.54. Mail came late in the afternoon.

January 13 Sat., 36º above - Fine winter day. Snow plow went through early. Elaine rode to Brownville with Daddy and took her piano lesson of Miss Hall.

January 14 Sunday. Pleasant, A.M. Rain & wind, P.M. Gilbert Lamon came and Elaine and I rode over to church with him. Mr. Harrison preached a fine sermon, “Commanding respect.”

January 15 Monday, Windy, Snow Flurries. Wm. & Doris went to W-- for glass for the boys window and three panes for my kitchen storm windows broken in last evening’s storm.

January 16 Tues. A below zero day again. William got three new tubes for my radio yesterday. Wm. & Doris went to see Ethel Peck today. Her farm home is for sale.

January 17 Wed., 26º below zero. Have written to Mrs. Zachary and Henrietta Gladwin. Am reading Ordeal by Nevil Shute. Children busy with music and school work.

January 18 Thurs. 10º below morning. Storm, P.M. Sen. Borah has had a cerebral hemorrhage. Wm. & D. went to City for groceries. Wm. & Allan drew a load of wood from the woods.

January 19 Friday. Zero morning. Bad storm. No school bus, milk truck or mail today. All comfortable here. Elaine is outlining a Life of Theodore Roosevelt. Doris made ice cream.

January 20 Sat. Zero. Senator Borah passed away last evening. Funeral from the Senate Chamber, Mon. noon. Storm continues, roads blocked.

January 21 Sun. 10º above zero. All well. Children happy. Went to church several times by radio. Heard good music. Began storming again toward eve.

January 22 Mon. Below zero most of the day. The storm is wide spread. Radio says all roads out of Watertown unbroken. Zero in Alabama. Allan walked to Brownville for supplies.

January 23 Tues. 30º below zero at 9:00 A.M. No snow plow yet. Sunny. Blizzards in Dixie Land. All pretty well. Boys enjoy the deep snow. Doris took their picture in it.

January 24 Wed. 20º below zero, morning. Snow plow came through about 11 A.M. Mail came via B--. Wm. went to W-- for coal for me and groceries. Letters from G. Anna and Bessie.

January 25 Thurs. Beautiful zero day. Mr. Bence brought cheese returns. Net 1.60. No school bus yet. Wm. & D- went to a sewing bee and dinner at F. Schweitzer.

January 26 Friday. Below zero all day. Children went to school. Sent letter and birthday gift to Anna and Bessie. Elaine passed 90 in 2nd year latin. Boys passed well.

January 27 Sat. 20º below zero, 9 A.M. Rec’d Sheffield check. Test 4.1. Price 2.32. B’ville C & S brought me a ton of coal, $11.50. Wm. dressed a hog for home use. Has two more and 24 pigs.

January 28 Sunday. 18º below zero morning. Sunny but about 10º below zero all day. Gilbert came over. Enjoyed the radio, “service & song.” Doris sent over soup for supper.

January 29 Monday, 32º below zero at 6 A.M. Plenty of snow. Children went to school. Wm. & Allan cut a dead apple tree for wood. Doris did her washing and mine. A beautiful, sunny day.

January 30 Tuesday. Another 30º below morning. Pleasant but below zero all day. Wm. & D- have gone to Watertown, P.M. Shirley is with me. Wrote to Cousin Truman Ackerman, Unionville, Mich.

January 31 Wed. Warmer today. Pleasant. My thermometer has been registering too low. Wm. paid our county tax yesterday, $124.84. Doris get new glasses from Wm. Morgan.


February 1 Thurs. Mild, cloudy. Dear Bert passed away 3 yrs. ago today. Rec’d letter from Mabel F-. Wrote to Lou Reeves and Jennie Laing, who are in the hospital with fractures.

February 2 Friday. Sunny. A cold wind. Wm. drew hay yesterday from the Weaver farm. School bus did not go through today. J. M. Carelli passed away Tues. following an operation.

February 3 Sat. Pleasant. Cold morning. Wm. and the boys drew hay. Doris made ice cream - Alan froze it. Elaine and I heard Lily Pons in Lucia de Lammermoor. God has been kind.

February 4 Sunday. A beautiful winter day. There is about 2 ft. of snow. This is Wm.’s 37th birthday. Gilbert there for dinner. Harry, Fred & Florence Schweitzer came in the afternoon.

February 5 Mon. 32º, noon, fine day. Wm. brought a sleigh ride party of 17 young people from Brownville over to his home for an evening of games & a lunch.

February 6 Tues. 30º morning. Snow flurries, A.M. Wm. & D. went over to see Florence and to Watertown for armature for the carburetor. Shirley stayed with me.

February 7 Wed. Mild, pleasant. Answered Mabel’s nice letter. Mr. Harrison came and enjoyed our visit. First day of Lent. All pretty fine here.

February 8 Thurs. About freezing, snow squalls. Mr. Bence brought cheese returns. Net $1.60. We listen for news of the Russian attacks on brave little Finland.

February 9 Friday. Nice winter day. Mrs. Elva Lloyd has passed away. Leaves five children - one a week old babe. Made out cheese checks. W & D made sausage.

February 10 Sat. Mild. Rainly toward night. Elaine made lovely rolls and black currant pie. Alan went to Watertown for diversion. This was my dear father’s birthday.

February 11 Sunday. Pleasant. A very quiet day at home. Baby Shirley was our dinner guest. Wrote to Rev. C. F. Holcombe, a word in praise of our pastor, Rev. H. H.

February 12 Mon. Sleet, rain toward evening. No school today. Rev. and Mrs. Harrison were at Williams for supper and Shirley was baptized. She was a nice girl.

February 13 Tues. 10º above at noon. Sunny. Cold wind. Snow plow goes through. Wm. & Alan drew hay from the Weaver farm.

February 14 Wed. Snowing and blowing. Bus brought the children from school at noon. Mr. Harrison took a copy of the new Songalogue, “Jean Valjean” to Elaine at school. She made raspberry pie, A.M.

February 15 Thursday. 16º above. M. Beautiful. No school bus. Plow at 12:30. Mail came. Lou Reeves passed away Mon., Feb. 12. Funeral today at Rosamonds. Could not go.

February 16 Friday. School bus came. Small party at the school house in the evening. The Finns are holding out against Russian attacks.

February 17 Sat. 16º above morning. Pleasant. Elaine went to B- and took her music lesson of Miss Hall. Allen took the boys to a movie, “Charlie McCarthy,” etc.

February 18 Sun. 14º, cloudy. Elaine went to rehearse at 3 P.M. and sing at the evening service. Stayed with Grandma G. Pres. Roosevelt is at Panama today.

February 19 Mon. 20º morning. Icy. Elaine rode over here on the bus this morning. Wm. & Allan are filling the ice house on the Weaver farm for our use.

February 20 Tues. 20º morning. Icy - pleasant. F. Schweitzer helped fill ice house. Florence came over. Mr. Bence brought cheese returns. Net 1.50. Snow plow did us good service.

February 21 Wed. Pleasant. Icy. Wm. & D. attended a little 40th birthday party for Fred Schweitzer. Doris made the birthday cake.

February 22 Thurs. Zero morning. Pleasant. Lowell Thomas gave the first sponsored radio television program last eve. It is to be a regular feature soon.

February 23 Friday. Snow sifting. Children went to school. Snow plow came through. Elaine, Allan and I had a fresh egg and toast lunch in the evening.

February 24 Sat. 10º above morning. A bad storm - road filling. Elaine practiced her piano lesson and made rolls. Boys made a toy telephone - cans and string.

February 25 Sunday. Cold, sunny, roads filled. Doris made ice cream yesterday. Snow plow passed at 3 P.M. Elaine has had a bad tooth ache - a double second tooth.

February 26 Mon. 12º Below zero morning. Elaine had tooth drawn. Mr. Relyea had his cheese factory stock transferred to F. Bence. Our team drew E. Evans car out of a snowbank.

February 27 Tues. 4º below at 8 A.M. Elaine’s face has been sore and painful. We had cream of celery soup for dinner and chicken soup for supper. Sheffield check, net $2.30.

February 28 Wed. Slight rise in temperature. Elaine went to school. Had my radio battery charged. Congress voted a $20,000,000 to Finland and the same to China.

February 29 Thursday. Mild, looks stormy. Nellie Lamphear’s & Mary Phillips’ birthday. Kermit Roosevelt goes to aid of Finland. Pres. Roosevelt sends Sumner Welles to Europe as peace envoy.


March 1 Friday. Cold wind. Snow banks 3 ft. deep. Nice one track road to B- etc. Elaine went with her folks to a school house party.

March 2 Sat. Zero morning. Mild. P.M. The usual happenings. Baked potatoes, cream & apple dumpling menu. World events are of major interest. Sumner Welles talked with Hitler.

March 3 Sunday. Pleasant - A.M. Rainy, P.M. Elaine and I went to church and S.S. Rev. Harrison preached from Mark 2, 3-5. Wm., Doris and Allan saw the Dionne’s in the movies.

March 4 Monday, Snow melting some. Children went to school. Received a nice letter about a poem from Marjorie Snell, a niece of Mrs. Stephanie Brockway, Calif.

March 5 Tuesday. Mild. Pleasant. Have cheesework for today and tomorrow. D. & W. went to Watertown. Baby Shirley stayed with me.

March 6 Wed. About 30º. Elaine, Leonard & Rolla went on the school bus to Watertown to a movie - “Andy Hardy gets spring fever” etc.

March 7 Thurs. Mild. H. Washburn who worked for us last summer is dead. There is still snow enough to block the track where not broken.

March 8 Friday. About freezing. Wm. and Allan drew sawdust from the Sulphite to cover the ice in the icehouse. Wm. and Doris went to a party at P. P.

March 9 Sat. Snow sifting. The men dressed a 200# hog for home use. Allan went away for overnight. Russia offers drastic peace terms to the Finns.

March 10 Sunday. 10º above, cold wind. Fresh snow made the ground pure white - pretty. Snow plow went through. Heard Dr. Sackman & news from Europe, etc.

March 11 Mon. Zero morning. Sunny. Wm. and Doris went to Watertown for groceries. Shirley stayed with me. Doris did our washing. Children at school.

March 12 Tues. 8º below zero. Pleasant. Fred Parker came for the church budget. Had a nice visit. Russia and Finland signed peace terms this P.M. Sad.

March 13 Wed. 8º below zero. Sunny day. Elaine home with a cold. She did my ironing. Wm. & D. went to W-- to pay ins. on farm buildings and contents.

March 14 Thurs. 30º above. Rain and snow. Yesterday was Rosamond’s 38th birthday. Had a nice letter from Grandma Gladwyn. Doris is making Elaine a blue-gray jacket.

March 15 Friday. 8 inches of snow fell. Doris has her crotched table spread finished - very pretty. No school bus. Wm. took 2 calves to E. Watertown. Snow plow came.

March 16 Sat. Fresh snow, roads heavy. Some of the family went to a party at the school house last eve. Wm. ground his sausage meat at G & B’s store. Made rolls and cherry pie.

March 17 Sun. Pleasant. 20º above, morning. Wm. took Elaine and I to church and S. S. - Palm Sunday. Mr. Harrison preached on Pillars - useful - well founded, beauty crowned.

March 18 Mon. Pleasant winter day. Doris canned meat and made mince meat. Wm. drew hay. Children went to school. Will Lawyer buried today.

March 19 Tues. Cloudy. Snow toward evening. Mr. Bence brought cheese returns so have had a busy day. Doris made a little blue coat for Shirley.

March 20 Wed. Snow storm. Fair toward night. Spring at 1:24 today. Snow deep. We hoped for peace with justice in Europe, but Germany and England have begun terrific aerial bombardments.

March 21 Thurs. A storm coming. School closed at 2:30 for the Easter vacation. Eight inches of snow fell in Lewis Co.

March 22 Friday. Roads impassable. There is to be a fine Good Friday service at our church tonight if the village roads are broken. Snow sifting.

March 23 Sat. Zero morning. West wind. Snow plow came but track filled rapidly. Wm. went to B-- with team. No mail. Children all played here. Elaine made cherry pie & cheese macaroni.

March 24 Easter Sunday. Road impassable. All at home. Boys played here with homemade engines. Heard service, etc. Fine. Shirley ate supper with Elaine & me.

March 25 Mon. Wind and storm. Leonard and Rolly walked to B-- for supplies. Radio brings news. Heard jewish “Feast of Purim” program. Worst statewide storm of the winter “since 1888.”

March 26 Tues. Leonard & Allan walked to B--. European news was cut off for several hours last Friday by sunspots. Rosamond tried to get here Sunday with a white tulip plant. Left at Grandma G’s.

March 27 Wed. Roads & weather unchanged. Wm. and Doris walked to B--. Wilfred took them to Dexter after the mail. Rec’d letters and Easter cards.

March 28 Thurs. Fine winter’s day. Wm. drove team as far as Ball’s. Truck met him with coal and feed. W. & D. walked to B-- took bus to W-. 4 P.M. snow plow came through.

March 29 Friday. Thawing some today. The two men on the snow plow were at Wm.’s for supper last eve. Got hay, coal and feed by truck today. W. & D. went to F. Schweitzers for supper.

March 30 Sat. Rainy afternoon. 40º above. Leonard and Elaine tapped a few trees. Allen went away last eve for a couple of days. Laura Zimmerman was buried today.

March 31 Sun. Pleasant. Snow melting. Gilbert came. Allan came back. Went to church by radio. National Vesper service was about the “pew” and was a tribute to it.


April 1 Mon. Roads slushy in places. School bus and mail came. Wm. took our milk to the cheese factory. They set up a new brooder stove. Rec’d nice letter from Rosamond.

April 2 Fine spring day. Flood waters have done much damage in Penn, and other states. Robins are here. Cheese work today.

April 3 Wed. Bertha Adderly’s farm home and contents burned March 25th. 12 dead from floods. 25,000 refugees are returning to their homes in Penn.

April 4 Thursday. Mild. A fire in the church annex last Sat. ruined the junior choir robes, etc. Loss was covered by insurance.

April 5 Friday. Pleasant. Cold wind. Wilfred & Bessie brought the plant that Rosamond left there for me. Party at the school house. Kitten born April 1.

April 6 Sat. Pleasant. Wm., Doris and Allan went to a Cozy Corner Class sugar party at Verna Peebles, Deer River. Bought two new tires for the car today.

April 7 Sun. Mild, pleasant. Wm. took Elaine and me over to church & S. S. Sermon on Talents. Elaine & Shirley visited Grandma & the boys, Alvin, yesterday.

April 8 Mon. Rainy. Our milk went to Sheffield. Elaine, Leonard & Rolla went on the school bus to a show. Saw Gene Autry in Blue Mountain Skies, Jane Withers and Boy Friend.

April 9 Tues. Cloudy, muddy, mild. Germany send troops to Norway, also to Denmark. English & French send troops to Norway. Naval and air battles believed imminent.

April 10 Wed. Pleasant. Furious battles in Norway, on land, sea and air trying to drive the german troops. Our water tank has been taken.

April 11 Thurs. Pleasant, cooler. D. & W. had 200 Rhode Island Red chicks arrive today from Iowa. 71 years ago yesterday, dear Bert was born here on the farm.

April 12 Friday. Light snow. Elaine attended a birthday party for Lillian Johnson. English lost four boats and Germans, eighteen in Wed.’s battle.

April 13 Sat. Colder. The war in Norway continues. It is no one’s victory yet. All Europe seems to be preparing for coming war trouble.

April 14 Sunday. 20º above. Windy. Dr. Sackman’s son was killed last week. Dr. Elmore M. McKieth preached on spiritual residence. Text. Rev. l,l0.

April 15 Mon. 40 degrees. Cloudy. The Frontenac Paper Co. offered Allan a job as machine tender. Wm. bought 2 tons of hay of W. Allen, $15.00 per ton, 2.00 drawing.

April 16 Tues. Mild. Sunny. Elaine entertained thirteen people from our school district last evening. Allan went to Dexter to work.

April 17 Wed. Mild. Foggy toward night. Wm. and I went to the cemetery yesterday P.M. Mr. Bence brought the cheese returns. Price 13-1/2 - Net $1.12

April 18 Thurs. Rainy morning. Fighting on land, sea and in the air continues in and around Norway. All Europe tense awaiting developments.

April 19 Friday. Pleasant. W.F.M.S. meeting at Grandma Gladwyn’s. Could not go. Sorry. Wm., D. & Elaine went to a school house party.

April 20 Sat. Cold wind. Rainy evening. Wm. & D. went to Watertown for groceries. Elaine and I entertained Shirley. The boys helped with the farm work.

April 21 Dr. Sackman has given up the Federation services. Other plans have been made. Wm. sick today. Rosamond & Mrs. Coseo here.

April 22 Mon. Rain and snow. Wm. better. Leonard stayed at home from school to help. Frank Lucas came to help us for awhile.

April 23 Tues. Pleasant. Rolly’s 10th birthday. Nice boy. Doris made a birthday cake and we gave him the usual presents. Thomas Davis was married Sat.

April 24 Wed. Pleasant. Harry Schweitzer helped Wm. today. Drew a load of hay from Mr. Gonseth’s farm nearby. Price $10.00. Have coal fires yet.

April 25 Thurs. Mild, pleasant. Cheese work today. Price 13-1/2. Net $1.11. Harry helped Wm. put the pump from below the hill to the house well. Bought pulverizer, $100.00.

April 26 Fri. Pleasant. About 50º. Blanche Seeber here. Edna Northrup is going to Watertown to live. Allan came back to work for us. Grass is getting green.

April 27 Sat. Pleasant. Light frost. Elaine rode her wheel to B-- and took her music lesson. William not feeling well. Dr. advises an operation.

April 28 Sun. About 50º. Elaine and three young friends went to Cranberry Lake. Wilfred and Bessie here. William feeling better.

April 29 Mon. Fine spring day. Now on D.S. Time. Have some woods flowers. Started housecleaning a little. Children had a brush bonfire in the evening.

April 30 Tues. Pleasant. The war in Norway is severe with various reports of success for the Germans in their attempts for complete control.


May 1 Wed. Fine spring weather. Children went on the school bus to a movie. Elaine saw “Abe Lincoln in Illinois.” Good. We read the book together.

May 2 Thurs. Rain in the night. Cooler. Bert G. brought the cheese returns, Net $1.13. Warring nations are celebrating Ascension Day - England and Germany.

May 3 Friday. Cooler, cloudy. French and English are withdrawing their troops from Sou. Norway to save defeat. Wm. is making two cement troughs.

May 4 Sat. Chilly, cloudy. The English have given up southern Norway to the Germans. Had a coal fire in the living room. Elaine is helping with spring cleaning.

May 5 Sunday. Warmer. Pleasant. Elaine and Harry S. went to see 3 Cheers for the Irish. Elaine and I went to church & S. S. Rev. Harrison’s subject was Prisoners of Hope. Shortcake today.

May 6 Mon. Cool wind. Doris washed for themselves and for me today. She and the boys are cleaning up the yard. Wm. has been our boy 35 years, May 4th.

May 7 Tues. Pleasant, cool. School meeting. C. Soper elected trustee succeeding Wm. who has been trustee for six years.

May 8 Wed. About 50º. Wrote to Pres. Roosevelt about a day of prayer for peace. Allan had a vacation this P.M.

May 9 Thurs. Pleasant, cool. Our last separate meeting of the District, home & foreign missionary societies held at First Methodist - Watertown.

May 10 Friday, Pleasant. 50º at 6 P.M. This was my mother’s birthday. Ernest Cook here for information abaout Muscalonge cemetery. Germans are bombing the Allied countries.

May 11 Sat. Cool. Prime Minister N. Chamberlain has resigned and W. Churchill taken his place in England. German bombing continues.

May 12 Sun. Cool, pleasant. Mothers Day. Elaine and I went to church - beautiful sermon by Mr. Harrison. Anna and family & Rosamond & family here.

May 13 Mon. Cool, pleasant. Men are surveying for a new road. Germans advancing. Queen Wilhemina has fled to London and moved her government there.

May 14 Tues. Weather continues cool. Turned the dairy out to pasture yesterday. Holland has ceased resistance and German army tries to break the Maginot Line.

May 15 Wed. Warmer - static. Doris dyed her grey coat a nice black. The Allies & Belgians are repulsing the Germans today at the Maginot Line, etc.

May 16 Thurs. Cooler. Light electric storm. Nice rain. Cheese returns, p. 13-1/2, net 1.12. French, English and Belgians are fighting bravely to save their country.

May 17 Friday. Cloudy, about 40º. W.F.S.S. met at Mrs. Wrights. Could not go. The Germans have taken Brussels and broken an extension of the Maginot Line.

May 18 Sat. Cool. The French are holding back the German invasion of the use of world war guns, .75 (?) The shells are perhaps made in Watertown.

May 19 Sunday - Pleasant day. Elaine & I attended beautiful service at church. Perhaps Mr. Harrison’s last sermon. Mrs. Clara Jacobs, Rochester, spoke in S.S.

May 20 Mon. Pleasant. Thunder storm last evening. The children had gone in Mr. Holder’s new car to Black River. Arrived home safely.

May 21 Tues. Fine day. The Germans are turning toward the English Channel. Congress has voted $3,182,000,000 for defense preparation. ($1,182,000 today)

May 22 Wed. 70º at 7:30 P.M. Wm. and Doris are going to Ruth Farmers tonight for Florence S. England voted to commandier men and property for defense.

May 23 Thurs. 64º at 7:30 P.M. Pleasant. The vast Allied armies are in a serious position and Germans are near the channel coast. U.S. speeds up defense preparations.

May 24 Friday. About 70º at 7:30 P.M. Rosamond and Mrs. Hynes came with new urns and plants for them and took me to the cemetery. Allies holding their own.

May 25 Sat. A little rainy. Cooler. Gilbert L - brought us some nice fish. The Germans continue to try to “pocket” the Allied troops in Belgium. 1,000,000 men.

May 26 Sunday. Nice rain. This is England’s day of prayer. Went to church. Elaine sang in the Junior choir. Rev. B. L. Waters, Massena preached.

May 27 Mon. Cooler. Conference closed at Asbury. Mr. Harrison goes to Sandy Creek. Mr. Wakeman comes to us from Antwerp. Special school meeting.

May 28 Tues. Cool, cloudy. King Leopold of Belgium against the wishes of his people surrendered to the Germans. Elaine went to a party at the Adams cottage.

May 29 Wed. Cool, cloudy. Mary Soper came for names for a quilt for Rev. & Mrs. Harrison. Belgium renounces King Leopold. Allies left in a serious position.

May 30 Thurs. Decoration Day. Pleasant. Wm. and the boys went to Perch River fishing. The troops in the Belgian German pocket are being evacuated to England. Losses heavy on both sides.

May 31 Friday. A providential fog envelopes Dunkerque and the English channel. An armada of 100 english carry trapped soldiers in Belgium to England.


June 1 Sat. Cool. Light showers. Elaine went to W- yesterday and bought a summer dress - white ground (sic) with blue and rose design - with her own earnings.

June 2 Sunday. Cooler, cloudy A.M. Bert and I were married 43 years ago tonight. Home today. Heard M. L. Roe in a service, Syracuse Univ. baccalaurate by Dean Wm. H. Power.

June 3 Elaine and I went to a farewell party at the church for Rev. & Mrs. Harrison. Elaine played. Germans bombed Paris. 100 dead.

June 4 Tues. Fine June day. Cemetery meeting here. Mrs. Pelton, Henry & Allen came. English report 30,000 killed or wounded in Flanders. German losses greater.

June 5 Wed. Pleasant. Elaine & Rolla went to W- on the school bus to go to a show. Germans are massed on a 110 mi. front in the Somme section.

June 6 Thursday. Fair. The movie last eve was “Children of the Wild” and was good. Wm. has put in a force pump below the hill to cool milk, etc.

June 7 Friday. Pleasant at night. Thunderstorm. Mabel Fulton came to plan for the June W.F.M.S. meeting. Mr. Sterling, principal of the Dexter school is seriously ill.

June 8 Sat. Pleasant. 70º at 6:30 P.M. Elaine painted her wheel a pretty blue. The French are bravely resisting the Germans, trying to save their beloved France.

June 9 Sunday. Fine day in many ways. Elaine and I heard our new pastor, Mr. Wakeman, and also went in the evening to a Children’s Day. All of our family at Grandma G. for dinner.

June 10 Mon. Pleasant. 70º at 6:30 P.M. Entry of Italy into the war against the Allies comes at 12 tonight (this time). Nettie Rice died last night from a heart attack.

June 11 Tues. Cloudy. Allen went away last evening. Italy is bombing Malta, Suez, etc. French are holding pretty firm lines against furious attacks.

June 12 Wed. Fine. Warm. Cheese work today. Net 1.14. The Germans are 11 mi. from Paris and leaving destruction in their wake. Capital moved to Tours.

June 13 Thursday. Sultry. Pres. Roosevelt pledges all possible aid to the Allies except going to war. Children having tests - all passing well.

June 14 Friday. Cooler, pleasant. Flag Day. Paris declared “open city.” Germans in possession. Capital moved to Bordeaux. Queen Elizabeth broadcasts message of sympathy to French women.

June 15 Sat. Early morning storm. June 14, 1777 Continental Congress passed an act making the stars and stripes the flag of our country.

June 16 Sunday. 56º at 8 P.M. Pleasant. Sermon by Rev. Wakeman: “And if that is christianity.” Talk in S.S. by Mrs. Kann, Vienese refugee, staying at the Wicks’ cottage.

June 17 Monday. Pleasant. 76º at 4 P.M. Went to Watertown with Doris. France has sadly capitulated to the Germans. Great Britain will continue to defend itself along.

June 18 Tuesday. Thunder storm evening. Hitler and Mussolini met at Munich to decide on terms for France. William hired Mr. Brown to work for us on the farm.

June 19 Wed. Pleasant. Mr. Brown gone at 5 A.M. Elaine and I attended reception for Rev. & Mrs. Wakeman. Rolla went to school picnic at City Park.

June 20 Thursday. Cool, rainy morning. Was sick in bed. Leonard went to school picnic City P. Pres. Roosevelt names Stinson and Knox, rep. secretaries of war & navy.

June 21 Friday, 50º at 8 P.M. Adolph Hitler met French delegates at Forest of Campiegne to deliver armistice terms. Elaine picniced (sic) at Cedar Point.

June 22 Saturday. Elaine passed 96 in 2nd year latin and 86 in history regents. Doris & boys pick field strawberries. “France signs armistice.”

June 23 Sunday. Cool. Wm.’s family had picnic at P.P. Elaine stayed with me. Grandma G with us for supper. French gone to Rome for their armistice terms.

June 24 Monday. Cool, rain. Leonard drives tractor. Wm. starts sowing 14 acres of corn. France capitulates to Mussolini. Rep. nat. convention in Phila., Pa.

June 25 Tues. 58º. Showers. Day of mourning in France. Ten days of rejoicing in Germany. Ralph and Olive C. came to Wm.’s. Heard Ex-Pres. Hoover in convention address.

June 26 Wed. 50º evening. Rainy. Wm. took out coal grates, put in oil burner for me. Cheese work came, Net $1.15. Gilbert Lamon goes to New York to exposition with graduating class.

June 27 Thurs. Temperature around 50º. Doris had a “permanent.” Sheffield milk check net only $1.34. Wm. bought a bull yesterday from Timerman farm, price $45.00.

June 28 Friday. Cool weather continues. Elaine and I attended the Muscalonge school reunion and took part in the program. Rep. candidates for Pres. & V.P., Wilkie & McNary.

June 29 Sat. 50º evening, windy, cloudy. Wm. is still doing the farm work without a hired man. Wet weather has made delays but 14 acres of corn are sown.

June 30 Sunday, 55º at 6 P.M. Rev. L. W. Wakeman preached a fine sermon on “One’s Morale.” Elaine played in S.S. It was a fine, helpful day.


July 1 Mon. Continued cold, showers. Elaine went with Doris to W- got cloth for a pink cotton and blue flowered voile dress. Russian takes Bessarabia.

July 2 Tuesday. Cool. Fire in sitting room. Rec’d card from Gilbert yesterday, New York. Florence Cloverd visited here and Wm.’s. Elaine is making her pink dress - her first attempt.

July 3 Wed. Cool, but sunny. My dear mother passed away 39 yrs. ago today and father 11 yrs. July 7. Germany and England are taking heavy tools with bombs.

July 4 Thursday. Cool. Sunny. The 164th year of “Independence.” An $11,000,000 war defense program markes this year of our nation. Europe’s war may shift to Romania.

July 5 Friday. Pleasant. 60º. Cheese work, net $1.17. England in a surprise move took the French fleet yesterday. Attempt to bomb british (sic) exhibit, World’s Fair, N. Y. City.

July 6 Sat. Fair, warmer. Wm. is plowing 5 acres for buckwheat. Rolla has had strawberry sore mouth. Wm., Doris and Elaine went to party at P.P., Thurs. eve.

July 7 Sunday. Fine day. Went to church by radio. Wm.’s folks had dinner on the hill where they are building a shack for the boys. Schweitzers came to supper.

July 8 Monday 70º at 7 P.M. Fine day. Doris, Elaine, Shirley and I went to the cemetery. Took pink and white roses. Wm. and family are all very busy.

July 9 Tues. Pleasant, not too warm. Gilbert came over to show us his new Plymouth car. Wm. put an ad in The Times for a hired man.

July 10 Wed. 70º at 7 P.M. No reply to “ad.” Started haying today. Wm. and the boys are milking 15 cows. France signs away its rights as a democracy.

July 11 Thurs. 50º at 6 P.M. Raining. Mr. Bence brought cheese returns. $1,500.00 sale - Lbs. of milk, 107517 (sic). Price 14-1/2, Net $1.19. Lbs. of cheese made 9725. Germans bomb England daily.

July 12 Friday. 60º - pleasant. Elaine went to W- and to Grandma Gladwyn’s for dinner. News is censored but Britain is returning german & italian bombs.

July 13 Saturday. 60º. Sunny. Elaine had an appointment with hairdresser at W- this P.M. Wm. has a nice little pup which he has named Carlo.

July 14 Sunday. Cool, pleasant. Eight of our young people who attended Trenton Institute had charge of our service. Fine. Elaine sang with the junior choir.

July 15 Monday. 70º at 6 P.M. Woodrow Farmer is working for us at $1.50 per day. Made a small blackcap pie from berries Rolla picked. My radio battery is down.

July 16 Tuesday. 60º at 6 P.M. Fair. Dem. Nat’l Con. in session at Chigao. The ‘third term’ for Mr. Roosevelt is opposed by some good democrats.

July 17 Wed. 70º at 7 P.M. Pleasant. Rosamond made us a pleasant call this afternoon. She brought Elaine a pretty peasant dress. England calmly prepares for Germany’s promised “blitzkrieg.”

July 18 Thursday. 70º at 8 P.M. Fine day. Cheesework. All busy haying. Dem. convention nominated Roosevelt & Wallace. Russia & Turkey form an alliance - Germany awaits result.

July 19 Friday. 75º at 7 P.M. No breeze. Haying going nicely but all tired. Hitler offers peace to England as planes bomb. England shoots down 11. Sinks clipper in Med. (40 knot ?).

July 20 Sat. 66º at 6:40 P.M. An all day rain. Not much doing. Roosevelt is criticized for his nomination for third term. Germans and Italians continue attack on Gibraltar.

July 21 Sunday. 68º at 7:30 P.M. Pleasant. At home. Heard Federation service, also service at World’s Fair. Report of Pan American conf. at Havana. Sec. Hull attending. W. & D. took boys to airport opening.

July 22 Monday. Uncertain weather. We saw a parachute jump & stunts at the airport last eve. Wm. & D. went to W- for wire for fence, roofing to repair horsebarn, etc.

July 23 Tuesday. 75º at 7:30. Warm day. Summer Bible school at our church this week. Elaine couldn’t attend this year. Ruth Farmer’s stepfather died suddenly July 22.

July 24 Wed. 70º at 7 P.M. Sultry. Mr. & Mrs. Joe Cox have left Bert Gilmore’s. Rev. Mr. Wakeman came and enjoyed his coming. Elaine made a fine huckleberry pie.

July 25 Thursday. Nearly 80º evening. Dear little Shirley is 3 yrs. old today and all have tried to make it a happy day for her. “Cheese work.” Donald LaBreck and friends here last eve.

July 26 Friday. 70º at 8 P.M. Sultry day. Men busy cultivating corn, haying, etc. Boys doing their part. Elaine picked blackcaps for pie. Doris busy. Letter from Henrietta G.

July 27 Sat. 70º at 7 P.M. Humid, calm. Hay not curing very fast. Wm. and Woodrow work on our car in P.M. Our children invited to Holder’s for John’s birthday - had cake and popcorn.

July 28 Warm, pleasant. Doris took Elaine and me to church. Missionary sermon by Mr. Wakeman, “The Watchers.” In Mr. Smith’s class. Grandma Gladwyn & family came.

July 29 Mon. Shower in late afternoon. Too much static to get radio news tonight. Germans made heavy air-raids on England but lost 20 planes. Refugees from vanquished countries suffer.

July 30 70º at 8 P.M. Showers in morning. Yesterday, 29th, brother “Will Conklin’s” natal day. Harry Schweitzer just brought us a quart of lovely red raspberries. All 21 american (sic) countries sign treaty at Havana.

July 31 Wed. Cool, lovely day. Amid all the loveliness nations prepare for war and defense. Pres. F.D.R. asks for 320,000 in training for Nat’l. Guard, signs gas embargo to conserve it.


August 1 Thursday. Today around 60º. A fine day to work & all busy. Cheese work for me - haying, housework, etc. for the rest. Army bombers are coming to the airport.

August 2 Friday. A beautiful day. All fine tonight - but the rest are tired. Finished checks. Net, 1.17. Sheffield’s paid us $1.28 minus .15 per hundred for drawing.

August 3 Sat. 72º at 7 P.M. Pleasant. Our milk goes to the cheese factory tomorrow morning. The World War started 26 yrs. ago today. This is the 334 day of the present war.

August 4 Sun. Pleasant. At home. Heard fine Vesper Service (radio) also Col. Lindberg (poor) and Gen. Pershing (good). Our family went to airport to see the army bombers.

August 5 Mon. Rain last night. 25 yrs. ago yesterday the British empire united in a prayer service in connection with the declaration of war against Germany.

August 6 Tues. Rain again last night. Rain delayed haying. Geraldine Shaver, Lyons Falls, called to see us with her husband and 1-1/2 year old son.

August 7 Wed. Pleasant - fine weather. Rosamond came for Elaine and me to go home with her for supper. Carl brought us home in the evening.

August 8 Thursday. 66º at 7:30 P.M. Fine. Cheese work for me. Wm. has finished our haying. Planned to go to the Weaver farm for haying but tenant in house objected.

August 9 Friday, 72º at 7 P.M. Fine day. Finished cheesework. Wrote to Emma Schmidt. Wm. is fixing the brakes on the car. German & Italian attacks on England and Somililand increase.

August 10 Sat. 78º at 7 P.M. Still, warm day. Mr. Waggoner died last eve. “Times” carried history of Dexter M.E. church taken from my father’s diary. Also in “Quiet Hour” my poem, “In Blossom Time.”

August 11 Sun. Beautiful warm day. Doris took Elaine and me to church and S.S. Rev. F. A. Miller preached a fine sermon on “The Talents.” Army planes busy at airport.

August 12 Mon. Pleasant - warm. Gladys Campbell came for supper and took Elaine and me to the cemetery and to the Ford Fulton cottage for a call. Fine.

August 13 Tues. Pretty warm day. Our “men and boys” are haying at the Weaver farm. Germany sent 500 planes to bomb England and suffered losses herself likewise.

August 14 Wed. Cooler, more breeze. England defended herself and also bombed 5 Italian cities and within 10 mi. of Berlin.

August 15 Thursday. Fine day. Cheese work. Net, 1.18. The rest ate lunch at the Weaver farm. 1000 planes bombed England today. 88 nazi planes reported destroyed.

August 16 Friday. Beautiful weather. Second giant air armada flew over Britain. German losses terrific. The family working at Weaver farm, except Elaine & Shirley, who ate with me.

August 17 Sat. 78º at 6 P.M. Warm day. This is Leonard’s 12th birthday. Pres. Roosevelt visits troops in N.N.Y. We saw 25 army planes in formation leave Dexter airport for review at Canton.

August 18 Sunday. Warm day. Elaine & I were at Williams for Leonard’s birthday dinner - chicken, watermelon, birthday cake, etc. Germany sent bombers to England.

August 19 Mon. Rainy morning. Cooler. Wm. and Doris brought a new Philco cabinet radio Sat. for me to try. Liked it and today they went to Watertown to pay $33.00 cash for it.

August 20 Tuesday. Quite cool. We enjoy the new radio. Not so much bombing in England. “Blue and Black” armies battle for control of the St. Lawrence - 97,000.

August 21 Wed. 50º at 8 A.M. & 8 P.M. This is Aunt Beryl’s birthday and Elaine rode her wheel over to have dinner with her. Doris is making sliced pickles.

August 22 Thursday. Cool, pleasant. This is Earl & Eva’s fortieth wedding anniversary. “Blues” win under Maj. Drum in N.N.Y. The germans (sic) are firing across the Channel.

August 23 Friday. Another cool day. Rain last night. No haying today. Elaine had snapshots of herself enlarged 5 x 7. Pres. Roosevelt given power to call out Nat’l Guard.

August 24 Sat. 50º at 6:30 P.M. Cold wind. Frost cut our buckwheat and corn. Wm. feels discouraged. 1000 german (sic) planes bomb England, with heavy loss to both sides.

August 25 Sunday. Continued cold. At home. Have neuralgia. Elaine stepped on a nail. Heard Federation of Churches services, etc. Elaine went to “The Mortal Storm,” evening.

August 26 Mon. 60º at 7 P.M. Cheesework today. Factory 1.22, Sheffield’s 1.44. Woodrow is moving to the Weaver farm. English bomb Berlin. Germans fail in bombing London.

August 27 Tues. 48º at 8 P.M. Wilfred, Bessie & Grandma Gladwyn here last evening. Heard the McNary acceptance speech for V.P. given at Salem, Oregon.

August 28 Wed. Rain in evening. Wilfred, Bessie, Grandma and Mr. & Mrs. Smith came to supper as previously arranged. Elaine made meatloaf & scalloped potatoes.

August 29 Thurs. Rain last eve. A little tired but busy. Rec’d word that Emma Schmidt, Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Schmidt and son, Billie, are coming from Buffalo.

August 30 Friday. Pleasant. Wm. and Doris went to W-, selected new linoleum, blue and gray for me and Doris helped me put it down.

August 31 Sat. Cloudy, pleasant. My company came about 3 P.M. They have a Dodge car. The young folks, Wm., D. and Elaine went to Watertown in the evening.


September 1 Sunday. Pleasant. The Buffalo friends, Elaine and I called on Iva Kelley, Grandma Gladwyn, and went to the Brownville & Dexter cemeteries.

September 2 Mon. Showers at night. Our guests took Leonard and Elaine on a boat trip around the Thousand Islands. Left for Buffalo about 4 P.M.

September 3 Tues. Windy. Showers last night. Cheesework. Children started school. Men haying. Pres. Roosevelt exchanges 50 destroyers for air bases on England’s “islands.”

September 5 Thurs. Cooler again. 50º at 8 A.M. Elaine takes English, II Year French, History (medieval) and Rudiments of music. Rolla is in Grade V and Leonard, Grade VII.

September 6 Continues cool. Party at schoolhouse for Mr. & Mrs. Rheinhart (Wilma Carter). The german blitzkrieg against England has been intensified.

September 7 Sat. Cool. Wm. finished reaping. The Farmer boys and Doris drew grain. Leonard and Rolla did their part outside and Elaine in the house.

September 8 Sunday. Cool. Wm. has a cold. Doris took Elaine and me to church & S.S. By proclamation of Pres. Roosevelt, this is a day of prayer for peace.

September 9 Mon. Cool. King George VI also proclaimed yesterday a day of prayer for peace. 800 killed, 2000 wounded in air raids on England Sat. and Sunday.

September 10 Tuesday. Cold, windy. Wm. sent the Farmer boys to Lou (sic) Buckminsters to thresh. Wm. has a cold. Germans continue heavy bombing raids on England.

September 11 Wed. 52º - 6 P.M. Cold wind. Germany bombed Buckingham Palace yesterday. No one hurt. English bomb Berlin. England uses new secret defense weapon.

September 12 Thurs. 50º at 7:30 P.M. Rain, P.M. Dexter students stage riot strike because football team is cut to six by the school board to save insurance expense.

September 13 Friday. Slightly warmer. Conscription bill, age 21 to 35 was passed Wed. Bombing of London and Berlin continues. D.H.S. board says only 6 boys suitable for football.

September 14 Sat. night. 60º. Looks rainy. Dear Bert used to say, “Another Saturday night.” Wm., Doris and our boys finished drawing the grain today.

September 15 Sunday. Cool. Rainy evening. Sick with a cold. Heard lovely radio services, etc. from my bed. Germans take death toll but lose 185 planes over London today.

September 16 Mon. Slightly warmer - fair. Dist. meeting at our church with dinner preparing for the new W.S.C.S. Disappointed that I wasn’t well enough to attend.

September 17 Tues. Fine day. Dudley Chapman and Edith Fowler were married Sept. 12th. Germany increasing air attacks on London.

September 18 Wed. Fine weather. 16,500,000 will register for conscription in U.S. Oct. 16th. British bravely repel german (sic) air attacks. Many dead & hurt.

September 19 Thurs. Mild, fine day. Cheesework. Net $1.25. Wm. cutting silo corn. All busy. Rough seas in English Channel may defer Hitler’s threatened invasion.

September 20 Friday. 68º at 6:30. Warm day. Last W.F.M.S. meeting. Martha Parker’s. Could not go. Stockholders meeting at cheese factory. Plan to buy a new cream separator.

September 21 Sat. Fine day. 74º 6 P.M. Silo fillers in P.M. Beryl came with men. Leonard and Rolla helped outside and Elaine in the house.

September 22 Sun. Pretty warm day. Enjoyed the radio service. Grandma Gladwyn, Wilfred and Bessie came. Mrs. Farrington has had a stroke - is in hospital.

September 23 Monday. Fine day. Finished silo filling and had threshers. Wrote to Emma Schmidt. Mabel Fulton came and we had a fine visit about new W.S.C.C., etc.

September 24 Tuesday. Wind and rain. Ruth Merriam and Grace Congdon came on committee business for the new W.S.C.S. that is to be organized in our church.

September 25 Wed. 40º at 8 A.M. and 7 P.M. Pretty cold day. Wm. just sold two old cows, $48.00. Germany and England are bombing fiercely - war rumors come from Spain, Japan, etc.

September 26 Thurs. Another cold day. Ordered 2 tons chestnut coal. Cheesework came. New W.S.C.S. organized at our church this P.M. Have joined but couldn’t attend.

September 27 Friday. Cold wind. Teachers association - no school. Boys are digging potatoes. Wm. filling silo at Bert Gilmore’s. Doris and Elaine go to W- shopping.

September 28 Sat. A little warmer. Wm., Doris and Elaine went to party at schoolhouse. The boys and Shirley had their weekly Fri. eve. “party” with me.

September 29 Sunday. Pleasant, cool. Doris took Elaine and me to church and S.S. Mr. Wakeman preached on “Human lives the best argument to christianity.”

September 30 Monday. Cool, pleasant. We heard Dr. McClung of Asbury church speak at young peoples rally at the Methodist church, Ogdensburg, last evening.


October 1 Tuesday. A wonderful day. Mrs. Relyea and Edith came. Paid a note and interest - $322.50. Wm. and Harry S. are drawing corn from Gonseth farm for our silo.

October 2 Wed. Cool, pleasant fall day. Barns on Zimmerman farm burned yesterday morning. Tenants are the Davis family. Heard W.S.C.S. program, Ogdensburg, on the radio.

October 3 Thurs. Cool. Cheesework. Net $1.26. Hitler and Mussolini confer at Brenner Pass. Wm. and Doris go to war “spy” movie.

October 4 Friday. Pleasant. Cool. Will and Carrie were married 47 yrs. ago today at the Hamburg farm. I was there. Most of those present are gone.

October 5 Sat. Chilly wind - sunny. Elaine has gone to Watertown with Dorothy Mott for a day’s outing. Roy Conklin is in the hospital - had x-rays. Wrote to Glen.

October 6 Sunday. Mild. Rain toward eve. Dorothy came home with Elaine. Had a birthday dinner for Doris. Grandma Gladwyn and family came in the afternoon.

October 7 Monday. Mild, windy, rain. Doris went to Bank for us for money for school tax, $30.00, and other expenses. London and Berlin are having terrific bombing.

October 8 Tues. Rainy morning. See Methodist Hymnal No. 263, v 4 - Ruth Farmer gave a surprise birthday party for Doris - gave her a rose bedspread.

October 9 Wed. 54º at noon. Grace Congdon came to see Doris about their S.S. class party, halloween, and her mother came to see me. Glen came tonight.

October 10 Thursday. Cool. Frost last night. Roy Conklin had an operation and is improving. Elaine and I have finished reading “Florence Nightingale” by Laura E. Richards.

October 11 Friday. Slowly rising temperature. The boys are gathering cider apples to sell. Doris made chili sauce. Glen put on stormdoor and windows for me, etc.

October 12 Saturday. Pleasant fall day. Cheesework. Net l.28. Wm. is plowing. Boys gathered 21 bu. of apples to sell for cider.

October 13 Sunday. Fine - rain last night. Glen took Elaine and me to church & S.S. Met Rev. and Mrs. Harry Caldwell, who are visiting their daughter, Mrs. Wakeman.

October 14 Monday. Fine day. Gladys Campbell left for Farmington this morning. Roosevelt and Willkie (sic), the presidential candidates, are busy.

October 15 Tuesday. Rain last night and today. War preparations continue in many lands and for defense in our U.S. Helen and Jean Holder go to live with their father.

October 16 Wed. Frost last night. Heard Pres. Roosevelt address the young men, 16,604,000, of the selective service draft. This is the first day of registration, ages 21 to 36.

October 17 Thurs. Coldest on record last night for Oct. Temp was 23º. The Burma Road was opened at 12 M. for shipments of arms and supplies to China. Leonard wrote pirate book review (school).

October 18 Friday. Cold wind, cloudy. Cheesework - net $1.40. Elaine is reading The Natives Return by Louis Adamic and Leonard, Saddle and Bridle by Tyeril Hess aloud to me.

October 19 Sat. Cold morning, 20º. Elaine went to Watertown with Gilbert to select a fountain pen for her birthday. Doris gave her a sweater. The boys, Shirley and Flora Hill gave gifts.

October 20 Sunday. Around freezing all day. Doris had a birthday dinner for our dear Elaine’s sixteenth birthday - chicken, cake with candles, etc. Gilbert was there.

October 21 Monday. 18º at 6:30 A.M. Glen got new stove pipe and started a coal fire. Pheasant season opened at noon - many hunters. Heard Winston Churchill address to French.

October 22 Tuesday. Cool. England is taking the offensive against Hitlerism, with success. Hitler is trying to win Spain and France to the Axis powers.

October 23 Wed. Continued cool. Elaine is reading a chinese story. Young Fu, by Elizabeth Foreman Lewis, aloud - also The Glengarry Scyhool Days by Ralph Connor.

October 24 Thursday. Warmer. Cheesework. Net $1.53. The boys sold their cider apples for $4.00. Heard Wendall Willkie speak from his car, Erie, Pa.

October 25 Friday. A fine day. The rest went to a party and the children had a little party with me. Heard Henry Wallace, John L. Lewis and Edward J. Flynn.

October 26 Sat. Cold wind. Allan’s mother was here today. Elaine went to a movie with Harry. She selected her new birthday patent leather pumps.

October 27 Sunday. 32º at 4 P.M. Pleasant. Glen went to see Roy last eve then left for Arcade today. Roy is home but may have another operation. Allan came back today to work.

October 28 Mon. 12º morning. The men are preparing to fix the roofs on the barns. Glen returned last eve and is working. Heard campaign speech by Dewey.

October 29 Tues. 11º above, morning. Italy attacks Greece 5:30 A.M. yesterday. Selective draft opened at noon. First number 158. Pres. Roosevelt spoke. Wm. & D. assist at S.S. party at E. H. Library.

October 30 Wed. Rain at night. W.S.C.S. harvest supper - did not go. Many young men whom we know were called in the draft - some will be selected.

October 31 Thurs. 40º at 5 P.M. Cloudy. Cheesework - busy day. Halloween party at school house. Our folks went - Elaine wore costume and mask.


November 1 Friday. 30º in the morning. Rolly went to little party at G. McWayne’s last eve - wore girl’s costume. Glen took Bert G. to Redwood to hire some farm help.

November 2 Sat. Cloudy. 40º at 4:30 P.M. Campaign speeches every night. Heard Pres. Roosevelt last eve from Music Hall, New York. Heard Dewey, Roosevelt and Willkie tonight.

November 3 Sunday. Beautiful day. Wm. took us to church. Glen came after us. Taught Elaine’s S. S. class. Mr. Wakeman’s subject was “Self respect and Religion” - good.

November 4 Monday. Fine day. Rosamond came for me to spend a couple of days with her but did not go. Did not feel equal to staying very long.

November 5 Tues. Mild - looks rainy. Doris and I went to the cemetery and to E. H. to vote. Hi and Mabel Fulton and Nellie Ford came for awhile.

November 6 Wed. Rain last night and today. Roosevelt wins over Willkie for Pres. Vote - Popular 26,000,000 to 22,000,000. Electoral 468 to 63. States carried 39 to 9. Later report 38 to 10.

November 7 Thurs. Cloudy, snow flurries. Mr. Bence brought cheese returns. Net 1.54. Heard broadcast of Pres. Roosevelt’s welcome on his return to Wash. Our folks attend party Friday eve.

November 8 Friday. Ground white with snow. Elaine enjoyed the party with the young people. Shirley had a party with me. Roosevelt speeds aid to Great Britain.

November 9 Sat. Snow gone, cloudy, cool. Little America, Adm. Byrd and party voted for Pres. Roosevelt 56 to 3. They start home March 1. Tomorrow is go to church Sunday.

November 10 Sunday. Rainy morn. Pleasant day. Heard Dr. Sackman’s Armistice sermon, “The Watchman.” Earthquake in Roumania (sic), many dead. Neville Chamberlain died this morning.

November 11 Mon. Mild, cloudy, rain. Armistice Day. Heard fine programs from Ottawa & Arlington. Pres. Roosevelt spoke at Arlington cemetery. Earthquake in Roumanis today.

November 12 Tues. Colder weather coming. Glen went to Pine Camp but came back. Several hundred men are working preparing quarters for the soldiers.

November 13 Wed. Pretty nice for Nov. Many cases of sabotage in plants making war supplies. Russian representative, Premier Molotoff, confers with Hitler in Berlin.

November 14 Thurs. Mild. Storms in west. 118 dead. English destroy Italian battleships, etc. in Mediterranean. German sub attacks English convoy, 35 out of 38 arrive safely.

November 15 Friday. Several inches of snow. Elaine and the boys went on school bus Wed. eve to see Charlie Chan in Panama. Wm. sold six calves at Stock yard for $142.00.

November 16 Sat. 20º this A.M. Glen went with Wm. and Doris to schoolhouse party. Allan bought cute pair of rubber boots for Shirley and she plays in the snow.

November 17 Sunday. Sleet, rain. Could not go to our beloved church but heard many good things on the radio - one by Walter D. Watson, Syr., on Rev. 4. Altogether good day.

November 18 Monday. Fair weather. My dear father and mother were married 74 yrs. ago today. Elaine went with Al Ling to a little party at the Jerome home.

November 19 Tuesday. Pleasant. Cool. Wm. and Glen were both hired at Pine Camp today to do carpenter work at $1.00 per hour. First army draft men are called.

November 20 Wed. Wind, rain. Wm. and Glen went to Pine Camp to work. Wm. has inside work on the Administration Bldg., so worked all day. Glen came home.

November 21 Thurs. Fair and mild. Thanksgiving Day in 32 states. Cheesework. Men worked at Pine C. Was at Wm’s for Thanksgiving dinner at 6:30 P.M. - chicken, etc.

November 22 Friday. 40º, cloudy. Wm. joined the Union. W. & D. went to Walter Johnson’s to a small party. The Greeks are fighting for liberty against Italians.

November 23 Sat. Cloudy. About 30º. Elaine went out selling serving (silk) kits for school, A.M. Went to Grandma Gladwyns, P.M., to go to Watertown with Bessie.

November 24 Sunday. Rainy. Did not go to church as I had hoped to do. Doris went after Elaine. Wm. has a hard cold. Glen went to Hospital. Roy there, operation.

November 25 Monday. Fair, cold. 20º at noon. A cold wind but Wm. and Glen worked at Pine Camp. Allan busy here. Am making out stockholders dividend, 5%.

November 26 Tuesday. About 20º. Cold wind. This is the last day of my 72nd year and have enjoyed it. Doris gave me gloves, the children a pocketbook. Rec’d beautiful cards.

November 27 Wed. Several inches of snow, 20º. Snowplow went through. Men went to P.C. to work. “Am truly thankful for home, friends, church and hope to prove worthy.”

November 28 Thurs. A zero morning. Wm., Allen and Glen have hard colds but are all working. Doris is busy these days and Elaine and the boys do their part.

November 29 Friday. 20º. Snow flurries A.M. Storm increased. Schoolbus stalled - children came home via Brownville at 5:30. William and Glen arrived home on time.

November 30 Sat. About 20º. Pleasant. Wm. and Glen received their pay envelopes for six days work, $65.00. Elaine went to the City with Glen shopping.


December 1 Sunday. Wintry day. Allen pulled Glen’s car out of a snowslide with the team last eve. Wm. has a hard cold. Have “come to the end of a perfect day.”

December 2 Monday. A bad storm. Zero morning. Children went to school but bus brought them home fearing impassable roads. Wm. some better. Glen walked to B-.

December 3 Tues. 20º below zero tonight. Very cold day. Children went to school. Wm. and Allan went to Watertown for car battery. Mark Lampson is working on Glen’s car.

December 4 Wed. A bad storm. Radio announced 21º below in Watertown. Storm universal. Did cheesework. Net $1.64. Schoolbus came at 8:15 P.M. - (stalled).

December 5 Thursday. Sunny day. Zero night. No mail. No schoolbus. Wm. and Glen went to Pine Camp to work again today. Snowplow came - evening.

December 6 Friday. 12º below, morning. Slowly rising temperature. Children go to school - men go to Pine Camp, but come home at noon, chilled.

December 7 Sat. Sleet, rain. Wm. worked at P.C. in the forenoon. Elaine rode to W- with Glen to do some Christmas shopping.

December 8 Sunday. Colder. Snow flurries. All at home. Wrote some Christmas letters. Elaine is doing up her Christmas gifts. Altogether fine day.

December 9 Monday. Zero morning. Fair. Everyone busy - children at school - men at Pine Camp. Doris washed for herself and me. I wrote Christmas letters, etc.

December 10 Tuesday. Windy, cloudy, thawing. Glenn worked. Wm. & Doris went to W- shopping. Elaine went with the Juniors (28) on the schoolbus to The Times office.

December 11 Wed. Fine day. Italy suffers heavy losses in the war in Africa & Albania. German bombings & shipping raids continue. English also busy.

December 12 Thurs. Snow turning to “slush” Wm. home for the present. Dressed a (blank) pound hog today. Buckminister’s (sic), Harry S. and Allen helped. Beryl came over to Doris’.

December 13 Friday. Zero night. Beautiful moon. Lew and Beryl came to help cut up the hog. Doris made sausage. Glenn worked at P.C. Children went to school. I tied the Children’s gifts.

December 14 Sat. Zero morning. Icy. Elaine went to Watertown for a “permanent.” Allen went to Watertown. War conditions in Europe are bad and uncertain.

December 15 Sun. Very pleasant - but icy. Had hoped to go to church. Was sick in bed. All of our family at home. Pres. Roosevelt has returned from defense inspection (Panama).

December 16 Mon. Thawing. Still very icy. Feeling better. Mr. Bence brought cheese returns.

Glenn came home on acc’t of rain. 6000 men are working at Pine Camp.

December 18 Wed. Nice winter’s day. Could not go to the supper, tree and W.S.C.S. at church yesterday. Mr. Ball came for offering for gift for Mr. Wakeman. Rosamond here today.

December 19 Thursday. Fine day. Wm. & D went shopping last eve. Rosamond brought me nice black crepe dress. Florence S. sent handerkerchief. Emma S., holders. Rec. many cards & letters.

December 20 Friday. Rain P.M. School closed for holidays. Wm. & D- took boys to see Christmas, to the movies and to the S. and B. diner.

December 21 Sat. Mild - First day of winter. Elaine went to W- with Bessie. Glenn took the boys to W- evening. Everyone is Christmas minded.

December 22 Sun. Rainy morn, nice afternoon. Went to church, beautiful service. Elaine sang in the junior choir. Martin and Edith came to Wm’s with gifts for the children.

December 23 Mon. About 10º above, pleasant. Wm., Doris and Elaine went to W- shopping. Doris got her Christmas dress. Elaine sang in junior choir at church, evening.

December 24 Tuesday. Fine day. Finished Christmas mail. Elaine did up last packages. Thank God for a peaceful Christmas. Heard Pres. Roosevelt in greetings to the nation.

December 25 Wed. 40º. Sunny. No snow. Had gifts and dinner at Wm’s. Wonderful time for me. Bessie and Wilfred came - also Gilbert. Heard Pres. Roosevelt, King George VI & “Green Pastures.”


December 26 Thurs. Around 30º. Rain in P.M. Germany and England did not bomb each other Christmas but Hitler moved 300,000 soldiers into Rumania (sic), it is said.

December 27 Friday. About 40º. Foggy. Elaine bought a coat with her Christmas money. Wm. and D. went to a birthday party at Walter Johnson’s for Walter Farmer.

December 28 Sat. Rainy. Ida Gonseth & James Parker were married Dec. 21 - Levi Livermore died Dec. 27. Donald Siver was killed by auto Christmas day.

December 29 Sunday. Rain all day. “Radio Day” Dr. Sackman, “Door of Destiny.” Pres. Roosevelt spoke on our part in the great conflict - to save Great Britain. Good.

December 30 Mon. Mild - Cloudy. U.S. and England pleased with Pres. Roosevelt’s address. Mr. and Mrs. W. Robbins and Bert Gilmore spent the evening here.

December 31 Tuesday. 20º morning. A good year for me is closing. Also a good year for our church, friends and nation. God bless the nations who are fighting for existence.