1941 Diary of Minnie Conklin

January 1 Wed. Another year opens fairly good for all of us. Am especially thankful for myself and for the rest who are dear to me.

January 2 Thurs. Fair, and all fairly well for the New Year. Elaine and I feasted on oysters. Allen away for the day. Glenn at Sodality. Not much snow.

January 3 Fri. The war in Europe with Fascism and Nazi-ism fighting for control, small nations conquered, is the all absorbing topic of interest.

January 4 Sat. 20, light snow. Leonard and Roland went to Uncle Martins yesterday to spend a few days. Most of the family have colds.

January 5 Sunday. Colder. Snow flurries. Boys came home from Uncle Martins. Glenn went to see Roy yesterday and Elaine went shopping.

January 6 Monday. Fine winter day. Sent little poem entitled "Patience" to the Times. Sent slogan for Allen to station WSYR - prize offered.

January 7 Tuesday. Clear, cold weather. Not much snow Doris is having sinus trouble. Wm. has a cold - Glenn home - not feeling well.

January 8 Wed. 40. Vacation over. New addition to the Dexter schoolhouse ready for use.

January 9 Thursday. Warmer, snowing. Wm. and Allen are cutting and drawing wood. I burn oil in the kitchen and coal in living room.

January 10 Friday. Snow flurries. My simple poem, "Patience," was well received by The Times. Pres. Roosevelt asks for 17,485,528,049 for defense.

January 11 Sat. Fine, cold winter day. The children were out with skates and skis. Enough snow to cover the ground.

January 12 Sunday. Mild, Snow squalls. Wm. took Elaine and me to church and S.S. An enjoyable service. Sermon by Rev. Wakeman, 2 Sam. 7.2.

January 13 Monday. Zero morning. Wm. bought 13 bu. of potatoes of Marvin Cean at 60 c. Party at Ruth's for Mrs. Walter Johnson's birthday.

January 14 Tuesday. 20 below zero. Beautiful moonlight evening. Glenn's tire blew out, Gilmore Hill. Wms. car pulled him out of ditch.

January 15 Wednesday, 10 below zero. Cheesework today. Price, 16-1/2, Net $1.55. George Schweitzer has enlisted in the army, goes to Staten Is.

January 16 Thursday. Zero morning. Wrote cheese checks. Tired tonight. Rising temperatures. Sleet storm coming.

January 17 Friday, Central N. Y. schools closed on acc't of icy roads. Snow here - beautiful large flakes. Wrote cards to Anna, Henrietta, Gladys, Mrs. Shaver.

January 18 Sat. Mild, icy, some rain and snow. Elaine stayed over night with Dorothy Mott and they were going to Watertown today.

January 19 Sunday. Pleasant, colder. Elaine came home from Mott's. Could not go to church - tired. It is icy and the boys enjoy it.

January 20 Monday. Cold here, chilly but pleasant in Washington. Heard inauguration of Pres. Roosevelt for the third term - impressive.

January 21 Tuesday, 10 to 20. Regents at school. Elaine home. Am having pain in the top of my head. Wendell Willkie goes to Europe tomorrow.

January 22 Wednesday, About 32. Wm. & D. went to City for auto plates, $14.00. No. 21-75. Sent to doctor for stomach and nerve tonic. Wm. gets dog - S.P.C.A.

January 23 Thursday, 20 . They named the shepherd Queen. Ordered 50 gals. of oil and a ton of coal. Allen, Wm. and Doris went to a movie.

January 24 Friday. Storm throughout the state. Cold. Lord Halifax (?) british (sic) emb. arrives on new cruiser, George V. Met in Bay by Pres. Roosevelt.

January 25 Sat. Cold. Elaine went to Watertown with Glenn, to do a little shopping. Glenn went to Roy's to spend the evening.

January 26 Sunday. Zero. Rosamond and Jean came. Carl and Rosamond expect to go to Florida soon. Wm., Doris & Elaine went to Farmers. Father Kelley there, 23 girls.

January 27 Mon. Zero. The girls at Farmers last night were members of the sodality. Elaine and Doris played for them. Allen went to Watertown this P.M.

January 28 Tuesday. Zero morning. Clear and cold. Allen came back today. Wendell Willkie is having a warm reception in England.

January 29 Wed. Beautiful, cold day. Cheesework. Price 16-1/2. Net, 1.70. Elaine and Leonard are home with colds, snowplow went through.

January 30 Thursday. Snow flurries. This is Grandma Gladwyn's 76th birthday. Ross brought me 1/2 ton of coal. Wm. sold part of his hens at Watertown.

January 31 Friday. Yesterday was Pres. Roosevelt's birthday. (Blank) was raised for infantile paralysis. Edna Northrup is very sick.

February 1 Sat. Zero morning. Dear Bert passed away 4 yrs. ago this morning - lonesome years. Rec'd nice letter from Mabel F.

February 2 Sunday. Yes, lonesome, but so thankful for family, friends, church and a bright hope for the future that faith lends along the way.

February 3 Mon. Will Lee passed away Feb. 1. Grace Patrick came for money for flowers. Glenn left unexpectedly for Arcade after getting new auto - plates.

February 4 Tues. Watertown has radio station WATN. Heard dedication program. Wrote to Mabel, Henrietta, Bessie and poem, "A long for Peace."

February 5 Wednesday, Fine day. In the evening yesterday "the bunch" gave a birthday party for Wm. at Farmer's. Gave him nice gloves. Rev. Mr. Wakeman here.

February 6 Thursday. Stormy afternoon. At D.H.S., Elaine attended the junior card party. They made $12.50 toward their graduation fund.

February 7 Friday, Bad storm in afternoon. The new radio station brings us morning devotions - Watertown pastors - and Poem Interlude, Mrs. Tiffany.

February 8 Sat. Worst storm of the winter. We are all well and comfortable. Wendell Willkie returns from England and will testify for the lend-lease bill.

February 9 Sunday. Storm over, but roads blocked till snowplow comes in the evening. Heard Dr. Harold Paul Sloan and many fine things.

February 10 Mon. Cold, pleasant. Children went to school. My little poem, "Channel of Blessing" was given over W.A.T.N. by Mrs. Tiffany.

February 11 Tues. A good winters day. Wm. drew hay from the Weaver farm. War conditions in Europe seem to be nearing a grave crisis.

February 12 Wed. Fine day. No school. My poem, "The Flag," was used over the radio in Mrs. Tiffany's "Lincoln's birthday program." Cheesework today.

February 1 3 Thursday. Fine day. Wendell Willkie asks that destroyers be leased or given to England. Another British fleet destroyed.

February 14 Friday. Our pastor, Rev. Wakeman, conducted the radio devotional yesterday. Have heard Revs. Niles, Middleton, Abbott, Wilmhearst, Eberle, Pickard, etc.

February 15 Saturday, Allen went away to work for Mr. McPhail. Mild weather. Not much snow. Wm. and boys draw hay from Weaver farm this P.M.

February 16 Sunday. 11 above during the day. Sunny. Heard Dr. McClung, Asbery (sic) C. on the radio. He said our seeming "hindrances may be stepping stones."

February 17 Mon. Cold, icy. Wm. is alone with the farmwork. Dr. Eddy, city, was the speaker at morning devotionals, WATN. Wrote to Gladys Campbell.

February 18 Tues. Fine. Will Cole died yesterday. Wrote a birthday letter to Mrs. Miller. Allen came for his clothes with McPhail. Heard Dr. Douglass, Church of the Redeemer.

February 19 Wed. 10 above. Heard Rev. Wheedon, Carthage. This was Carrie Conklin's birthday. Wm. went to Will Cole's funeral. Elaine & Wm. look after my fires, etc.

February 20 Thurs. Heard Rev. Taylor, Adams Center. Subject, Anchors - good. Put in 50 gals. of oil. Wm. cleaned my oil burner. Still icy, not much snow.

February 21 Fri., Heard Rev. Douglass - "Sympathy." Mr. Gannon helped Wm. draw hay. Had card from Rosamond - Florida. Germany asks Greece to make peace.

February 22 Sat., Fine day. Heard Dr. Eddy - "Elijah." Mrs. Tiffany read my poem, "Song to Peace." Doris made the birthday cake for Fred S, last eve. Finished drawing hay.

February 23 Sunday. Heard Rev. Middleton and choir - "Charity" & Rev. Sanborne, "Religion in England." Beautiful day. Wm. took my oil burner apart, fine now.

February 24 Mon. Fine. Heard Rev. Pomeroy, Baptist, Carthage, "Don't let God down." Also poem by Evelyn Harrington dedicated to me -- a surprise.

February 25 Tues. Bad storm, afternoon. Making out report for annual cheese meeting. Doris did large washing for herself & me yesterday.

February 26 Wed., Wm. went to John Deere movie at Limerick, Monday P.M. Today, Rev. Owen, Phila., spoke on Lent. My poem "What is lent?" was given, radio. Ina S. brought mite box (?).

February 27 Thursday. Zero morning. Cheese work. Elaine attended a junior high spaghetti supper to help. Heard Rev. Gair (C) on the radio.

February 28 Fri., Zero. Juniors made $13.00 last eve. Gilbert brought Elaine home. Heard Rev. Cook (B), Adams Center. also (sic) World Day of Prayer service. Mrs. Tiffany.

March 1 Sat. Cold. Wm., Doris & Elaine went to a party last eve at Ferry. Elaine won pair towels. Heard Rev. Herzog (B), Three Mile Bay - "The Bible."

Sat. - See Feb. 29. Again have written my entry on Feb. 29th: 74 years old, make mistakes. Very thankful for these lovely days that come and go. Yet pray for peace for ourselves and for this suffering war torn world.

Note: This diary was a 5-year diary, commencing with 1940, a Leap Year;consequently the March 1st entry appeared on Feb. 29 (1941). Diarist acknowledges the error.

March 2 Sunday. Milder. At home. Heard Rev. Mellen (P) - Forgiveness. Rev. Sanborne, Jesus in action. Harry Schweitzer has a new car.

March 3 Monday. Mild - snowstorm. Heard Rev. Cobb (M) Phila., "Don't Worry." Doane's school bus brought children home. Sleet storm toward night.

March 4 Tuesday. Zero morn, pleasant. Heard Rev. R. Hutchinson (M), Lorraine. Sub: Life. Carl, Rosamond, Mrs. Hynes, Sarah Sisson returned from Miami Saturday.

March 5 Wed. Beautiful day, cold. Heard Rev. Blundon (M), Copenhagen, "God's Messengers." Senate still debating lend-lease bill.

March 6 Thurs. Slightly warmer. Heard Rev. Fuller (M), Stone Mills. Phil. 4,8, The Best Things. Rec'd letter and poem from Evelyn Harrington.

March 7 Fri., Allan Phillips barn burned last eve. Heard Rev. Roy (M), Lafargeville, "Grace." also (sic) poem, The Pilgrams," dedicated to my dear father, Wm. R. Gladwyn.

March 8 Sat. Doris' aunt, Mary Eddy, is dead. Heard Rev. Aubrey (M), Dexter, "Called." Wm., Doris and Elaine went to W-. Elaine bought white. (sic) Bad storm coming.

March 9 Sun. Lend-Lease bill passed Senate last eve - 60 to 31. Heard Rev. Abbott and choir, lst M. Watertown - Ps. 139. "God with us." Wm. & D- went to Aunt Mary's funeral, Theresa.

March 10 Mon. Storm over, warmer. Heard Rev. Mellen (P). Gentle quietness. Wrote a birthday letter to Rosamond. Wm, Doris, Elaine & Harry went to movie.

March 11 Tues., Snow. Heard Rev. Homreca (P), Carthage, "Language of Religion." Worship service. Wm. drove the school bus. Pres. Roosevelt signs Lease-Lend (sic) bill.

March 12 Wed. Wm. drove the school bus to Dexter but it was decided to bring the pupils back home on account of drifting roads.

March 13 Thursday. Cheese work. Net 1.25. Heard Rev. Bishop (P), Theresa. The Storm. Today heard Rev. Campbell (P), Dexter. "These are thine." Rosamond's birthday, 39 yrs.

March 14 Friday. Doris got a permanent yesterday. Shirley went on bus with Wm. Heard Rev. Sanborne (P), "Indifference." Wm., Doris & Elaine went to party at P.P.

March 15 Sat., Heard Rev. Kilgus (P), Evans Mills. "The Burning Heart." Congress has passed a bill for $7,000,000,000 for defense and to carry out the Lease-Lend bill.

March 16 Sunday. Fine day. Heard Rev. Cook and choir, Adams Center, "Mountaintop experiences." Heard Pres. Roosevelt last evening on Lease-Lend bill.

March 17 Mon. Bad storm. No bus. Watertown schools closed. Heard Rev. Hutchinson (M), Bellville (sic), "Jesus prayed." Rec'd cards from Emma Schmidt from Florida.

March 18 Tues. Zero wind. No bus or mail. Heard Rev. W. H. Bradley, Adams, and choir. Sub: "Kindness." Fine. Wm. Holder's have a baby boy.

March 19 Wed. Cold wind. No school bus, no mail. Heard Dr. McClung, Asbury. "Don't worry." Doris has made the dress they gave me Christmas -- (blue).

March 20 Thurs. Storm is over. Children went to school. Heard Rev. Niles (?), "You never can tell." Donald Hasner went to Gov. Is. quartermasters school Sun. eve.

March 21 Fri. Spring sunshine, snowbanks. Heard Rev. Wakeman, Miss Hall and Dorothy Warnick, "Knowing God." Son, God Will Take Care of You - Good.

March 22 Sat. Beautiful day. Heard Dr. Eberly, (Bethany), "Wrestling with God." Elaine went to Watertown, evening.

March 23 Sun. Fine day. Heard Rev. Middleton, Trinity, and choir. Rev. Sanborne and choir. A. L. Auxiliary presentation of flag to W.A.T.N.

March 24 Mon. Mild. Snow melting. Our church choir sang at Harrisville last evening. Heard Rev. Tiffany, Luke 19,10. 21 members of choir sang at Harrisville.

March 25 Tues. Mild. Edna Northrup passed away Sunday. Fine woman. Heard Rev. Pomeroy (B), Carthage, "Beyond God's Command." Very good.

March 26 Wed. Pleasant. Heard Rev. Babcock (7 D.B.), Adams Center, Neh 61,9, "Co-Builders." Mr. Ball came about the Church Budget for coming year.

March 27 Thurs. Thawing. Heard Rev. Brown (B), Adams - John 17-18. "Influence" Yugo Slavia (sic) refuses German treaty. Young King Peter, 17 yrs., proclaimed ruler.

March 28 Friday. Mild. Cheese work. Net 1.35. Heard Rev. Gair (C of C), Rev. 22. "Kindness" Wm. Doris and Elaine went to party at The Ferry. Doris played for them.

March 29 Sat. Cold wind. Snow flurries. Heard Rev. Herzog (B), Three Mile Bay. "Jesus saves." Boys getting ready to tap trees. Elaine wrote to Gladys C.

March 30 Sun. Pleasant, wind cold. We couldn't go to church. Heard Rev. John Campbell, Dexter. "The touch of Jesus." George Coates came to Wm's to play violin.

March 31 Mon. Cloudy. Got 1/2 ton coal. Heard Rev. Moore (M), Evans Mills -- "The Presence." Am writing a few verses with that title (April 2).

April 1 Tues., Cold wind. Elaine began sleeping upstairs. Heard Rev. Bruce, Depauville, "Devine calls." Marjorie Schults came to tell us about a benefit party for Allen Phillips.

April 2 Wed. Still cold. Saw robins. Heard Rev. Wallace B. River, "Contentment." Also, my poem, The Land of Used to be. Children have tests.

April 3 Thurs. Rev. L. E. Wakeman came to see Elaine yesterday about joining our church prep-membership. Radio sermon Rev. Thayer (C), Burrville, Psalm 5,4.

April 4 Fri. Heard Rev. Holmes (M), Beaver Falls. John 12, 1-9. "The Unexpected." The benefit party for Allen Phillips netted $46.00. Our folks attended.

April 5 Sat. Cloudy. Boys gather sap. Yugoslavia prepares for Nazi attack. U.S. prepares to aid Slavs. Heard Rev. Wilder (C), Antwerp. Acts 26. "The Call"

April 6 Sunday. Thawing. Cold wind. Palm Sunday. Went to church. Fine. Elaine and Virginia joined on probation. My poem, "Emmanuel," was on the radio.

April 7 Mon. Germany has attacked Yugoslavia and Greece. Don't know the outcome. Heard Rev. Henderson (L), Redwood. March 11-15 - "God's House."

April 8 Tues., Pleasant. Bert G. accidentally cut of (sic) the end of index finger last Tues. Writing Easter letters and cards. Heard Rev. Douglas ("C of R"), "Touching Christ."

April 9 Wed. Fine. Cheese work, net 1.42. School closed this P.M. for Easter vacation. Heard Rev. Taylor, Adams, "Discipleship." Germans make hard drive on Yugoslavia.

April 10 Thurs. This was Bert's birthday. Luta Ash passed away yesterday. Elaine went to B- for a vacation. Heard Rev. Middleton, "Do this in remembrance."

April 11 Fri. Fine. Boys & Wm. went to a farm movie last eve at Limerick. Glenn came today. Heard Rev. Eddy - good part of Staner's Crucifixion.

April 12 Sat. Elaine came home. Boys took up their sap pails. Heard Rev. Tullberg, (E), Swede, Copenhagen. Good. Germans are in Greece. English resist.

April 13 Sunday. Elaine and I attended Easter sunrise service. Elaine sang. Fine service. Rosamond & family brought me a white cineraria. Mild day.

April 14 Mon. Grass showing green. Mr. White & Miss O'Neal married. Sent poem, The Presence, to Rev. Allan Moore. Heard Rev. Griswold (B), Castorland, "Today."

April 15 Tues. Julius Patrick died, 14th. We are listening for the war news from the Balkans and Africa. Leonard and Glenn are fixing fence.

April 16 Wed., Heard Ajt. (?) Deering, Salv. Army. "Sanctification" Wrote a poem - "The Chancel Garden," suggested by our Easter sunrise service.

April 17 Thurs., Cloudy. Heard Rev. Bruce (B), Adams. "Temples of God" Rec'd a nice letter from Rev. Allan Moore. Yugoslavia submits to Germany.

April 18 Friday. Fine. Rev. Williams, Church of Christ, Felts Mills, "Place God First." Wm. and the boys helped Eddie E. draw hay.

April 19 Sat. Rev. Herzog, T. M. Bay. "Unbelief, Rejection" Good. Wm. fixed a tractor of Mr. Tremont's. Rev. Allen Moore speaks in our church tomorrow eve.

April 20 Sun., Doris took Elaine and me to church. Gave my poem, "A Chancel Garden," to the girls who took part. It was also given on the radio.

April 21 Monday. Cold wind. School began today. Doris is painting her kitchen. Heard Rev. Barnard, (M), Mexico, "Above the clouds." Good.

April 22 Tues., Cool. Heard Rev. Foote, Mannsville, "Safty (sic) Zone." Glenn is fixing up fences. Boys enjoy playing marbles. Robins are plentiful. Have coal fire yet.

April 23 Fri., Rolly's 11th birthday was announced over the radio. Heard Rev. Martin, (M), Richland-Orwell - 2 Kings 6, 17. "Vision" Cheese work, Net $1.38 - tired. W. & Bessie came.

April 24 Sat., Cool. Dr. Hart - Lacona - was the radio speaker. Elaine stayed at school for the penny supper they had to raise money for graduation expenses.

April 25 Sun., The Greek government is set up at Crete. English and Greek armies retreat. Heard Rev. Gardner, Pulaski, "Burden Bearers." Doris played at party.

April 26 Sat. Donald Lindsey and Shirley Brown were married yesterday. Rev. Herbert Harrison was the radio speaker. Sub: "Prayer." Glad to hear him.

April 27 Sun., At home. Have a cold. Nice radio programs. Rev. Sanborne on "The Teacher." - Elaine and Rolla went after mayflowers. Germans in Athens.

April 28 Mon., Wm., Doris and Harry went to show last eve. Wm. starts pulverizing. Radio: Rev. Bishop, (P), Theresa. "Begin Again" Col. Lindbergh resigns from Air Force.

April 29 Tues., Bought paint for the house, $47.00. Heard Rev. Campbell, Dexter. "God will not fail" Doris is working on her kitchen, fixing it up pretty.

April 30 Wed. The war in Greece is nearly over. Nazi flag flies over Athens. Cheese work - price 17-3/4, net $1.37. Wm. pulverizing. Glenn fixing fence.

May 1 Thurs. Dr. McClung conducted first devotions yesterday over W.W.N.Y. (sic) Harry came, evening - bought hot dogs. Heard Rev. Kilgus, E. Mills. Temptation.

May 2 Fri. Heard Rev. Bud (blank) (C), Rodman. "Christ" Fine. Audrey Lamon opens beauty parlor in Sackets Harbor.

May 3 Sat., Cold wind. Wm. took calves to market and bought grass seed. Heard Rev. Anderson, (P), Lowville. "Jesus the light of the World."

May 4 Sun. Stephanie Brockway died May 1. Leonard drove tractor. Wm. sowed yesterday. Elaine & Ray Grennizen (sic) went to Clayton.

May 5 Mon., Fine day. Wm. & D- went to W- for wire for the fence. Heard Rev. Carter, (M), Ellisburg. The Lord Hath Need. Pewee (sic) Farmer is married.

May 6 Tues. Warm, heavy dew. Wm. sowed grain - Glenn finished fence. Heard Rev. Scouten, (M), Parish, Ps. 37. The Church. Rec'd fine letter from Rev. Herbert Harrison.

May 7 Wed. Henry Roacher elected school trustee. School bus took children to The Shrine. Elaine won $50.00 numbers. Heard Rev. Harrison, "Christian Living," fine.

May 8 Thurs., Bought 18 bu. seed grain - $9.00. Heard Rev. Bowen, (C), Matt. 5, 1-10. "Joy" Our country prepares 27 boatloads of supplies to aid English in Africa.

May 9 Fri., Wm. sowes (sic) 215# of grass seed, $15.92. Heard Rev. Walker, (M), Theresa. Ps. 103. English get 120 bombers and 400 german (sic) airmen over British Isles in 9 days.

May 10 Sat. My dear mother was born 100 years ago today. Heard Rev. R. Hutchinson, Lorraine. John 1. "A Friend of mine" Wm. and Doris went to Mrs. Will Cole's auction.

May 11 Sunday. Cool. Our folks went to Henderson last eve. My poem, "Mother," was on the radio. Wm. & D- gave me chocolates. Grandma G. came.

May 12 Monday. Cool. Heard Rev. Middleton , (E), Is. 26.18 "Defeat." Pres. Roosevelt is ill. Wm., Doris, Leonard & Glenn went to O. Lonsdales for grain 14 bu., $7.00.

May 13 Tues. Bought grass seed. 8# - $1.40. Heard Rev. Whedon, (E), Carthage, "The Gardener," & Rev. Abbott, "Does God care?" Elaine cleaned my room - housecleaning.

May 14 Wed., Heard Rev. Henderson, Redwood, Nums. 20 - "The Spiritual." Rudolph Hess lands by parachute in Scotland. The case is baffling to the English.

May 15 Thurs., Shirley took diptheria (sic) serum at school yesterday. Wed., Heard Chaplain McArthur, Pine Camp, Ps. 23.4.

May 16 Fri., Elaine went to Bessies to go to Watertown shopping tonight. Doris and Glenn painted the milkhouse. Sold four pigs, $38.00.

May 17 Sat., Elaine bought navy blue coat and hat and light-blue material for a summer dress. Rev. Taylor, Adams, spoke from Phil. 4,8 - "Give me a great thought."

May 18 Sun., Rain. Bessie and Wilfred have gone to Rochester. Elaine went over to stay with Grandma. Rolly is fixing up a bicycle. Doris played at Depauville last eve.

May 19 Mon., Conference ends at Malone. Ate dinner at Wms. yesterday. Boys and Harry went to show. Cow cuts udder. Sent new poem to Rev. Harrison, "Above the Clouds."

May 20 Tues., Mr. Dano came about Comp. Ins. Went to Watertown with Wm., D. & S. Got new hat and a collar. Rev. A. E. Blundon comes to Dexter church.

May 21 Wed. Cheesework, 18-3/4, net $1.50. Heard Rev. Roy, Lafargeville, "This day." Ps. 118, 24. Germans are attacking English troops at Crete.

May 22 Thurs. Nature is beautiful. Glenn is painting the house. Doris made light blue dress for Elaine. Heard Rev. Muunyon (?), T. I. Park, "Aspirations."

May 23 Friday. Donald LaBreck here last eve. Celia borrowed Doris' brooder stove. Heard Rev. Fuller Stone, M, "Love" also my poem, "In Blossom Time."

May 24 Sat. Cool, started coal fire. Heard Rev. Walker, Nat. Bridge, Luke 9,26, "Ashamed fo Jesus." Doris played at Depauville. Glenn went to Roy's.

May 25 Asc. Sun. Heard Adj.(?) Deering, S. A. Elaine went to C. Vincent, etc. last eve. The Germans have sunk the large English cruiser, Atlantic Hood .

May 26 Mon., Doris did my washing. Wm. is sowing corn. Leonard & Rolla went to Alvin's yesterday on their wheels. Heard Rev. Pomeroy (B), Carthage. Fine.

May 27 Tues. English sink "Bismark" that sunk the Hood. Heard Rev. Bell (B), Clayton, Rom. 12,1 & Chaplain Bell, Pine Camp.

May 28 Wed., Wm., D. & Harry S. went to Fort Devens last night after George. Was 76 degrees. Heard Dr. Brow (?) (B), Adams. John 1, "Light" and Rev. Wallace (M), B. River, "Keeping Step."

May 29 Thurs. Wm., D. & Harry arrived with George at 9 A.M. They went to Boston. Drove 730 mi. Rosamond came with plants and we went to the cemetery.

May 30 Memorial Day. Boys went fishing. George went by bus to Fort Devens. Heard Rev. Griswold (B), Castorland, "Sailing life's sea." Nellie Lamphear came.

May 31 Sat., Elaine went to Uncle Alvin's. Doris played at Depauville. English army is leaving Crete for Africa. Cheese price, 19 - Net, $1.65.

June 1 Whit Sunday. Couldn't go to church. Radio: Rev. Bowen, "In a troubled world." Rev. Sanborne, "Jesus the Friend." Glenn and Elaine took a drive to Sterlingville, etc.

June 2 Mon., Our 44th anniversary. Things are going pretty well with me. Ordered 50 gals. of kerosene Sat. Rosamond was hurt playing golf decoration day.

June 3 Tues., Fine day. Allen and Henry came to cemetery meeting. Served lunch. Heard Chaplain Bell, P.C., "Regulations." Acts 6 - 1.4 "Honesty, spirituality, commonsense."

June 4 Wed., Cheese work, price .19, net $1.63. Letter from Rosamond - hospital. Bad accident - comfortable. Rev. Abbott, radio talk, "Landmarks." Need rain.

June 5 Thurs., Wm. fitting ground for beans. Glenn painting. Doris busy. I made out the checks. Heard Rev. Bradley, "Mainspring of Life" & Rev. Brow, "Use your talent."

June 6 Fri., Kaiser dies. Chief Justice Hughes resigns. Leslie Richardson comes - mother sick (?). Heard Rev. Wakeman & choir. He came and brought Children's Day music to Elaine.

June 7 Sat. Warm. Elaine attended the school music festival at Sackett's. Doris and boys planted potatoes. Wm. sowed corn. Rev. Holcombe, radio, "To shut-in" - fine.

June 8 Sunday. Children's Day. Elaine sang with the Junior choir and united with the church with Virginia, Thelma & Doris Croyle. My poem, "The Master's Garden," was on the bulletin.

June 9 Mon. Cool. Elaine stayed at Bessie's last night. She gave a monologue at school, "A Theater Party." Harry's mother came. Heard Rev. Whedon, "Holy, holy, holy." Fine.

June 10 Tues. Doris is making a lovely pink dimity formal for Elaine to wear with the juniors, high school graduation. Heard Rev. Eddy, "Gifts of Affection." Sam. 23,14.

June 11 Wed., Wm., Doris, Elaine & Gilbert went to W- Monday eve. Wm. & D. get more potatoes to plant from Beryl. Troops protect workmen in aircraft strike, Los Angeles.

June 12 Thurs., Cheese price, 19 c, net $1.60. Alex. Fowler receives B.S. degree from S.L. Univ. "Robin Moor," our boat sunk by submarine. Rev. Dunn, Pulaski, "What can we stand?" Rev. Middleton, John 3, "Spiritual Resources."

June 13 Fri., Letter from Rosamond from Hospital. Letter from Rev. Bowen. Heard Rev. Taylor, Adams, "Two Talents." (?) Cooler after little rain. Doris helps Elaine make blue dimity dress.

June 14 Sat., Justice Stone appointed to succeed Chief justice Hughes. Shirley has new dress like Elaine's. Heard a Swede, Rev. Tullberg (E), Evans Mills, "Friendship."

June 15 Sun., Wm., Doris, Shirley, Elaine and I went to the cemetery and Elaine and I stopped to church. Elaine played in S.S. Mrs. Patterson is dead.

June 16 Mon. Elaine took regents in French (90) and history, 79. Passed 100 in music. Leonard took regents in geography, 95. Rolla getting marks in the 80's.

June 17 Tues., Wm. & Doris planting more corn. Glenn painting. Boys taking exams. Elaine washed curtains for me. Heard Rev. Griswold (B), Carthage, "Today" - fine.

June 18 Wed. Heard Rev. Bell (B), Clayton, "Life worth living." Leonard took tests, spelling 96; arithmetic, 100; science 95. Rolla rode his wheel to school.

June 19 Thurs. Leonard passed to grade VIII and Rolla to VI. Elaine now a senior. Boys went to City Park to picnic. Elaine went to rehearse songs for class night.

June 20 Fri., Elaine stayed at Dorothy's last night and went on junior trip. Aunt Amy Daniels broke her hip Wed. Bought 4-1/2 gals. more paint for the house.

June 21 Sat. Elaine rode home with Gilbert this P.M. The class went to Owasco Lake. Supper and movie in Syracuse. She brought a gift to each of us - to me her picture.

June 22 Sun. Rain in P.M. Wm. & family went with Harry and sister to Southwick. No church. Heard Rev. Wilmhearst, "Beauty for Ashes." Grandma Gladwyn came.

June 23 Mon., Doris, Shirley and I went to the Class Day, D.H.S. Elaine took part. Germany declared war on Russia yesterday at 5 P.M., our time.

June 24 Tues. Wm. turned cows into a meadow on the hill because of feed shortage due to lack of rain. Rev. Eddy (M), Clayton, "Radio & religion."

June 25 Wed. Cheese work. Net 1.61. Last week heard Rev. Ockerman (B), Student pastor, Honeyville, "Harmony." Fine. Grace C. and mother came for money for B.G.P. banquet.

June 26 Thurs., Marjorie Roacher invited Elaine & me to take part in school reunion program. Virginia Gilmore graduated from B.G.P.H.S. tonight.

June 27 Fri., Wm. & Doris took Leonard & Rolla to a movie last night. Heard Rev. Roy (M), Lafargeville, "A tree." Germany and Russia are at war.

June 28 Sat. Heat wave. Elaine went to Greystone party last eve with Kenneth Thompson. Radio - Rev. Joyce, Sacketts, "Go to your Friend today."

June 29 Sun. Fine rain last night. Doris took Elaine and I to church. Elaine played and acted as secretary in S.S. Young people (8) are at Trenton.

June 30 Mon. Warm. A fine June in many ways. Elaine is painting our hall floor. Rev. W. E. Bishop, Theresa, spoke on "Altar Fires." Need more rain.

July 1 Tues. Rev. B. G. Miller passed away Sat. night at Lyons. Funeral today. Carolyn Righter married Sunday to Lieut. Hugh Cosline, Ithaca and Ft. Sill, Oklahoma.

July 2 Wed., Wrote to Mrs. B. G. Miller. Cheese work - price .20 - net $1.60. A fluid milk strike is on. Dry weather. Rev. Campbell spoke on "Liberty."

July 3 Thurs. Forty years, dear Mother, but I do not forget you, Father or Bert. Fairly well and busy, 100176# milk in this sale - 7 days' milk.

July 4 Fri. The family went to Southwick Beach for a picnic dinner. Heard Pres. Roosevelt speak from Hyde P-. German army trying to invade Russia.

July 5 Sat. Elaine went to W- with Wm. and Doris. Bought a summer hat. Geo. Schweitzer home from Camp Devens. Heard Major West, new Salvation Army leader.

July 6 Sun. Doris took Elaine and me to church. In Mrs. Smith's class, fine. Grandma Gladwyn sent madonna lilies to church in memory of my father.

July 7 Mon. Had a little much needed rain. Mrs. Eigabroadt had a heart attack Sat. night. Milk strike continues. Ethel Williamson came.

July 8 Tues., Went to Happy Thought class meeting at church annex. Enjoyed it very much. Ethel brought me home - 25 or 30 were there.

July 9 Wed. Mr. & Mrs. Albert Warnick have a son - Dennis J. born July 2. Elaine went to a party at Perch River with K. Thompson. Doris & Wm. went also.

July 10 Thurs., Figured cheese. Price, 21-1/4 - net $1.67. Glenn finished painting the house. Heard Rev. Bruce (M), Depauville. Service. Bestow personality.

July 11 Fri. Gladys Campbell and Helen Parker came for supper. Elaine, Shirley and I went with them to cemetery and to Hester Gilmore's.

July 12 Sat. Paid Glenn $100.00 for painting the house and Wm. boarded him. Mrs. Skinner passed away at 75. We are reading "Landfall" by Nevil Shute.

July 13 Sun. Doris took Elaine and me to church & S.S. The girls who went to Trenton E.L. Institute had charge of the service - fine.

July 14 Mon. Fine weather. Wm. and the boys are doing our light haying. Milk about 350#. Will have to buy hay. Recent rains help some.

July 15 Tues. Elaine went to W- and secured work at Penney's Store. Wilfred took her to Dr. Fowler for physical exam and they brought her home, evening.

July 16 Wed. Elaine went to work today. Was tired but likes it. Wm. & D. met her at Grandma Gladwyn's. Thunderstorm, P.M. Barn on Whittier farm burned.

July 17 Thurs. Elaine worked today - went to Mr. Ceigler, evening to have him sign a work permit. Mabel F. here, brought divinity fudge. Figured cheese, net $1.69.

July 18 Fri. Had my eyes tested at Morgan's for new glasses. Alex. Fowler & Persis Foster were married Sat. eve., July 12th by Dr. Reed. He (Dr. Reed) died July 18th.

July 19 Sat., Elaine worked at Penney's until nearly 10 P.M. Wm. and Doris went for her. Wm. sold the bull to G. Parker for $42.50. Cool today.

July 20 Sun. Doris took Elaine and me to church and S.S. Enjoyed it. Got my new glasses last night. Heard Rev. Wm. Abbott, Y.M.C.A. secy., radio.

July 21 Mon., Glenn went away this morning to Arcade or elsewhere. Elaine home. Daily vacation Bible school at our church this week.

July 22 Tues. Elaine bought two rustic stands from a St. Regis indian woman, one for her mother and one for me, nice. Heard Rev. Walker. Ps. 96-9, "Worship the Lord."

July 23 Wed., Mrs. Graham's birthday. She is helpless at Nursing Home. Resting my eyes today. New glasses and eye strain.

July 24 Thurs., Elaine went to W- by bus to get presents for Shirley and waveset. Cheese work. Net, $1.63. Doris making dresses for Elaine & Shirley. Wm. haying.

July 25 Fri., Dear little Shirley's 4th birthday. She rec'd dresses, hanky, nighties, etc. and a toy dog from the children. Supper over here. Wms. family, Grandma G's family here.

July 26 Sat., Elaine went out last night with Ralph and Betty Jerome and others. She went to work at Penney's today. Al Lyng is working at a clothiers.

July 27 Sun., At home. The rest are tired. My eyes aching. Heard Rev. Fred Tiffany's farewell radio sermon and W.A.T.N. farewell. Sub. of sermon, "Think on these things."

July 28 Mon. Thunderstorm last night. Rain this A.M. Wm. and D. took me to W- to Will Morgan to have my eyes retested for glasses.

July 29 Tues. Wm. and Doris went after my new glasses this P.M. and think they are going to be fine. Russians are still fighting German invaders.

July 30 Wed., Cheese work, p. 21-3/4 - net 1.77. Rev. Walter Coates passed away Tues. at his home in Montpelier, Vermont. Planned to come home today.

July 31 Thurs., To the Lee family reunion and 100th anniversary of Dexter Universalist church. Was a poet and author - I wrote to Lois Morgan. Fragments of this entry appear to be missing???

August 1 Fri. Binder broke. Wm. fixed it. Doris is canning fruit and vegetables. They took the boys and Shirley to an ice cream social at Pillar Point - The Ferry.

August 2 Sat. Elaine went to her work today. Jean Gonseth and M. Hanchette were married in our church today. Fine day. Rains have increased milk supply.

August 3 Sun., Doris took Elaine and me to S.S. and church. Beautiful service and sermon by Rev. L. E. Wakeman. Lee family reunion today at Pillar Point.

August 4 Mon. Lena Davis Flanders' husband passed away. Rev. and Mrs. Wakeman go to Silver Lake for a three weeks' vacation.

August 5 Tues., Glenn walked in and Wm. took him to Southwick after his car. Russians are holding firm against German Invasion.

August 6 Wed. Wm. has finished cutting the grain and boys have set it up. Cheese work. Net 1.72. Aug. 5 heard Rev. Holbrook, U.S.O. Club. Prayer Life of Jesus.

August 7 Thurs., Glenn worked at Dexter. Fine day. Grandma Gladwyn and family came last evening. Brought deed to our Dexter home for reference.

August 8 Fri. Rec'd letter of thanks for poem, "Beyond the Sunset Glory," from Mrs. Will Morgan. Sent poem in memory of Walter Coates, Nan and Nick Lee and father.

August 9 Sat. Elaine worked at Penney's. Doris and Wm. went after her in the evening. Brought home ice cream. Shirley went to bed with me.

August 10 Sun. Universalists are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Dexter church. No services in our church. Winiger house burned yesterday morning.

August 11 Mon. Our folks started drawing grain. Doris is washing for them and for me. Heard Rev. Barnard (M), Mexico, "Builders." Rain at night. Gilbert Lamon came.

August 12 Tues. Elaine and Shirley went to Grandma G's and to Watertown. Got pink chair coverings for her room. Heard Rev. Foote, Mannsville, "He giveth power.

August 13 Wed. Heard Chaplain Hartman, P.C. "The Church." Fine. Finished drawing grain. Elaine is covering her two chairs. They went to Beryl's to get help for threshing.

August 14 Thurs. Threshers - 158 bags. Beryl & Lew came. Gave Beryl two kittens. We were at Wms. for a nice dinner. Cheese work, p. 22 c - net $1.81.

August 15 Fri. A rainy day. Wm. is putting new brake linings on the car. Roosevelt and Churchill met on the Atlantic. Heard Lloyd Peters, Student Pastor, Sacketts, ""Are ye able?"

August 16 Sat. Pres. Roosevelt & P.M. Churchill attend services on the liner, "Prince of Wales," last Sunday. Germans are making a furious attack in Ukraine.

August 17 Sun. Leonard's 13th birthday was announced on the radio. The family went to Martin's cottage. Elaine stayed for a few days. Cool all last week.

August 18 Mon. Rev. Swartout, Alex. Bay Ref., "Sacrifice." Glenn started out looking for work but didn't find anything he wanted. Charlie Hasner is visiting our boys.

August 19 Tues., Dr. Foote passed away Sun, also Sheridan Clark of Chaumont. Wm. helps Marvin Keene (sic) thresh tomorrow. Cool weather continues.

August 20 Wed. Martin came after Charles and took Rolla back with him. Elaine stayed down there. Heard G. McFarland, Trinity organist, devotionals, fine.

August 21 Thurs. Cheese work, Net 1.80. Our check (tops) $52.81 - 7 days. Wm. and Leonard are milking alone. Heard Rev. Killinton (?) (U), Henderson, Being useful. good.

August 22 Fri., Elaine got brooches for Celia and Beryl - birthdays, Aug. 21. Glenn went away yesterday morning. Germans trying to reach Leningrad. Rain, night.

August 23 Sat. Rolla came home, Elaine stayed at Martin's cottage for another week. Geo. Schweitzer here, home on furlough.

August 24 Sun. Wm. and family (except Elaine) and myself went to Bertha Shaw's over the International Bridge. Fine trip. Elaine is at Martin's cottage.

August 25 Mon. Harry Schweitzer took George and Priv. Burnham back to C. Devans. Had to draw water from Bob Witt's for the stock this A.M. Rain today.

August 26 Tues. Pleasant. Wm. and the boys drew wood. Doris getting school clothes ready. Brownville be a Central school - some opposition.

August 27 Wed. Elaine wrote that she expects to stay at the cottage until Mon. Wm. and the boys went to an auction, Cummings farm.

August 28 Thurs. Cheese work. p. 22-3/4, net 1.91. Temperature below 60 Heard Rev. Barker (C), Antwerp, "Building the Upper Room of Life." Lowest temp, 41.

August 29 Fri. Wm, Leonard and Rolly helped thresh at Aunt Beryl's this P.M. Shirley went to help Aunt B.- Harry S. has a busy job for B'ville Central School.

August 30 Sat. Martin brought our dear Elaine home this morning. Put in 50 gal. of kerosene, $4.50. Shirley is glad to see Elaine and follows her.

August 31 Sun. Our church isn't finished. Doris, Elaine and Shirley went to see Aunt Amy Daniels. I went to Anna's - Wilfred & Bessie at Rochester.

September 1 Mon. Thunderstorm and heavy rain last night, Labor Day. Elaine and Shirley went to Grandma Gladwyn's. Wrote to Gladys C., Henrietta G. & George S.

September 2 Tues. The first day of school was saddened by the death of Persis Foster Fowler. Funeral this P.M. at the Universalist church.

September 3 Wed. Wm. has a cold. Fixed H. Ely's car. Russians & Germans fight on as 3rd year of war opens. Heard Rev. W. H. Bradley, radio, "Transmuted Visions."

September 4 Thurs. Cheese work, p. 23-1/4, Net, $1.96. Wm. & D. went to W- - bought peaches $1.59 and insilage cutter belt, $12.00. Heard Rev. Cobb (M) Richland - "Believe & trust."

September 5 Fri. Started a new serial story, Silas Strong by Irving Bacheller. Elaine takes English, history, typewriting.

September 6 Sat. Warm. Bad thunderstorm last eve. Canned peaches. Doris has canned nearly two bu. Kamargo delivered my new radio battery.

September 7 Sun. Doris took Elaine and me to church and S.S. - Rededication service. Very pretty interior. Pres. Roosevelt's mother passed away today.

September 8 Mon. Cool, 54 at 5 P.M. Grass is fresh and green. Yesterday was a day of prayer for Russia in England. Russia is making a valient defense.

September 9 Tues. Sara Delano Roosevelt's funeral. Rev. Sanborne, "The Summer is Over." Rev. Harland (S.P.) "Life is a weaving." Lowell Thomas reports Russian gains.

September 10 Wed. Warm. Rain toward night. The Jerome's, etc. came to see Elaine. Wm. started cutting corn yesterday. Russians smash German drive for Moscow.

September 11 Thurs. Beautiful day. Cheesework. Net 2.00. Heard Pres. Roosevelt's address - Defense of the seas. Elaine went to Chaumont with the Jerome's and others.

September 12 Fri. Heard Rev. Youngs, "Road Builders." Mabel and Nellie came, brought Ready-Jell. Enjoyed their coming. Wm. busy cutting corn.

September 13 Sat., Boys and Doris digging potatoes. Elaine went to B- and to W- with Wilfred, Bessie and Grandma. They brought her home after supper.

September 14 Sun. Wm. took Elaine and me to church and S.S. Nellie F. gave me flowers and coleus slips. Taught Elaine's S.S. class - beautiful girls.

September 15 Mon. Wm. helped fill silo at Motts. Doris washed for them and for me. Elaine ironed for me and we made our new kitchen cushions.

September 16 Tues. Wm. filled silo at Roacher's. Heard Rev. Holcombe. "The Burning Bush" Today starts a U.S. system of escort ships for merchant ships & supplies.

September 17 Wed. Frederick English and Verna Peebles were married Sunday. Ruth Merriam came and I ordered 4 sheets and 4 pillowslips from the church club.

September 18 Thurs. Frank Woodworth has gone to Albany State Teachers College. Cheese work. Net 1.97. Silo fillers. Ate dinner at Wms.

September 19 Fri. Silo fillers. Doris took Henry Roacher, whose hand was caught in cutter yesterday to see Dr. Fox. Gladys Campbell here for supper.

September 20 Sat. William helping fill silo at Keene's. Elaine went to Perch River last eve with school bus bunch. Elaine went out with Al B. (?)

September 21 Sun. Fine day. Have a cold. The state is asking for sanitary changes in our cheese factory. Mr. Bence may resign as cheesemaker.

September 22 Mon. Cheese factory closed today. Wm. filled silo at Keene's. E. B. delivered 2 tons chestnut coal, $25.00.

September 23 Tues., Cheese factory opened this morning. Wm. & D. went to Dr. Hoyt's for a bottle of tonic for me. Al Degonne (?) came (evening) to see Elaine.

September 24 Wed. Wm. filled silo at Gilmore's. Doris went to W- and bought linoleum for kitchen and living room - lamp shades for me.

September 25 Thurs. Frank Walrath has passed away. Pearl Congdon teaches at W. Theresa. Cheese work today. Net, $2.00. Elaine rec'd 95% on her F. (?) Devens English paper.

September 26 Fri., Cool, cloudy, sick a little bit. Heard Rev. H. Harrison"Unseenverity" (unclear). Bessie fell from a step ladder a week ago and strained ankle ligament.

September 27 Sat. Gilbert here. Jerome's came. Elaine went to see Bessie. Last eve went out with M. Mitchell and tonight with Al Degonne.

September 28 Sun. Home with a cold. Elaine went for a ride A.M. with Rocky J., Dorothy M. and Bill S. The boys went to a movie and lunch with W. & D.

September 29 Mon. Put in 40 gals. oil. Doris got her driver's license and hat and blue housecoat for me - also the urn for flowers from the cemetery.

September 30 Tues. Martha and Inez came last eve with cards for the Church Attendance drive. At 4 P.M., raining - 40.

October 1 Wed. Marjorie Taber came to plan a Silver Tea for the W.S.C.S. Wm. still filling silo for Gilmore's.

October 2 Thurs. Cheese work, net $1.90, p. 23c. Elaine gave the story, "The Yerling," (oral) for school mark. She went out with the Jerome's, evening.

October 3 Fri. Teachers association. No school. Rainy. Elaine spent the day with Carol Brown at N.B.C. and went to P.P. to Pine Camp boys party with Donald & Carol.

October 4 Sat., Mild. Donald and Carol came, evening, also Al. Degonne. Elaine went out with him later. Mrs. Graham has passed away.

October 5 Sun. World Communion Sunday. Could not go to church. Heard Rev. Niles & Rev. Sanborne and Harry E. Fordick - vespers. "Getting best out of life."

October 6 Mon., Prin. Lloyd Sterling passed away this morning from an embolism. Revs. Wakeman and Harrison conducted services for Mrs. Graham at our church.

October 7 Tues., Took out $18.75 Liberty Bond. Doris' birthday. Rec'd presents and cards. They rec'd invitation from Isaac Stanley to a party there tomorrow eve.

October 8 Wed. Cloudy, windy. Mr. Sterling's funeral today, no school. Wm., Doris, Elaine and Shirley went to Canada to stay until tomorrow.

October 9 Thurs. Wm.'s folks came home from Canada at 3:45 this morning. Went to Bertha's for supper and to Isaac's for party.

October 10 Fri. Radio. Rev. Lester Wakeman. Ps. 17.15. "Aspirations" Fine. Cheese work, net $2.08 price, 24c. Paid school tax, rate .75 - tax $45.45.

October 11 Sat. Germany is making a big drive on Moscow - fierce fighting. Our senate votes to arm merchant ships. Elaine went to spaghetti feed with Jerome's.

October 12 Sun. Doris took Elaine and me to church. Large attendance. Service fine. Rally Day in S.S. New song books. Young peoples (sic) orchestra.

October 13 Mon. Sent for some of the new song books. "Exalt His Name." Wrote to Jean Hynes for birthday, October 15. Rev. Douglass spoke on "The Second Chance." Fine.

October 14 Tues. Rosamond, Jean & Sally and Jean's birthday puppy, Judy, came. Also Mrs. Bird and niece, Mrs. McLane. Nice visit. Rainy today. Allen Phillips came.

October 15 Wed., Windy. Temp. 50. Wm. has started fall plowing. Melvin Allison is to be principal of D. H. S. and Mr. Dwyer, vice principal.

October 16 Thurs. There are 14,000 men at Pine Camp. German army nears Moscow. Wrote to Mrs. B. G. Miller. Elaine sent birthday (17th) gift to Flora Hill.

October 17 Fri. Temp. 30 at A.M. Sunny. The boys went via school bus to a football game at Sackets. Elaine went to Pillar Point to play for a community sing.

October 18 Sat. Elaine came to B- with Mr. Adams and came home with Wm. Rainy P.M. Elaine went out with Al. D - evening. Moscow safe yet.

October 19 Sun. Fine day. Wm. took us to church. Mr. Wakeman preached, fine. Sub. Christian Sincerity. Ralph & Olive came. Community chest, radio 7:30 to 8:30.

October 20 Mon. Dear Elaine's 17th birthday. She went to school as usual. Shirley ate supper with us. She rec'd $5.00 in money, chocolates, pen & pencil from Flora, etc.

October 21 Tues. Cheese work - net $2.04. Rainy, A.M. Today reports came of two American boats sunk, the Lehigh - 22 saved, the Bold Venture, 17 land in Iceland, 15 missing.

October 22 Wed. Beautiful day. Temp. 50. Put in 50 gals. oil. Raymond Walrath has an operation for cancer near throat by a specialist at Ithaca today.

October 23 Thurs. Letter from Eva. Raymond hasn't had the operation yet. Germans claim to be nearing Moscow through snowdrifts. Terrific loss of life.

October 24 Fri. Cheesework. Net, $2.23, p. 24-1/4c. Some rain. Temp. 40. The Russians are defending Moscow. 100 frenchmen (sic) have been executed because 2 german (sic) generals were killed.

October 25 Sat. Snow flurries. Wm. cleaned my stovepipe. Rest went to W-. Elaine bought a gray skirt & light blue sweater with birthday money. Boys got fine jackets.

October 26 Sun. Morning 20. Wm. took Elaine and me to a fine church service by Rev. L. Wakeman. Temperance S.S., Mrs. Lingenfelter presiding. Missionary World Service offering.

October 27 Mon. Rainy. Temp. 50. Heard Capt. Roubles (?), S. Army, "The Voice of God." Good. Rec'd fine letter from Geo. Schweitzer, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. 90 there. "Navy Day."

October 28 Tues. Pres. Roosevelt spoke to the nation last eve on the need of adequate defense, land, sea and air for national & "allies" need.

October 29 Wed. Raymond had an operation and it is serious. Heard Rev. ? (unclear), Carthage (P) "Be your better self." C.C.C. had halloween party last eve in annex.

October 30 Thurs., Robert Merriam came to measure for my kitchen storm door and Ruth brought my sheets & pillow cases from the W. S.C.S. club.

October 31 Fri. Francis Taylor came yesterday to talk about a new cheesemaker. Has hired Harry Wilton. Elaine saw and I heard Halloween in Public Square.

November 1 Sat., Rain. Rolla started my coal fire. Gave Wm. 12.00 for heater for the car. Our ship, Reuben James, sunk off Iceland. Mr. Bence gave up making cheese today.

November 2 Sun., Heard Harry Emerson Fosdig, "Mastering Depression." Have been reading "Silas Strong" by Bacheller. Elaine went to a movie with M. Mitchell.

November 3 Mon. Mr. Bence brought cheese returns. Net, 2.28, pr. 24-3/4. Wm. and Doris put new ceiling on their bedroom. Heard Rev. L. E. Wakeman, radio, "Personal Evangelism."

November 4 Tues. Election day, but did not go to vote. Elaine stayed at Dexter till evening for the 4-H club meeting and joined the club.

November 5 Wed. Fine day. Heard Rev. McClung on "The Spirit of Christ" and Rev. Roy, Ps. 78.41, limiting God. LaGuardia elected mayor, New York. Also, "Grand Canyon Suite," Whiteman's Orch.

November 6 Thurs. Heard Rev. Harrison, "A Merry Heart." Fine. Also, Pres. Roosevelt. International Labor Conf. Gilmore's had a cattle auction. Rainy. Cheese work again. Net, 2.14, p. 24-3/4.

November 7 Fri. Doris is papering her bedroom. Bessie invited Elaine there to go to a movie of the Passion Play to be given at the school auditorium.

November 8 Sat. Elaine is at Bessie's. Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Wood have a son, Lawrence Ivan, born Nov. 5. Heard Rev. Graham, Ps. 19. Fine. Muriel Walker came about Christmas cards.

November 9 Sun. Elaine and I went to church & S. S. Mr. Wakeman away. Chaplain Eric Espelien preached on "Armistice Day." Scripture Rev. 13, 1-9. Beast - Powers of Evil.

November 10 Mon., Raymond Walrath is still in hospital at Ithaca and Helen is staying to be with him. Elaine had some dentist work done Sat. P.M.

November 11 Tues. Heard Pres. Roosevelt's Armistice Day address at Arlington. Fine. Bought bed blankets for Elaine and myself. Elaine & I have joined Red Cross.

November 12 Wed. Doris sent George Schweitzer popcorn balls for his birthday at Fort Bragg, N.C. Elaine went to Jerome's to spend the evening.

November 13 Thurs. House of Rep. passed revision of neutrality act - vote stood 212 to 194. This is a victory for Pres. Roosevelt in aid to Britain program.

November 14 Fri. Rec'd nice letter from Mrs. Miller. Took two cows to farmers' auction, $70.30. Elaine moved in middle room to sleep. Sent coat to Bundles for Britain.

November 15 Sat. Wm. and Doris gave me a flashlight -- an early birthday gift so that I could have the use of it. Nice weather - grass is green.

November 16 Sun. Wm. took us to church and S.S. Mr. Wakeman preached a fine sermon from John 14, 6-. Wm. had an attack of gravel Sun. night. Dr. Fox here.

November 17 Mon., Wm. better today. 15 above this morning, but nice day. Wrote to Henrietta G-. Mrs. S. D. Lansing and Chaplain Eric Espelien, Pa.

November 18 Tues. Raymond Walrath passed away Sunday at 4:30 at Biggs Hospital, Ithaca. They brought him to Earl. Doris and I went over to the house this evening.

November 19 Wed. Wm. & Doris went to Raymond's funeral at the Catholic Church in B- and to the cemetery. School closed at noon for Thanksgiving. Children all had pictures taken at W-.

November 20 Thurs. Thanksgiving. Lovely radio services. Much for which to be thankful. Elaine and I were at Wms. for chicken dinner. Gilmores started south Wed.

November 21 Fri. Our pastor, Rev. Wakeman, spoke over the radio this morning, "Conquering difficulties." Doris and Elaine went to Watertown to do Christmas shopping.

November 22 Sat. Carl's store phoned for Elaine to work there today and she went. Rec'd a box of lovely candy from Gladys Campbell, Farmington, Conn.

November 23 Sun. Rainy, P.M. At home. Heard Rev. Thornberry. "God, our Helper" and Ray Washburn, "The Gideonites." They are placing Bibles in hotels and P. Camp.

November 24 Mon., Muriel Walker brought my Christmas cards yesterday (seventy). First sale of cheese by Mr. Wilton, $2.26. Elaine is working at Carls 2 to 9 P.M.

November 25 Tues. Rosamond and Mrs. Hynes came. Brought nice pair of hose, candy, flowers for my birthday and bath soap from Jean & Sally.

November 26 Wed. Made out stockholders dividends, 5%. Tomorrow is my birthday. This is the last day of my 73rd year.

November 27 Thurs. Leonard is sick. Dr. Fox came. Mrs. Wakeman & Lola Cooper came about C.C. class meeting. Children gave me 2 boxes handkerchiefs.

November 28 Fri. Dr. came again to see Leonard. He has tonsilitis. Esther Alexander has a son, also Hilda Fry, a daughter. Rec'd 27 beautiful birthday cards.

November 29 Sat. Leonard is improving. Mild weather. Elaine worked all day at Carl's store. Sold brown puppy to farmer near Theresa, $1.00.

November 30 Sun. Elaine and I rode to church with Gilbert L. Had Wm. and family, Wilfred, Bessie & Harry here for a birthday oyster supper. Fine day, but cold.

December 1 Mon. 10 above. Elaine went to school, but will go to work 2 P.M. Heard Rev. Eddy, "Vision of God," Is. 6 and Rev. W. H. Bradley, "The Right Choice."

December 2 Tues. Rain. Warm. Much different from a year ago. Leonard went to school again. Mr. Wilton brought the milkbook. Elaine working.

December 3 Wed. Elaine rec'd 95 on play review - Abe Lincoln in Ill. Paul Dunway brought Elaine home from work. Harry has been her driver.

December 4 Thurs. Mild. Wm. plowed. Doris went to W- to finish our Christmas shopping for the family. Rifle for L-, Rector set for R-, Skirt & sweater for E-, etc.

December 5 Fri. Like summer, 60. Have started writing Christmas cards and letters. Doris went to shower at Mrs. Peters for Evelyn Lee, 40 present.

December 6 Sat. Colder. Wm. and Doris went to W- at 9 P.M. to bring Elaine home. They bought a 22 gun for Leonard's Christmas gift.

December 7 Sun. 12 above zero, 10 P.M. Elaine rested this morning. Heard Rev. Youngs, Acts 16, 7-8, "Shattered Plans" - good. Japan today attacked Honolulu & Manilla.

December 8 Mon. Heard Pres. Roosevelt address congress, who at his request declared war with Japan. Morse Hart dropped dead in the mill.

December 9 Tues., Gertrude Lee has passed away. Heard Pres. Roosevelt's 30 min. address on the war situation with Japan. Our losses heavy, Pearl Harbor.

December 10 Wed., Bad storm. Children went to school at 8:30. Snow plow came. Our losses in Hawaii in Japan surprise attack, 3,000 killed & injured.

December 11 Thurs. Zero. Italy and Germany declare war on the U.S. Four hours later congress declared war on Germany and Italy. Heard Pres. message.

December 12 Fri. 12 below zero. Fierce air raids and fighting in Island of Luzon. Five Japanese boats 2 - 29-ton have been sunk or disabled.

December 13 Sat., Stormy. Elaine worked at Carls until 10 P.M. Harry brought her home. Cars ordered not to park at night in city on account of snow plow.

December 14 Sun. Mild. At home. Snow plow came through. Heard Rev. Linback, Pine Camp - "The voice of stone - Statuary Hall, Wash." One week of war.

December 15 Mon. Hollywood actors presented a drama and Pres. Roosevelt spoke for the 150th anniversary of the signing of the Bill of Rights, good.

December 16 Tues. Sleet and rain. Mr. Buckley had a stroke Sunday. Dr. Fowler had a serious heart attack this A.M. and was taken to hospital.

December 17 Wed. Our children are out of school on account of scarlet fever in our district. Successful test blackout held in Watertown tonight.

December 18 Thurs. Thawing. Wm. took children to school -- children on bus exposed to S.F. Wm. took our boys to W- to see Christmas and do some shopping.

December 19 Fri. Martin came with gifts for our children -- $5.00 each, candy, nuts, oranges and for Shirley, baking set and Raggedy Ann doll, extra.

December 20 Sat. Nearly zero. Icy. Two weeks of Japanese attacks -- losses in life, etc. -- no major gains. Russians driving Germans on whole line.

December 21 Sun. 10 below zero. Car refused to go so with weather and car could not go to church. Elaine went to Carl's store party at Woodruff.

December 22 Mon. Beautiful Christmas music and service -- radio. Letter from Ora Fuller. Earl passed away Dec. 15th at hospital, Detroit.

December 23 Tues. Sent cheese checks. Mild, rainy. School closed at noon. Rosamond came with gifts. Jean had eye operation at hospital, Sat.

December 24 Wed. Christmas eve, 1941, and my family is getting ready for tomorrow. Heard Pres. Roosevelt and his guest, Winston Churchill, give radio greeting.

December 25 Thurs. Elaine and I were at Wms. for Christmas gift opening, dinner & supper. Grandma G., Wilfred, Bessie were also there for supper. Fine.

December 26 Fri. Heard Winston Churchill address congress. Manila declared open city but Japs continue to bomb it. Japs take Hong Kong.

December 27 Sat. Elaine worked at Carl's and stayed all night with Bessie. Geo. Schweitzer is home for a few days from Fort Devens.

December 28 Sun., Wm. took me to church. New Year sermon by Rev. Wakeman. Elaine came home with us. Fine Sunday to close the year 1941.

December 29 Mon. Last eve Pres. Roosevelt promised aid to Philippines. Went to J. Brennan's for information on cheese factory report and to Ed. Evans, notary public.

December 30 Tues. Zero. Winston Churchill spoke in Ottawa. Heard him and Rev. W. H. Bradley, Ships of Life, also Rev. Blundon, "Greatness through service." Shirley here.

December 31 Wed. Private funeral for Dr. Fowler who passed away Mon. from heart attack. Rev. W. H. Bradley and Charlie came to see me. Fine.

Memorandum Dec. 7, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Dec. 8, Congress declared war with Japan, and Dec. 11 Germany, Italy and U.S. declared war.

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