1942 Diary of Minnie Conklin

January 1 God bless our President. Clothe him with wise intent for this grave hour, -- Give strength...vision...for lasting peace -- For this we pray. (M.C.)

January 2 About 20 above. Clear. Rev. W. H. Bradley and Charlie came last eve. Heard midnight radio service, Elaine and I. Wm. and family here for oyster supper.

January 3 Rain, then snow. Jan. 1st, day of prayer. Had poem in Times. Manila has fallen. Clif. Waters broke arm at mill, Jan. 1st. 26 nations sign allied pact.

January 4 Sun. Snow. A pleasant Sunday at home. The news is of Jap attacks, Philippines and the Near East. The radio sermons are of trust in God that right triumphs.

Janaury 5 Mon. Snowing. Childrent went to school, came home safely. Congress opened today. Gerald Munson and Evelyn were married at 10 A.M. today.

January 6 Tues. Heard Pres. Roosevelt's wartime message to congress. Cheese work. Net, $2.24. Mr. & Mrs. Peach here last week on cheese business. Zero morn.

January 7 Wed. Cold storm -- no school bus. Our chimney burned out last eve and was pretty serious for a while. Our family kept cool & checked the fire.

January 8 Thurs. Zero day. Children went to school. Storm extends along Atlantic coast. Japs make fierce attacks on Luzon and Malay. They lose 2,000 at Shanghi, China.

January 9 Fri. Zero weather continues. Children home. Pres. Roosevelt called for a war budget of $56,000,000,000 -- the largest in history. No. mail.

January 10 Sat. 20 below zero, pleasant. Put in 50 gals. of oil. Congress votes for national daylight saving time to help war defense production.

January 11 Sun. Am thankful that all is well with us this cold, stormy day with roads blocked. Doris made fudge. Children listened to the radio.

January 12 Mon. Another storm -- no school bus or mail. Wrote to Gladys C. and to Ora Fuller, whose husband passed away Dec. 15th last.

January 13 Tues. Zero, sunny. Snow plow came too late for school bus. Elaine and boys out on skiis. Heard Rev. Chas. M. Holcombe, "The Power of Faith."

January 14 Wed. Strong wind. Children went to school. Large steamship has been torpedoed and sunk by sub 160 mi. off Nova Scotia, 94 lost - 89 saved.

January 15 Thurs. 8 above zero - pleasant, calm. Heard Edw. McHugh sing a new setting of the rosary, "The Holy Hour." Two boats have been torpedoed off Long Island.

January 16 Fri. Zero morning. Pres. has chosen D. M. Nelson as war production head. Have just finished reading Last Train Out by E. Philips Oppenheim.

January 17 Sat. Cold wind. Rec'd nice letter from Jean Hynes. Doris is piecing a worsted quilt. Allies sink 5 Japanese boats in the Pacific.

January 18 Sun. Rainy - snow going. Harry went to Adams to look at a silo. Wm. and Elaine went too. Rev. Sanborne gave beautiful selections from authors.

January 19 Mon. Still rainy. Wm. & Doris went for car license, auto ins., etc. Only one license plate now for wartime. No sugar, little four on sale today.

January 20 Tues. Mild weather continues. Leonard takes regents in silent reading, 88 spelling, 96. Winston Churchill has arrived home safely by seaplane.

January 21 Wed. The sixth boat has been attacked by subs in the Atlantic. Troops from Fort Devens due to sail from N. C. for Philippines, recalled.

January 22 Thurs. Wm. paid taxes yesterday, $121.10. Leonard took tests, silent reading 88, english 87, arithmetic 90, history 89, spelling 96. Elaine is through regents but taking tests.

January 23 Fri. Rolly passed silent reading 75, history 76, science 85, spelling 76, arithmetic 80, geography 76, music 80, english 70, physical training 85. He is 11 yrs. old.

January 24 Sat. William has the grip. Leonard and Rolly did the barn work and sawed wood, and rode bike on the ice.

January 25 Pretty cold day. Did not go to church, except by radio -- but enjoyed the day. William healing better. Elaine plans our meals.

January 26 Nice winter day. Elaine and Rolly went skating after school. Doris is piecing a worsted quilt. 26 Jap boats sunk in 3 days.

January 27 Tues. Fierce battles raging on all war fronts -- Luzon, Malay, Russia, Libyia. Our troops arrive safely in N. Ireland. Our (?) bombing planes in Malaysia.

January 28 Wed. Eddie Evans signed state rep't for cheese factory license, State (fee $10.00). Dexter Sulphite had a fire this A.M. Heard Rev. Harrison, radio, "Spiritual Resources." Fine.

January 29 Thurs. 10 below zero. Mr. Wilton brought cheese returns, Net 2.12. Elaine bought our eats at Dexter. Radio: Rev. L. W. Wakeman, "The Best Friendship." Fine.

January 30 Fri. Grandma Gladwyn's 77th birthday, also Pres. Roosevelt's. Mrs. Barrett and Mary came. C.C.C. is getting up a cook book. Elaine went out with "Zip."

January 31 Sat. Rainy. Leonard and Rolly took the car battery to B- on a sled to get it charged. The Japanese are attacking Singapore.

February 1 Sun. The fifth anniversary of the death of my dear husband has come. Wm. took Elaine and me to church. Mr. Wakeman spoke on "Shining Lights."

February 2 Mon. Zero day. Sunny. Wm. went to the Cole farm to look at hay. War is raging on all fronts. Rev. L. W. Wakeman spoke on radio, "Personal evangelism."

February 3 17 deg. below zero and below zero all day. The 1st Methodist church, Watertown, had a bad fire. 1st anniversary, WATN.

February 4 Wed. Zero morning. Wm. is 39 today. Presents morning and supper at Wm's. Fine occasion. Answered annual Feb. 1 letter rec'd from Mabel Fulton.

February 5 Thurs. 26 above, noon. Light snow falling. Wm. sent a 300 lb. hog to Mr. Wicks to have dressed. Doris made Shirley a lavender dress and slip.

February 6 Fri. Mild. Amid the news of war, hear also fine Meditations by radio. One today by Rev. Edwards, The Seeking Heart and by Rev. Paul Roy, "Like an eagle." Isa. 40, 31.

February 7 Sat. Storm. Wm., Leonard and Elaine went to basketball game, D.H.S. & Clayton. Tie game. Elaine stayed with Dorothy Mott to go to Watertown today.

February 8 Sun. Shirley went to Grandma G's yesterday to get a quilt they made for her. A bad storm. Wm. went to W- to Jean Townsends (unclear name) after Elaine tonight.

February 9 Mon. 10 below, sunny. Clocks change to War Time. Heard Dr. W. G. Cole, Syracuse, and Anna V. Rice, speakers at the Nat'l Christian Mission being held in W-.

February 10 Tues. Below zero. Heard Dr. Chalmers, New York, "The Undismayed." He speaks at Asbury evenings this week for Christian Mission. This would have been Fathers 96th b-day.

February 11 Wed. Zero. Mr. & Mrs. Dudley Chapman have a baby girl born Feb. 8. Radio, Dr. Chalmers, "Disturbing Witnesses," and Dr. Cole, Proverbs, 8th chapter.

February 12 Thurs. 10 below zero. Clear and still. Radio -- Dr. Chalmers, Broadway Tabernacle, N.Y.C., "The Mount we might have reached." Dr. Anna Rice, "Our unfailing refuge."

February 13 Fri. Zero morn. Dr. Chalmers spoke on "Victorious Living" & Mrs. Common on Birds. The German boats enter the Straits of Dover and escape.

February 14 Sat. Milder. Wm. went to Dexter to register for the draft -- 20 to 44 yrs. Gerald Munson goes to Camp soon. Cheese work, P. 23-3/4 -- Net. 2.00.

February 15 Sun. Fine. Wm. took us to church. Pre-lenten sermon by Rev. Wakeman, "Confess your sin." Mrs. Wagoner is dead. Heard Winston Churchill -- radio.

February 16 Mon. Riley Benney has passed away -- had stroke, age 63. Clifford Waters is still in the hospital -- infection in broken leg.

February 17 Tues. Rainy. Doris is canning meat. Wm. dove school bus. Senior's have penny supper, D.H.S. Elaine took cake, pie & pickles and helped.

February 18 Wed. Had my oil tank filled, Tues. 17th. This is Ash Wed. Rev. Forman spoke, "Prayers" -- radio. 9,000,000 men registered in the draft. Japanese make gains in East India.

February 19 Thurs. Stormy. 10 above. Wm. is driving bus for B- central school. Wrote a birthday letter to Mrs. Miller. Wrote poem, "A Seeking Heart."

February 20 Fri. Zero. Richard Buckminster, Don Lamon and many others in draft. World Day of Prayer -- 52 nations. Our service, Episcopal church, B-.

February 21 Sat. Zero. Snow plow went through. Elaine is planning to go with Don Hess tomorrow to visit Margaret Matthews, Chittanango.

February 22 Sun. Cold wind. Elaine started at 10:30 P.M. Drame Club gave a play -- "He Leadeth me." Heard fine service from Pine Camp on Washington's birthday.

February 23 Mon. Heard Dr. McClung -- "The religion of Washington." Harry took Elaine at 1 P.M. to help with the senior carnival tonight. Made $35.00.

February 24 Tues. Richard B- came home from the draft. Heard Pres. Roosevelt last eve, 10 P.M. Japs torpedoed southern Calif. oil well. First attack in U.S., 10:20 P.M.

February 25 Bomber was over Los Angeles at 2:30 this morning. Anti aircraft guns went into action. 114 American boats have been attacked since Dec. 7.

February 26 Thurs. Sec. Stimpson announces that planes over Calif. were "fifth column." Am copying "Elmer's Tune" music for Elaine. N.N.Y. trial blackout tonight.

February 27 Fri. Heard Rev. Herbert Harrison, 1 Cor. 13, "Winning by love." Fine. In contrast fierce battles rage. Russia gains. Japs fail in Java and Luzon.

February 28 Sat. Put in coal and oil. Wm. sends ton of oats to have ground and mixed with a ton of corn meal for feed for the cows.

March 1 Sun. Mild. Have a little cold. Wilfred and Bessie came. Also Mr. Peck, whose grandmother was a Gladwyn, came to see me. These are lovely days that come and go. Yet pray for peace for ourselves and for this suffering war-torn world.

March 2 Mon. $32,000,000,000 defense bill passes congress. Jap drives are checked in Java and Luzon. Russia forces German retreats.

March 3 Overslept. Elaine got ready for school in a hurry. Heard three beautiful, helpful radio talks by Revs. Young, Pomeroy & Douglass, Toronto.

March 4 Wed. Yesterday, Elaine was at B- after school till snow plow came, 8:30 P.M. Boys rode home with Mr. Holder with horses. Today is beautiful.

March 5 Thurs. Wrote to Henrietta Gladwin about Mr. Peck (her cousin) coming. Pres. Roosevelt observed 10th year of service to nation by going to church, (M'ch 4).

March 6 Doris has canned 35 cans of meat. The boys are getting garden seeds. Plenty of snow yet -- but it is going. Cows are calving.

March 7 Sat. Elaine walked over to spend the weekend with Grandma Gladwyn. Our boys are preparing to tap a few maple trees. Wm. has a cold.

March 8 Sun. Beautiful day, 50, P.M. Elaine is at B-. Wm. has a cold. Boys do chores. Wrote to Dorcas Ball. Heard Pine Camp service, Chaplain Early & other things.

March 9 Mon. Elaine came on bus and went to school. Japs take Java and Rangoon though fighting continues. R.A.F. bombs German military plants, etc.

March 10 Tues. The Gilmore's came home from Ala., Sat. Bert was here after their potatoes. Wind storm today. Large Am. convoy goes through Pacific.

March 11 Wed. Beautiful day. Grace C. & Ruth M. came with W.S.C.S. cook books, p. 50c. Heard Rev. W. H. Bradley, "Obeying the Vision." Congress raised debt limit to 125 billion.

March 12 Mrs. Matteson was found dead in bed. Cheese work, Net $1.94. Robins are here. Boys are getting sap. Wm. is working on Eddie Evans car. Rev. Youngs, "Aspire to unwon virtue."

March 13 Fri. Fine weather, snow nearly gone. Rosamond is 40 years old today. A daughter (Evelyn Bertha) was born to Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Failing, Mon., Mc'h 9.

March 14 Sat. Rain and snow. Leonard and Elaine took part in a physical training demonstration last eve and this at D.H.S.

March 15 Sun. Rev. L. W. Wakeman, Brownville senior choir and male chorus had charge of the service over W.A.T.N. Subject -- "The Good Shepherd." Fine.

March 16 Mon. Carl Hynes attended legislative correspondent's dinner, Albany, last week. Rosamond & Mrs. Reynolds went to Syracuse. Rainy evening. Snow gone. Birds sing.

March 17 Thurs. Rec'd beautiful letter from Mrs. B. G. Miller. Gen. McArthur arrives in Australia to take allied command. W. H. Everett wrote in my album 60 years ago today, also Sarah D. & Rittage (?).

March 18 Australia rejoices on the arrival of Gen. McArthur and men and supplies from the U.S. -- Put in 35 gals. of oil today at 9-1/2c.

March 19 Thurs. Nice day. Letter from Grandma G. Doing cheese reports. Elaine is learning a monologue for school entertainment.

March 20 Fri. Sunny day. Fine morning devotions. Death dealing war continues. Letter from Henrietta Gladwin. This is the last day of a delightful winter.

March 21 Sat. First day of spring -- mild. Elaine did our washing. Leonard went to P.P. & W- looking for a bicycle to buy. Rolly bought B.B. gun. Gilbert came.

March 22 Snow flurries. Gladys' birthday. Wm. took Elaine and me to church. Rev. L. W. Wakeman preached from Rev. 1. The meaning of the description of Christ.

March 23 Mon. Cheese work, p. 21-1/4, net $1.80. Doris not feeling extra good. Fine lenten radio services -- one, "The Cross," talk and poems given by Rev. Burdick.

March 24 Tues. The Japs are bombing on Borneo. Axis puts 500,000 more men in Russia for offensive but Allies are busy.

March 25 Wed. Rec'd an invitation to the wedding of Marion Dengler and Orville Wendell Millar Sat. eve. at 8, Congregational Church, Douglas, Mich.

March 26 Thurs. William and Doris have a lovely baby girl born at 7:30 P.M. today. Name, Joan Myrna, Wt. 7-1/2#. Dr. Hoyt and Mrs. Carlin (sic) attended her.

March 27 Fri. Dr. Hoyt brought me a tonic. Doris and Joan doing well. Children all in love with "the little doll." Shirley calls her Hair, dark eyes.

March 28 Sat. All busy. Boiling sap for the boys. Doris and Joan doing well. Jean Savage & Carol Brown took Elaine to a 4H club meeting.

March 29 Sun. Palm Sunday. Pleasant day. Dr. Hoyt and daughter here. Francis Taylor came to see me. Thankful that all is well here.

March 30 Mon. Rolland (sic) passed arithmetic 90, spelling 86, english 77, geography 80, history 76, english ?.

March 31 Tues. Elaine passed 100 in bookkeeping. Rainy evening. Gilbert came. Wrote to Marion Dengler, who is to be married Sat. eve and to others.

April 1 Wed. A little snow for April fool. Dr. Hoyt came and played checkers with Wm. Doris & Joan gaining. Hear fine passion week services.

April 2 Thurs. School closed at noon for Easter vacation. Doris Bowman and Kenneth Johnson married at 8 tonight. Rev. Youngs gave fine talk -- "Gethsemane."

April 3 Fri. Heard radio. Good Friday union service. All Souls Church. Very good. Henrietta G sent me fine book entitled Heaven. Elaine has a cold.

April 4 Sat. Carl & Rosamond brought me a hyderangia. They went to New York this A.M. Beryl and Lou brought nighties to Joan. Mrs. Carley gave Doris a pink slip.

April 5 Sun. Wilfred, Bessie and Anna came last eve, also Harry & George S. Mabel and Nellie came today. Heard beautiful radio Easter services.

April 6 Mon. Cheese work. P. 2-1/4 net $l.76. Wm. bought 5 tons of hay, Gonseth 135.00 and a car battery $8.00. Got the truck in running order for home use.

April 7 Tues. Mrs. Carley (the nurse) went today. Minnie Spicer is dead, age 83. Wm. bought lamp & mattress, Theresa auction. Harry & Elaine went to train with George.

April 8 Wed. Wm. and boys draw hay with team from Gonseth farm. Doris made doughnuts, etc. Elaine started house cleaning upstairs for me. Baby fine.

April 9 Thurs. Farmers and Johnsons brought Joan gifts last eve, blanket, bootees, etc. Japanese take Bataan Peninsula. Elaine shopped at Bigwood's sale.

April 10 Fri. Grandma G. gave Elaine a butterfly quilt. Leonard bought a second hand bicycle, $10.00. Doris went to W-. Leo Mitchell is dead.

April 11 Sat. Have a few inches of snow. Wm. and Elaine went to Leo Mitchells funeral, Catholic church, Dexter. Doris brought Joan over to see me.

April 12 Sun. Snow mostly gone. Grass green. Mr. & Mrs. Ely came to see Joan. The news of disaster in war mars the Sabbath. Have a chest cold.

April 13 Mon. Pleasant. Hester and Virginia Gilmore came to see tiny Joan. India refuses offer to cooperate with England against the Japs.

April 14 Tues. All busy but uneventful. Heard Rev. Holcombe, "Life, the key -- a hope." Good. Rec'd a nice letter from Rev. F. L. Edwards about one of my poems.

April 15 Wed. Vichy yields to Hitler demand for alliance. U.S.A. planes bomb Japs in Philippines. Russian take toll of 9,000 germans April 1 to 10.

April 16 Elaine is staying at Dexter until tomorrow 4 P.M. school bus to sell tickets for senior play, etc. Word rec'd Leonard Kellar killed in war.

April 17 Fri. Maitland Mitchell is dead, age 77 -- also Phila Butler Bowman Smith*, age 71. Was quite sick in the evening.

*NOTE: Information via E-Mail from a grand-niece revealed this about Phila. "They [meaning the diarist and Phila] were about 3 years apart in age (Phila was born on Chestnut Ridge, Town of Hounsfield, Jefferson Co. [NY] on 7 Jan 1870, daughter of Captain James J. Butler and Ermina [Webb] Butler). Along with her 10 siblings, Phila attended Belleville Academy, and was a teacher. She was also an author of children's stories/ articles that appeared in numerous magazines as well as a children's book, "The Little Brown Bowl", published by Thomas Nelson & Sons in 1928. She was very active in the Federation of Women's Clubs and championed early childhood learning, among other accomplishments."

April 18 Sat. American planes bombed four leading cities of Japan, Apr. 17. Lost 9 planes. Americans seem to have secret base nearby.

April 19 Sun. Martin and Edith came to see Joan. Cooler rainy evening. Heard Rev. L. C. Hine (M) Chaumont. Wrote to Gladys C. & Mrs. Mait Mitchell.

April 20 Mon. The Farmers and F. Schweitzers came to see Joan last eve. George Schweitzer has been promoted to corporal. Cheese work - net 1.71, p. 21-1/4.

April 21 Tues. The team ran to Holders when a pin broke in the dump carrier. Carl announces candidacy for Dist. Att. Grace Sloan Overtsee (?) is speaking in Watertown.

April 22 Wed. Rev. F. L. Edwards installed pastor at Emmanuel church last eve. Boys rode their wheels to school. Elaine stayed over for rehearsal.

April 23 Elaine and I were at Wms. for Rolly's 12th birthday dinner. Doris made a fine cake with candles, had presents, etc.

April 24 Elaine, Doris and Shirley go to Senior High School entertainment, they made about $72.00. James Brennan is unconscious from a stroke.

April 25 Sat. Mr. & Mrs. Ball came for church budget. Elaine went to 4H club picnic at Dexter. Mrs. Mandigo and girls came demonstrating bedroom furnishings.

April 26 Sun. Rev. Wakeman spoke on radio yesterday, John 5, "The way to assurance." Fine. This morning heard Rev. Young, Worship in God's cathedral. Joan was dressed today.

April 27 Mon. Marvin brought Johnie Apr. 24. (?) Beautiful weather. Heard radio, Rev. W. H. Bradley, What to do with our doubts, Luke 7.19. Good.

April 28 Tues. Elaine learned today that she is valedictorian of D.H.S., Average 91.77. Marion Buell is salutatorian, 90.36. Raymond Frank, honor roll, 90.21.

April 29 Wed. Beautiful weather. Washed extras. Pres. Roosevelt addressed nation last eve on The Price of Victory -- described it as hard work, sorrow and blood.

April 30 Thurs. James Brennan passed away. Bought defense bond for dear Elaine. Wm. is fixing a Fordson for Chas. Farmer. We are spending for war $100,000,000 daily.

May 1 Fri. Elaine and Doris made poster, arranged stain removers for 4-H club where Elaine is to give demonstration at Watertown 4-H meeting tomorrow.

May 2 Sat. Doris took Elaine to county 4-H meeting at Academy St. school. She received a blue seal and gave questionaire (sic) talk over station W.W.N.Y.

May 3 Sun. Doris took Elaine and me to church and S.S. -- Rev. Wakeman spoke on 11 Sam. 5 -- the triumph of right and revealing God in our lives.

May 4 Wm. went to W- for grass seed. Doris went to Dexter for sugar card, 1/2 lb. each per week. Japs take Mandalay. Heard Rev. Thornberry, "Wings from trouble."

May 5 Tues. Cooler. Cheese work, net 1.66, p. 21-1/4. Proofs came for Elaine's picture taken Sat. for Times notice valedictory, Marion Buell, salutatorian, had hers taken, too.

May 6 Wed. Corregidor surrenders to Japs. English getting control in Madagascar. India following Gandhi, refuses to fight. Work has begun on Dexter airport.

May 7 Thurs. William had piece behind barn nearly sown to alfalfa when it began raining. Cows out to pasture. Milk increasing -- garden time.

May 8 Fri. Mr. & Mrs. Rolla Wicks have a son, Paul Wesley, forn May 4th. A naval battle is raging at Coral Sea between Japanese & Allied navies.

May 9 Elaine's picture came and it is fine. Doris and Elaine went to W-. They gave me a pretty apron & box of handkerchiefs for Mother's Day.

May 10 Sun. Elaine and I went to church. Fine. Elaine and Harry S. went to Syracuse (blurred), P.M. Grandma, Bessie & Wilford here for supper. Wm. and Doris went to see Donald Hasner.

May 11 Martin will take Donald to a Rochester specialist tomorrow. The Japanese are having big losses in Coral Sea and Burma.

May 12 Rainy. Cleaned cupboards. Rolly bought a garden cultivator, $2.90. Joan weighs 8 lbs. and is a fine girl.

May 13 Wed. Cheese work -- net $1.60, price 21-1/4. Doris planted potatoes. Wm. fitted ground on flat for alfalfa grass seed. Doris went to Dexter for gas ration card.

May 14 Mary Soper came to get Joan's name for the Cradle Roll. Three boats have been sunk by subs in the St. Lawrence River.

May 15 Fri. Fine spring weather. Major offensives are raging in Russia and Mandalay and in the Pacific. Each side claims supremacy.

May 16 Sat. Wm. bought more grass seed of W. I. Roe. Rolly put on new wire and hung my screen door. Got a new battery for my radio, $7.00.

May 17 Sun. Conference Sunday. Our pastor, Rev. L. W. Wakeman, is at Fulton. Elaine went to a movie at Carthage with Harry, "To be or not to be."

May 18 Mon. Cheese work -- net $1.64, p. 21-1/4. Ceiling on food prices begins today. Elaine's valedictory announcement and picture were in The Times.

May 19 Tues. Rev. W. H. Bradley is appointed to Camden. Fine man. Elaine stayed at school to go home with Carol Brown and stay tonight.

May 20 Elaine rec'd a nice letter of congratulations from Rev. Herbert Harrison. Gilbert came, evening. Thousand (?) of our soldier boys reach Ireland.

May 21 Doris went to W- for material for a white sharkskin dress for Elaine. Ordered her white slip from catalogue. Snowballs, syringa, bleeding hearts in bloom.

May 22 Showery. Doris made a uniform, red, white and blue for Elaine to wear in the 4-H annual rally day parade at Watertown tomorrow.

May 23 Sat. Doris had 100 Wyandotte chicks, white, come today. Elaine went to W- with Carol B. to 4-H and to call on Donald in evening. They won 1st p. (prize).

May 24 Sun. Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Christopher have a daughter, May 19, Barbara Ann. Cool - rainy P.M. At home. This is Pentecost and Aldersgate Sunday.

May 25 Mon. Russian and Germans continue fierce fighting with heavy losses, especially to the germans at Khartoon.

May 26 Tues. Rev. L. W. Wakeman came to see Joan and the rest of us. Doris and Wm. went to Walter Farmers last eve. Elaine writing book reviews.

May 27 Wed. Rosamond came this P.M. with geraniums/petunias and ferns for the urns and we went to the cemetery -- took Shirley.

May 28 Thurs. Elaine did our washing with the machine and ironing two nights after school. Mexico declared war on the Axis powers.

May 29 Elaine went to Watertown on the bus shopping. She and Marion Buell went together to the senior prom, D.H.S.

May 30 Sat. Our folks making victory garden, etc. this memorial day. Shirley helps. Joan stayed with me till 1:30 last evening.

May 31 Sun. Elaine and I heard Rev. Wakeman's Memorial sermon at church. He also spoke this P.M. at cemetery. Clifford Waters came home from the hospital.

June 1 Mon. Cheese work, net 1.75, p. 21-1/4. Letter from George S., Fort Benning, Ga. William had a sick cow. Walter Johnson and wife providentially came.

June 2 Tues. Cool for our anniversary like 45 yrs. ago. Put in 50 gal. of oil. Cora Binninger Wood is dead.

June 3 British bomb Cologne with 1036 planes. 20,000 killed -- fires burning and loss of 34 planes. British plan nightly bombings of 1000.

June 4 Thurs. Had Baby Joan and Shirley for company while Doris got a permanent. She also finished Elaine's formal -- white red dots, lace & ribbon.

June 5 Fri. Elaine stayed at Helen Joynt's to attend the music festival tomorrow. Rev. and Mrs. Wakeman and Donald came to invite Joan to be baptized.

June 6 Sat. Finished reading "Nine Mile Swamp" by Harriet McDoual Daniels. Good story. Japs bomb Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Cool and cloudy for Music Festival, Dexter.

June 7 Sun. Grandma Gladwyn and family brought Elaine home last evening. We went to church -- Children's Day. Had a few wild strawberries.

June 8 Mon. Allies damage 8 to 20 Jap ships in Midway Battle. Wm. driving school bus for Lawyer Kilborne. Elaine stays to athletic banquet, D.H.S.

June 9 Elaine received a graduation present of a locket and chain from Geo. Schweitzer, Fort Benning, Ga. He is going soon to an undisclosed base.

June 10 Wed. Wm. had a wiener (sic) roast for our boys and the Holder boys after they finished planting potatoes. Martin and Edith came in the evening with presents for Joan & Shirley.

June 11 Thurs. Cheese work -- 2 sales, net $1.72 & 1.98. Dorothy Adams is sick. Doris takes the milk over mornings so Wm. can drive the school bus.

June 12 Fri. Elaine and Shirley went with Wm. on the school bus. He got my radio -- Doris got sugar for canning cards -- 76 for her -- 12 for Elaine and me. (?)

June 13 Sat. Catherine Carpenter and Pvt. John De Friend were married yesterday morning at the post chapel, Camp Grant, Ill.

June 14 Sun. Cool. Heard our pastor, Rev. L. W. Wakeman, on radio. Mr. & Mrs. Harold Peck came to call. They brought interesting family pictures.

June 15 Mon. Put in 50 gals. of oil, $5.00. Doris bought strawberries for herself and me from W. Reasoner, 15c. Made 2 jars jam, canned 5 pints.

June 16 Tues. Led W.S.C.S. meeting at the church. Elaine and I were there for supper. Rode over with William on the school bus.

June 17 Wed. Rec'd fine letter from Dorcas Ball and two beautiful handkerchiefs. One of them embroidered in China. Elaine finished regents today.

June 18 Rolly passed well, 6th grade -- Leonard tied for highest marks, 8 grade, an average of 93-1/3. Doris & Rolly picked two pails of wild strawberries.

June 19 Fri. Wm. and Doris went with Leonard to his 8th grade graduation. He wore his new outfit -- attended the class party at Kerskes.

June 20 Sat. Doris and Elaine selected a new dark blue jacket for me at W-. Rolla and I stayed with Joan while the rest went to Class Day, D.H.S.

June 21 Sun. Leonard & Rolla cared for Joan and the rest of us attended baccalaurate (sic) services Dexter Methodist Church. Elaine received a bouquet of roses.

June 22 Mon. Elaine gave her valedictory address beautifully and rec'd many compliments and we were all proud of our girlie.

June 23 Tues. She is also receiving many gifts -- money, handbag, suit case, toilet articles, locket & chain, towels, liberty bond, her photos.

June 24 Wed. Grandma Gladwyn and family came for supper -- brought eats with them. Elaine attended the alumni banquet at D.H.S.

June 25 Thurs. Miss Dickson, Elaine and other members of the class left this morning for Detroit. Uncle Martin brought her a beautiful wrist watch -- Lyceum.

June 26 Fri. Mr. Harold Peck mailed Elaine's photos, five sittings, his graduation gift to her and they are lovely. Pansy Halstead, Detroit, invited them for dinner, Saturday.

June 27 Sat. Card came from Elaine. They were at Buffalo, soon to take the boat for Detroit. Alice Hasner came with snapshot album for Elaine.

June 28 Sun. Wm. and Doris went to see Norris and George Hasner who are called in the draft. Rev. Harrison spoke on the radio -- subject, joy, fine.

June 29 Mon. Elaine came to Grandma G's last night and home today. She had a fine trip. Went to Dearborn, also to the zoo park and to Niagara Falls.

June 30 Tues. Mr. Taylor and Mr. Peach came. Hiring a new cheesemaker. Put in 50 gals. oil, $6.00. Wm. sowing 6-1/4 bu. buckwheat on flat -- cost, $13.10.

July 1 Wed. Mobilization Parade in Watertown. War news discouraging from Egypt. Swastopal (?) and the Japs active. The whole north country took part in our civilian parade.

July 2 Thurs. Cheese work, net 1.70, price 20-3/4. Wm. and the boys start haying. Have an abundance of tall, fine hay. Have a nice garden.

July 3 Fri. Fine weather. Doris & Elaine went to W- shopping, etc. Elaine bought a nice bathing suit -- blue. Gilbert L. & Alec F. passed for draft.

July 4 Sat. Quiet day, cool. Wm. and the boys drew hay. Elaine hoed potatoes in a Victory garden. War news some better. Six american (sic) planes in Britain bombed axis, 2 planes lost.

July 5 Sun. George S. has furlough -- here for dinner. Elaine went with him & Harry to Syracuse where he took the train for Penna. Wm. and I went to the cemetery.

July 6 Mon. Thunderstorm last night. Elaine started at 8:30, the Watertown School of Commerce course. Dr. Atkinson took a piece of steel out of Wm's eye.

July 7 Tues. Wm. went to Dr. Atkinson this morning. Eye not very good. Hi, Mabel, Nellie came in the evening. George arrived safely at Camp -- "phone."

July 8 Wed. Wm. went to Dr. Atkinson and his eye is improved. He is trying to do some of our large haying. The boys are doing their share.

July 9 Thurs. Doris is canning vegetables from our garden. Elaine is busy attending W.S. of C. Her 20 pictures taken in Detroit and N. Falls are good.

July 10 Fri. Richard Buckminster fell at Massena, breaking several ribs. Doris Bradley and Sgt. Herbert Chamberlain were married July 1 at Columbia, S.C.

July 11 Sat. Blanche Commings Lytle and husband came today -- here for lunch. Very glad to see her. The germans are making heavy drives in Russia.

July 12 Sun. Elaine and I went to church, then Wm. and family and Elsie (blank space) went to Martin's cottage. Mr. & Mrs. Peach came, also Mr. & Mrs. Peck & Elwood.

July 13 Mon,. June Merrick and Sandord Jones were married Fri. eve at her home. Gladys Campbell (and many others) is taking a 150 hr. first aid course.

July 14 Tues. Made raspberry jam. Every farmer has plenty of hay. Wm. sold 3 cows to F. Farr for $220.00, farrow (?), etc. Gilbert L. came. Harry brought ice cream.

July 15 Wed. Gilbert came to say goodbye before going to Fort Niagara tomorrow. Geo. Hasner also goes & Alec. Fowler. Cheese work. Price 20-3/4, net $1.67.

July 16 Thurs. Finished reading, "Deep Waters" by Ben Ames Williams. Terrific fighting continues in Russia. The german loss given as 900,000 and russian 499,000.

June 17 Fri. Rev. L. W. Wakeman spoke on radio. Fine. Elaine attended shower for June Merrick Jones at June's home, a surprise. Wilfred, Bessie and Grandma brought her home.

June 18 Sat. Pres. Roosevelt declares war on Roumania, Hungary & Bulgaria. Terrific fighting continues on Russian front. Japs land more troops on Aleutians.

July 19 Sun. Elaine and I went to church and S.S. Enjoyed it. Wrote to Pvt. Jack Gordon Stewart, Camp Wheeler, Ga. Mr. Taylor came about a co-operative.

July 20 Mon. Cheese work today. Showers at night. Wm. put in 50 gal. of gas for farm purposes. Elaine went to Business School as usual.

July 21 Tues. W.S.C.S. picnic on Parsonage lawn. We had raspberry pie from Mrs. Peters. Our young friend, Elwood Musselman, found his father dead, Roosevelt Hotel.

July 22 Wed. Grandma Gladwyn brought apple pie and had a lunch with me. Wm's folks, Wilfred, Bessie and the Ely's had a weiner roast.

July 23 Thurs. Elaine called on Susie Chapman who is ill at the City Hospital. Gilbert has sent us cards from Fort Niagara. Heard Sec. of State Hull.

July 24 Fri. Elaine selected the presents for Shirley's birthday and linoleum for our front chamber, also scrap book for story, "The Moon is Down."

July 25 Shirley opened the gifts for her 5th birthday before breakfast and we were there for dinner. Helen W. and two fresh air children came.

July 26 Sun. Elaine and I went to church and S.S. and enjoyed it. Text, Where two or three are gathered, etc. --

July 27 Mon. Gilbert Lamon is at Camp Grule ?, Muskogee, Oklahoma. 399 boats have been sunk on the Atlantic coast since Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941.

July 28 Tues. Elaine and Marion went to see Mrs. Miniver, a much liked war movie, at the Avon. Rainy weather for haying.

July 29 Wed. George Hasner is at (blank space) Miss. George Schweitzer is perhaps on his way "somewhere" overseas. He writes to Elaine frequently.

July 30 Thurs. Cheese work -- net $1.65, price 20-3/4 -- made by our new cheesemaker, Schofield. Stalin has ordered "no retreat" to russian army as germans drive to Stalingrad.

July 31 Fri. Elaine selected new oil cloth for her mothers (sic) table and mine. Rainy. Harry brought her home and painted my kitchen walls.

August 1 Sat. Doris' chickens are sick. She is making a light green dress for Elaine. Rains are doing good but delaying haying.

August 2 Sun. Heard fine service from Pine Camp, II Tim, 1, 6-7 "Gather the Embers." Wrote to George Schweitzer, now at sea.

August 3 Mon. Cheese work -- busy day for all of us. Doris' chickens are better. Rosamond and Mrs. Sheley came about helping Carl in the primaries.

August 4 Tues. Harry Schweitzer treated all of us to ice cream last eve. Moscow says allied nations second front will be 15,000,000 men, 85,000 tanks and 50,000 planes.

August 5 Wed. Gladys Campbell came for a visit and supper with us -- fine. Fierce and serious battles are being fought on the Russian front.

August 6 Thurs. Heard Queen Wilhelmina's acceptance of a sub-destroyer, named for her, given by our government to her at Washington navy yard.

August 7 Fri. Six Nazi agents were executed in Washington today (Aug. 8 ?) -- one rec'd 30 yrs. and one life sentence. One in Mich., aiding Nazi's, rec'd death sentence.

August 8 Sat. Elaine has been doing school work on the fine typewriter loaned to her by Gladys Campbell. Wm. and the boys very busy outside.

August 9 Sun. Elaine and I rode to church with Harry. They dedicated a new flag. Wm. & D. out campaigning for Carl -- did my part by mail.

August 10 Mon. In the primaries tomorrow, Carl Hynes competes with Roy Fuller, Ass't. Dist. Atty, for a place on the ticket for re-election , Dist. Atty.

August 11 Tues. Carl won by a small majority. The only objection to him was the third term. Rec'd nice letter from Gilbert Lamon, Camp Gruber.

August 12 Wed. Tired from cheese work. The rest of the family are tired from farm work, etc. Elaine passed 100 in English at business school.

August 13 Thurs. Elaine selected a new wall paper for her room today -- pink background to match her room. Large convoys of troops arrive in the British Isles.

August 14 Fri. Elaine rec'd a card saying that George Schweitzer has arrived safely "somewhere," -- probably England. She and Harry have gone swimming tonight.

August 15 Sat. Wm. helped thresh at Marvin Ceans. Our boys drew hay with truck. Finished reading "The Moon is Down" by John Steinbeck. Good.

August 16 Sun. Elaine went with Grandma G. and family and Katie & Annie, Miss Mouri (?) to the Getman family reunion at City Park. About 80 attended. Little rainy.

August 17 Mon. Wm. bought an engine to pump water from Charlie Corp. $15.00. Florence and Fred Schweitzer bought Elaine a pink slip, graduation gift.

August 18 Tues. Had Leonard's birthday gifts -- at suppertime yesterday -- birthday cake, watermelon, fountain pen, light for bicycle, pencil, handkerchief, $2.00.

August 19 Wed. Tankled, allied troops invade the coast of germanys - occupied France, around Dieppe (?). Smash Nazi defenses and get information.

August 20 Thurs. American Ranger troops, Flying Fortresses and fighter squadrons took part in the raid for the French coast which lasted about 8 hours.

August 21 Fri. This is Celia Evans 64th birthday. Gilbert Lamon has been promoted to Private First Class. Queenie has 7 pups. Finished harvesting.

August 22 Sat. Wilfred and Bessie went to Rochester for a vacation. Elsie Gilmore Liscomb, husband and two children are visiting her folks.

August 23 Sun. A restful day. Heard a service from Pine Camp on the life of Christ in the four gospels -- l. teacher, 2. doer 3. physician 4. a savior. Very good.

August 24 Mon. Had an invitation to join the National Hymn Society but hardly think I will. American troops and airmen continue to land in England.

August 25 Tues. Elaine won 1st prize, $7.00, at 4H Club canned vegetable exhibit, Fair Grounds. Dewey and Wallace nominated for Gov. and Lieut. Gov., Rep, ? at Saratoga.

August 26 Wed. Elaine and Marion Buell went to the movie, "Gone With the Wind." Rec'd a lovely framed motto from Helen Walrath, a surprise gift.

August 27 Thurs. Cheese work, net $1.73. Made out report for cheese factory bond. The Duke of Kent and 17 others were killed in airplane disaster, Scotland.

August 28 Fri. Leonard went to a party at the Kerske cottage yesterday at Pillar P. Elaine went with Uncle Martin to his cottage for the weekend.

August 29 Sat. Wm. got a stormdoor that Rob't Merriam made for me, $3.75. Ordered 3 tons chestnut coal. There may be a war shortage of coal and oil.

August 30 Wilfred came just before church time and I rode over with him. Dist. Supt. Holcombe preached a fine sermon: "The Eternal Goodness of God."

September 1 Mon. Elaine came home from Martin's cottage where she spent the weekend. Elsie Gilmore Lipscomb and family from Alabama were here.

September 2 Tues. Cheese work -- net 1.80. Rolly likes his new teacher, Leon Wells. Harry brought ice cream last eve. Wm. has made a buzzsaw frame.

September 2 Wed. Nice letter from Gilbert, Camp Gruber, Okla. Elaine won 2nd prize on her garden, $3.00. Leonard is taking latin, algebra and a commercial (sic).

September 3 Thurs. Three years ago England declared war on Germany for attacking Poland. War still raging, most nations in it. Day of Prayer observed in England today.

September 4 Fri. Wm. is fixing a tractor for Stuart David. Leonard is taking latin, algebra and commercial. Elaine bought new brown shoes.

September 5 Sat. Wm. and I went to the cemetery. Took asters given me at church. Rain in P.M. Elaine received a letter from George Schweitzer, England.

September 6 Sun. Elaine and I were at Wm's for a chicken dinner. Then Harold Peck came for us to go home with him for supper and the evening.

September 7 Mon. Yesterday was Henrietta G's birthday, 67. I think, Harold Peck was 55 Sat. Quiet Labor Day. Cheese net $1.80. Fall term Business School starts tomorrow.

September 8 About 150 at Business School. Wm. has been reclassified by the draft board and is now 3B. Elaine rec'd letters from George S., England.

September 9 Muriel Walker came home with Elaine and stayed to supper. We ordered our Christmas cards from her. She rode Elaine's wheel back.

September 10 Thurs. Gilbert Lamon has been promoted to corporal. Harry Schweitzer is putting up a silo. Elaine is buying canned fruit & vegetables for us.

September 11 Fri. Wm. is cutting the corn. Rec'd a letter from Allen Flanders, Technical School Squadron, Miami Beach, Florida. Harry brought Elaine from school, stayed for supper.

September 12 Sat. The germans are determined to take Stalingrad. The russians are fighting to defend it. It is important in the future of the "world war."

September 13 Sun. Doris took Elaine and me to church and S.S. Mr. Wakeman spoke from Ps. 121.1. Wrote to Allen Flanders. Grandma brought Elaine's wedding ring quilt.

September 14 Mon. Cheese work -- net 1.72. Gerald Munson is going to army work in Australia by airplane. Leon Barrett goes to a training camp soon.

September 15 Tues. Elaine rec'd three letters today from George S -- Eng. One was censored so he cannot write much about it. Adam Vogt had only bid on school bus, $1300.00.

September 16 There was a test daylight air raid alarm today -- school closed for it and children hastened to shelter. Also all people on the streets.

September 17 Sent a card to Ina Starkweather at the City Hospital. Geo. Hasner likes Camp life in Wis. He does repair mechanical work.

September 18 Fri. Have had several days of unusually warm weather. Stalingrad still holds though fighting is terrific. Our forces gain on Japs in Solomon Is.

September 19 Sat. Wm. and boys help Gilmore's fill silo. Rolla drove our truck and Leonard drove Gilmore's team. Our folks picked 2 bu. green tomatoes to avoid freezing.

September 20 Sun. Rain last night -- temp, 46 deg. - 6 P.M. Not feeling well today -- had a rest. Wm. took apples to a cider mill. Elaine typed a hymn, "The Presence," for me to mail.

September 21 Mon. Frost last night. Wm. is cutting corn for silo. Leonard stayed home from school to help him. Elaine brought home a fine muskmelon. Had lima beans, our garden.

September 22 Tues. Have had 20 different things to eat from our garden and some of them for winter. Mr. & Mrs. Schofield (cheesemaker) brought cheese returns.

September 23 Wed. Cheese work -- net $1.85. Silo filling today. Grandma Gladwyn came to spend two days. We were at Wm's for dinner. Lew and Beryl were there.

September 24 Thurs. Doris and Grandma G- are making sauerkraut. Mrs. Peters had an operation at (blank) Hospital. Her tea room is closed indefinitely.

September 25 Mrs. Chas. Gilmore is dead (86). She was my first school teacher. Gladys Campbell came for a visit before returning to Farmington Monday.

September 26 Sat. Leon Kellar has been wounded in an air raid over London (R..C.A. ?). Mrs. Chas. Codman is dead. Dr. E. Stanley Jones spoke in Watertown, Sept. 24.

September 27 Sun. Elaine and I went to church and S.S. thanks to Doris. Fine service. Mrs. Farrington has had a heart attack. A rainy day, not cold.

September 28 Mon. Cold wind follows rain. Doris helped Wm. dig potatoes. Gladys C- started for Farmington. Mrs. Dafoe accompanied her to Schenectady.

September 29 Tues. Continued cold. Wm. tried to cut the buckwheat -- so heavy and matted he gave it up. We are talking about new roofing for the hay barn.

September 30 Warmer to end Sept. Cheese work, net $1.94. Doris made fruit cakes to sent to Geo. Schweitzer in England and Geo. Hasner in Wisconsin.

October 1 Thurs. Fine day. Doris is making a black dress, green trimming, for Elaine. Card from Gladys -- arrived at Farmington. Harry S. furnished ice cream for all of us.

October 2 Fri. Colder again and we all feel it. Wm. has a cold. Harry brought Elaine home and stayed for supper. Melissa Farrington passed away, 8:30 A.M.

October 3 Sat. A picture from Sallmon's. Head of Christ that I had ordered came today. Our folks all busy, men filling silo, Doris & Elaine dug 3 bu. potatoes.

October 4 Sun. Doris took Elaine and me to church. Elaine led in a S.S. exercise for Rally Day. World communion Sunday. Mrs. Farrington's funeral this P.M.

October 5 Louie Sayles is cutting our buckwheat with a combine, $18.00. Ordered several Sallman's pictures, "Head of Christ" -- one for our church.

October 6 Tues. Had 80 bu. of buckwheat. Cheese work net, $1.96. Elmer Holder has scarlet fever. (Gilmore farm) Several around Paddy Hill have it.

October 7 Wed. This is Doris' 38th birthday. The family were here for supper and I enjoyed it very much. "ar news favorable to Allies."

October 8 Thurs. Melvin Allison, principal of Dexter school, has been called to army service. Put in 50 gal. oil and signed ration card for it.

October 9 Fri. Ethel Peck brought Elaine a belated graduation present, a nice handbag. Bertha Biggers and John Olison (blurred) were married Oct. 7 in Baltimore, Md.

October 10 Sat. William is drawn on jury for Oct. 26th. Doris went to City and got her birthday new black dress. Wm. took my radio to have it fixed.

October 11 Sun. Elaine and I enjoyed church and S.S. Mr. Wakeman preached a fine sermon from Phil 1;27?. A canadian flyer was killed in plane crash near Dexter.

October 12 Mon. Columbus Day 1492-1942, 450 yrs. Children. Threshed oats 60 bags. Cheese work, p 24-1/4 -- Net $2.20. Doris Gonseth teachers at Chaumont.

October 13 Tues. Beautiful weather. Mr. Gonseth gave Wm. 4 load of corn already cut. Germans shackle 1376 prisoners taken at Dieppe. Churchill warns Germany.

October 14 Wed. Geo. Bernard Shaw disfavors retaliation against German prisoners. Nazis are giving up attempt to smash Russian armies.

October 15 Thurs. Jean Hynes 13th birthday Wrote to her as usual for her birthday. War conditions look more favorable for the Allied nations.

October 16 Fri. Wendell Wilkie returned, 14th, from a round the world trip for Pres. Roosevelt in the interest of good will among allied nations.

October 17 Sat. Wrote to Mrs. B. G. Miller. Rec'd letters from Mrs. Harold Peck and Helen Walrath about the pictures I gave them -- Sallman's Head of Christ.

October 18 Sun. A beautiful day. At. home. Not feeling especially good. Carl, Rosamond and the girls have been here -- fine.

October 19 Mon. Cheese work, net $2.20, p. 24-1/4. Harry Schweitzer was here for supper. He and Elaine are papering her room. Doner's (?) here pheasant hunting.

October 20 Tues. Beautiful day for Elaine's 18th birthday. She went to business school. Harry brought her home. Doris had nice chicken dinner for all of us. "Presents."

October 21 Wed. Rainy evening. Elaine rec'd for her birthday, 2 boxes writing paper, 5 hanky's, stockings, gloves, compact, rose bowl, cloth for dress and money.

October 22 Thursday evening. Elaine and the boys are busy with school work. Wm. has been plowing. Went with Doris after gas ration card. Harry furnished hot dogs.

October 23 Fri. Am having correspondence with the State Dept. over a bond for Patrons Cheese Factory. Am putting "Pied Piper" in a scrap book.

October 24 An uneventful but busy Sat. The boys and Wm. are cutting wood. Elaine preparing 4H meet, etc. Oct. 30th. Wm. got cheese and curd for Pearl C.

October 25 Sun. Dawn's cloudy. Temp 36 degrees. Clears away. Doris took us to church. Fine missionary sermon by Mr. Wakeman. The offering for missions was (blank space).

October 26 Mon. Rainy. Wm. went to W- on jury. Excused from case because intimate friend of Carl, Dis't Atty. Rec'd telegram from Albany about Patrons Cheese Factory.

October 27 Tues. A hearing in regard to a bond for cheese factory was postponed. Cold, windy day. Wm. got new stove pipe for me and ordered coal from Burdick.

October 28 Wed. Put in 3 tons chestnut coal from B. G. Foster, $37.50. Cheese work, net $2.20. Sign contract for roof for cheese factory, $106.00. Wm. excused from jury. Susan Moffatt case on.

October 29 Thurs. Theda Kirby has a little daughter. Wm. got a new battery for my radio and put up new stove pipe. Started a coal fire to conserve on oil.

October 30 Fri. Mrs. F. D. Roosevelt is having a fine time in England. Elaine went to 4H county meeting, D.H.S. She gave a monologue, "Aunt Sally."

October 31 Sat. Mild weather. Put in 50 gals. of oil, $6.00. Wm. finished plowing piece west of the house. Nice fall for farm work. Stock still out nights.

November 1 Sun. Rainy morning. At home. Doris had chicken dinner and shared with us. Enjoyed the radio exercises.

November 2 Mon. Rainy. Cheese work, net $2.20. Susan Moffatt, who said she pushed a child -- Manning Hinkley -- from Court St. bridge, was freed.

November 3 Tues. Doris had a birthday supper for Harry and we were invited. Elaine did clerical work with an accountant yesterday and earned $1.00, afternoon.

November 4 Wed. Thomas E. Dewey was elected Gov. of N. Y. by a 650,000 majority. Carl J. Hynes re-elected Dist. Atty. Jeff. Co. by a majority of -- "substantial."

November 5 Thurs. Mr. & Mrs. Donald Lindsey have a daughter. Elaine gets Readers Digest free -- 1 yr., as valedictorian. Allies make gains on all war fronts.

November 6 Fri. Grandma Gladwyn came to stay until Sunday morning and help me take care of Joan while they go to Bertha Shaw's.

November 7 Sat. Wm., Doris, Shirley, Elaine and Harry left for Canada about 8:30 A.M. to visit Bertha Shaw and family. Cool but fine day.

November 8 Sun. Our folks had a fine time yesterday. Young folks went to Kingston, etc. Grandma G went home this morning.

November 9 Mon. Wm. went to Court today. Allies are landing many troops, tanks, etc. on French African coast, a second front offensive.

November 10 Tues. Rainy day. 167th anniversary of the American Marine. Raymond Shaver, Lyons Falls, came to see us.

November 11 Wed. Armistice Day. Many changes since Nov. 11, 1918. Allied forces fighting bravely in Africa. Russia and the Pacific to bring a lasting Armistice.

November 12 Thurs. Squaw winter, several inches of snow, freezing. Pres. Roosevelt appeals to France to be ready to join Allies. Geo. Schweitzer may be in Africa drive.

November 13 Fri. A cold storm. Doris expected Mrs. Carley to come with Elaine but she couldn't come. Our forces in Africa are rushing to Tunisia.

November 14 Sat. Eddie Rickenbacker and crew has been rescued after spending 3 wks. on a raft in the Pacific. 20 below zero all day.

November 15 Sun. Wm. took Elaine and me to church and S.S. Mr. Wakeman gave a good sermon on the beginning of the christian church. Temp 10 at 8 A.M.

November 16 Mon. Beautiful mild day. Wm. at court. Elaine and boys at school.

November 17 Tues. Mrs. Roosevelt returns from England, Ireland, etc. French in No. Africa join with allied forces to considerable extent.

November 18 Wed. Gave Helen a little picture, "Beyond the Sunset Glory" and poem. Cheese work today, net $2.22. Wm. & D. go to Episcopal party.

November 19 Thurs. Busy with cheese checks & mail. Allies optimistic over gains in Russia, No. Africa and Pacific areas. Warned hard struggle yet to win war.

November 20 Fri. Richard Buckminster came. He goes to Fort Niagara in the draft tomorrow. Wm. and Doris went to Community Party at P.P.

November 21 Sat. Wm. and Doris went to Adams with Beryl and family to see Richard leave for Camp. "Rocky" J. and (blank) Adams went. Richard was commander.

November 22 Sun. Cool, fine day. Heard Dr. Sackman on "The Tie that Binds." Mr. Buckley is dead. Rosamond brought my birthday gifts. Ruth Van Doren came with her. (23rd).

November 23 Mon. Grandma G. sent chrysanthemum. Gave my family Sallman's "Head of Christ" and ordered it for Jean & Sally.

November 24 Tues. Mr. Wakeman spoke on the radio yesterday -- "Story, "Winning Golden Keys." Rec'd nice letter and card from Henrietta. Wm. bought dishes, etc., Dr. Denny's sale.

November 25 Wed. School closed 12:30 Thanksgiving vac. Elaine, Marion and Betty went to movie in the afternoon.

November 26 Thurs. Day of prayer. Heard White House service. Dinner at Wm's and birthday gifts. Bessie came, evening. Harry came, played rook.

November 27 Fri. Am 75 today. Went to cemetery with Wm., Elaine and Shirley. Took white flowers to Mother. Rec'd cards, gifts & letters. Oyster supper.

November 28 Sat. The french fleet has been (62 boats) scuttled by the crews. This has been a favorable week for the allies. A nice week for ourselves.

November 29 Sun. Stormy. Sunday -- snow. Heard Rev. Williams -- life, a three story house. Wrote to Gladys C. We somehow enjoyed the day.

November 30 Mon. Several inches of snow. Ert Gilmore has passed away age (blank). Funeral, Universalist church tomorrow. Cheese work -- net $2.20, price 23-3/4.

December 1 Tues. Wintry day. Beryl & Lew came last eve with letters from Richard, Camp (blank), Miss. Will Congdon is still in bed, Cora wrote me.

December 2. Wed. Bad storm. Boys came from school at 2:30. Elaine stayed to School of Commerce party and over night at Uncle Martin's.

December 3 Thurs. Boys went to school late. Elaine came home tonight. Rec'd nice letter from cousin's son -- Cpl. Jack Stewart, Camp Van Dorn, Mich.

December 4 Fri. Another windy day. Rec'd nice letter from Mrs. B. G. Miller. Elaine rec'd a letter from Geo Schweitzer from the "second front" in North Africa.

December 5 Sat. Wm. and Doris went to a party at The Ferry last eve. Bert Gilmore came to play Rook.

December 6 Sun. Nice Sunday at home. Heard our choir and Rev. Wakeman, radio. Wrote to Pfc. Allen F., Ala. and to Cpl. Jack Stewart, Miss.

December 7 Mon. Started writing Christmas letters. Elsie Lipscomb sent Wm's folks a sack of pecans from Ala. Wm. went with Eddie Evans to look at a car.

December 8 Tues. Eddie E. bought car. F. Taylor is ill. Wm. and D- went to Rosamond's for me to see Carl about getting bond for Stockholders.

December 9 Wed. Eddie and Celia bought the car, a Dodge coupe. Wm. went to W- with Eddie to get license.

December 10 Thurs. Philathea Class supper at Parsonage. Nellie Ford wrote me but could not go -- 15 attended.

December 11 Fri. Carl Hynes came to see me about the factory bond. Wm. and Eddie went to Warren Johnson's funeral.

December 12 Sat. Snow storm at night -- 10 inches fell -- light & beautiful. Busy writing cards. Elaine typed poem of mine for Nellie F.

December 13 Sun. Stormy, road drifted. Had hoped to go to church. Answered Christmas letters from Michigan cousins.

December 14 Mon. Joan has a tooth. Bad storm. Elaine didn't come home. Shirley ate with me. Rec'd a nice photo of Dell Adams, Michigan.

December 15 Tues. 10 below. Snow plow came. Wm. went after Elaine. No school bus. Mr. Taylor is home from the hospital where he has been with pneumonia.

December 16 Wed. 10 below. Hearing for cheese factory was to have been held today. Will form co-operative I expect. Our boys and Elaine went to school.

December 17 Thurs. 30 below zero. Comfortable in the house. Children all went to school. Elaine stayed at B-. First air plane, Kitty Hawk, test 29 years ago today.

December 18 Thurs 10 below zero -- some wind. Elaine came home, 7 P.M. Wm. and D- went to Community House party at The Ferry.

December 19 Sat. 12 below. 8 below, noon. Cheese factory work, net $2.17. Elwood M- and Norma Peck were injured in an auto colision (sic), Thurs.

December 20 Sun. 20 below N, morning 40 below. No gas on sale. Heard Rev. L. W. Wakeman yesterday, radio, fine Christmas talke. Fine songs for radio service.

December 21 Mon. 20 below zero. Elaine stayed at Bessie's over night. No school bus. Elaine rode to school with Mr. Heffentrager, who came for cheese check.

December 22 Tues. Warmer, wind, storm. Our school bus left the road near here. B- bus pulled it out. No mail. Wm. & D- went to W-shopping. Brought Elaine home.

December 23 Wed. Mild -- 26 above. No school bus. Snow plow and mail came, Elaine stays at Bessie's tonight to sing in Junior Choir at church.

December 24 Thurs. Mild. The boys went to B- intending to go to Watertown. Had to wait so long for a bus they came back. Elaine came home at 7:30.

December 25 Fri. 20 above. White Christmas. Lovely time. Dinner at William's. Gifts, letters and cards. Shirley enjoyed it -- so did Joan, her first Christmas.

December 26 Sat. 10 below -- zero at noon. Gilbert Lamon, who is home on furlough from Okla., came and spent the day. Took cold here, 20 below, but is looking fine.

December 27 Sun. Mild. Enjoyed the last Sunday of the year, radio, etc. Doris and I have colds, many having colds, weather changeable.

December 28 Mon. Rain. Elaine went to work at 4H Club office. Lew, Beryl and Harold came to D's for dinner. Men helped Wm., repair work on car.

December 29 Tues. Eddie E- took Wm. to W- to get parts for his car. Harry brought Elaine home. She rec'd a letter from Geo. S. -- Africa -- he rec'd fruit cake she sent.

December 30 Wed. Rainy. Wm. has car fixed -- went after Elaine. Letters from Geo. Schweitzer, Africa -- also from Herma Zackary, who has broken hip. Mrs. O. F. C. is dead.

December 31 Thurs. Fine winter day to close a beautiful year. Rec'd photo from Jack Stewart, letters, etc. Elaine had small photos in folders made at Mr. Peck's.

Memorandum: Jan. 11, President's budget for 1943 nearly 109 billions -- for war 100 billions. July 7th (43 ?) In a world of insecurity, Man needs a surety. Rev. Savin (B), Lowville.

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