1943 Diary of Minnie Conklin

January 1 New Years Day, uneventful. Elaine home. Had nice fresh pork sent by Celia Evans. Figured cheese. Net 2.23. John Post has passed away.

January 2 Sat Zero morning. Elaine went to work, 4H. Doris and I have colds. Doris' white leghorn pullets laid three dozen eggs today.

January 3 Sun. Zero. All at home for the first Sunday of the New Year. Wrote to friends and Elaine and I planned our meals & radio programs.

January 4 Mon. Zero. No school bus, no mail. Wm. took Elaine over to go to school and she stayed at Bessie's (Minnie's step-sister all night. Joan has a cold -- also, William.

January 5 Tues. Elaine came home tonight. A fuel oil shortage is threatened. Butter is hard to get. We have suffered no shortage so far.

January 6 Mon. Zero morning. No school bus, no mail. Elaine and Wm. got over this morning, but she did not get home tonight (This is Jan. 4).

January 7 Thurs. Wrote to state dept. about a cheese factory cooperative. They are pressing the matter. Elaine came home tonight -- all O.K.

January 8 Fri. Carl Hynes (Carl was Minnie's late husband's niece - also a lawyer)  came for information in organizing a co-operative for Patrons Cheese Factory. Heard Pres. Roosevelt's address to 78th congress, fine.

January 9 Sat. Maud Bury (?) Phillips is dead. Elaine worked at 4-H Club. Rec'd letters from Henrietta G ( a very distant Gladwyn cousin)  and Helen W. (Minnie's cousin, Eva Wallace Hall's daughter - a 2nd grade teacher at Brownville ) Food shortage not serious.

January 10 Sun. No gas for pleasure driving. Zero morning. Enjoyed having Elaine home. Carl and Rosamond came. Geo. Hasner   (Doris's nephew) came when on furlough.

January 11 Mon. Francis Taylor came on cheese factory business and brought returns. Mild. Letter from Nellie F.( a church friend - taught at one-room schools in the county)   with addresses of young folks absent for me to write to.

January 12 Tues. 6 yrs. ago today Dr. Gardner came to see dear Bert. God has helped me. Wm. & D. went to W- for groceries, etc. No school bus. Harry brought Elaine.

January 13 Wed. Frances Snyder was married in Oct. to Pvt. Milligan, B'ville. Making reports for cooperative and federal subsidy on cheese.

January 14 Busy day with cheese business. Ella Patrick Utter's funeral today. Bad storm coming. Wm. got stove coal at Dexter.

January 15 Fri. Storm. No school at Dexter and other places. Wm. took Elaine over to go on bus to business school and got groceries. Sold farrow cow to Mr. Farr for $50.00.

January 16 Sat. Mild, but stormy. Washed and ironed. Boys and Wm. cut down an elm tree near "shack." Elaine earned $1.75 at 4-H office. Came home tonight.

January 17 Sun. Zero morning, cold day. Heard Rev. Updyke, new pastor at Hope Chapel. Wrote to Henrietta and Helen. Elaine plans our dinners.

January 18 Cold, stormy. Tests at school. Our boys went and Elaine went to Business School. She has earned cloth for a suit -- Doris making it.

January 19 Tues. Rain, sleet, A.M. -- Sun, colder, P.M. Wm. went to W- with Eddie. Celia sent lb. of butter which is scarce. (Eddie and Celia Evans were old-time neighbors)

January 20 Wed. Zero day. Car left road near Haller's and Elaine walked to bus. (At least a mile's walk - usually in weather so bad, Dad used a horse and sleigh to get someone to the Brownville bus - took my husband that way in 1962!). nbsp; Russians make great gains on the war front. German subs menace shipping.

January 21 Thurs. Around 10 below zero all day. Wm. helped Bert G-, who has a cold. He didn't go after Elaine tonight. Boys passing well in their tests.

January 22 Fri. Around 10 below zero all day. Mr. Wakeman came, brought scripture calendars. Elaine came home, Doris got snapshots taken when Geo. Schweitzer here.

January 23 Sat. Elaine worked at 4-H office. Tripoli has been taken by the allied 8th army. Russians are continuing gains on 1300 mi. front.

January 24 Sun. Zero morn but good roads. Wm. took Elaine and me to church. Communion Sunday. Nice letter from Leon Barrett -- read in S.S.

January 25 Mon. There are 21 stars on our church service flag for boys in service. Thawing. Rec'd nice letter from Mrs. Witt. (may have been the wife of Dr. Witt).   She has gone to a nursing home.

January 26 Tues. Elaine rec'd letter from Geo. S., Africa. Pleasant. Wm. drove school bus. (This was before the rural school district was attached to Sackets schools, so bussing was done by contract with Dexter school at the time.)   Shirley went along. News released 10 P.M. of Roosevelt & Churchill meet in Africa.

January 27 Wed. Pres. R- and Prime Minister C. had 10-day conference at Casablanca to plan war campaign 1943. Cheese work. Net $2.30. Wm. drove school bus.

January 28 Thurs. Pres. Roosevelt has been to Brazil en route home from Africa. American fliers bomb Germany industrial centers.

January 29 Fri. Letter from Bessie. (Remember, there were no telephones out in the country at that time, so the only communication was via letter @3 cents a mailing.)  Harry came and brought Elaine a nice picture of George that his mother had enlarged for her. (Harry and George were brothers and lived on the Rome State Road extension into Brownville.)

January 30 Sat. Doris bought new paper for her living room, green, and selected new lace curtains for our parlors. Pres. Roosevelt's 61st birthday.

January 31 Sun. William's folks here for dinner, ham and eggs, pumpkin pie. (This was a rare occasion which this typist does not remember - probably the last time Minnie had us for a meal.)  His 40th birthday will be Feb. 4th. 6 yrs. ago today Bert was with us -- his last day.

February 1 Mon. Joan did her first creeping over here yesterday. Pres. Roosevelt arrives from trip to Africa and S. A. Bad storm. Wm. drove school bus.

February 2 Ella Taylor Reeves, 72, and John Losie have passed away. Icy. Rec'd beautiful letters from Herma Zachary (distant Conklin relative whose family lived in western Michigan),   in hospital with hip fracture and from Mabel (

February 3 Wed. Mrs. Carley (the last mid-wife nurse Doris' had for the 5 children) came to visit Doris. She brought Wm. a violin. (Wm. loved to play the fiddle and at the estate auction at the homestead there were many.)   She will sleep over here with Elaine. Six years today we took dear Bert to Dexter.

February 4 Thurs. This is William's 40th birthday. He drove school bus, etc. There is an unconfirmed report that Adolph Hitler is dead.

February 5 Fri. Wm. and Doris took Mrs. Karley home tonight -- Germans face complete defeat in Russis. Bert Gilore came in the evening.

February 6 Sat. Rainy day. Doris and the boys and Wm. (and Shirley) papered their living room -- nice job. (wallpapering was a yearly ritual done in the early Spring - one room or another - our father took an active part in the selection of the wallpaper Spring and the smell wallpaper paste reminds this typist of Spring)  Elaine worked at 4-H club rooms.

February 7 Sun. Ora Chapman's funeral today. M. church, age 83. Stormy day. Boys helped Eddie Evans a little while. First cow freshened.

February 8 Mon. Armand Peck is in Calif. (Fresno) army training school. Wrote first letter for W.S.C.S. to Fred Bacon, N. C.

February 9 Tues. Snow plow came -- all went to school. Elaine stayed at Grandma Gladwyn's. Wm. not feeling well. Rena Lawton passed away Feb. 6th, age 71.

February 10 Wed. Wm. went after Elaine at 5 P.M. Roads icy. Eddie E. is on jury. Wm. went to see Dr. Fox but he was away. Letters from Nellie F, Jenmer, and Anna.

February 11 Thurs. Icy roads. Elaine bought some canned goods which are scarce. Georgia Webb Clark is dead, age 80. Emma Lehr Fulsom passed away in January.

February 12 Fri. Americans take over Guadalcanal. Russians gain on 1000 mi. front. We have 1/2 million men in Tunisia where battle is imminent.

February 13 Sat. Snowing. Elaine worked at 4-H. Her picture and canned goods are on display Woolworth's window. William went to Dr. Fox. Heard Pres. R. -- press dinner.

February 14 Sun. An enjoyable Sunday at home. Cold, but pleasant. Wrote to Jack S. (can't identify) -- Mrs. Witt -- Allan F., Ala. and Ruth Pond. Wm. feeling badly. (our father used to get terrible coughing spells and near pneumonia at times - but he lived to be almost 88 - never weighed more than 134 lbs.)

February 15 Mon. 32 below morning. 20 below noon. Bus came this far but returned to B- and Elaine rode over to go to school. Stayed all night at Grandma Gladwyn's.

February 16 Tues. 10 below morning. 10 above night. Doris varnished her living room. (the moldings throughout this double house were complex - milled in Dexter in 1898)   Boys went to school. Wm. some better. Elaine didn't come home.

February 17 Wed. Storm -- no bus. Elaine stayed at B-. No mail. Wrote birthday letter to Mrs. Miller (wife of the late Rev. Miller) . Doris painted kitchen wood work. Shirley says to say she rec'd 4 valentines.

February 18 Thurs. No bus. Snow plow and mail came. (this was always a big event for the household - we all felt so relieved that at last we weren't snowbound - when we could see and hear the 'Walters" plow making its way from the farm to the west, we'd all run to the windows and watch the huge plow approach. Sometimes it would really labor leaving 9 to 10 ft. snowbanks in its wake. At times, it would get stuck. Sometimes, our mother would have the men from the snowplow in for coffee and sandwiches. Following closely behind was the mailman who left a huge stack of mail and cheese factory information. Usually, the next day my parents would go to Watertown to get a few needed items or do the banking. All was right with the world!!)   Elaine came in evening with Harry but went back to Grandma's. Wm. and boys cut wood. Heard Madam Chiang Kai-Shek.

February 19 Fri. Mr. & Mrs. Guy Cooper came to see Doris about sleigh ride party. (ah, ha! That's why the house on our side was being all spiffed up!)  Harold Buckminster (Doris's nephew )  is in the hospital with pneumonia. My poem, "The Presence," was in The Times.

February 20 Sat. Elaine worked at 4H -- Came home at night. Mild, icy, fair. Beryl and Lew (Doris's sister and husband)  came. Harold's fever has turned. Allies retreat in Tunisia.

February 21 Sun. Mild, snow going. All at home. Wrote to Lyle Wagoner, Calif. -- for our church every Sunday to one of our absent boys.

February 22 Mon. Wm. & D. went to Mercy Hospital last eve to see Harold B-, better, weak. Cheese work, net $2.21. Harry brought Elaine home, stayed to supper.

February 23 Tues. Mild. 20 C.C.C.'s Cozy Corner Class - (Methodist Church - young adult's group)  came to Wms. for class meeting, games and lunch. Had a fine time. Mrs. Carley came today. Harold B- is improving.

February 24 Wed. Still mild. Snow nearly gone. Mrs. Carley went home. Wm. & D. have been to Dexter for canned food ration books for them and us.

February 25 Thurs. Cold again. 9 above zero all day. Made cookies, etc. Winston Churchill has had pneumonia. Elaine brought cream cheese, grapefruit and cookies.

February 26 Fri. Cold. Snow toward night. Good news about our boys in Tunisia. Harry brought Elaine and stayed for supper and evening. Bert was at Wm's.

February 27 Sat. 6 above zero. Eddie E. (a Justice of the Peace)  signed license for cheese factory report yesterday and brought me 2 lbs. butter, price $1.00.

February 28 Sun. A wind that makes it cold. Not well enough to go to church. Wrote to Pvt. Ross Merriam for the church & myself. Enjoyed the day.

March 1 Joan is creeping. 11 mos. She is sweet. H. Wilton is moving on the Gonseth farm. Richard Buckminster (Doris' nephew) is in a technical school in Los Angeles. Heard Rev. Herbert Harrison, good. Elaine was called to The Times office for an interview for a position. Marion B. works at M. B. (one can assume the "M.B." was Madison Barracks - probably a federal job - army),   Sacketts

March 2 Tues. Zero. Nice letter from Gilbert Lamon (formerly taught 8th grade at Dexter) .   He has taken three 25 mi. hikes and had blistered feet. Harry here for evening and lunch.

March 3 Wed. Elaine decided to finish school before taking a position unless it is an unusually good offer. Mahatma Ghandi ends 21 day fast.

March 4 Thurs. Religious service at White House -- Roosevelt in office 10 yrs. Wrote to Gilbert. Japanese convoy of 22 boats destroyed by bombers.

March 5 Fri. Cold wind. Busy with house work. Wrote to Peck's. Richard & Elwood (the photographer's sons)   expect to be called to army service. Boys, Elaine and I have evening lunch.

March 6 Joan has some fever, Elaine is home today. A cold storm. Allies are gaining on all fronts -- Tunisia, Russia and in the Pacific.

March 7 Sun. This is "go to church Sunday" but stormy weather prevented. Heard Asbury church communion service. Wrote to Orton Sills & Myrtle Adams the wife of Minnie's cousin, Adelbert - Michigan) .

March 8 Mon. Wm. took milk with team. Boys and Elaine home. Snow plow and mail came. Nice letter from Helen Walrath (Helen (nee Hall) is the daughter of Minnie's cousin, Eva Wallace Hall).  Cheese work. Harry walked over, also Bert G.

March 9 Shrove Tues. Devotions by Carl Worden (E), Theresa. 8 below at 8 A.M. Our amb. to Russia says Russian people not told of american aid.

March 10 Wed. First day of Lent. Our pastor, Rev. L. Wakeman, spoke on radio. Fine. Francis Taylor and a state rep. came on cheese subsidy business.

March 11 Thurs. Mild. Doris went to W- to pay ins., etc. Mrs. Karley (nurse) came home with her. Ivan Poole ( may have had a propane business in Dexter)  came to try to hire Elaine. Mr. Yett came -- cheese factory business.

March 12 Fri. World Day of Prayer. Fine lenten radio services. Elaine rec'd letter from Geo. Schweitzer, N. Africa. Wm., D- and Mrs. Karley went to P.P. to a party.

March 13 Sat. Wm., D-, Mrs. Karley and Bert Gilmore went to Clayton to see Mrs. Karley's house and Bert bought it. $975.00. (a very small cottage-type home right off the main drag in Clayton - faced the St. Lawrence River)   Have written a birthday letter to Rosamond.

March 14 Sun. Beautiful day. Elaine and I went to church and S.S. Fine service. Mr. Wakeman also spoke on radio. Wrote to Cecil Barrett, Drew Field, Fla.

March 15 Mon. Nice letter from Myrtle Adams (Michigan cousins) and from Gilbert, Okla. Wave's son is at Kessler Field, Miss. George Schweitzer wrote again from Africa.

March 16 Tues. Made out subsidy "report." Elaine had an offer of a position in the law office of Hudson & Phelps (arrows reversing this were penned in a different ink). Harry here for lunch. Mild weather.

March 17 Wed. Fine St. Patrick's Day. Mailing "The Upper Room" (a small religious magazine)  to friends. Elaine accepted the offer of Hudson & Phelps to work in their office. (this commenced a very, very long connection - Elaine's dedication to Attorney, Mayor, and eventually District Judge would last well into the 1990's or so. Elaine was the most stable and constant of us five children - probably because she was groomed in the faith of our grandmother. Elaine is now age 86 and still drives and bowls in a league in 2011.)   $15.00 to start.

March 18 Thurs. Mr. & Mrs. Bert Gilmore here for the Red Cross. (typist believes this was meant to read "Ert" Gilmore - surely not our neighbor and friend, Bert Gilmore, who was not married) Elaine and I had already given. Wm., Doris & Elaine went to Dexter to see a Chrysler car.(by typist: we never had a Chrysler product that I know of)

March 19 Fri. Springlike, robins are here. Harry brought Elaine home -- here for supper. He has a call as a chauffer (sic) patrol if he wants it. (Harry, in later years, drove truck for the Paper Mills into New York City)

March 20 Sat. Figured subsidy reports. Elaine worked at 4-H office. Wm. and D- went to W-, brought her home. Last day of winter is mild.

March 21 Sun. Quiet, pleasant day at home. For a treat Elaine and I had 2 pork chops (35c). Heard Dr. McClung, Sub. "Walking with God" -- Enoch walked, etc. Fine.

March 22 Elaine had her first day in the office of Hudson & Phelps and had plenty of work. Mrs. Satimore (sic) passed away yesterday.

March 23 A. J. Eigebroadt came on cheese factory business. Rec'd nice letter from Orton Sills now in Calif. but expects to be sent over seas.

March 24 Fine day. Elaine worked at the office till 6 P.M. She saw Gladys Campbell (Gladys, a family friend, taught science at Miss Porter's Girls' School in CT where Jackie Kennedy studied.)  who is home for Easter vacation. Fierce battles rage in Tunisia.

March 25 Thurs. Geo. Schweitzer is in N. Africa and American boys are fighting there. Many of our home boys will soon be sent over seas -- east or west.

March 26 Thurs. Doris went to W- for a permanent. Elaine stayed up for night school. Dan Pheffer (?) (definitely two f's, but name may be Phelps)  committed suicide Sunday -- despondent over ill health.

March 27 Joan's first birthday, Mch. 26. Shirley, 5, planned the celebration, cake, candle and gifts much enjoyed. Wm., Doris and Leonard went to Ferry (this Ferry, I believe, was a school house on Pillar Point turned into a community hall)  to party.

March 28 Sat. Elaine finished her first wk. at the office and rec'd a check. Wm. and Doris went to Watertown. Deposited $300.00 cheese cash for me.

March 29 Sun. Elaine and I went to church and S. S., fine. Wm. took us over. Cold wind, pleasant. Mrs. LaPointe is ill. She operated a small grocery store/gas station on Paddy Hill, a small community before one crosses the bridge into Brownville - had Frojoy Ice Cream cones, too !)  Wm. tried to get Mrs. Karley for her.

March 30 Mon. Rec'd federal draft for $417.90 for subsidy on cheese for Dec., 1942 and figured it -- 38c per hundred lbs. milk. Elaine brought home orange ice cream.

March 31 Tues. Snow last night -- rain today. Harry has signed up for chauffeur patrol work. Richard Peck's & Elwood's draft call has been deferred.

April 1 Wm., Bert G- and I attended a Co-op meeting at the Factory. Carl Hynes was there. Some snow has fallen -- ground white.

April 2 Fri. Figured sale of cheese (2.05) and cheese subsidy, $417.90. Fierce fighting in Tunisia. Our American boys in danger.

April 3 Much colder today. Elaine worked at the office in forenoon. (she worked Saturday mornings, as did most offices in those days)  Wm. and Leonard cut wood. Some snow has fallen -- ground white.

April 4 Wm. took Elaine and me to church. Doris came for us. Gladys Campbell was there. Mrs. Karley has gone to Atlanta, Ga.

April 5 Mon. Elaine stayed to night school. Bert G. went to see his new home at Clayton yesterday. Came here in the evening.

April 6 Tues. Finished a hard sale of cheese and subsidy. Doris isn't feeling well. No news from Geo. Schweitzer, N. Africa.

April 7 Heard Rev. Herbert Harrison, radio -- "Faith is hope in the present tense." Mailed subsidy report/Jan. Mr. & Mrs. W. Johnson were at Wm.s.  (I>The Johnson's were our parents' long-time friends - he being from the Chaumont area - they later lived in Adams - in those days friends made social calls to one another several times a year - usually played cards, visited, and a light lunch afterward - our parents had many such visitors and they returned the visits!)

April 8 Allied gains in Tunisia. Elaine rec'd letter and gift from Geo. Schweitzer. Cousin Clarence Crosby (would not have known of this name had it not been for this typist's hobby of genealogy many, many years later)  has passed away from a heart ailment.

April 9 Fri. Patrons rec'd another subsidy, $343.99, Net 40c. Busy days for all of us. Wm., Doris & Leonard went to The Ferry to "Community" party.

April 10 Sat. Bert's birthday. Six years since he went -- called home, we believe. Elaine bought Business School ring with graduation money.

April 11 Sun. A beautiful Sunday at home. Heard Maj. West and others. Eddie and Celia  (Evans's - neighbors)  came to Wm's. Wrote to Orton Sills, Los Angeles, awaiting navy orders.

April 12 Mon. Wind and rain. Card from Gladys to let us know she arrived safely at Farmington. Elaine stayed to evening school and at Grandma Gladwyn's.

April 13 13 billion liberty bond drive opens. Nat'l debt limit raised to 210 billion. Allied forces in Tunisia are nearing Tunis and Bizerte.

April 14 Wed. Doris is making Shirley a nice navy blue coat and Shirley is pleased.  (by typist (Shirley) - "I'll never forget that coat - it was very classy - it was lined with silk of a brownish stocking color) and had brass buttons.)   Still have cold winds. Joan is developing surprisingly fast.

April 15 Thurs. Elaine stayed at W- in the evening to attend 4H Club banquet at Asbury church. She rec'd her prize money from last year's garden and canning, $10.00.

April 16 Elaine rec'd a letter from Geo. Schweitzer, N. Africa. He is near to shell-shock from constant bombing. Couldn't write much.

April 17 Sat. Mr. Codman is dead, age 89. Atty. & Mrs. John Kellogg have a daughter. Wm. & D- went to city, brought Elaine home. Beef steak "treat" for supper.

April 18 Sun. Fine day. Doris took Elaine and me to church and S. S. Nine or ten babies baptized -- in all 51 rec'd in membership, here & G. Park.

<April 19 Mon. Rainy. Doing cheese checks. Allied planes destroy 78 axis planes en route from Tunisia to Sicily. Our losses reported as 9 planes.

April 20 Tues. Wm. selected new linoleum for me and the same for them. Attended Co-op meeting at Factory. Elaine practiced (sic) for Easter singing.

April 21 Wed. Nice letter from Ruth Pond,(Elaine's future sister-in-law) Houghton, Calif. (?). Attended postponed Co-op meeting. Was elected sec'y & treas. Mr. Taylor Pres. Carl Hynes and Mr. Bird, Albany came.

April 22 Thurs. School closed at noon -- vacation. Union communion service at our church. Hope this easter will help to usher in peace.

April 23 Heard a part of the union Good Friday service at W-. This is Rolla's (sic) 13th birthday. Gave him money for a liberty bond.

April 24 Sat. Rec'd lovely Easter letters and cards. Wm. and Doris looked at the Codman furniture and car. Wilfred & Bessie married 5 yrs. yesterday.

April 25 Sun. Easter. Elaine stayed with Bessie and sang at Sunrise Service. She, Shirley and I went to church & S.S. Shirley (5) and her class had Easter "party."

April 26 Mon. Twin calves were born. Tunisia battle continues -- gains for allies, but also casualties. Cheese factory is being enlarged for another vat.

April 27 Tues. Rainy. Wm. and boys took twin calves to Community farm auction. Wm. has been looking at a LaSalle car. Doris is making a new green dress for Elaine.

April 28 Wed. Feb. subsidy came, $351.19 -- Net 3.54. Mr. Ball came for church budget. Elaine bought Doris cloth for a light blue dress and pattern.

April 29 Thurs. Hester Gilmore came for a call. Harry Schweitzer came in the evening. Flora Hill Bertsch wants to come for a visit. (Flora was Elaine's penpal from around Norwich, N. Y. They were born on the same day and remained friends for many years.)

April 30 Had busy week -- not feeling well.

May 1 Have a grip cold. Bessie here.

May 2 Dr. Fox here. Have a congested lung. Mabel & Nellie came.

May 3 Dr. Fox came. Doris cares for me.

May 4 Dr. Fox came.

May 5 Some better. Dr. Here. Mr. Wakeman came. Doris made out cheese checks.

May 6 Jared Knapp is dead. Dr. here. Sat up a few minutes, evening.

May 7 Fri. Wm. and Doris laid my new kitchen linoleum. Rec'd letters and cards -- letter from Cecil Barrett, Camp in Ga. (Cecil was a young man who attended the Methodist Church in Brownville)

May 8 Sat. Allies capture Tunis & Bizurte. Flora Hill is coming tomorrow morning at 6:20. Elaine and Harry will meet her at W-.

May 9 Sun. Still in bed. Flora came. Harry & Elaine took her on trip. Rosamond came, also E. C. Hall & family )Helen Walrath's parents)- others. Rec'd carnations, fruit & gifts.

May 10 Mon. Sat up, did some cheese work. Flora started for Troy at 10 P.M. She and Elaine had photos together at Harold Pecks.

May 11 Tues. Rainy. Sat up some. Figured a sale of cheese. Doris is copying it. Friends remember me.

May 12 Wed. Got Doris white pumps. Elaine selected them, also hose. Grass is green. Winston Churchill arrives in Washington. Elaine bought a new blue suit.

May 13 Gave Grandma Gladwin a lace collar for Mother's Day and Doris gave one like it to me. Elaine gave me a box handkerchiefs, Rosamond, fruit.

May 14 Fri. Dr. Fox came yesterday. Doris brings my meals yet. Much better. Signed checks -- patrons and bills. Put in 50 gals. kerosene.

May 15 Sat. Rev. C. M. Smith passed away last evening. Doris bought a pretty gray coat. Elaine bought Doris a chic blue hat. Reese's (a neighbor who lived on the Old Andrew Conklin farm, at the time owned by Jim & Hester Gilmore) have a baby boy.

May 16 Sun. Quiet day. Wrote to Eugene Pond and cards to Jack S. and Henrietta G. Heard sermon, Dr. Bushmire, Wash., D.C. "The left hand of God."

May 17 Mon. Rev. C. M. Smith's funeral at church, 1 P.M. conducted by Dr. Holcombe and Rev. L. W. Wakeman. Was dressed today. Figured sale of cheese, Net 2.00.

May 18 Tues. Doris did my washing -- a large one. Rec'd "get well card" from Gilbert and others. Allies bomb 2 german dams and many other places.

May 19 Wed. Elaine and Flora's pictures were in The Times. Winston Churchill address Congress at Wash. Grandma Gladwyn sent lovely pink begonias.

May 20 Thurs. Gas for cars ceased at noon today. Secured 50 gals. for farm purposes. Sent an "early" birthday gift to Dr. Fox. Made out application for M'ch subsidy.

May 21 Fri. Rainy -- thunderstorm, 6 P.M. Russ Walling, local aviator, dies age 40. Allies continue bombing Germany, Italy and France.

May 22 Sat. Wm. bought 4 bu. potatoes, $17.00. Rolly sold white gobbler, $6.00, alive. Rolly took off my storm doors and window. Elaine bought Shirley dress.

May 23 Beautiful Sunday. No company, no gas. Heard Dr. McClung and other good things. Wrote to Mabel, Gilbert and cards to several.

May 24 Mon. Heard Rev. McCann, Adams Center-Smithville, "A Garden - life," good. Figured reports and milk. Nice weather enjoyable days but not very strong yet.

May 25 Tues. Heard Rev. Gifford, Lorraine, "The love of Christ." Copied checks. Rec'd check for $600.00 from Mrs. Booth for stockholders acct. More rain.

May 26 Wed. Rained until noon. Mrs. Carley came with Elaine. Notables dead are Mrs. Taft and Edsel Ford. Allies are bombing heavily all axis territory.

May 27 Thurs. No garden made yet or grain sown on account of wet soil. This is quite unusual in this section -- food scarcity may come.

May 28 Fri. Elaine brought me a pretty new hat. Heard Lowell Thomas news broadcast from a helicopter in air, the first broadcast of that kind.

May 29 Sat. Mrs. Bentley is at the hospital for a goitre operation. Elaine rec'd a letter from Geo. Schweitzer, N. Africa, written May 4th from Tunisia.

May 30 Sun. More letters came from George S. Armand Peck, Calif. has been to see Henrietta Gladwin, Los Angeles. Rolly has a few baby turks. Boys making garden.

May 31 Mon. Heard Rev. Wakeman and our choir on radio yesterday & Mabel & Nellie came. Elaine home today. Wilma Reinhardt (neighbor from the Muscalongue School District) has a son named Lee.

June 1 Tues. Rainy A.M. Elaine took her new wine colored silk umbrella. Mrs. Carley went to W-. Figured cheese. China defends herself against Japs.

June 2 Wed. Bert and I had supper at Fred Knapp's 46 years ago. Made out cheese checks today. Rainy, A.M. Rec'd nice letter from Fred Bacon.

June 3 Thurs. Dr. Dafoe of quintuplets fame is dead. Also, Mrs. I. L. Hunt, Adams. Elaine brought home a new dress for me and liked it but too short.

June 4 Fri. Rev. R. K. Vogt came on cheese factory business -- had a nice visit. Allied battleships enter the Mediterranean -- invasion believed near.

June 5 Sat. Joan walked 3 steps on the ground June 3rd She talks plainly. Elaine matched the cloth in my new dress, Doris will fix it.

June 6 Sun. Cool - quiet. Wrote to Fred B- and Elaine wrote to Jack Stewart, etc. Doris got geraniums for me last eve and put them in the cemetery urn.

June 7 Mon. Rainy A.M. Wm. took my urn & plants to the cemetery. Gilbert Lamon is at training school, Stillwater, Okla. Francis Taylor came on cheese business.

June 8 Tues. Wilfred is having his vacation and he and Bessie went to Rochester today and will go to Buffalo to the State Hospital tomorrow.

June 9 Wed. Busy day with cheese checks. Elaine selected a flag, $1.00, for our porch. (that flag (48 states) remained among the Conklin possessions until the estate auction in 1991 (see this website) Wm. fitted ground for potatoes -- too wet before -- have few in garden.

June 10 Thurs. Wm. and Doris planted potatoes, 4 bu., back part of flat behind barn. Took Shirley, 5 yrs. and Joan 1 yr., with them. Boys rode their bikes to school.

June 11 Fri. Joan climbed the stairs today to meet Leonard. Doris was behind her. Elaine has a pretty new summer dress, blue and white stripe.

June 12 Sat. Elaine put out our new flag. She got three geraniums for me, red, pink and white but walked home and had to leave them at Grandma's.

June 13 Sun. Rain in night. Heard by radio Salvation Army, Maj. West, a service, etc., from New York, "Victory thru defeat." Joan walked around the house.

June 14 Mon. Heard Watertown Elks Flag Day service, Col. Thomas, speaker. Good. 166 yrs. ago flag flew in combat with the English at Ft. Stanwix.

June 15 Tues. Mrs. Carley came with Elaine. Letter from Mrs. Sills gave me Orton's address, care of San Francisco. He is on some island in the Pacific.

June 16 Wed. Heard Rev. Chas. Holcombe, Great Bend, "God Consciousness." Fine talk. Carl Hynes, 2nd Lieut., State Guard, is at a summer training camp, Peekskill.

June 17 Thurs. Heard Rev. Albert Abbott -- -- "but God." King George VI visited the troops in Africa. Mrs. Carley went back to Watertown. Rain, A.M.

June 18 Fri. Bessie leaves the Buffalo hospital tonight. Congress appropriated 71-1/2 billion $ for the war. Africa airmen are bombing Sicily for surrender.

June 19 Wm. & Doris went to W'town. Brought Elaine home. Boys had ice cream, etc. at home. Rainy A.M. Allies are bombing Sicily.

June 20 Sun. No service in our church. Union baccalaurate (sic) service in Episcopal church. Wrote to Rosamond and to Hazel Ball (Hazel was the daughter of Minnie's paternal cousin, Charlotte Gladwyn Prame). Hazel's occupation was "seamstress" in the Cornell University area).

June 21 Mon. Coal mines may be nationalized to prevent strikes. Rec'd nice letter from Cpl. Leon Barrett, Orlando, Fla. Also good news from cheese subsidy.

June 22 Frues. Cheese subsidy, $518.25, was at Taylor Office. Making out checks. Cheese with subsidy will net about $2.50. Wm. bought corn, $3.50 bu., and planted 1-1/2 bu.

June 23 Wed. Rolly and Leonard are helping Bert G -- haying for use of his tractor. Grandma Gladwyn (Minnie's step mother)- sent me doughnuts. Some strikers go back to coal mines.

June 24 Thurs. Busy with subsidy payments. All of our family are busy. Wm. planting more corn. Boys fitting ground. Leonard & Bert G- go fishing.

June 25 Fri. Strikers resume work in coal mines. Allies continue round the clock bombings on Germany, Italy, Sicily & war centers.

June 26 Sat. Beautiful weather. Elaine rec'd letter from Geo. Schweitzer, written May 28. He told something about our troops taking Tunisia.

June 27 Sun. Elaine, Shirley and I went to church and S.S. and enjoyed it. Addie Alverson is in the hospital. Wrote to Bessie at Buffalo hospital.

June 28 Rec'd card from Gilbert Lamon from A. & M. College, Stillwater, Okla., son to be transferred to Purdue Univ., Lafayette, Ind., for a psychology course.

June 29 Tues. Blackout at 2:30 last night. Our pastor, Mr. Wakeman, spoke on the radio. Wendall Willkie's book, One World, condensed version in Times.

June 30 Wed. Cool for the last day of June. Bessie leaves the hospital, Fri. Wm. is sowing buckwheat. Men and women are riding wheels.

July 1 Thurs. Summer is here. Busy days but pleasant ones. War casts its awful shadow over our world but each day seems to bring peace nearer.

July 2 Fri. Rev. Paul Eberly, pastor of Bethany Church, age 42, died suddenly Wed. An allied invasion of Europe is executed. Allies gain in Pacific areas.

July 3 Sat. Uncle Martin gave Elaine a nice bank for coins. She has taken out two liberty bonds. Wm. & boys went to action (sic) -- former Judge Smith farm.

July 4 Sun. Nice helpful rain. Heard our choir and pastor, Mr. Wakeman, on the radio. Fine 4th program. Doris made ice cream (made often in the Conklin - usually in the winter, though - to die for!) Wrote letters.

July 5 Mon. Elaine home, washed curtains for me. Doris made little jacket for my new black dress. Cheese factory work keeps increasing.

July 6 Tues. Elaine is reaping the benefit of the course she started one year ago today (Watertown School of Commerce - Secretarial Science) . Bessie (Minnie's step-sister)is home from the Buffalo hospital.

July 7 Wed. Wm. started haying today. Lowell Thomas spoke from Peru. War news is encouraging but may last for several months.

July 8 Elaine rec'd letter from Geo. S., Tunisia, written June 15th. Heard Rev. Harrison, radio, "God's care." Wrote to him and to Margaret Ball, Flushing Hospital.

July 9 Fri. Beautiful day. Wrote to Gilbert at Purdue Univ., Jack at Camp Van Dorn, Miss., and Carlton Hill, Niagara Falls. Allies bomb Mediterranean Islands.

July 10 Sat. Allied troops from Africa land in Sicily. Pres. Roosevelt says it is the beginning of the end. 18,000 coal miners are on strike in U.S.

July 11 Sun. Went with Wm. and family to Grandma Gladwyn's for dinner. Had watermelon and lovely time. Leonard worked at the cheese factory.

July 12 Mon. Rec'd nice V-mail letter from Orton Sills -- Island in the Pacific. One half million allied troops are in Sicily paying the price for peace.

July 13 Tues. Heard Kenneth Jones (M), Plessis, "Waiting on the Lord" -- renewing strength. Had blackcaps (black raspberries - a yearly ritual) that our boys picked. Harry and Elaine went bathing.

July 14 Wed. Doris and the boys pick blacks (known as blackcaps) and Doris makes jam. Leonard works mornings at the cheese factory. Haying progresses.

July 15 Thurs. Another enjoyable day. Rec'd nice letter from Rev. Herbert Harrison. Heard Edward McHugh sing. War news favorable to the Allies.

July 16 Fri. Chas. Phelps, senior partner in the law office where Elaine works, is seriously ill. Katherine Burt is on vacation trip to Saguenay River.

July 17 Sat. Saturday night again as Bert used to say. A busy week but a nice one. Allies make gains in Sicily, Russia and Pacific Islands.

July 18 Sun. Doris took Elaine, Shirley and I to church and S.S. -- 17 in Shirley's class. Wrote to Sgt. Geo. Schweitzer (probably Sicily), sent booklet to Don. Sweeney, Isl. - Atlantic.

July 19 Mon. Usual cheese factory work. Net, 2.07. Rec'd nice letter from Jean Hynes, from Nashville, Tenn., where she is vacationing. Rev. O. E. Raymond is dead, age 69.

July 20 Tues. Jimmie Doolittle bombs Rome. A.M.G.O.T. means Allied Military G'ment of Occupied Territories. W.S.C.S. picnic on Parsonage lawn. Elaine, Shirley and I went.

July 21 Wed. Norman Drummond died, 70, yesterday of cerebral hemorrhage. He married Gertrude M. Hamburgh, Sept. 28, 1898, (part of the Conklin family going back many years) at the Hamburgh farm (farm later owned by M. Gonseth - had many tenants through the years).

July 22 Thurs. Rolla has a new Goodyear bike and (that bike had the thin tires) is happy about it, $32. Red raspberries are .80 a quart. Doris brings me a few from the garden.

July 23 Fri. Enjoy these wonderful summer days. Bought two tires for the car, $39.10. Drew hay with truck. Had a nice, much needed rain. Doris canned string beans.

July 24 Sat. Heard Rev. Thornhill -- "A little farther." Getting ready for Shirley's birthday tomorrow. Dell Adams' birthday was Thursday (75) Dell was Minnie's first cousin - the son of Minnie's youngest Aunt, Adelia Wallace. See forty old letters on this website. Dell was born in Michigan.) Sent a little present.

July 25 Sun. Elaine, Shirley, Joyce Wilton (next door neighbor) and I went to church and S.S. and were all at Wm's for Shirley's 6th birthday dinner. Eugene & Thelma Pond (Elaine's future sister-in-law) came on wheels.

July 26 Mon. Premier Mussalini resigned -- 5 P.M. yesterday. Whereabouts unknown. Italian surrender looked for soon. Italian populace well pleased.

July 27 Tues. Thunderstorm P.M. Wrote to Fred Bacon who was recently married, Cherry Point, N. C. Wrote to Orton Sills - Island in the Pacific.

July 28 Wed. Pietro Badoglio is Mussolini's successor. Italy's surrender hoped for. Pres. Roosevelt addressed the nation, 9:30. A hopeful, determined address.

July 29 Thurs. Geo. Schweitzer, probably in Sicily and a Sgt., has been promoted to Battalion Supply Seargent (sic).

July 30 Fri. Eugene and Thelma Pond, Harry S-, Gladys Wilton (neighbor) came last eve. Wm. & D- had a weiner roast on the hill and sang songs afterwards at the house. (The weiner roasts were most memorable. After William finished the milking, guests would come and the Conklin family would pack up and go up the lane to the top of a steep hill behind the barn and build a fire in a grove area overlooking the Municipal Airport. For years the spot was stayed pretty much the same and always brought back great memories.) Guests of Elaine.

July 31 Sat. Grandma, Bessie and Wilfred came last eve. Mr. Hineman is dead. Extensive work is being done at airport. Italy must surrender now or face invasion.

August 1 Sun. Doris took Elaine, Shirley and I to church and S.S. Mr. Wakeman's vacation begins this P.M. Will spend it at home on acc't of gas shortage. Wrote to Ora Fuller.

August 2 Mon. Hazel Gould was called home to St. Augustine, Fla. by the serious illness of her husband. Leonard, Harry and Elaine went bathing at Southwick.

August 3 Tues. Thunderstorm, morning. The world war dominates the news. The city of Hamburg, sub base, is being bombed to ruins.

August 4 Wed. Nice letter from Myrtle Adams and pictures of Wave's young people. Rainy. Wm. & Doris went to auction near Theresa (household) did not buy.

August 5 Thurs. Cooler. Allies threaten to bomb Rome unless Premier Badoglio allows Italy to surrender. Mussolini and Ciano in captivity or in hiding.

August 6 Fri. War is the absorbing topic. Allies make decisive gains in Sicily and at Munda and Orel. Cool. Harry and Elaine go bathing.

August 7 Leonard saw the movie, Behind the Rising Sun, Sun. at the Avon. It portrayed the treatment given allied prisoners by the Japs.

August 8 John Gould is very ill with pneumonia followed by typhoid -- is in a hospital at St. Augustine, Florida.

August 9 Sat. 56 this morning. Mrs. Carley came home with Elaine. Rainy evening. Doris canned beets & carrots. I figured subsidy for cheese $1400.93.

August 10 Cool for Aug. Went to church by radio. Sermon. By-paths of life. Wrote to Cecil Barrett, Drew Field, Fla. Leonard went to movie with Wiltons (neighbors) last eve.

August 11 Mon. Boys caught 65 perch in Black River. Mrs. Carley returned to W-. Figured sale of cheese. Wm. and the boys drew hay from the flat.

August 12 Tues. Elaine bought cloth for summer dress, white ground (sic), pink and blue flowers -- pretty. Have read "Mr. Winkle goes to War," Theodore Pratt.

August 13 Fri. John Gould, Fla. (Hazel's husband), passed away from pneumonia. Heard Rev. Bruce (M), Depauville. Subject, "The Mysteries of God." Good.

August 14 Wm., Doris and Rolly went to Ball's (neighbors who lived toward Brownville) cottage last eve. Shirley went to a birthday party for Ann Neta Cooper this P.M. Had blackberries, .45 per qt.

August 15 Sun. Shirley and I went to church and S.S. Rev. Barber Waters, Dist. Supt., preached on "a good foundation" -- build on love to God and fellow men.

August 16 Mon. Rolly fixed a sand bed for Joan and Shirley to play in.(By typist: In that sand bed I lost a ring I had gotten for my birthday and never gave up looking for it - even in the lightning rod grounder which was always full of water!) Doris went to see Dr. Henderson about her eyes. Had eyes tested for new glasses. (By typist - I still have those glasses (2010) - although Dr. Henderson was an ophth. he never caught the fact that I had a lazy eye; after many glasses through the years, nothing was ever done about it - never wore glasses until I got reading glasses in the 1970's. Passed every driving sight test since with no glasses or contacts)

August 17 Tues. Leonard's 15th birthday. Had supper and presents at Wm's. Had Dr. Fox come over as I wasn't feeling extra well. ("not feeling just straight" was the term Minnie used.)

August 18 Wed. Made out cheese checks. Sicily surrenders to the Allies. Roosevelt and Churchill meet in Quebec for important plans.

August 19 Thurs. Allied boats shell Italian ports. Doris got new lenses for her glasses. Rosamond and Mrs. Sims came. Canned a few long blackberries. (By typist: These were not available on the farm - Grandma always had someone buy these at the store.

August 20 Fri. Doris finished Elaine's pretty, summer dress, white top, flowered skirt. Doris' 250 chickens are coming fine.

August 21 Sat. Wm. and Doris attended a birthday dinner, 8 P.M. for Celia Evans at her home. Our younger ones and Gladys Wilton had a weiner roast in orchard.(The orchard was across the driveway from the farmhouse.)

August 22 Sun. Wm., Elaine, Shirley and I went to the Dexter cemetery. Our geranium urn looks good. Saw Grace Bacon. Brought ice cream. Wrote to Henrietta.

August 23 Mon. (Blank) Hess (I think from near Sackets Harbor at Catfish Point) killed, others injured, auto collision near airport yesterday, P.M. Elaine home for vacation. They did my washing. Heard Rev. Hetherington, "Life."

August 24 Tues. Rainy, A.M. Cheese work. Harry & Elaine went swimming last eve (probably at Selkirk Shores in Oswego County). Letter from George, Sicily, and from Richard B- (Doris's nephew), "somewhere" across Atlantic.

August 25 Wed. Geo. Schweitzer has been promoted to Staff Sgt. Letter from Leon, Fla. and card from Gilbert. Elaine & Gladys W- went to City. Elaine got winter coat, Empsalls $25.00.

August 26 Thurs. Elaine went with Harry to the Kingston Fair. No Fair but they enjoyed the trip. Mrs. Roosevelt visits Pacific Islands by plane.

August 27 Fri. Cool, 50. Harry went to an Adams dentist -- came for Elaine. Made out order for a file, winter undies, etc.

August 28 Sat. Doris and Wm. went to Canada for a visit and short vacation. (As should have been explained in a previous transcription - Wm. had a maternal cousin, Bertha Stanley Shaw, living on a farm near Gananoque, Ont. Our family made two trips a year to see her and her family. These cousins were part of Dad's birthmother's family - the Stanleys of Morton, Leeds County, Ontario.) Bert Gilmore (neighbor) stays here tonight to take milk over.

August 29 Sun. George Hasner (Doris's nephew from her brother, Alvin Hasner) came this morn. Home on furlough from Truax Field, Wis. I believe George served in England - lived to be 95 years old). Harry had 14 teeth drawn yesterday. Wm. & D came 10 P.M.

August 30 Mon. Brock and Birde Brady (church friends) came last evening. Wilton young folks here. By typist: I believe this is the night we played "olly, olly, infamfree" (?) I remember them tossing the ball way over the roof of our farmhouse. It was very unusual to have kids come up to play because of the distance between farms and that was always very exciting for this typist.) Elaine began work at the office. Cheese sale subsidy, $1,633.42, came.

August 31 Tues. Heard Prime Minister Churchill from Citidel, Quebec. 4th anni. of Hitler's attack on Poland which caused war. Doris made apple jelly.

September 1 Wed. Put in 50 gals. oil, $5.50. Rain A.M. Doris found 1/2# butter & 2 grapefruit for me today. These are hard to get.

September 2 Thurs. Mrs. Roosevelt went by plane from New Zeland (sic) to Australia. Prime Minister Churchill is in Washington to see Pres. Roosevelt.

September 3 Fri. Four years ago today England declared war on Germany. This morning British American and Canadian troops landed in Italy.

September 4 Sat. Walter Lee, 25, was killed in an air plane crash at Kearney, Neb. Wm. and Doris went to see his father last eve.

September 5 Sun. Wind & showers. Heard our pastor, Rev. Wakeman and choir. Ralph and Olive & baby Barbara, 15 mos. came, also Billie and girl friend. (Ralph Christopher worked as a teenager for William. Remained friends for years. He moved to Rochester during the car boom and worked for Buick. Dad always marvelled how his one hired man hit the big time and big money - always visiting with a brand new Buick! - I as a little girl always admired how neatly and well-dressed his Scottish wife was!)

September 6 Mon. Labor Day. Harry, Mary, Leonard and Elaine went swimming. Rolly hurt his foot in the woods. Extra warm. Heard Winston Churchill from Harvard.

September 7 Tues. Our little Shirley started school (lst Grade - Teacher Miss Green). Leonard II yr. High -- Rolly VIII Grade. Rainy morning. Elaine went to office work.

September 8 Wed. The big news today is Italy's unconditional surrender. The allied nations rejoice. Rec'd letter from Geo. Schweitzer -- somewhere in Sicily.

September 9 Thurs. Pres. Roosevelt opened the $15,000,000 bond drive last eve. The new slogan is Back the Attack. German army in Italy is still fighting.

September 10 Fri. Another convoy of allied troops lands in Italy. Italian troops are ready to assist in defeating German resistance.

September 11 Sat. 7th army may be in Italy. Geo. S- sent telegram that he is O.K. Cool -- about 50. Gladys Campbell is in hospital with sore throat.

September 12 Sun. Doris took Elaine, Shirley, Joyce Wilton and I to church and S.S. Rob't Bacon, Mass., and Fred B. and bride from S. Carolina came to see me.

September 13 Mon. Busy day. Cheese work, letters, etc. Frost last night -- did no harm. Harry has our corn binder cutting his corn. Elaine rec'd telegram from George.

September 14 Tues. Cold, but did not freeze. Fierce fighting between germans and allied 5th army around Naples. Allied troops are coming to help.

September 15 Wed. Allied troops still in a dangerous position around Naples. Wm. cutting grain. Rec'd lovely letter from Blance Lytle. Have a cold.

Septembe 16 Allies gain around Naples. Esperence Roacher is married. Wm. is cutting the buckwheat and preparing to cut the corn.

September 17 Fri. Elaine, Leonard, Curt and Gladys went to a movie Wed. eve. Last eve Rocky came for supper -- home on furlough. Elaine rec'd a letter from Eugene Pond, near Florida.

September 18 Sat. Mrs. Will Merriam died Thurs. from pneumonia. Funeral Sunday, P.M. Gladys Campbell came for an afternoon visit -- took her typewriter.

September 19 Sun. At home. Have a hard cold. Wm. and the boys helped Harry fill silo yesterday. Wrote to Thelma Pond -- doing my bit for W.S.C.S.

September 20 Mon. Beautiful day but am sick with a cold. Wm. is too but we have both tried to do our work. Buckwheat is cut & corn, partly.

September 21 Sent for Dr. Fox last eve. A cold and heart strain.

September 22 Dr. came -- in bed for a few days -- fever and heart action. Mr. Wakeman came.

September 23 Grandma Gladwyn came last eve to stay a few days. Doris brings my meals.

September 24 Fri. Margaret Ball graduated last week. Came to see me -- also Matthew Rodena, U.S.N. Brought flowers. Anna went home.

September 25 Mr. Wakeman came again. Fever and heart action better.

September 26 Elaine, Shirley, Gladys and Joyce Wilton went to church. Wilton's have a baby boy. Mr. & Mrs. Peck and Elwood came.

September 27 Mon. Sat up a short time for cheese work and Doris will finish it. Have a new file.

September 28 Wm. and Doris went to Watertown and bought a rapid calculator for cheesework, $125.00. (by typist - think this was a Monroe 'adding machine' - large, destop size!!) Anna and family brought nice things to eat.

September 29 Dr. Fox came. Sitting up some. Rec'd cards & letters. V Mail from Orton, Pacific Isle. Harry has dental work finished at Adams.

September 30 Doris rec'd nice letter from Richard -- somewhere in England. With Doris' help cheese work is finished.

October 1 Threshed buckwheat. by typist - buckwheat was not a usual crop for this farm, and at this time, it was grown in an area which usually was let grown into hay). Beryl helped Doris. (Threshing day was a big event in a housewife's life - Beryl was Doris's sister who usually came to help with a very large meal - Doris would set up a huge, long table and dress it in her longest, white linen table cloth - usually eight men and their wagons came. We women ate later. Only time we ever had cauliflower - yum!). Allies in Naples drive toward Rome. Atty. Phelps had appendix operation.

October 2 Sat. Filled silo yesterday, threshed today. Well goes dry. Subsidy check came -- $1,958.06.

October 3 World Communion Sunday. Dr. Fox came. Rallying slowly. Wm., Doris, Elaine and Harry go to Carthage, etc. for a drive.

October 4 Mon. 50 yrs. ago yesterday came to Dexter after me to attend his wedding the next day at the Hamburgh farm. (penned in with an ink used in the 1944 entry is: Will and Carrie). (by typist: I believe this was to have said, "William Conklin - the brother of Minnie's future husband, Herbert" - see poem about this event on this website)

October 5 Tues. Beautiful weather. Gaining strength slowly. Get my meals. The family are pretty well and busy.

October 6 Wed. Days pleasant but am not doing much to be helpful. Receive nice mail, etc. Help with details of cheese work.

October 7 Doris' birthday. Our children and Harry made it a pleasant occasion -- ice cream, cake, coffee and gifts from each in evening.

October 8 Our winter's coal came today from Burdick, 2 tons, furnace, 2-1/2 tons chestnut $58.00. Wm. is plowing. (there were two separate coal bins in this house - one on the north side and one on the west side - don't know the details of that delivery - but it was a lonely and noisy sound when the coal was shuttled into the cellar. It meant winter for sure)

October 9 No entry.

October 10 Sun. Frost last night -- cold, but beautiful Sunday. Not doing much yet. Wrote a few cards. W. - D. went to Oxbow.

October 11 Mon. Wm. bought 6 pigs. Dr. Fox happened to come and find my heart in poor condition from exertion. Rob. Scott is dead. (He was a man who lived near the High School - I think they attended the Meth. church)

October 12 Tues. Elaine got tonic tablets for me that Dr. Fox ordered. Doris did cheese work and I did reports and paid bills. Rob't Scott funeral private at home.

October 13 Wed. Elaine mailed a Christmas box and fruit cake to Geo. Schweitzer in Sicily. Italy has declared war on Germany.

October 14 Thurs. Mrs. Ball and Ethel Williamson came, evening. Wm., Doris, Harry and Elaine went out for lunch. Limerick & P.P. forest fires subsiding.

October 15 Doris sent fruit cakes to Geo. Hasner, Wis., and Richard B, England. By typist: The fruitcakes were baked in small coffee cans but I don't remember if they were shipped that way) Geo. Schweitzer has been in the hospital in Sicily with malaria.

October 16 Sat. Doris and boys went to W-, A.M., to get presents for Elaine's birthday. P.M., Wm. and boys go to Henry Roacher's auction at Frazier farm.

October 17 Sun. Cold wind. Wm. started my coal fire again. Stomach disturbed and somewhat tired. Had a rest. Rev. F. K. Vogt came for information.

October 18 Stanley Bennett is dead. Mr. Ellis here for Internal Revenue Tax reports. Soldiers order all stock off the road tonight. (By typist: I would say that his mandate was only for the people living on our road. I don't remember how this worked - see next entry).

October 19 Hospital corp passed here in blackout driving about 10 P.M. (By typist: I remember this particular blackout only because it was accompanied by the passing of the military vehicles along our backroad. It was scary, but interesting for a 6 year-old. Strange how I didn't remember it was a hopital corp, nor did I remember the ensuing visit by my parents' friend!! - Thank you "diary!" We lived on what was called the "Military Road" now Evans Road. Much controversy surounded the name "Military Road" and the term is now used for another road going into what was called Madison Barracks at Sackets Harbor. This Barracks was established before or during the War of 1812. There is evidence that our Military Road was an extension of the Military Road as it traversed at that time to the Military Road beyond Brownville. There are statements that the farm next to us which has a wonderful spring and spring house was used for watering horses and troops throughout the early years. There are some writings which indicate that the house on the property was used as a half-way house. Both spring, house and huge barn are still in existence. Also, beyond that farm going into Brownville a large quantity of cannon balls were found in a sinkhole on the side of the road. My sister possesses one of those cannon balls. There are few people alive today who know about these stories. and I firmly believe these stories were true, no matter what the present historians from the urban part of the township want to believe.) Continuing with the diary: Walter Farmer family at Wm's.

October 20 Wed. Elaine's 19th birthday. She worked at the law office. Supper at Wm's followed by opening her gifts. Harry here. Beautiful occasion.

October 21 Thurs. Heard Rev. Kenneth Jones radio, yesterday on "Spiritual Vitamins." Fine meditation. Rec'd and wrote letters. Wm is plowing, Doris busy.

October 22 Fri. Finished up week's cheese work -- point (?) reports, etc. Nice weather. Hunting season is here. (Hunting season on our farm provided excitement - it was pheasant season - there was a game farm behind Brownville and I imagine a portion of year's yield was set loose along our road. Lots of visitors stopped to say hello.) Our boys go hunting after school.

October 23 Sat. Leonard went hunting. Rolly earned $3.00 at Miss Sills (his 2nd grade teacher for whom he mowed lawn). Gilbert came home this A.M. on furlough and brought me his photo. (By typist: The two pianos in our farmhouse became the perfect spot to show all the photos the servicemen sent Minnie.)

October 24 Sun. Have a new radio battery (The radio was a Philco floor model - may be in the auction list on my webpage) and enjoyed the service and music. Annabelle Potter came. Was here 43 years ago on wedding trip.

October 25 Mon. Beautiful day, cool. Feeling some better. Florence Schweitzer here, evening, also Harry. Russians are making progress, is driving Nazis from Russian soil.

October 26 Tues. Ethel Peck called today. Rec'd extra copies of The Upper Room and hope to give and receive pleasure in giving them to dear friends.

October 27 Wed. Gilbert came -- chicken dinner, 6 P.M. at Wm's. Mr. and Mrs. Schofield came, evening. Donald Sweeney is reported missing in flying service overseas.

October 28 Thurs. Rainy all day. Bert Wood passed away from heart trouble, aged 71. Ray Eveleigh is serving as postmaster in Dexter in his place.

October 29 Fri. Shirley wore her new halloween suit Elaine bought her in exercise at school today. Candy, cookies and a drink were served.

October 30 Sat. Rolly bought a little motor and is happy with it. Elaine went to auction at Henderson & Shook (? unclear). Movie eve. Leonard went to party with Wm.

October 31 Sun. Beautiful day. Heard Maj. West -- "Streams in the Desert." Elaine rec'd letter from Richard & went to Beryl's with Doris, Shirley and Joan.

November 1 Mon. Nov. 1 is a fine day. Cheese work and business to attend to -- Sec. Hull, Anthony Eden has completed 11 day conference in Moscow with Stalin.

November 2 Tues. Rainy. Mr. Ellis here for Internal Revenue Cheese Factory tax. Mrs. Hill and family came, evening. Carleton is home on furlough and came too.

November 3 Wed. Rep. J. Hanley was elected for Lieut. Gov. of N. Y. -- Doris went to Watertown Nat'l Bank to see about a deposit for which we have no receipt.

November 4 Thurs. Mrs. Wilton here last eve with her new baby boy -- Jamie. Leonard and Elaine went to Episcopal "Bingo." Leonard won quilt and grocery basket.

November 5 Fri. "When it gets dark enough the stars come out." Elaine takes music lesson at noon Friday at the W'town Conservatory. Is looking for piano.

November 6 Sat. Wm. and Doris at bank, etc. in search of evidence for last deposit. They are looking up checks given in payment for cheese and cream.

November 7 Sun. Mild weather. Restful day. Doris brought me chicken dinner. Alta and Ida May and children were at Wm's (Alta was Doris's first cousin - paternal (Hasner) side. Mr. Wakeman & choice on radio.

November 8 Mon. Cheese returns as usual. Wind and rain. Miners return to work as government takes over mines and increases pay.

November 9 Tues. Nice letter from Nellie Ford with church news (Nellie was also a very well known teacher in the one-room school scene around Jefferson County) . Grace Bacon went to hospital -- car hit by another. Carl Hynes had fainting spell at B.R.V. Club. (Black River Valley Club an exclusive club for lawyers and businessmen in Watertown)

November 10 Wed. Wm., Doris, Leonard and Elaine attended a farewell party for Mr. & Mrs. Henry Roacher, Frazier Farm, last evening. They are moving to B'ville.

November 11 Thurs. Armistice Day 25 years ago was cold like today. Bert and I went to W- evening. Sad that war continues but Allies gain on all fronts.

November 12 Fri. No one has heard from Geo. Schweitzer in nearly 3 wks. He was in Sicily then. Leonard is hunting and trapping.

November 13 Sat. Quite a snow storm. Elaine has been classied (sic) IV grade in music by her teacher, Sister Teresa. (By typist: Elaine must have taken piano lessons at Immaculate Heart Academy in Watertown after she acquired her early training from Minnie and then a musician at church, Jessie Hall. This is something I don't remember - although in a few years, Elaine took pipe organ lessons from a Miss Henderson at Asbury Methodist Church in Watertown.) Grandma Gladwyn sent me a pumpkin pie.

November 14 Sun. Snow & ice around 20 -- seems wintry. Nice day inside. Wm. brought over a chicken dinner. Mr. Taylor came. Feeling better than a week ago.

November 15 Leonard put on my storm doors, Sat. It looks like winter outside. Elaine is buying Christmas gifts. Rolly mopped my kitchen floor. Fine.

November 16 Tues. Wm., Doris and boys went to Alvin's last eve. Put in 45 gals. oil. Fred Bacon has won his wings. Mr. Phelps goes to office after illness.

November 17 Wed. More snow. Allies in Italy held up by snow and bad weather. Heard Rev. Harrison, radio. Elaine has bought the Schyler piano.

November 18 Thurs. Adam Vogt brought Elaine's piano (may have been a Baldwin piano) and it is fine. A Christmas Mission (union) is being held in Watertown. Bishop McConnell there.

November 19 Fri. Heard Cordell Hull address to congress on the Moscow conference. Bessie returned from Buffalo and she and Wilfred came over.

November 20 Sat. Fine mild day. Heard Rev. Osgood, Sub: "Lighting through Chirst our Light." Dr. Fox came -- did not send for him. Gladys Campbell sent me box of candy.

November 21 Sun. Rain followed by snow. Heard Rev. Edwards, "The hazards of christian living." Dr. McClung, "I will give thanks." Wrote to Anna, Lulu Scott and Gladys.

November 22 Mon. Winter weather. Made out B'ville Co-op dividends, 8%. Elaine received table spread from George Schweitzer, Sicily. Very beautiful. (By typist: yes it is beautiful - I believe Elaine still has this now in 2011)

November 23 Tues. Allan Ball, Jr. is in the hospital with pneumonia. Rev. Wilmhearst dies. Elaine, Leonard, Rolly, Harry went to Fred Schweitzers last eve. (By typist: Fred may have been an Uncle to George Schweitzer. They were friends of our parents). Boys went hunting.

November 24 Dorothy Mott & Cpl Max Kirch were married Sat. eve at New Port News. Berlin destroyed by allied bombers.

November 25 Thurs. Beautiful weather for Thanksgiving. Turkey dinner at Wms. also for my birthday. Presents from family and friends.

November 26 Fri. Our young folks are having a vacation until Monday morning. They went to Watertown and to a movie -- and shopping.

November 27 Sat. Nice birthday -- cards & gifts by mail. Doris made birthday cake. My family well. No news from Geo. Schweitzer, Sicily, we expect.

November 28 Sun. Heard Rev. Barber Waters, Asbury. Elaine and Shirley went to church. Hiram, Mabel and Nellie came (Minnie's church friends). H. & M's 42 anniversary.

November 29 Mon. Cool again -- about 15 above. Sent order for Christmas gifts. Elaine also is helping select my gifts and cards.

November 30 Tues. Roosevelt, Churchill and Chiang Kai-Shek hold conference at Cairo. Many high officials present to determine plans.

December 1 Wed. All of my family attended 17th birthday party for Curt Wilton. Stalin meets with leaders in conference at Teheran, Iran.

December 2 Thurs. Fine weather. Writing mail for Christmas. Doris has made a lovely snow suit for Shirley to wear to school. (By typist: Yes it was lovely and very warm. I recall it being dusk red in color - and a prickly wool - an unbelievable feat to have made our coats and snowsuits. Did we ever thank our mother enough!???

December 3 Leaders 3 power conference ends at Iran. Germany will be asked to surrender, it is believed. Geo. Schweitzer, Sicily, has been given a 60 day furlough.

December 4 Sat. Dark day. Wm. and Doris go to Watertown, A.M. and evening. Elaine and Leonard go with Harry, evening. Germany not given chance to surrender.

December 5 Sun. Heard Dr. McClung, Asbury. Started writing Christmas letters. Wm gets beautiful collie from Chas. Dorr, who is leaving his farm. (By typist: I believe this was the reddish collie who chased the waterpail - every time someone had to go to the well to get drinking water.)

December 6 Mon. Still writing Christmas letters. Cloudy. Henrietta Gladwin has a nasal hemorrhage that was quite serious, but is better now.

December 7 Tues. Clear today. It is announced that Turkey has joined the Allies. Other smaller European countries would like to do so.

December 8 Wed. Made out Oct. subsidy application. Dark days to work. Christmas cards and letters are coming early this year.

December 9 Thurs. Wallace Bigwood passed away at 8:30 this morning from a heart attack, age 73. Had been a friend since childhood. (By typist: I believe he ran Bigwood's Store in Brownville - a general merchandise store which carried lovely household items, dishes, etc., sort of a variety store....very special).

December 10 Fri. Elaine received a letter from Geo. Schweitzer, overseas but don't know where. Anna, Hazel, Bud, Harry, our folks went to party. (not clear)

December 11 Sat. Lyle Harrington brought me flowers from Wallace' funeral. Below zero. Wm. didn't go after Elaine for fear of car trouble.

December 12 Sun. Dark and stormy. Elaine came home with Wm. Heard Dr. McClung, Spirit of Christmas. Wrote to Evelyn Harrington & others.

December 13 Letters are coming from Geo. Schweitzer but do not know where he is. Pres. Roosevelt visits the 7th Army in Sicily - 10 below.

December 14 Tues. 10 below zero again this morn. Elaine stayed to Bessie's last night. Finished up our last sale of cheese for 1943. Milk is shipped for butter.

December 15 Wed. 20 below this morning. Snowing tonight. Mrs. Ceigler is dead, age 59. (Could have been the wife of our District Superintendent of Schools.) Pearl Congdon (a former missionary and friend) , who has fractured leg, is leaving hospital to go to Ruth's (Walter & Ruth Farmer, family friends, started what became a nursing home along about this time).

December 16 Thurs. A zero day. School bus late. Children home. Writing and receiving Christmas letters and cards. Wms. folks have colds.

December 17 Fri. 20 above -- glad it is warmer. Winston Churchill has pneumonia "somewhere in Near East." Pres. Roosevelt arrives safely "somewhere in U.S."

December 18 Sat. Doris and Wm went shopping, brought Elaine home. She took her piano lesson at the Conservatory. Had in Old Vienna, etc. (unclear)

December 19 Mild Christmas Sunday. Heard Rev. Earnest Caldwell on Christmas. Dr. McClung, "The Star" and the Watertown Male Chorus.

December 20 Mon. Mr. Schofield brought duplicate check from Mr. Zender for which I am devotedly grateful. School closed today at Dexter because of influenza.

December 21 Blizzard came. Wm. & D- took Elaine's clothes to Grandma's so she need not come home tonight. Brownville S.S. tree given up because of flu.

December 22 Wed. Elaine came home. Mr. Schofield brought subsidy check for Oct. $822.34. Our folks have colds, including myself.

December 23 Thurs. Martin, Edith and family brought our children's Christmas gifts last evening. 20 below. Doris and I did subsidy work.

December 24 10 below. Heard Pres. Roosevelt's Christmas message and Dickens' Christmas Carol, 100 yrs. old. Wm. and Doris got a christmas tree.

December 25 Sat. Cold, but pleasant. Christmas tree and gifts and a turkey dinner at William's. All lovely. Harry brought Elaine "The Green Cat."

December 26 Sun. Mild. Beautiful day. Have a touch of grip. Heard Maj. West on "Bethlehem" and Dr. McClung on "Time." Alice LaPointe had a stroke.

December 27 Mon. Feeling badly from grip, not serious but takes my strength. Hester Gilmore is still in City hospital -- they think for gall stones.

December 28 Tues. Elaine is looking for New Years cards for me to send. Anna sent nice things to eat. Doris is making out milk checks for me.

December 29 Wed. Elaine received three nice Christmas gifts from the office and chocolates, 2 lbs. from Mr. Hudson, Sr. -- Mr. Phelps gave her $10.00.

December 30 Thurs. Beautiful day. Many have colds and grip, including Pres. Roosevelt. Winston Churchill is improved. Believed preparing for invasion.

December 31 Fri. Cloudy. 20 above -- not much snow. Heard Rev. Holcombe yesterday and today Rev. Hetherington. Mrs. Hill announced Hazel's engagement to Perry Virkler (? unclear initials - D. R.)

Memorandum 1:17 P.M. Dec. 20th. God never yet forsook at need. The soul that trusted Him indeed. Fulfilled and it helped to make a happy holiday season.

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